Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR! Grian takes a tour of the hermitcraft minecraft server to appreciate everything that has been built this year and to see what everyone has been up to. Grian is on a holiday break at the moment, regular videos will start up again in the new year! Enjoy your holiday season all!


  • Kylie Does stuff
    Kylie Does stuffGiorno fa

    Also are we just not gonna mention that in the toon towers ....... doofenszmerts evil incorporated

  • Kylie Does stuff
    Kylie Does stuffGiorno fa

    Mumbo’s hobbit hole?

  • Brayden Chou-Lee
    Brayden Chou-Lee3 giorni fa

    Bdubs been making copper rooftops before Mojang cashed in on the idea lol

  • [•_Rachelle Lee_•]
    [•_Rachelle Lee_•]3 giorni fa

    6:18 mumbo said thanks

  • Hudson Charlap
    Hudson Charlap3 giorni fa

    Your my favorite hermit

  • Evan Sung
    Evan Sung3 giorni fa

    I think he missed welsknights house

  • Benvii


    Giorno fa


  • Yunus Demircan
    Yunus Demircan3 giorni fa

    Grian is the Gordon Ramsay of builds except he's never toxic about it

  • Angelo Gabriel
    Angelo Gabriel4 giorni fa

    36:20 it made the desert temple look soooo small

  • Nobody
    Nobody4 giorni fa

    "We're over halfway into the season." Meanwhile only 16 episodes remaining of hermitcraft S7-

  • Big Davo
    Big Davo4 giorni fa

    you eat berry.

  • fad Aaab
    fad Aaab4 giorni fa

    The elite propane beverly depend because juice morphologically follow until a rambunctious sunday. dysfunctional, optimal nut

  • phoenix 219
    phoenix 2195 giorni fa

    XB is the hermit of the hermits

  • Nate01Gaming
    Nate01Gaming5 giorni fa

    Grian: happily doing a tour of nether Ghast: (shooting fireballs rapidly) 33:03

  • Cosmicwipoutmc
    Cosmicwipoutmc5 giorni fa

    REN had the spaceport in mos eyesly Vader’s castle on moustafar and a Jawa mining vehicle

  • newcreation2078
    newcreation20785 giorni fa

    eery stroke is something ew its either pee or it either poo

  • Mega
    Mega5 giorni fa

    20:56 so im not good?

  • The Sogy Steve
    The Sogy Steve8 giorni fa

    I love Bilbo Bumbo Mumbo Jumbo...

  • Jorgz VL11
    Jorgz VL118 giorni fa

    grian:bdud`s base is alive mumbo:im i a joke to you

  • Clone commander Fang
    Clone commander Fang8 giorni fa

    Grian's starter base is as big as my normal base😞

  • ʀzy
    ʀzy8 giorni fa

    what is your shader ?

  • James Haslam
    James Haslam9 giorni fa

    This is cool, but kind of sickens me knowing how many hours they’ve sunk in

  • Benvii


    Giorno fa

    Sickens? But this is there job

  • Noah Woody
    Noah Woody10 giorni fa

    Target 🤣

  • William Lister
    William Lister11 giorni fa

    Grian: This is madness. Ren: Madness? THIS, IS, HERMITCRAFT

  • Ryan Ceccato
    Ryan Ceccato13 giorni fa

    M E G A

  • [GD] Vex
    [GD] Vex13 giorni fa

    i don't remember if he showed tfc's base or not

  • cannon kemp
    cannon kemp13 giorni fa

    53:23 ...me,i want to be in hermitcraft

  • just your typical hamster

    just your typical hamster

    13 giorni fa


  • Steve Rockz
    Steve Rockz13 giorni fa

    Here lies villager no. 2 He shall be replaced ~Grian

  • Gus the Prankster
    Gus the Prankster16 giorni fa

    Can't believe he didn't mention the giant Uno Reverse Card.

  • robert cullen
    robert cullen16 giorni fa

    he said that the definition of mega is big, so if someone builds a huge dirt house is that mega

  • nafumi CODM
    nafumi CODM16 giorni fa

    bdubs’ and etho’s amazed me so much

  • Jazzy-Mann
    Jazzy-Mann17 giorni fa

    Clearly grian sees mega by hight not width and certainly not depth

  • Slanks
    Slanks17 giorni fa

    It hits different when they build so much that the chunks stops loading, after seeing that you just know its the end of the season

  • not me
    not me17 giorni fa

    wut the ip

  • Topper Lohse
    Topper Lohse17 giorni fa

    It could be interesting to see you live in a sewer. and its going under the ground all way. Please do that for me:)

  • Square Pentagons
    Square Pentagons18 giorni fa

    16:40 guess who's back, back again, stress is back, tell a friend

  • Isabel
    Isabel18 giorni fa

    The base he didn't recognize is TFC's right?

  • michael cates
    michael cates19 giorni fa

    I just downloaded the world and that zombie is still wandering around the hotel. 😂

  • The Gleason Gamer
    The Gleason Gamer21 giorno fa

    he should have made an end build

  • Harvey C
    Harvey C21 giorno fa

    Grian:What do berries do Me:eat

  • NogZzy 14
    NogZzy 1423 giorni fa

    The amount of holes in the ground from mining bruh

  • Walter #488
    Walter #48826 giorni fa

    wheres tfc's baseeeeee

  • Isabel


    18 giorni fa

    Is that not the one that he didn't recognize?

  • Lamont Simard
    Lamont Simard27 giorni fa

    The wiry patricia longitudinally provide because larch superiorly mug out a spotted mint. sloppy, unbecoming sex

  • Jarry Pota

    Jarry Pota

    23 giorni fa

    This is a diamond in the rough

  • JadeWhisper
    JadeWhisper27 giorni fa

    honestly this video is so inspiring. Looking at all these AMAZING things all put together, and in survival no less! These people are so amazing at what they do and it's just so beautiful.

  • the king of jesters
    the king of jesters28 giorni fa

    It was bumbo Baggins

  • Bhavesh Advait
    Bhavesh Advait29 giorni fa

    Falses base is elite 4 of pokemon

  • Ayham Al Zawam
    Ayham Al ZawamMese fa

    They should add Smallish Beans to hermitcraft

  • Idan Chen
    Idan ChenMese fa

    Grien: "what do you want to see in hermitcraft?" me: "the hermits building and creating a town full of villagers with iron golems are guards"

  • Rose_Kate
    Rose_KateMese fa

    How do they place the blocks like dat-

  • Amanda Benninger
    Amanda BenningerMese fa

    Dude mumbo built the temple that holds the heart of the jungle

  • Michael Shelton
    Michael SheltonMese fa

    yall remember at the beginning of the season when scar was a wizard and grian used "magic fruit" to get to the shopping district

  • Gamer Crinkly
    Gamer CrinklyMese fa

    That mansion or castle is just crazy

  • Ananya NA
    Ananya NAMese fa

    your 39th ep was the halfway

  • ruth wachenfeld
    ruth wachenfeldMese fa

    Its BUMBO BAGENS your welcome how to spell it

  • Matthew Marshall
    Matthew MarshallMese fa

    the diorite throne has iskall punching air

  • Andres Luis Jugo
    Andres Luis JugoMese fa


  • Otur Animations
    Otur AnimationsMese fa

    Lighthouse of Alexandria “My Greek history is bad” I T S E G Y P T I A N

  • Jarry Pota

    Jarry Pota

    23 giorni fa

    it's actually the Roman Tower of Hercules that is in Spain

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow GamingMese fa

    you eat the barries

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed SlugMese fa

    9:12 “he’s got a giant hole. we gotta respect the giant hole.”

  • Ella McDonald
    Ella McDonaldMese fa

    Cmon do hermit cribs grian

  • CamoSquid21
    CamoSquid21Mese fa

    20:07 sad mumbo noises

  • Kariyui
    KariyuiMese fa

    F3 menu and see how many Minecraft days old is the server

  • R2 - D2
    R2 - D2Mese fa

    53:31 Cries in lockdown

  • ShadowyMigchamp
    ShadowyMigchampMese fa

    The house has been slightly neglected the house: 2:08

  • Weird Meme Obsession
    Weird Meme ObsessionMese fa

    Wow Bdubs castle has a back

  • FinitoAckermann
    FinitoAckermannMese fa

    Grian- now we are next to 2 of our favorite redstoners! Mumbo- 😢

  • lukq
    lukqMese fa


  • Philip Palmer
    Philip PalmerMese fa

    The oval sack exemplarily stir because expert gratifyingly suit until a omniscient calculus. disgusting, dysfunctional comfort

  • max
    maxMese fa

    mega just means BIG, and not just big, MEGA

  • Jay’s Brick Bonanza
    Jay’s Brick BonanzaMese fa

    This world is amazing

  • VividDraggon 752
    VividDraggon 752Mese fa

    Grian: Hermit challenges to the back burner me: WHAT ABOUT TAG 2 ELECTRIC BUGALOO

  • It’s me Tay com dude
    It’s me Tay com dudeMese fa

    The giant golf ball is a real life buildind in Sydney Australia

  • Hahahah Sjbxnxj
    Hahahah SjbxnxjMese fa

    32:04 hermitcraft is officially over 100 years

  • Psychotics.
    Psychotics.Mese fa

    war is always my favorite thing to watch

  • TheOriginalCows
    TheOriginalCowsMese fa

    Did he delete the top 10 bases video?

  • Vince Jose
    Vince JoseMese fa

    Mumbo looking up to grian gives me chills

  • -
    -Mese fa

    Who is here after grian ended the season? Looking forward to S8!

  • Zoom zoom Kaboom
    Zoom zoom KaboomMese fa

    11:40 grian dies cause he loves the build.

  • Mary Schofield
    Mary SchofieldMese fa

    grian: our two favorite redstoners me: MUMBO!! Mumbo: ME!!! Grian: iskal and tango Mumbo and me: sad mumbo mustache and redstone noises

  • Mike Howard
    Mike HowardMese fa

    Does anybody remember grian taking random people's doors?

  • Blue DudeBA
    Blue DudeBAMese fa


  • Taydem Elbert
    Taydem ElbertMese fa

    Remember buying that plot in mumbos shop early in the series? Go cash in on that

  • Elliott Brown
    Elliott BrownMese fa

    Anyone notice is says 61 but it’s there’s already been a 62

  • SkippyCat
    SkippyCat2 mesi fa

    Grian didn't even see cub's wall of ancient debris

  • Gin
    Gin2 mesi fa

    "It's got no functional purpose, it just looks amazing" Me: Side eyeing the mansion

  • Ducky
    Ducky2 mesi fa

    Grian: when i HAD to steal doors Me: HAD

  • I is Green
    I is Green2 mesi fa

    Berries are fast growing, good defense, and can be used to make the best mob in the game not hate you. They also look amazing.

    HUNTER FORTIN2 mesi fa

    Hate to tell ya but mojang officially stayed the nether is not below the over world but another demention

  • Callie Welch
    Callie Welch2 mesi fa

    I want to see grumble find out mumbo for mayor was was a lie and take over the universe

  • 32 SANJALI Nemmaniwar
    32 SANJALI Nemmaniwar2 mesi fa

    I think that mumbo's base is better than grians it's the opposite of what I expected

  • PoGeLaGe
    PoGeLaGe2 mesi fa

    This is art

  • Eli Johns
    Eli Johns2 mesi fa

    I showed my sister a picture of the mansion and she said that Grian probably didn’t build it all in survival. Lol 😂

  • Tyler Britt
    Tyler Britt2 mesi fa

    Wish I could build like that

  • Dr Patasma
    Dr Patasma2 mesi fa

    Nice vid

  • skotinoulis
    skotinoulis2 mesi fa

    Bdubs' castle roof will look great with 1.17 copper blocks.

  • skotinoulis
    skotinoulis2 mesi fa

    The top 10 video disappeared.

  • CharlyTries
    CharlyTries2 mesi fa

    *angelic choir* hermitcraft season 10

  • Campbell Tansley
    Campbell Tansley2 mesi fa

    32:20 wow G you're such a punny guy

  • Pandurial
    Pandurial2 mesi fa

    X's base is like subnautica but not in the water XD

  • Dana Daniela
    Dana Daniela2 mesi fa

    Jesus loves You!!

  • TheBestest_Tayter
    TheBestest_Tayter2 mesi fa

    10 months? 10 MONTHS?! man where did my life go i remember watching the first episode when it came out ;^;

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