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  • itss Rana
    itss Rana3 ore fa

    Who is the black boy in the addidas jacket.. Give me his instagram

  • reece windle
    reece windle4 ore fa

    My g chilling 🌴 no Fucks given what so ever 🖕🖕

  • Stefano 11
    Stefano 116 ore fa

    Respect from Italy🙌🏼🇮🇹🇬🇧

  • unknown rules
    unknown rules7 ore fa

    They have shell gas stations in uk???

  • HORT-KadeR
    HORT-KadeR7 ore fa

    white peolpe cant drill (UK)

  • dr3 _wild
    dr3 _wild8 ore fa

    So bad

  • dr3 _wild
    dr3 _wild8 ore fa

    So bad

  • dr3 _wild
    dr3 _wild8 ore fa

    So bad

  • Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor

    22 minuti fa

    Get a life

  • tsmpoker006
    tsmpoker0068 ore fa

    Respect from 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • admin adminn
    admin adminn9 ore fa


  • Leo Rossi
    Leo Rossi9 ore fa

    Fantastic song

  • Boogo Romain
    Boogo Romain10 ore fa

    Qui est fR

  • Carspotterz International

    Carspotterz International

    8 ore fa


  • ARL x
    ARL x11 ore fa

    hardest thing to do is rap o this song in english

  • Alessander Patrick de Jesus
    Alessander Patrick de Jesus11 ore fa

    Show 🇧🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎧❤️✌🏽🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • opio joan
    opio joan11 ore fa

    so super

  • Pro Plays
    Pro Plays12 ore fa

    At 0:23 there is girls sheesh 😒

  • Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor

    21 minuto fa

    They met fans while making vid

  • Hoà Đặng Khánh
    Hoà Đặng Khánh12 ore fa

    Listen alaba trap by Tommy Tèo and you will realize that this beat is not that hard

  • Brafer Aser
    Brafer Aser14 ore fa

    What is this language?

  • makelifebetter


    5 ore fa

    It's English with a London accent

  • Miksterek TM

    Miksterek TM

    10 ore fa


  • Lex Brewer
    Lex Brewer14 ore fa

    So, I guess when I was in London the last four times --- I was obviously not in the right part. Geesh, I have to make friends before I go over next time. I tried to find this vibe but ended up on Old Street in a bar playing American hip hop/r&b every time.

  • Kurt Monterde
    Kurt Monterde14 ore fa

    You really don't need a good mv if the music alone is good

  • Diar Kurteshi
    Diar Kurteshi15 ore fa

    Can anybody translate this to me? lmao

  • the Colombian

    the Colombian

    10 ore fa

    Look @ the lyrics I guess

  • Everything is an error
    Everything is an error16 ore fa

    I showed this to cat now it’s a tiger.

  • Crip Denis music
    Crip Denis music17 ore fa

    Central... A real crip! 💪🏾💎💯🗨️💍🔈💦💤

  • Filippo Bellini
    Filippo Bellini18 ore fa

    Nomercy blakeee

  • ThePepGamesPl
    ThePepGamesPl19 ore fa

    I'm actually addicted to this song mate

  • viktor king !
    viktor king !20 ore fa


  • viktor king !
    viktor king !20 ore fa


  • viktor king !
    viktor king !20 ore fa


  • hanamaru


    14 ore fa

    Tf is this

  • Luffy Zoro
    Luffy Zoro22 ore fa

    When you put some alcohol at a British guy's morning tea;

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan HernandezGiorno fa

    40 million views?

  • A&M OMS
    A&M OMSGiorno fa

    notice that he only cursed 1 time in this song

  • snoochie boochies
    snoochie boochiesGiorno fa

    You guys in the UK have Shell?

  • the Colombian

    the Colombian

    10 ore fa

    @Adz ikr every corner lmao

  • Adz


    17 ore fa

    Yeah they’re everywhere

  • TheMrHazGaming
    TheMrHazGamingGiorno fa

    just get a SSD to load faster

  • Mill Man
    Mill ManGiorno fa

    The sample bro omg I need to know it

    TOBI OBITOGiorno fa

    London rappers these days 🔥🔥

  • lucky 7
    lucky 7Giorno fa

    vibe in this music are so good

  • zerxy lol
    zerxy lolGiorno fa

    This song wants me to fight my reflection for wearing the same thing as me ❌🧢

  • Quackss
    QuackssGiorno fa

    These beats are insane

  • Z4H1D R
    Z4H1D RGiorno fa

    I was listening to this and my milkshake turned into ice cream thats how cold this song is

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito UchihaGiorno fa


  • W Key Asta
    W Key AstaGiorno fa


  • Rafael Vasconcelos
    Rafael VasconcelosGiorno fa

    Se tivesse sem o clipe dava bom

  • Callum.Drifts Jones
    Callum.Drifts JonesGiorno fa

    COLD ASF BRO 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Imad Acar
    Imad AcarGiorno fa

    i love this song

  • jack storey
    jack storeyGiorno fa

    bassfest get uppppp

  • district family
    district familyGiorno fa


  • Klajdi Hima
    Klajdi HimaGiorno fa

    this hits more than my dad

  • Clyd
    ClydGiorno fa

    Bri'ish songs are the best

  • Moose KnuckleMac
    Moose KnuckleMacGiorno fa

    Can we get 50 mil this month!?

  • Alessandro Esposito
    Alessandro EspositoGiorno fa

    Sono il commento italiano che stavi cercando

  • FLEX Dangerous
    FLEX DangerousGiorno fa

    We need this on billboard the hot 🔥

  • ADAM
    ADAMGiorno fa

    Ecouter cette musique avec le surrond razer c'est vraiment une dinguerie

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash BandicootGiorno fa

    My coke Turned into Tea after listening to this

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last NameGiorno fa

    this is the kindest drill rapper. he met a Make-A-Wish kid and gave him a Rolex right of his wrist.

  • Martineシ
    MartineシGiorno fa

    No drama, just chilling and scootingm

  • Milan Spasojevic
    Milan SpasojevicGiorno fa

    50 mil views?

  • nikk son
    nikk sonGiorno fa


  • Joshua Mensah
    Joshua MensahGiorno fa

    Hargo Production🔥🔥🔥

  • Ledion Tershalla
    Ledion TershallaGiorno fa

    Sheeeesh lit song my brudda

  • DVS {MAHI}
    DVS {MAHI}Giorno fa


  • Dax Veenendaal
    Dax VeenendaalGiorno fa

    o% girls 0% police 100% vibing

  • Mateo Hyka
    Mateo HykaGiorno fa

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Đorđe Lazić
    Đorđe LazićGiorno fa

    5% cars 10% flex 5% girls 80% vibing whit boys

  • Romain Valeyre
    Romain ValeyreGiorno fa

    je suis lgbt et fier de l'etre, arreter l'homophobie !! :/ ékip

  • Rox
    RoxGiorno fa


  • Brendan Avery
    Brendan AveryGiorno fa


  • Jamie Bryan
    Jamie BryanGiorno fa

    This guys got loads of rentals lmfao...

  • Shay Yoges
    Shay YogesGiorno fa

    He don't be in the road to Sofitel cut through the local dogs

  • Shay Yoges

    Shay Yoges

    Giorno fa

    Me singing it what comes up

  • Sander Andersen
    Sander AndersenGiorno fa

    my bread got to a bread after this

  • Sander Andersen
    Sander AndersenGiorno fa

    shhhhhhhhhheeeessssshhhhhhhhhh a song

  • kavalli anderson
    kavalli andersonGiorno fa

    straight rhymes the flow is like the Arizona river

  • Enes Lazi
    Enes LaziGiorno fa

    Central Cee's name is like Ctrl😂😂

  • c0_j2
    c0_j2Giorno fa

    i lo bri ish acc se

  • Finley Green
    Finley GreenGiorno fa

    37mil veiws

  • Raihan Rahman
    Raihan RahmanGiorno fa

    Ayyy i love ur songs i listen to them everyday

  • StoriedLeader
    StoriedLeaderGiorno fa


  • Lorenna
    LorennaGiorno fa


  • Kyllian _edz
    Kyllian _edzGiorno fa

    My friend Nestor want rejoin your gang

  • Xx_minez_xX
    Xx_minez_xX2 giorni fa

    ...its already at 37mil keep grinding central🥶🥶🥶

  • Mimi Costelle
    Mimi Costelle2 giorni fa

    Guys this is so random but make sure you vote for niko omilana

  • YouTube Raining
    YouTube Raining2 giorni fa


  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder2 giorni fa

    I enjoy listening to this whilst attacking my opposition

  • abdiaziz hamza
    abdiaziz hamza2 giorni fa

    38 looool

  • Adidas Nike
    Adidas Nike2 giorni fa


  • 누르 찰스Nour Charles
    누르 찰스Nour Charles2 giorni fa

    someone recommended this song and its trash also the music video.. not for me!

  • Bruno Nezaj

    Bruno Nezaj

    Giorno fa

    Who cares

  • With a soda On the side

    With a soda On the side

    2 giorni fa


  • ツRedSkill
    ツRedSkill2 giorni fa


  • mr swax
    mr swax2 giorni fa

    Respect from 🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Chemss Mas
    Chemss Mas2 giorni fa

    Beat so hard my nan thought the germans were back

  • Kemani Duggan
    Kemani Duggan2 giorni fa

    before this i had bread with no butter. now im having bread with butter and jam

  • ツ
    2 giorni fa

    Simply just 🔥🔥🔥

  • PinkPiex
    PinkPiex2 giorni fa

    mans have to do another naming it reloading

  • Toni Štifanić
    Toni Štifanić2 giorni fa

    First 30 sec✨🔥

  • Beats048
    Beats0482 giorni fa

    Half a year ago already????

  • Mouhamad Yasin Mbaye Ruiz
    Mouhamad Yasin Mbaye Ruiz2 giorni fa

    1:21 morad???????????

  • Edward Graham
    Edward Graham2 giorni fa

    37m views sheeeesh

  • kakkkuuu !!
    kakkkuuu !!2 giorni fa

    Sheeesh🥶 this fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mohsain Karim
    Mohsain Karim2 giorni fa

    Let’s appreciate that he sat on the tower bridge for us 👇

  • דודרי רודרי
    דודרי רודרי2 giorni fa