3RD Life SMP - Episode 3: The Great DEMISE!

Welcome to 3RD Life a Minecraft mini-series with a twist! 3rd Life is a new series where we have 3 lives and when we die on our third life we are out of the series and no longer able to play on the 3RD Life SMP. We start out by building the cactus wall around the Sandlands and try to trade with others for friendship. We make an unfortunate jump that changes everything. I hope you enjoy this episode of 3 Rd Life and see you in the next video!

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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScarMese fa

    Help me keep track of who is a friend, free sand, free cactus, and no Endermen look pass. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • Mike kinard

    Mike kinard

    Mese fa

    I Love seeing your pov after watching you be destructive to all the others so from their angel you just seem annoying but then I watch you and really enjoy your videos and humor and you get bullied alittle and get all sad it's funny and touching haha. Anyway keep up the Good work Scar.

  • Mr McDab

    Mr McDab

    Mese fa

    I watched your and Grian's perspectives

  • Philipp Arnold Dahlmanns

    Philipp Arnold Dahlmanns

    Mese fa

    Hi Scar, can you send best regards to Grian for me? That would be so cool. Ps: My name is Phil.

  • Aditya Mitra

    Aditya Mitra

    Mese fa

    Go to the nether and bring zombie piglans and put them on a fence because they have short memory loss but if they misbehaving, use the enderman to aggravate to the player.

  • William Os

    William Os

    Mese fa

    Find an area untouched dig a pit put lava in it cover with sand

  • Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
    Zoe Tremain-Woodcock11 giorni fa

    16:46 21:15

  • Charles Drake
    Charles Drake13 giorni fa

    Scar: we don’t eat friends Flashbacks to episode one when he killed the pigs while calling them friends

  • Gundulae Gause
    Gundulae Gause13 giorni fa

    Friend certificat. Ladt episode Scar kills etho

  • TinkerBella Gamer
    TinkerBella Gamer16 giorni fa

    Scar: I'm all for science and discovery Me, who has watched Grian's pov: oh no oh no oh no-

  • Grey Heron
    Grey Heron17 giorni fa

    Scar: Just wait until I turn red ...well, he didn't have to wait long!

  • jyoti sinha
    jyoti sinha22 giorni fa


  • Ian chen
    Ian chen24 giorni fa

    According to me, I don't know.

  • mikhael reiko
    mikhael reiko25 giorni fa

    For science and discovery

  • a shah
    a shah25 giorni fa


  • Captain Alieth
    Captain Alieth26 giorni fa

    2:32 The way Scar said it was just amazing Diamonds, food? No. _Love_

  • Sam Squiggleson
    Sam Squiggleson26 giorni fa


  • The Black Neon
    The Black Neon27 giorni fa

    Hermitcraft went game of thrones REAL FAST.

  • Jenella Darwich
    Jenella Darwich27 giorni fa

    "We are the science bros, science and discov- *SPLAT*

  • Brain Freeze MC
    Brain Freeze MC28 giorni fa

    21:06 and as he falls he says OooOooOo scienceanddiscovery!!

  • Marie Nicholls
    Marie Nicholls28 giorni fa

    Don't trust etho

  • Zackery Shively
    Zackery Shively28 giorni fa

    “Science and discovery!” -Scar

  • Roger plays
    Roger plays28 giorni fa

    21:13 "We all science bros Science and discovery..." "Noooooooo" Oh no oh no oh no no no no no

  • Chancino
    Chancino28 giorni fa

    "When i turn red ren, *Y o u ' r e o n m y l i s t* " man turned into Sans for a sec, it gave me chills

  • Kriger
    KrigerMese fa

    17:08 is the highlight of this vid lol

  • Shiba
    ShibaMese fa

    The title of the vid: the great demise Me: yay Me at the end of the vid: oh I thought he meant the death of cleo

  • Vienna F
    Vienna FMese fa

    Dont trade people scar!

  • Charis Ng
    Charis NgMese fa

    RIP GGs man

  • Rathana Perez
    Rathana PerezMese fa

    people still say scars legs are still broken till this day

  • Rathana Perez
    Rathana PerezMese fa

    one reason he died cause he likes taking his armor off and showing his muscles another reason he died is cause he fell another reason is cause,,,*I Frogot*

  • duck in gamestop
    duck in gamestopMese fa

    "You want to take the enchanting out of Renchanting!? We'd just be R!"

  • duck in gamestop

    duck in gamestop

    Mese fa


  • Kira Prout
    Kira ProutMese fa

    I wouldn't be surprised if he started crying when he died to red.

  • peachiz
    peachizMese fa

    pretty sure it was extortion, not blackmail =D

  • Hadley Reynolds
    Hadley ReynoldsMese fa

    Scar if you dig down by clay in a swamp it is garunteed diamonds that's why impluse is rich

  • BlissGirls
    BlissGirlsMese fa


  • Alejandro Ojeda
    Alejandro OjedaMese fa

    17:09 Oh my...

  • Desmond K-O
    Desmond K-OMese fa

    did anyone else catch the jellie meow at 20:29?

  • Lightning Boi
    Lightning BoiMese fa

    I would what would happen if you died again? Would you be have greenier skin??

  • sh1r1Naut
    sh1r1NautMese fa


  • team Intimidation ForTheWin
    team Intimidation ForTheWinMese fa

    16:43 lmao

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 GamingMese fa

    14:14 This part makes me very upset... They didn’t even try to bargain

  • Oreodroid
    OreodroidMese fa

    scar sings science and discovery immidiately discovers gravity


    Top ten saddest anime last words Number 1: Scientific Discovery.

  • Jonathan Sorenson
    Jonathan SorensonMese fa


  • roguestake
    roguestakeMese fa

    Lets try to murder Cleo with an enderman, falls to his death. Perfect

  • Ace The Sloth
    Ace The SlothMese fa

    Grian: I don’t know what your plan is scar. Scar: do I really look like a man with a plan?

  • Neko Wolf
    Neko WolfMese fa

    Dangthatsalongname is a powerfull friend to have

  • Ethan MH
    Ethan MHMese fa

    3:43 *etho and scar has a normal conversation* grian:oh hello there

  • ItsUnpug
    ItsUnpugMese fa

    This is so sad

  • Jay 21
    Jay 21Mese fa

    The proximity mode made Scar's death better that it had to be

  • Carolyn M
    Carolyn MMese fa

    Cleo has pizza when I what he’d impulses video

  • hannah
    hannahMese fa

    "we don't eat pizza, we don't eat friends" (eats all friends except that one traumatized pig in previous episodes)

  • Mauro Vandersmissen
    Mauro VandersmissenMese fa

    Welp we all knew who was gonna die first, and who was gonna reach their last life first. Probably won't take long before he is out completely. I give him a week, maybe 2.

  • The Dapples
    The DapplesMese fa

    21:17 it actually sounds like hes crying tears

  • Amani H
    Amani HMese fa

    I dont know if he explained it before, but the sandcastle is a vantage point, cactus is his defense, and reputation points is to be on good terms with people. Hes been preparing since day 1 lol

  • // im not creative //
    // im not creative //Mese fa

    Grian and scar? You must mean Convex 2

  • Made of Mandrake
    Made of MandrakeMese fa

    6:43 Glad to hear Scar is a true appreciator of Weird Al. Almost didn't catch that, well done.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix RisingMese fa

    21:22 He was singing then he DIED! Nooooooooo!!!

  • charles paquet carrier
    charles paquet carrierMese fa

    Scar in this serie reminds me exactly of negan in the walking dead season 7, he has everything, he scares everyone in giving him everything, so chaotic evil, so passive aggressive, i LOVE it! (Plus he has grian on his side, and everyone is scared that he'd kill him)

  • James Shaw
    James ShawMese fa

    did he swear when he broke smallish beans window?

  • Brennan Gill
    Brennan GillMese fa

    There should be a public bulletin board (for all to see) in your base of friends, enemies and targets (for intimidation and to prevent trespassing) with points and negative points

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan HarrisMese fa

    Now the reputation board is just a count of who's lives Scar will spare and for how long.

  • Blobirator Business
    Blobirator BusinessMese fa

    16:41 best clip xD

  • the egg
    the eggMese fa

    IM DYING 22:08 "👉👈 🥺 ...grian"

  • Chizki
    ChizkiMese fa

    Scar: *dies* Joel: oh what

  • a
    aMese fa

    I wonder who is scar gonna kill first?

  • Prime 0ZX72G
    Prime 0ZX72GMese fa

    U gotta kill ren cleo, and maybe beans

  • Fnutarf
    FnutarfMese fa

    time to enforce those rep. points...

  • Diego Basma
    Diego BasmaMese fa

    The thing is if big b gave scar his boots scar could have lived 😯

  • Gabriel Ealy
    Gabriel EalyMese fa

    It’s even funnier the second time!

  • Wulfen Alpha
    Wulfen AlphaMese fa

    Grians scream just makes it so much funnier

  • Hanif Sulistiyo
    Hanif SulistiyoMese fa

    Grigor and Frankenscar are the perfect duo.

  • Hannah Spanner
    Hannah SpannerMese fa

    I’ve already watched Smallish’s and Grain’s videos for this episode haha

  • Krisna Kirana Kepakisan
    Krisna Kirana KepakisanMese fa

    The first thing Scar did after respawning is collecting flowers to ask Grian if they can still be friends 😂

  • Dragon_TamerAK
    Dragon_TamerAKMese fa

    at scars current rate of death, he will be out of the series in 2 more weeks

  • GaySpaceMoth
    GaySpaceMothMese fa

    scar maxed out charisma and not perception

  • _Joy_sucks_
    _Joy_sucks_Mese fa

    He's actually kind of scary- 😥 as he skips and sings

  • Bedrock Player
    Bedrock PlayerMese fa

    Nooooo you died 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Benjamin Sjolander
    Benjamin SjolanderMese fa


  • [Username Deleted]
    [Username Deleted]Mese fa

    [Comment Deleted]

  • Blobfish-Ostrich
    Blobfish-OstrichMese fa

    Somehow- SOMEHOW scar manages to be chaotic and wholesome at the same time.

  • Eli Griffey
    Eli GriffeyMese fa

    I can't tell if groans is the third week or the cat was

  • Eli Griffey
    Eli GriffeyMese fa

    In you watch this you need to watch groans perspective and listen to what he said

  • Japuny
    JapunyMese fa

    ren dog gets death by dogs?

  • Silent deluxe
    Silent deluxeMese fa


  • _life_of_annie
    _life_of_annieMese fa

    Why did cleo want that much that’s so greedy it annoyed me so much like just settle for what you’ve got cleo and you didn’t even give them a normal clue I rlly dislike her now

  • Johto


    Mese fa

    it was just a game, it’s not like she’s really like that

  • Emile Oosthuizen
    Emile OosthuizenMese fa

    Scar should make a whole stockpile of TNT and make like an evil mastermind criminal megamind plan

  • aldrich_XD CONE
    aldrich_XD CONEMese fa

    I love this series!!

  • BrownR87
    BrownR87Mese fa

    "I bet that enderbro is gonna be mad at scar and kill him instead of Cleo. Nope, he's just gonna jump in a hole."

  • Ocean Character
    Ocean CharacterMese fa

    He’s threatened a lot of people for when he hits red

  • Spartan Clips
    Spartan ClipsMese fa

    21:16 “The beginning of the end.”

  • I eat CEREAL!!!
    I eat CEREAL!!!Mese fa

    When you've seen grians video and hear we are rhe science bros

  • I eat CEREAL!!!
    I eat CEREAL!!!Mese fa

    Eat your cereal

  • Captain Sketch
    Captain SketchMese fa

    scar cult: the scult

  • dexi newell
    dexi newellMese fa


  • TayTay The Hufflepuff
    TayTay The HufflepuffMese fa

    15:40 After watching Cleo... that isn’t the most inappropriate thing I’ve seen on this server- and I really wish it weren’t true.

  • TayTay The Hufflepuff
    TayTay The HufflepuffMese fa

    2:30 “Diamonds? Food? No, LOVE” (I think he really means levels of violence)

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald EmperorMese fa

    If you're going to continue doing the sandlands even though you're in impostor mode now, i would suggest a secret underground tunnel for paying visitors to get through.

  • Emerald Emperor
    Emerald EmperorMese fa

    Wait what what did etho do with a cat?

  • Seth Hunter
    Seth HunterMese fa

    17:09 I was laughing so hard 😂

  • Alexander Mattson
    Alexander MattsonMese fa

    Goodcrimeswithscar has evolved to his final form

  • Eltoroguaco
    EltoroguacoMese fa

    "dude there's some weird stuff going on behind those walls." This made my day!

  • Tom the Kitten
    Tom the KittenMese fa

    Has anyone seen OwO?

  • Ultra Uräus
    Ultra UräusMese fa

    You guys could try to reach the nether so you can escape the boarder and have a monopoly on things at the other side

  • LilysGrace
    LilysGraceMese fa

    Let’s be honest we all knew he was going to get on his red life first

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