Kpop Group ENHYPEN Reacts to Weird Fashion Trends | Drip Or Drop? | Cosmopolitan

ENHYPEN blessed Cosmopolitan with their reactions to some fashion trends. Watch more Drip or Drop? 💧

JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI all came to the same conclusion that ENGENEs already know - they just look good in everything! Check out their new album BORDER : CARNIVAL and singles “Drunk-Dazed” and “FEVER”!

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  • Parinita Priyadarshini
    Parinita Priyadarshini7 ore fa

    1:33 welcome to heesungs class on philosophy of colours-

  • Clarfel Art
    Clarfel Art5 giorni fa

    During an interview: Enhypen: 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Ni-ki: 👦🏼

  • Lolli
    Lolli5 giorni fa

    Me during the lightning round: Scribbles aggressively at all of their answers because they are stylish af

  • Ezzohra E.H
    Ezzohra E.H5 giorni fa

    * sees Jay * my brain: Levi is that you ??

  • KookieLover
    KookieLover6 giorni fa

    I can't help but feel there's someone missing when all of them are there

  • Yaisha Manlugon
    Yaisha Manlugon6 giorni fa

    Jay is really into fashion, can't wait for him to be an ambassador of luxury clothings brands someday🤭

  • I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀
    I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀6 giorni fa

    4:16 Ni-Ki is wearing a sweater vest 😂

  • I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀
    I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀6 giorni fa

    1:30 Not the editors playing that classic Asian meditation game as Hee’s lecturing us

  • Lumos
    Lumos6 giorni fa

    Jay was me when i explain bts to my parents

  • Archita N
    Archita N7 giorni fa


  • I'm Ili & ily
    I'm Ili & ily7 giorni fa

    Were you guys also chosing to see if you have similarities with your bias? 🤣

  • anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto
    anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto8 giorni fa


  • anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto
    anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto8 giorni fa

    Oi Coriano cato

  • anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto
    anajulia doles pozenatto Pozenatto8 giorni fa

    Coriana bink musicas tio k bink ITfun famosa kpop Love cantoria

  • Bangtan's Potato
    Bangtan's Potato9 giorni fa

    Is sunoo okay?

  • min ;D
    min ;D9 giorni fa

    gawd i love seeing jay talking about fashion

  • bye guys hi ladies mwah
    bye guys hi ladies mwah13 giorni fa

    jay here giving me free education 😋

  • Pamela Denise Pabelonia
    Pamela Denise Pabelonia15 giorni fa

    came back here because Jay 4th gen fashion icon

  • Nur Amirah Sofea
    Nur Amirah Sofea16 giorni fa

    jay arent u tired uve been talking non stop

  • t
    t17 giorni fa

    bias + bias wreckers on the sofa my other biases r at the back

  • 정원
    정원18 giorni fa

    ?Tennis Ball green? Most of ENHYPEN: DROP Rm in permission to dance: 🥲🥲🥲

  • Roanne Tinio
    Roanne Tinio19 giorni fa


  • Mayiel Arceo Mondreal
    Mayiel Arceo Mondreal20 giorni fa

    Seeing jay talk a lot in this video, AHHHHHH i'm not surprised coz when it comes to fashion he'll always be my standard

  • wtf ftw
    wtf ftw20 giorni fa

    3:29 sunoo's natural cuteness :(

  • Mathilda The shrimp
    Mathilda The shrimp20 giorni fa

    sosyal talaga ng mga bampira na to char labyu

  • Fozia Naz
    Fozia Naz22 giorni fa


  • k ♡
    k ♡22 giorni fa

    sunoo saying drip to everything is so cute haha

  • Jass Lim
    Jass Lim24 giorni fa

    jakehoon 😭 0:47

  • Saint Chuuckling Jingolas The Gay Panicked LOOΠΔtic
    Saint Chuuckling Jingolas The Gay Panicked LOOΠΔtic24 giorni fa

    3:50 Jungwon the fake maknae XD

  • Saint Chuuckling Jingolas The Gay Panicked LOOΠΔtic
    Saint Chuuckling Jingolas The Gay Panicked LOOΠΔtic24 giorni fa

    I somehow knew Sunoo, Junngwon and Jake were going to choose blue, they have that aesthetic happy vibe Niki and Jay would be black, they have that emo and edgy vibe too XD Heeseung and Sunghoon give me that unpredictable vibe though

    SUNSHINE SEUNGMINS24 giorni fa

    Sunoo really said "wear whatever the heck you want" in the lightning round

  • Jerzyl Grace
    Jerzyl Grace27 giorni fa

    No one: The Maknae line choose "dressed down" CUTE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA Just like what Jungwon said " I feel like I still look too young when I'm dressed up" I felt that too HHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • x. Sunshine
    x. Sunshine28 giorni fa

    wow cant believe they drop baggy jeans

  • Lina Karlina
    Lina Karlina29 giorni fa


  • ☁︎ˊ˗ 𝐒 𝐎 𝐎 𝐁 𝐈 𝐍 *.
    ☁︎ˊ˗ 𝐒 𝐎 𝐎 𝐁 𝐈 𝐍 *.29 giorni fa

    5:39 i swear i heard sunoo say loose fit-

  • Daniela Perico
    Daniela Perico29 giorni fa

    jay narrated the backstory of his favorite fashion icon, we should take note.... HAHDHSHDSHAD

  • Eliana Garzón
    Eliana GarzónMese fa

    Qué lindos los amo

  • Aaron James Lopez
    Aaron James LopezMese fa

    sunoo baby? 🥺

    Ana MAGO SOTYMese fa


  • Alejandra Albanil
    Alejandra AlbanilMese fa


  • mikaaay.0k
    mikaaay.0kMese fa


  • Tris 95
    Tris 95Mese fa

    Sunoo is so precious 🥺

  • Lexus Harris
    Lexus HarrisMese fa

    2:36 The fact that Sunno said "side part" but his hair is parted in the middle and Jake said "middle part" but his hair is parted on the side 😂


    Bish i cant believe i have so different taste then my bias👁👄👁✊💔

  • Sarah Rajgaur
    Sarah RajgaurMese fa

    Side part or middle part? *starts talking in ratios*

  • jakeswag
    jakeswagMese fa

    The way sunghoon only wanna know what did jake choose colourful or dark

  • Lea Mends
    Lea MendsMese fa

    HEESUNG bebe

  • bonjour les amis
    bonjour les amisMese fa

    sunoo looks uncomfortable somehow :(

  • marga


    Mese fa


  • yyarar
    yyararMese fa

    From here I get a lot of new vocab 😀👍✨

  • Kassandra
    KassandraMese fa

    The only thing I realized was how I have zero interest in fashion but I love how into it they are

  • Chessecake_._
    Chessecake_._Mese fa

    Ok but the visuals-

  • Michele Conley Eckert
    Michele Conley EckertMese fa


  • oyin
    oyinMese fa

    skrt skrt on that-

  • Valiga Salsabilla
    Valiga SalsabillaMese fa

    Aku bolak balik kesini ke google wkwkwkkw ak gk tp ngerti style tapi skrang jadi ngerti yeeee

  • Shanelle Rose Mikael Felipe
    Shanelle Rose Mikael FelipeMese fa

    Sunoo is so cute omg

  • Ashlee Robas
    Ashlee RobasMese fa

    Highly requested heeseung and sunghoon should wear beret. Never seen them wear one.

  • Natasya Desideria T
    Natasya Desideria TMese fa

    1:27 Alexis Rose!! one of my fav fashion icon on television

  • diana
    dianaMese fa


  • ohsuwu ohsuwu
    ohsuwu ohsuwuMese fa

    sunoo's shoulders?!?!?!

  • le
    leMese fa

    dark or colorful heesung: no



  • freynsinn
    freynsinnMese fa

    Sunoo looks so adorable

  • 🐻Beom_Bear✨
    🐻Beom_Bear✨Mese fa

    Sunoo and niki in beret is just adorable

  • Bella Bere
    Bella BereMese fa

  • Matthew Dusaran
    Matthew DusaranMese fa

    You can really see their different personality and fashion taste.

  • Rameshwori Leihaothabam
    Rameshwori LeihaothabamMese fa


  • Mitzie Kyllah
    Mitzie KyllahMese fa


  • yna
    ynaMese fa

    no need to get political, heeseung

  • Sara
    SaraMese fa

    JUNGWON ry''hskdtjdgjsfgehsj

  • sakura luvr
    sakura luvrMese fa

    not them asking heeseung a simple question and him going all socrates on them

  • Ess
    EssMese fa

    nobody: Sunoo: 👍drip

  • Ess
    EssMese fa

    Sunoo is the definition of "sit still look pretty" He is adorable just smiling and nodding

  • Nik
    NikMese fa

    Jake : does not like preppy clothes *Wearing a preppy outfit* 😂 Stylist : 👁️👄👁️

  • park jiminie br imagines
    park jiminie br imaginesMese fa


  • Nineveh Walli
    Nineveh WalliMese fa

    5:36 sunoo chose loose fit, but why does it say he chose tight pants?

  • Shekinah Ramos
    Shekinah RamosMese fa

    Colorful or Dark? Heesung: BALANCE

  • park jongseong enthusiast
    park jongseong enthusiastMese fa

    jay is expensive wbk

  • lean
    leanMese fa

    the way sunghoon talks is so fine

  • Brandon Kim
    Brandon KimMese fa

    Lol. I love Enhypen but man... They didn't ask bucket hat or cap. Pick within the options y'all! Lol love you though

  • Eun Jin
    Eun JinMese fa

    Just like in school, the talkative ones are at the back HAHAHAHA i love u all

  • ces marie
    ces marieMese fa

    My style is also Jake's style

  • salma a
    salma aMese fa


  • Naadya Shadoobaccus
    Naadya ShadoobaccusMese fa

    Conclusion of this video: Jay is the fashionista.

  • Samara Gist
    Samara GistMese fa

    jake picking a cardigan while wearing a sweater vest cracks me up

  • frosty thesnowman
    frosty thesnowmanMese fa


  • Caroline Gatta
    Caroline GattaMese fa

    They’re gonna be huge one day

  • Nicole
    NicoleMese fa

    ENGENEs don't need to go to fashion school, we already have Jay

  • Y Oshima
    Y OshimaMese fa

    i'm still confused why these are considered weird trends but jay flexing his fashion design knowledge is impressive

  • Gerson Collins Vercudia
    Gerson Collins VercudiaMese fa

    Jay being the luxury HIMSELF

  • Gerson Collins Vercudia
    Gerson Collins VercudiaMese fa

    Jay being the luxury HIMSELF

  • Gerson Collins Vercudia
    Gerson Collins VercudiaMese fa

    Niki is disappointed, they left him behind at sweater vest lmao

  • Gerson Collins Vercudia
    Gerson Collins VercudiaMese fa

    I can't with Jake. He really explained the color tones lmaooo

  • Maya
    MayaMese fa

    Porque no ponen subtitulos...........

  • Lara Lievens
    Lara LievensMese fa

    the way sunoo said everything was drip during the lightning round LMAO😭

  • MrsWorld WideWeird
    MrsWorld WideWeirdMese fa

    4:00 I guess Jay's future gf isn't going to have anything to steal

  • Valentina Clavería
    Valentina ClaveríaMese fa

    Count how many times sunoo spoke....

  • Demz Encina
    Demz EncinaMese fa

    jay, our fashion king.

  • blackpink in my areaa
    blackpink in my areaaMese fa

    Watch jay become celine's global embassador in the near future

  • Da Hecc
    Da HeccMese fa

    Jake literally voted against his entire outfit lmaoo

  • heedeung
    heedeungMese fa

    We need jay, yeonjun, The8, tae, baekho and sowon in a runway. Imagine them being in one frame, it would be epic🔥

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