Cristiano Ronaldo SCORES, but Germany picks up STATEMENT win vs. Portugal | Highlights | ESPN FC


    -VEX- V@ŁŁ3YBØYŽ5 ore fa

    All Germany needs to go through is to beat Hungary on Wednesday!! Let's go Germany!! 🇩🇪🇩🇪

    KINGCAMRY5 ore fa

    I get so upset when I watch teams defend against Germany, when are countries going to understand that most of there goals come from crosses.... no one learned from Mexico in 2018 WC.

  • Tenzi
    Tenzi5 ore fa

    Ronaldo is just built different

  • ItsYaBoy Cjay
    ItsYaBoy Cjay5 ore fa

    Ronaldo the tap in and penalty master

    JEMLY TJ5 ore fa

    Gosens was running the show in this game 💯

  • Waldo Hernandez Oronos
    Waldo Hernandez Oronos5 ore fa

    Portugal scored 4 goals two own goals + the other two

  • Ben's Food reviews nyc
    Ben's Food reviews nyc5 ore fa

    *Ronaldo doesnt trade jersey with gosens* Gosens: and i took that personally

  • None Of your business
    None Of your business5 ore fa

    Germany are EDUCATED at football... That's why they'll probably win the Euros , I don't see France being capable .. They'd probably get dismantled because its a bunch of Instagram footballers these days...Germany have a bunch of football players.

  • Devonte Obennette
    Devonte Obennette5 ore fa

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  • Kaustubh Korgaonkar
    Kaustubh Korgaonkar5 ore fa

    Terrible commentary!

  • ss bb
    ss bb5 ore fa

    Amazing German team.

  • Michael Lubin
    Michael Lubin5 ore fa

    Portugal is the one that made the statement. After all, they scored 4 of the 6 goals.

  • Recruiter Rollo
    Recruiter Rollo5 ore fa

    Portugal’s defense is weak, that should’ve have been a tie

  • Tora Chan
    Tora Chan5 ore fa

    No one on earth is as disappointing as the Portuguese national team is to Ronaldo

  • Tora Chan
    Tora Chan5 ore fa

    Goddamit covid 19... Cancelo would’ve changed the game

  • M K
    M K5 ore fa


  • MÖzil 99
    MÖzil 995 ore fa

    Must have used Freeze gosens

  • E. Carter Uslabar
    E. Carter Uslabar6 ore fa

    Portugal really said no defense just vibes

  • Bruh Gamez
    Bruh Gamez6 ore fa

    Portugal scored 4 goals, and Germany scored 2, but lost 4-2. How?????????? Lol 😂

  • Dustin Roberson
    Dustin Roberson6 ore fa

    Muller is such a leader. Telling his children what to do even when he's dribbling

  • rockklimber24
    rockklimber246 ore fa

    Portugal's problem is they allow too much to happen near the box. Fire coach and start over.

  • Lacour Williams
    Lacour Williams6 ore fa

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  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez6 ore fa

    Portugal defense was a joke specially the rb and left back and at front Ronaldo did a good job. I think their own mistakes cost portugal the loss not because they played really bad.

  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez6 ore fa

    Semedo ? What happened with cancelo?

  • Eric badappap
    Eric badappap6 ore fa

    Barely any American footballers in Europe but half the commentators are American lol ... Don't even know what they're talking about

  • Ifeoluwa Samuel
    Ifeoluwa Samuel7 ore fa

    This caption is so funny..... ESPN is always a Ronaldo dog... Which one is is Ronaldo scores but Germany 🙄🤔Even the worst striker will score his first goal. Let's thank Diogo Jota for not being selfish. Ronaldo would have played that ball off instead of passing.

  • Ifeoluwa Samuel

    Ifeoluwa Samuel

    6 ore fa

    @shininglamb That's because he always has great midfielders around him to give him the ball. He lost 22 bit chance in a world cup season, the worst for any striker. And you call this man the best 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • shininglamb


    7 ore fa

    What the heck are you talking? Ronaldo is the leading goal scorer in the history of football. In the history of football. He don't need to prove anything.

    LANREBLOOM7 ore fa

    Semedo is absolutely horrible.

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D7 ore fa

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  • JeremyCollura 763
    JeremyCollura 7637 ore fa

    Ronaldo gets the easiest goals

  • shininglamb


    7 ore fa

    780 easiest goals in 18 year footballing career. What a lucky guy. My grandma can do it

  • Emerson Sortun
    Emerson Sortun7 ore fa

    Gosens is great but he was left in soooooo much space

  • Brandon
    Brandon7 ore fa

    Can’t believe they didn’t show the long shot from renato sanches that hit the crossbar 🤦‍♂️

  • lidia hodga
    lidia hodga8 ore fa

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  • rich rich
    rich rich8 ore fa

    Germany scoring!

  • Luke Vernald
    Luke Vernald8 ore fa

    Search up on ITfun Captain America civil war resciscence trailer style!!!

  • Max Benjamin
    Max Benjamin8 ore fa

    But really, the score should’ve been 2-2

  • Daniel Pollak
    Daniel Pollak8 ore fa

    Heineken sucks

  • Kevin
    Kevin8 ore fa

    Why are we CAPITALIZING random WORDS in the TITLE?

  • Cody
    Cody8 ore fa

    we lost like this AT HOME 💀

  • agus perez
    agus perez8 ore fa

    Portugal scored 4 goals out of 6, even in loss they score the most goals 🥲

  • Courage !!!!
    Courage !!!!9 ore fa

    Portugal played wayyy to nonchalant, they must have thought they were playing Hungary again no disrespect to them but they are not Germany

  • WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE
    WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE9 ore fa

    This trending wit 900k views mean yt just trend anything 😂😂😂

  • Pop Sugar Sprinkles
    Pop Sugar Sprinkles9 ore fa

    Not bad, Germany. Portugal, bamos la pessoal.

  • bjorktaylor
    bjorktaylor9 ore fa

    In that thumbnail, Ronaldo actually looks like the botched bust statue

  • yvng tub
    yvng tub9 ore fa

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  • Adam
    Adam9 ore fa

    Germans Schooled the Ports~

  • A1B2C3
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  • Viral Videos
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    Gosens remembered Ronaldo didn't give him his shirt and chose violence

  • Toin Kroos
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  • jetblackdemonblade
    jetblackdemonblade10 ore fa

    Has Clattenburg ever got anything right in his life?

  • 4LitreJeeper
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    Please pray for my mom who's in the ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life against this virus for 5 weeks now and not looking good with multiple infections. Her name is Doris. I don't have much family and we're very close. If you can take a second to pray for her please.

  • D
    D11 ore fa

    Impressed with Gosens...

  • phamcangam nguyenganga
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  • Mo
    Mo11 ore fa

    lmao Portugal defence sucks

  • Trinidad Adena
    Trinidad Adena11 ore fa

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  • II
    II11 ore fa

    why is Germanys number 2 wearing that?

  • Julker Taou
    Julker Taou11 ore fa

    Meanwhile Penaldogs still shamelessly celebrating this tap-ins goal of Penaldo, as if they won the world cup trophy! 🤣🤣 Don’t blame them, Penaldo can't perform in big games. Out of Penaldo's 107 farming goals, only 5 are against world cup winning teams. Yes, only 5! 🤡🥴🤡

  • Julker Taou

    Julker Taou

    6 ore fa

    @shininglamb Cry harder! 😂

  • shininglamb


    7 ore fa

    You must be that obsessives to count Ronaldo's goal against each country. Get a life man.

    TIME TRAVEL11 ore fa


  • Stefano Sandano
    Stefano Sandano11 ore fa

    3 out of 4 goals were goalkeeper's error. Portugal should replace the goalkeeper.

  • John Guan
    John Guan11 ore fa

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  • Amin Adibi
    Amin Adibi12 ore fa

    ریدم به رونالدو

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang12 ore fa

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  • Andradé
    Andradé12 ore fa

    good stuff

  • Dawn Di Maio
    Dawn Di Maio12 ore fa

    Omg wow shod I walk over

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  • Dreamville96
    Dreamville9612 ore fa

    At this point give me Diogo dalot I’ll take my chances 😭💀

  • Natalie Lawrence
    Natalie Lawrence12 ore fa

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  • Dany Ayoub
    Dany Ayoub12 ore fa

    did the commentator just call Ronaldo "the best in the world"? lol when was the last time this guy watched a soccer match? 2014? lool

  • shininglamb


    7 ore fa

    You mean the highest assist maker(44) and goal scorer (136) in champions league shouldn't be called the best in the world?. Nice logic

  • cuz rocks
    cuz rocks12 ore fa

    Cr7 trash

  • Moss Deph
    Moss Deph12 ore fa

    If you don’t count that auto-goal it’s 3-2. Great game. Germany is really lethal in the area.

  • Tono Rsiko
    Tono Rsiko12 ore fa

    Whoooo tf is goesns

  • Randy Angel
    Randy Angel13 ore fa

    Gosens was so lethal!

  • Kim Nelson
    Kim Nelson13 ore fa

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  • Ali Aliee
    Ali Aliee13 ore fa

    That's what I call a perfect world class football game. Thank you ❤️

  • EIon Musk ꪜ
    EIon Musk ꪜ13 ore fa

    Ronaldo is the greatest EVER.

  • Angelo Lopez
    Angelo Lopez13 ore fa

    Portugal played sloppy

  • Makinja
    Makinja13 ore fa

    Nice goal, but was Ronaldo just offside @2:18?

  • Dawn Di Maio
    Dawn Di Maio13 ore fa


  • Dawn Di Maio
    Dawn Di Maio13 ore fa

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  • Dawn Di Maio
    Dawn Di Maio13 ore fa


  • BoneGaming
    BoneGaming13 ore fa

    Cringy the way they say Gnabry

  • army gantz
    army gantz13 ore fa

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  • Mike
    Mike13 ore fa

    Oh snap, we got a nearly 8 minute highlight

  • geothermal
    geothermal13 ore fa

    3:52 Portugal Semedo, turns sideways afraid of ball. Defenders must face ball squarely and block any cross/shot. Don't make yourself smaller. Had he been wider, then cross would've been blocked.

  • Dawn Di Maio

    Dawn Di Maio

    13 ore fa

    Amazing. Come here to me and rich house

  • palkelbajo
    palkelbajo13 ore fa


  • Dawn Di Maio

    Dawn Di Maio

    13 ore fa

    Lmao. Amazing

  • kumbuqe todetnuc
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  • SaSpursfan
    SaSpursfan14 ore fa

    Twellman is annoying

  • MrMbutube
    MrMbutube14 ore fa

    France vs Portugal is going to be on fire!!!

  • Jim
    Jim14 ore fa

    portugal got lucky germany slowed down

  • Dawn Di Maio

    Dawn Di Maio

    13 ore fa

    Wow come n get me my friend. I would love to see lol

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews14 ore fa

    That Portugal backline played terrible. Small players out of their element.

  • YoArqks
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  • Zuko
    Zuko14 ore fa

    You can tell how different Messi and Ronaldo are wow

  • Tomas Patten
    Tomas Patten14 ore fa

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  • Gerald Morgan
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  • Sport Fans Center
    Sport Fans Center14 ore fa

    The second goal by Germany was definitely offsite, I don’t know why the ref still insist it wasn’t a offsite after var. but anyway, this is the difference between German and Portuguese maybe. The second OG was incredible.

  • Myles (G-PRIME)
    Myles (G-PRIME)14 ore fa

    Gosens definitely MOTM