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  • # Maybe Retaj ?
    # Maybe Retaj ?5 minuti fa

    The sounds of your laughter bring me happiness, love you got7 😭🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍.

  • farah arisha
    farah arisha17 ore fa

    rewatching won't cry :D

  • 20 ore fa

    who's here with me just because of their sincerity? RAISE your handsss!

  • Peary_ checkk
    Peary_ checkk22 ore fa

    I love to got🥺💚💚

  • mr. alb
    mr. albGiorno fa

    Can you release the original version of eclipse that your previous company rejected it pls? Because we love it so much

  • Taejin Oh
    Taejin OhGiorno fa


  • athena lei
    athena leiGiorno fa


  • Misha Thus
    Misha ThusGiorno fa

    BEST MV 💚

  • Misha Thus
    Misha ThusGiorno fa


  • Kanyarat Sera
    Kanyarat SeraGiorno fa

    Miss them so much

  • Binita
    BinitaGiorno fa

    watching this attached with a heart that is missing them.

  • Anjali Baisla
    Anjali BaislaGiorno fa

    Best video in low budget 😘😘🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • gelyn abendano
    gelyn abendano2 giorni fa


  • M Candy
    M Candy2 giorni fa

    Low budget, high quality

  • นิศา เชาว์สวัสดิ์
    นิศา เชาว์สวัสดิ์2 giorni fa

    Miss got 7 😘😗😙😚

  • Rashmi Thapa
    Rashmi Thapa3 giorni fa

    This is the best and fav. MV for us and I am proud to be an IGOT7 SARANGHEA ❤️💚🥰❤️💚🥰

  • Rashmi Thapa
    Rashmi Thapa3 giorni fa


  • DaiSyie BederCup
    DaiSyie BederCup3 giorni fa

    I don't think this is low budget because you all are here and so precious, thanks you for a song Jinyoung.

  • ACE Junie
    ACE Junie3 giorni fa

    From start to end of the video is so precious!! Im so inlove with them..

  • estloves
    estloves3 giorni fa


  • Nea
    Nea3 giorni fa


  • MAD
    MAD3 giorni fa

    I love you guys so much

  • ramya sree
    ramya sree3 giorni fa

    Bambam always comes in support for yugyeom . Yugbam❤️ BFF

  • Supeeya Kasor
    Supeeya Kasor4 giorni fa

    When come back new song.

  • cmiley
    cmiley4 giorni fa

    1,000,649 congratulations 👍

  • Cyme Wong
    Cyme Wong4 giorni fa

    Yeah 1M!!!

  • Cyme Wong
    Cyme Wong4 giorni fa

    50 more to get to 1M! Fighting!!!

  • My Melody
    My Melody4 giorni fa


  • My Melody
    My Melody4 giorni fa


  • My Melody
    My Melody4 giorni fa

    Love GOT7

  • Mariah hanim
    Mariah hanim4 giorni fa

    Yugyeom voices mixed with Mark's sound so grear

  • Asma
    Asma4 giorni fa

    Sorry but this is a real ✨ behind the scene ✨

  • K Su Al_Casual Kpop Tr
    K Su Al_Casual Kpop Tr4 giorni fa


  • Love Myself
    Love Myself4 giorni fa

    GOT7 Forever♡

  • I hate coconut
    I hate coconut4 giorni fa

    сабы на русском🥲😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗

  • Marie Tubaña
    Marie Tubaña5 giorni fa


  • Liah Kyum
    Liah Kyum5 giorni fa


  • GOT7_MX77
    GOT7_MX775 giorni fa

    7:31 Encore ❌ Team Wang ✅

  • Blue Jam
    Blue Jam5 giorni fa

    Keep spinning, birds!~

  • Cyme Wong
    Cyme Wong5 giorni fa

    Let's make it 1M!!!

  • Kim Mima
    Kim Mima5 giorni fa

    Ilove you

  • Sabreena Khan
    Sabreena Khan5 giorni fa


  • Kclsn Dcklckc
    Kclsn Dcklckc5 giorni fa


  • Peach Gemma
    Peach Gemma6 giorni fa

    Less than four k to go~

  • Dix one
    Dix one6 giorni fa

    y'all please continue listening to Encore, Offshore songs featuring JayB, Youngjae's Lonely & Meet Me when the sun goes down, One in a Million, LMLY

  • Lincy Samuel
    Lincy Samuel6 giorni fa

    It doesn't matter the mv is low budget matter is how talented members are, I am happy

  • All About Everything
    All About Everything6 giorni fa

    5K more before 1M

  • Kclsn Dcklckc
    Kclsn Dcklckc7 giorni fa

    Come here igot7

  • altunsoy şeyda
    altunsoy şeyda7 giorni fa


  • Byun Eman
    Byun Eman7 giorni fa

    I want to cry

  • Byun Eman
    Byun Eman7 giorni fa

    When will a new video be downloaded?

  • Kclsn Dcklckc
    Kclsn Dcklckc7 giorni fa

    Love you GOT7

  • Jonathan Carvajal
    Jonathan Carvajal8 giorni fa

    Speaking in english

  • Veux pas.
    Veux pas.8 giorni fa

    You did a great job 👏🏻

  • Veux pas.
    Veux pas.8 giorni fa

    Fighting everyone!!!!

  • rosieee the cat
    rosieee the cat8 giorni fa

    This has tremendous legend energy. And im here for it.

  • Y Pup
    Y Pup8 giorni fa

    Какие же они все для нас родные

  • GOT7 Turkey 2
    GOT7 Turkey 28 giorni fa

    Grubumuz bize verdiği en güzel hediyelerden birinin yapım aşaması!

  • altunsoy şeyda

    altunsoy şeyda

    7 giorni fa


  • GOT7 Turkey 2
    GOT7 Turkey 28 giorni fa

    Kalbimizi sıcacık eden bir video~

    AHGASE BIB.A8 giorni fa

    Muslim AhGaSes , Hello ! I hope you're doing well ! Ramadan Kareem to all of you ^^

  • altunsoy şeyda

    altunsoy şeyda

    7 giorni fa

    Thank you

  • Shajith Elliyote
    Shajith Elliyote8 giorni fa

    We can't ignore all those hardwork the members are doing just for the fan's, even if it's low budget remember got7 we love you and your voice and we don't give a sh*t about your video quality, all we need is you in the screen and we are happy 💚❤️

    AHMET HOCA8 giorni fa


  • Bryam Goularte
    Bryam Goularte9 giorni fa


  • Sophia Pizziguini
    Sophia Pizziguini9 giorni fa

    I love you guys❤️

  • Cristina S.
    Cristina S.9 giorni fa

    KINGS 7 ♡

  • cmiley
    cmiley9 giorni fa

    990,715 ✓✓✓

  • Blue Jam
    Blue Jam9 giorni fa

    Let's go get to another milestone, birds. Fighting!~

  • Nisa Yougii
    Nisa Yougii9 giorni fa

    Markcim gençlik iksirini bulmuşsun canim banada verirmisin

  • Peach Gemma
    Peach Gemma10 giorni fa

    Road to 1M ~

  • stephanie magistrado
    stephanie magistrado10 giorni fa


  • WV
    WV10 giorni fa

    abi yeter artık 1 milyon olur musun artık

  • Niharika Chalka
    Niharika Chalka11 giorni fa

    I hope Bambam never changes....he's always having fun

  • Kclsn Dcklckc
    Kclsn Dcklckc11 giorni fa

    Thanks you GOT7

  • Rr Rr
    Rr Rr11 giorni fa


  • Malfoys Channel
    Malfoys Channel11 giorni fa

    Is that for real ?GOT7 really back again ?

  • Peach Gemma

    Peach Gemma

    10 giorni fa

    Yes! They have a new song entitled Encore ~ this is also their new channel ^^

  • par boih
    par boih12 giorni fa

    Mark, you are the best

  • Jessica Vázquez
    Jessica Vázquez12 giorni fa

    I love you, you are the best. Got7 forever

  • Zana
    Zana12 giorni fa


  • Olga Aparicio
    Olga Aparicio12 giorni fa

    Ver esa unión QUE tienen los chicos DE got7 ME emociona ,sobre TODO CUANDO cuando comentan QUE PRACTICAMENTE alquilan el lugar .chicos SIGAN ADELANTE ES difícil olvidar a quien les HIZO DAÑOS si PUEDEN SI se PUEDE HOY mejor que ANTES NO ESTA LA persona que hizo La Plata atraves de ustede SIGAN USTEDES llegaron a Argentina

  • Tine Capuyan
    Tine Capuyan12 giorni fa

    I just love seeing passionate artist working on their own art this video is gold.

  • Blue Jam

    Blue Jam

    11 giorni fa

    @MARK TUAN Hi. This is not Mark's Official ITfun Channel. Please be careful.

  • Blue Jam
    Blue Jam12 giorni fa

    Fighting everyone~

  • Cheche Pasahol
    Cheche Pasahol12 giorni fa

    Hi🤗im an army its my first time with got7😊..gotbangtan🤗🤗🤗 Goodluck to your new journey guys...Godbless you all😗😗😗 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Ariana popea
    Ariana popea12 giorni fa

    8:38 LOL the camera literally turned off



    12 giorni fa

    Thank you for your inputs. Your opinions matter to me. Feel free to write me on Hangouts here:

  • ᄋᆱᄂel
    ᄋᆱᄂel12 giorni fa

    no china

  • Ludimila Cardoso
    Ludimila Cardoso13 giorni fa

    Eles são muito engraçados ❤



    12 giorni fa

    Gracias por sus aportes. Tus opiniones me importan. No dudes en escribirme en Hangouts aquí:

  • l u v k y u m
    l u v k y u m13 giorni fa


    PALM TREE GANG13 giorni fa

    mark is so cute as hyung ... he is so smart and hard working ... so proud of you guys !! thank you for the gift

  • cry0917 lim
    cry0917 lim13 giorni fa

    다같이 빨리 같은곳에서 함께하고싶다

  • hülya coşgun
    hülya coşgun13 giorni fa

    Thanks for subtitles ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

  • Peach Gemma
    Peach Gemma14 giorni fa

    Still here ^^

  • 킹더블비


    9 giorni fa

    me too💚☺️

  • Charlene May Tingzon
    Charlene May Tingzon14 giorni fa

    "bought the name"? Fierce!

  • •نَاڊيَنْ•
    •نَاڊيَنْ•14 giorni fa

    مريم تزوجت سيهون



    12 giorni fa


  • نونه fff
    نونه fff14 giorni fa

    لافيووو 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • cara s
    cara s14 giorni fa

    guys thank you for everything

  • bicGGGOK ilke Donna GGGKO
    bicGGGOK ilke Donna GGGKO14 giorni fa

    i ilke💞 💥Got7💥

  • Chee Thor
    Chee Thor15 giorni fa

    miss you boys

  • Romnalin Tasena
    Romnalin Tasena15 giorni fa


  • Nctzen,Ahgase,Stay, For Life
    Nctzen,Ahgase,Stay, For Life15 giorni fa

    This Music Video shouldn't be called "low budget" Our Kings put their best effort and love in it Moreover it touches our heart so much and its the best mv ever💚

  • Kclsn Dcklckc
    Kclsn Dcklckc15 giorni fa

    Welcome igot7 you can Come here Please

  • YRN
    YRN15 giorni fa

    A heart from Jinyoung at 8:43.

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