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    ROLLING2 mesi fa

    💚 Hello this is the Rolling team! 💚 For all the ENHYPEN fans who were disappointed that their language was not included in this episode’s Transonglation🎤, we promise to include a more variety of languages in ENHYPEN’s next visit on the show!🙏 👉Please give ENHYPEN your love and attention on this episode of Transonglation so that the group can visit again soon!🥰🥰

  • Dania Badawi

    Dania Badawi

    12 ore fa

    It’s okay it was an accident

  • jhyra jane

    jhyra jane

    Giorno fa

    philippines next please

  • TocaChloe


    Giorno fa

    @Iah Villaver yashhh

  • Iah Villaver

    Iah Villaver

    Giorno fa

    Dying to hear tagalog nextt!!😭😭

  • TocaChloe


    Giorno fa

    Pls add Philippines!!

  • ~Nekoねこ
    ~Nekoねこ3 ore fa

    ¿Fui la única qur me emocioné cuando los chicos dijeron "te amo"? Me emocioné más cuando Niki dijo "señorita" xd

  • 048_Khoirotul Lailiyah
    048_Khoirotul Lailiyah4 ore fa

    Bakar jantung wkwk

  • Wulan Rachma
    Wulan Rachma4 ore fa

    This is so funny 😂🤣🤣🤣🤗

  • Tenzin Kusang
    Tenzin Kusang4 ore fa

    6:53 ayeee

  • Yᥙᥙpiᥱ 。bᥙᥙᥒiᥱ
    Yᥙᥙpiᥱ 。bᥙᥙᥒiᥱ6 ore fa

    Pls mon maap tapi w aga bengek 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Dhanapati Phairembam
    Dhanapati Phairembam7 ore fa

    Niki was jumping around while he waited for his part 😂 in the hole. Song

  • Bernadette Portillano
    Bernadette Portillano9 ore fa

    Sunoo didn't eat 🥺

  • Froi Callo
    Froi Callo10 ore fa

    Sunoo makes it looks so easy

  • Cyrus Jasper
    Cyrus Jasper10 ore fa


  • Carla De Los Angeles Cardenas Pirela
    Carla De Los Angeles Cardenas Pirela11 ore fa

    I am somewhat surprised, first of all because they sing and they do it in languages that they are not used to, but, my goodness, Spanish (well that is what they say) is difficult to pronounce and much more to learn (I have been speaking Spanish all my life so I don't confirm, but foreign people cost him a lot, so I guess that's true). Well, the thing is that I congratulate all the boys, they are very tender, they sing great, and they sang in great languages of which they did not know, but, I congratulate a little more to the boys who sang with parts in Spanish, since it is not easy to pronounce correctly (I imagine that), so !Congratulations¡ but above all !Congratulations for the effort¡ the boys were great :)

  • Ismia Kookie
    Ismia Kookie14 ore fa

    Astaga kalian imut banget😭

  • arob3
    arob314 ore fa

    i hope sunoos diet is his own will and not because of what someone has said to him… it’s sad seeing him talk about how good the water is when everyone eats. he seems perfectly healthy to me 😭❤️

  • KAL M.u.c
    KAL M.u.c15 ore fa


    SUGXWS16 ore fa

    7:28 Su expresión es lo mejor (J a k e).

    SUGXWS16 ore fa

    M i n u t o s e s p: 6:01 Sunno 6:14 Jake 6:19 Heeseung 6:46 Heeseung 6:48 Jake 7:11 Jake 7:25 Heeseung 7:33 Sunghoon 8:19 Heeseung 8:29 Jake Esto es lo más adictivo que he visto.

  • Bell Mhit
    Bell Mhit16 ore fa

    Me waiting for philipphines:

  • panyaporn mulhebua
    panyaporn mulhebua16 ore fa


  • Sean
    Sean16 ore fa

    6:28 ughhh i wanna pinch you😍😍😍

  • 13n
    13n17 ore fa

    ของไทยนี่ไม่อ่านซับ คือไม่ใช่ไทยอ่ะ55555

  • ——
    ——17 ore fa

    8:12 jay really said “LEMME HANDLE THIS”

  • i love you
    i love you18 ore fa

    Jir bakar jantung

  • i love you
    i love you18 ore fa

    Yg paling lucu pas mereka bilang saranghae kamu🤣

  • i love you
    i love you18 ore fa

    Kalian imut banget 😖

  • Zuraida Sulaiman
    Zuraida Sulaiman19 ore fa

    Ga tega liat sunoo ga makan apa apa:'((

  • jisung’s cheeks
    jisung’s cheeks20 ore fa

    jake & heeseung sounds fluent 🤍

  • jeff lobs u
    jeff lobs u20 ore fa

    heesung nanti gw kirimin sebox ya indomie nya😁👍

  • putu deny
    putu deny20 ore fa

    api obor, ah 🤣

  • vhopesmiles
    vhopesmiles21 ora fa

    "te amo senõrita" mesmo sendo em espanhol,eu fico todo bobo,eles são mt fofos af

  • Ma Ha
    Ma HaGiorno fa

    If someone said me that Heeseung and Jake are twins, I would believe it

  • Ran Ayay
    Ran AyayGiorno fa

    Indomie gorengg 💕💕

  • pan pan
    pan panGiorno fa

    Recently Im just obsessed with fever and I promise I will catch on their names and everything about them and join the fandom officially after my exams( ≧Д≦)ಥ_ಥ they are so talented and cute

  • Chikis Lopez
    Chikis LopezGiorno fa

    Increíble, la pronunciación y todo estuvo muy bien para hacerlo de corrido.

  • Pam
    PamGiorno fa

    12:46 I also like mi goreng ramyeon!!

  • Pam
    PamGiorno fa

    It's a challenge to watch this while drinking milk ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ help I almost spat it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Pam
    PamGiorno fa

    1:53 my top 3 ults in one frame

  • Vanes Restu
    Vanes RestuGiorno fa

    Lagunya mirip secret number🤔

  • ¡! Aycel Xye !¡
    ¡! Aycel Xye !¡Giorno fa

    bakar jantung = dies😭

  • theonewhocomment
    theonewhocommentGiorno fa

    so did heesung successfully found indomie again?lol

  • treasure maker
    treasure makerGiorno fa

    indomie emang diakui lidah internasional🤣

  • Mavie Surbeto
    Mavie SurbetoGiorno fa

    Jungwon ganda tlaga ng boses ninyo ni jay at ni niki

  • jeon taeguk
    jeon taegukGiorno fa

    "shotout to" thinking "Bangtansunyondan " "ahhh no"

    BANDNA THAKURGiorno fa

    Shout out goes to BTS .......THAT was hilarious.....they all r so cute and honest

  • luvforsunghoon
    luvforsunghoonGiorno fa

    I know deep inside sunoo wants to try the snacks but he's on a diet : ((

  • 𝓟𝓲𝔁𝓮𝓵
    𝓟𝓲𝔁𝓮𝓵Giorno fa

    I laugh when jay said "dansa dansa dansa" 😂😂😂

    PANDAGUYGiorno fa

    The "hey niki"

  • Poespa Kalila Rifda
    Poespa Kalila RifdaGiorno fa

    Hi me from indonesian

  • Hanna Mufarriha Pasha
    Hanna Mufarriha PashaGiorno fa

    4:49 itu artinya bener bakar jantung

  • zova :b
    zova :bGiorno fa

    Jake mi hombre, Jake mi varón , Jake My bias jdjdjwiwj✨

  • จารุวรรณ กันการ
    จารุวรรณ กันการGiorno fa

    I'm fans from Thailand.sunoo and sunghoon you say thai is verygood.😍❤️

  • Syifaunnisa 31
    Syifaunnisa 31Giorno fa

    Ni-ki ngeganggu mulu 😭

  • Suwito Asri
    Suwito AsriGiorno fa

    ni-ki so smart in indonesia lauguage

  • Raihanah Ghaisani G
    Raihanah Ghaisani GGiorno fa

    I like tayo song

  • Fida Ariska
    Fida AriskaGiorno fa

    ✨🤍🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙aku sangat menyukai kalian♥️I really like you guys ️♥️✨😅

  • Lucía Higinio
    Lucía HiginioGiorno fa

    Todos amamos escuchar a Enhypen hablar español All love to listen to Enhypen singing Spanish!

  • Marie Gallego
    Marie GallegoGiorno fa

    shuta naalala ko si Sevi sa te amo lol akala niya tsnginamo

  • Mahira Azzahra
    Mahira AzzahraGiorno fa

    Jakee Love this muchh💗😻

  • hee☀️
    hee☀️Giorno fa

    Heesung sini aku beliin banyak mie goreng wkwkwk

  • しのぼうこちょ
    しのぼうこちょGiorno fa

    8:00 suddenly you remembered that one edit of sunghoon singing kung wala ka

  • **Maryn**
    **Maryn**Giorno fa

    Not Niki trying to sabatoge team Thailand 🤣🤣

  • **Maryn**
    **Maryn**Giorno fa

    Jungwons vocals are FIRE no matter what language he sings in!!🔥🔥

  • sofiaa
    sofiaaGiorno fa

    niki is a mood

  • Kirishima
    Kirishima2 giorni fa

    i think,русский бы точно не спели хаахха

  • cy
    cy2 giorni fa

    Heesung: bucin indomie unlock

  • kristen scheiber
    kristen scheiber2 giorni fa

    No les pasa que Jack cantando en español Dioooos me muero ❤️ Jack te amo 🥰❤️ todos perfectos sus voces divinas ❤️💜

  • Lutfiah_official
    Lutfiah_official2 giorni fa

    Hai im is indonesia

  • Vivian Jin
    Vivian Jin2 giorni fa


  • 두하
    두하2 giorni fa

    А кто лидер в группе?

  • Raya Adeliya
    Raya Adeliya2 giorni fa

    My bias jay

  • Арина Чернышова
    Арина Чернышова2 giorni fa

    А русский? Не повезло не повезло(

  • Dera rusminar
    Dera rusminar2 giorni fa

    I'm army but i love this 😂❤️❤️

  • k r y s t l e :3
    k r y s t l e :32 giorni fa

    sunoo’s smile literally light up my life💕

  • Reza Tna
    Reza Tna2 giorni fa

    aku juga cinta kamu

  • Kariel Sedigo
    Kariel Sedigo2 giorni fa

    6:04 Niki: lemme distract sunoo Sunoo: must ignore Niki: distract more Sunoo: *get out of the way* Sunghoon: Hey niki! Sunoo: Yes there's sunghoon to protect me, now lemme flex my voice

  • Zaky Imaduddin Zanky
    Zaky Imaduddin Zanky2 giorni fa

    Hessung yuk main ke Indonesia disini banyak mie goreng loh 😂😂

  • Shamel Sancho
    Shamel Sancho2 giorni fa

    i see no one talking about sunghoon, let's appreciate him more ig

  • mevqqi
    mevqqi2 giorni fa


  • mevqqi
    mevqqi2 giorni fa


  • Fenny Gunawan
    Fenny Gunawan2 giorni fa


  • Ажар Төлеген
    Ажар Төлеген2 giorni fa

    Jake 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Christian Santos
    Christian Santos2 giorni fa

    6:35 wow!!!

  • Degita Levianda
    Degita Levianda2 giorni fa

    12:46 omg that from indonesia 0-0

  • Christine Javido
    Christine Javido2 giorni fa

    Jake and Heeseung are like twins HAHAHAHA

  • sami
    sami2 giorni fa

    me sorprendió el español de heeseung y jake QJAKSJSK

  • Wings
    Wings2 giorni fa

    11:55 NOO LIKE A DINO 😭😭

  • hasna_077 X
    hasna_077 X2 giorni fa

    6:09 the ey niki had me y’all 😂😂😂

  • 사람사람
    사람사람2 giorni fa

    선우 잘했지만 전혀 안 먹었어요! 진짜 슬퍼요..

  • Bacon girl
    Bacon girl3 giorni fa

    Jungwon is so cute af

  • CrazyWolf
    CrazyWolf3 giorni fa

    Oh My their pronunciation in Indonesia were really good,at first I was not expecting this good,

  • Junel Torayno
    Junel Torayno3 giorni fa

    Wahhh my bias wrecker in enhypen and twice is suffering on a diet HUHU.. Sunoo was my bias wrecker in enhypen and (Twice) momo is my bias wrecker in twice... Both of them is on diet after debut so that they can made their fans satisfied.. sunoo is dieting through drinking water only and momo is dieting through ice cubes only wahhh.. please take care of yourself we all love you "AS YOU ARE".... !!SORRY I'M NOT GOOD IN ENGLISH HAHAHA!!

  • Imelda
    Imelda3 giorni fa

    7:41 *Dansa dansa dansa* me as Indonsian : 🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭

  • Napassorn mekegaljui
    Napassorn mekegaljui3 giorni fa

    คือว่าจะไม่อยากเข้าด้อมไรนอกจากบังทัน เเต่หลงมาเเล้วอะ55555555 เดี๋ยวเเล้วอีกอย่าง นั่นภาษาไทยเเน่นะ555555

  • ꧁ORASA꧂
    ꧁ORASA꧂3 giorni fa


    CUJAANG3 giorni fa

    the autotune is too much

  • Chesya Rizky Amanda
    Chesya Rizky Amanda3 giorni fa

    Yuk bisa yuk FEVER☺️

  • (•𒊹︎ᴥ︎︎︎𒊹︎︎︎❀)
    (•𒊹︎ᴥ︎︎︎𒊹︎︎︎❀)3 giorni fa


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