Life Update


Finally talking about the big reason behind my absence
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  • YouTube
    YouTube2 giorni fa

    Welcome back!🙌 Congratulations on 1M subscribers🎊 Way to get after it🤩

  • Geraldo Rivera

    Geraldo Rivera

    6 ore fa


  • Sean2leafs MW

    Sean2leafs MW

    7 ore fa

    I've never seen ITfun comment on a vid

  • T.K.O JIT

    T.K.O JIT

    7 ore fa

    @TheRealestPhantom internet and computer like softwares started in 1969 so reasons it say that

  • Zay 2k

    Zay 2k

    7 ore fa


  • Bludzyy


    7 ore fa

    Hi you tube

  • Quincy Edwards
    Quincy Edwards5 ore fa

    One day I play with you and against you... blessings

  • Quincy Edwards
    Quincy Edwards5 ore fa

    Motivation my Friend.. keep on pushing

  • GALAXY CloutReaper
    GALAXY CloutReaper5 ore fa

    congrats on 1 mil and I actually think the only people that can break that celling is you and Gman

  • Cash NationTV
    Cash NationTV5 ore fa

    Congrats on that BIG MILL BRO! 👨🏽‍💻🔥🎉 Can’t wait to see those wager matches & bangers again💯 stay humble! You inspired me in 2K17 🎥 to start my grind and be better then ever! Thanks again tyceno! Stay up ya dig!

  • Oj Marcelo
    Oj Marcelo5 ore fa

    pog champ!

  • DawaGod
    DawaGod5 ore fa

    Would love to see vlogs in nz bro

  • Tomas Išaras
    Tomas Išaras6 ore fa

    We'd love to see Tyceno in pro am 5v5 !?!?!!!!

  • Da Goat Mari 2
    Da Goat Mari 26 ore fa

    you should start playing mlb it’s really fun

  • Veskov Jr
    Veskov Jr6 ore fa

    The Goat is back and will be the goat still

  • Jayinquarantine
    Jayinquarantine6 ore fa

    Go wit twitch

  • ItzCjTV
    ItzCjTV7 ore fa


  • Antony Banuet
    Antony Banuet7 ore fa

    Tyceno had to make the video 10 mins... could of been a 5 min video.. lol get you money I guess. Unsubscribing

  • Rodga Laurius

    Rodga Laurius

    6 ore fa

    You think he cares😹

  • Alessandro Zambolin
    Alessandro Zambolin7 ore fa


  • Smoove
    Smoove7 ore fa

    Congrats bro 🤟🏾

  • Bludzyy
    Bludzyy7 ore fa

    Congrats on 1 million

  • Phoresight
    Phoresight7 ore fa

    Tryna see you on Warzone too lol, I think that would also pull numbers

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour8 ore fa

    Hey you, don't give up! Jesus is your strength and He loves you very much! Somewhere, someday, someone will thank you for not giving up.

  • REBIRTH 4k
    REBIRTH 4k8 ore fa

    the lou bag lol slight flex

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    8 ore fa

    Been watching since 2k18 congrats on 1 mil man

  • UrLocal Snake
    UrLocal Snake8 ore fa

    1 million sheeesh

  • swiped
    swiped9 ore fa

    Tyceno and Gman vs Adin and Bronny

  • swiped
    swiped10 ore fa

    Go long term with twitch bro

  • PeeWeeFrmTG
    PeeWeeFrmTG10 ore fa

    The 🐐

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy10 ore fa

    I remember when I found Tyceno on a guide to how to get park badges😭😭😭

  • Tobias Powell
    Tobias Powell10 ore fa

    1.2m for you when you're actually a legit skilled 2k player that doesn't play like everyone else? nahh. I seen you play the 2k tournaments. How many of 2ks TOP streamers and yts can say they competed on that level before?

  • Simon Goods
    Simon Goods10 ore fa


  • Vincent Highsmith
    Vincent Highsmith10 ore fa

    Tyceno the Avatar of all 2K elements but when the world needed him the most he returns

    HOOD CHXPO11 ore fa

    We need Gman back now🥺🖤

  • Pick & Pop
    Pick & Pop11 ore fa

    Bought 2K21 and stopped playing it after 2 weeks. Haven't touched it since

  • aeurh
    aeurh11 ore fa

    “i WAS broke” *lights go out in garage*

  • AnklezM8
    AnklezM811 ore fa

    mans driving his car in heaven

  • Tara Metuariki
    Tara Metuariki12 ore fa

    stopped playing 2k after 18 and I'm in NZ....Use to be a easy long grind but fun...2k fucked up

  • Granpa King
    Granpa King12 ore fa

    Blessing My Brother Nice To See You Again

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres12 ore fa

    1 mill love that

  • hail617
    hail61712 ore fa

    Been watching since 2k18 congrats on 1 mil man

  • Zin
    Zin12 ore fa

    Wyceno 🔥💯

  • She Luv Soso
    She Luv Soso13 ore fa


  • Void 9
    Void 913 ore fa

    Start mlb the show 21.

  • Void 9
    Void 913 ore fa

    Play NBA 2k21 next gen.

  • fahad azad
    fahad azad13 ore fa

    You inspired me to make a shot creator in 2k21, I'm so glad you are back ❤

  • Jwdogs
    Jwdogs13 ore fa

    Yo you should play Rainbow 6 siege

  • Gavino Montano
    Gavino Montano14 ore fa

    This man corny as hell lmao look at that Louis V bag placement and him in the car for no reason 😂🤣 all love bug dawg congrats on a million

  • Dutch Van der linde
    Dutch Van der linde14 ore fa

    Tyceno the legend is back

  • dropshotta1996
    dropshotta199614 ore fa

    Take the 1.2 million and invest it in real estate or dividends and while you grind on the new platform you will be making all the passive money you need if done right.

  • Rodga Laurius

    Rodga Laurius

    6 ore fa

    That’s a lot of risk


    Yo ty just debate for more money man

  • Diante Jones
    Diante Jones15 ore fa

    Had to havebthe bag in the background

  • Notellu
    Notellu15 ore fa

    You are still kinda cringe though bro. fr fr

  • Nike Boii
    Nike Boii15 ore fa

    I'm not buying 2k22 unless it is good

  • Zachary Ihara
    Zachary Ihara15 ore fa

    Welcome back tyceno!

  • Fernando Carrasquillo
    Fernando Carrasquillo15 ore fa


  • Believe Craked
    Believe Craked16 ore fa


  • ItsJust Codex
    ItsJust Codex16 ore fa

    Yooooo start doing more versatile vids

  • DifferentReturns
    DifferentReturns16 ore fa

    This is going to bring 2k back

  • PerqcsDifferent
    PerqcsDifferent16 ore fa

    Next gen is ass

  • PerqcsDifferent
    PerqcsDifferent16 ore fa

    Go to current gen not next gen

  • Tyler Nine
    Tyler Nine16 ore fa


  • Navaar Watene
    Navaar Watene16 ore fa

    Congrats on everything brotha. I think you've made the right choice 🤙🏽 Kia Kaha

    CHOSEN ANGEL17 ore fa

    Bro u coming back

  • Malique Wilkerson
    Malique Wilkerson17 ore fa

    Congrats on 1 million

  • Seⱥn
    Seⱥn17 ore fa

    I started watching u during 2k17 even if I didn’t had the game id still watch u vids

  • Drizzy NBA
    Drizzy NBA17 ore fa

    Hope everythings okay.

  • Tyrone Allen
    Tyrone Allen17 ore fa

    i miss you 💜

  • Big Fella
    Big Fella17 ore fa

    You should try warzone or speed run minecraft

  • Stb DemonTv
    Stb DemonTv17 ore fa

    My favorite ITfunr is my the one hand a gameplay is back

  • GrindinForSadi-
    GrindinForSadi-18 ore fa

    congrats tyceno on 1 mil we miss you

  • Osiris Duran
    Osiris Duran18 ore fa


  • Jahkapalot YT
    Jahkapalot YT18 ore fa

    Brooooo he back🖤🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🥳🤗🤗

  • Kameran Ward
    Kameran Ward18 ore fa

    Peep the Louis vouton

  • ilu
    ilu19 ore fa

    Been watching and supporting since 2k18 my bro love you congrats on 1 mil ty💕💕💕💕💕

  • knuckle24
    knuckle2419 ore fa

    The grind always pays off.

  • Will_ Bum2
    Will_ Bum219 ore fa

    Let’s gooooooo

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis19 ore fa

    1 milli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • V Snagz
    V Snagz19 ore fa

    Bro switch to warzone it’s better 2k doesn’t hit diff anymore

  • Morning Thots
    Morning Thots19 ore fa

    Watch my most recent vid if you wanna see me break my ankle skating. Might as well SUBSCRIBE while you’re there 👹

  • global phenom
    global phenom20 ore fa

    I was just searching you up a few days ago saying where ceno at

  • Da Baby
    Da Baby20 ore fa

    I loved watching you when I was like 9 . When you played 2k17. I was watching all them streams

  • Clamppzz
    Clamppzz20 ore fa

    What happened to angel

  • COOL-KID -2007
    COOL-KID -200720 ore fa


  • Joey Joe
    Joey Joe20 ore fa

    2k needs to try to remaster 2k 16 or 17 fr

  • Jayden
    Jayden20 ore fa

    welcome back man! wise words in the end, you're a super humble guy!

  • Cantiso A1
    Cantiso A121 ora fa

    Peep the LV

  • TheWartHogSquad
    TheWartHogSquad21 ora fa

    Love how you showin love to adin i love how you have a great character

  • Iso Ghosty
    Iso Ghosty21 ora fa


  • Henok Assalif
    Henok Assalif21 ora fa


  • Jack House
    Jack House22 ore fa

    You have more subs then him take that million

  • Sara Sanchez
    Sara Sanchez22 ore fa

    Dumb choice tbh

  • dom .

    dom .

    21 ora fa

    Not dumb

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G22 ore fa

    2K ceiling will break when they enable cross play

  • Josh Ostrowski
    Josh Ostrowski22 ore fa


    GOTHBOICLIQUE22 ore fa

    No matter wat tyceno make sure u see ur mom for mothere day

  • Blxseed_Kam
    Blxseed_Kam22 ore fa

    1M 🎊🎉

  • Awhoin
    Awhoin22 ore fa

    We missed you dawg

  • Fluid Zapped
    Fluid Zapped23 ore fa


  • Jay 275
    Jay 27523 ore fa


  • Gabriel47xx
    Gabriel47xx23 ore fa


  • JHated
    JHated23 ore fa

    2k20 has a special place in my heart

  • Roman
    Roman23 ore fa

    The goat is backkkk 👑🐐

  • Dank Kai
    Dank Kai23 ore fa

    My man was spittin with the rapper analogy

  • Matthew Arvelo
    Matthew Arvelo23 ore fa

    2k isn’t a bad game but Park is a bad game mode lol anyway glad you are back champ welcome!

  • Elijah Evans
    Elijah Evans23 ore fa

    Needed this 💯

    JGK FUNGOUS23 ore fa

    Please stay safe and healthy!

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