Gacha tiktok compilation #5

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Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that this videos are not mine! I respectfully reposting their videos and not owning them and if your thinking that i take advantage of their videos for fame is not my intentions. I always show they’re tiktok usernames on the side which is hard to read cause the letters are small. The credits must be given to the rightful owners of this videos and not me, because i don’t deserve it. Im just reposting their videos.


  • XxmochiieexX
    XxmochiieexXMese fa New video! :D

  • ZERO


    Giorno fa


  • Zari Gaming

    Zari Gaming

    4 giorni fa

    At 7:36 what anime song is that I need to know plzz

  • Аніута лайф

    Аніута лайф

    10 giorni fa

    Кроме тебя луче не ко во нет

  • EdnerW xQy

    EdnerW xQy

    10 giorni fa


  • Vanessa Caltabiano

    Vanessa Caltabiano

    14 giorni fa

    Super boring

  • ;•.Blossom bounce .•; :animation and more!
    ;•.Blossom bounce .•; :animation and more!Ora fa

    Me on the 2nd one:you didn’t even try to hide it was you -P•

  • Jasmine Mann
    Jasmine Mann3 ore fa

    0:25 why does he have a random blindfold in his pocket...or up his bum? 2:09 She's in the men's bathrooms, not saying this clips bad though. 3:16 Don't run around screaming if you're getting chased by a murderer. 5:56 Again, In the daylight? Really... 6:27 Is she dressed like that for a swimming comp or is she just asking to get kidnapped. 7:02 Perfect 10:59 Do all men have butt long hair? 12:04 Fine animation, but she's not sleeping. Her eyes are wide open. Hi, What I'm dong is i'm pointing out some weird things in these videos. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine to make stuff like these clips, just think about it first

  • •Socially Awkward•
    •Socially Awkward•7 ore fa

    4:57 doododododo dora :^)

  • w o w
    w o w10 ore fa

    5:00 it’s such a sad story and then the Dora song just plays i can’t 😂😂

  • Maria Iromar
    Maria Iromar11 ore fa

    Cute cute cute hey quando anos és tu tem?

  • sofia almeida
    sofia almeida12 ore fa

    3:36/3:56 i loved

  • sofia almeida
    sofia almeida12 ore fa

    0:05 WHAAATTTT happened heREEEEEE

  • •Gacha Strawberry• #Freeporçay
    •Gacha Strawberry• #Freeporçay12 ore fa

    7:00 dont blame it one the kids ;'3 Nice music

  • •Gacha Strawberry• #Freeporçay
    •Gacha Strawberry• #Freeporçay12 ore fa

    3:35 Its really soo cool

  • wiam la gameuse
    wiam la gameuse20 ore fa




  • Evelyn Rees
    Evelyn ReesGiorno fa

    5:46. Does anyone know who made this song? Can I have it?

  • •Mari,Mayla,Maria•
    •Mari,Mayla,Maria•Giorno fa


  • เราเอง เนเน่
    เราเอง เนเน่Giorno fa

    6:07​ 6:53

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael RogersGiorno fa

    5:56 my favorite one

  • akumy nava
    akumy navaGiorno fa

    Como se llama el audio de la chaba q se muere porq le aventaron una hacha

  • Anthony Castillo
    Anthony CastilloGiorno fa

    GOD that dude crazy

  • Richard idk
    Richard idkGiorno fa


  • Zeus Crafter90
    Zeus Crafter90Giorno fa

    Pls tell me how do you do the help me trend

  • chatic
    chaticGiorno fa

    Anyone care to explain the second one for me? Like she had a pillow and she's a liar? Ha??

  • Charlize Mathay
    Charlize Mathay2 giorni fa

    1:27 i’m obsessed.

  • T-T
    T-T2 giorni fa

    -her jumping off a building cause her crushed kissed a boy 👁 👄 👁 thing’s people do for THERE CRUSH

  • Myra Macarubbo
    Myra Macarubbo2 giorni fa


  • Bxby_blue242
    Bxby_blue2422 giorni fa

    I’m not a baker

  • esther barrera
    esther barrera2 giorni fa

    Ahead graft for covid for DVD Vegas Vegas gt

  • anajane dacuya
    anajane dacuya2 giorni fa


  • Ангелина Волос
    Ангелина Волос2 giorni fa


  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese2 giorni fa

    0:30 Tell me the name of this song TnT 3:10 And this O-o

    LALİSA MONABAN2 giorni fa

    03:35 what is song name , can you say me plsss

  • Xtoca_bobaX
    Xtoca_bobaX2 giorni fa

    4:08 bruh she looks like a child

  • Blackcat Gacha
    Blackcat Gacha2 giorni fa

    6:38 timestamp for me lolol

  • i love_gacha
    i love_gacha3 giorni fa

    I love the dora~

  • Chrisking Laureano
    Chrisking Laureano3 giorni fa

    How do you get a youtube account

  • Levy Judal
    Levy Judal3 giorni fa

    you soy paking los😠😠😠😠😠😎😎😎😎😜😜

  • Plush Studios
    Plush Studios3 giorni fa

    Some of these just show how edgy some of these Gacha kids are.

  • Gacha Rat
    Gacha Rat3 giorni fa

    4:04 so she committed suicide because her brother kissed a boy and is gay....? What, is she homophobic?

  • Gacha Rat

    Gacha Rat

    3 giorni fa

    Plus why are they blue..?

  • Gacha Rat

    Gacha Rat

    3 giorni fa

    I am not getting it

  • Gacha Rat
    Gacha Rat3 giorni fa

    0:00 why are they all cats. Like-is this the maid cat thing all over again or what?

  • Chxris X
    Chxris X3 giorni fa

    I like the song like boys and girls)

  • E͓̽V͓̽A͓̽N͓̽ A͓̽F͓̽T͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ღ /c͞h͞r͞i͞s͞ aft
    E͓̽V͓̽A͓̽N͓̽ A͓̽F͓̽T͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ღ /c͞h͞r͞i͞s͞ aft3 giorni fa

    7:02 o,o 2018 vs 2021

  • Gacha Kardeşler
    Gacha Kardeşler3 giorni fa

    13:36 Can anyone sing this song?

  • lari sen-pai chan
    lari sen-pai chan3 giorni fa

    3:17 áudio plis

  • Seby Zzzz
    Seby Zzzz3 giorni fa

    12:17 human transforms in pigeon

  • ᗪᗩᖇK _ ᑭᑌᖇᗷᒪᗴ
    ᗪᗩᖇK _ ᑭᑌᖇᗷᒪᗴ3 giorni fa

    3:16 what name of thes song???

  • Mad Wish
    Mad Wish3 giorni fa

    6:09 and 2:32 I wanna know the audio pls

  • Frosty the bi boi ._.
    Frosty the bi boi ._.3 giorni fa

    4:49 The song: *DoRa!* The video: *sad :(*

  • Lea Stac
    Lea Stac3 giorni fa

    Ohhhh I see you every time!!! .,.

  • sarai Ramirez
    sarai Ramirez4 giorni fa

    Hello mi new en inglés yes 😻

  • sarai Ramirez
    sarai Ramirez4 giorni fa

    New video plis a like plis🙏

  • The Jazmin Fan
    The Jazmin Fan4 giorni fa

    12:57 song?

  • Naira Giuli
    Naira Giuli4 giorni fa

    5:13 your sweet litle eyes your smile is all can remember that fuzzy memmories mess whit my temper xd Referencia a its been so long xd

  • Tamaz Bolotaev
    Tamaz Bolotaev4 giorni fa

    What kind of song is that when the axe killed her arm??

  • • Ayu Konroji •
    • Ayu Konroji •4 giorni fa

    3:15 music pls

  • Utterly Brooke
    Utterly Brooke4 giorni fa


  • Radioactive Light
    Radioactive Light4 giorni fa

    2:46 I wanna call back that hitman now

  • Amēna B
    Amēna B4 giorni fa

    I love the song dont blame it on the kids and the meme is okay too, But child abuse is not a trend.

  • aiza iahtsham
    aiza iahtsham4 giorni fa

    Songs that I really wanna know the name of: 1: 0:28 2: 2:30

  • Kim Abbott
    Kim Abbott4 giorni fa

    Hello I'm under the water please help me

  • BigPretzel
    BigPretzel4 giorni fa

    What’s the music at 3:15? I wanna listen to it :>

  • Summer Towns
    Summer Towns4 giorni fa


  • m a r c o
    m a r c o4 giorni fa

    10:37 i love that song 🧍

  • Qwasiyah Nelms-Bullock
    Qwasiyah Nelms-Bullock4 giorni fa

    can u put the sound from 7:34?

  • Tyler Robinson
    Tyler Robinson4 giorni fa

    What is this song 0:01

  • Emma Pender
    Emma Pender4 giorni fa

  • Simon Windows Galaxy {GHCD} And {WFCD}
    Simon Windows Galaxy {GHCD} And {WFCD}4 giorni fa

    Omg that is tiktok cringes

  • aestheticbean.
    aestheticbean.4 giorni fa

    7:40 song?

  • pink_wolf
    pink_wolf5 giorni fa

    Omg my name is grace

  • Mandy Alejandro
    Mandy Alejandro5 giorni fa

    idk bout that

  • Maitena Fernández Barrionuevo
    Maitena Fernández Barrionuevo5 giorni fa

    2:50 How is this song called?

  • Gabriela Dure
    Gabriela Dure5 giorni fa


  • Panda Pog
    Panda Pog5 giorni fa

    3:28 neeed to know this meme. pls

  • SleepingT0ast
    SleepingT0ast5 giorni fa

    4:32 She just- Did she fr just jump off a BUILDING bc that lad was gay?

  • Luz Salcedo
    Luz Salcedo5 giorni fa

    como se llama la musica de 3:11 :0

  • **Tori**
    **Tori**5 giorni fa

    11:52 when you have a best friend be like:

  • r e ã zz
    r e ã zz5 giorni fa

    6:03 ... its amazing

  • Davian Johnson
    Davian Johnson5 giorni fa

    sorry The first one is dark 0:00

  • Talal Alawadhi
    Talal Alawadhi5 giorni fa

    I green tail girl and the boy with headphones😃🤧😵

  • Miguel Dominic Sangalang
    Miguel Dominic Sangalang5 giorni fa

    What is the song in 7:27

  • Savannah YT
    Savannah YT6 giorni fa


  • ClxudbowX
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  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou6 giorni fa

    7:06 was pretty funny to me because of the way it looked and how they werent serious

  • Lil Aejhsu X
    Lil Aejhsu X6 giorni fa

    I wonder the name of the tiktok video at 3:15. If anyone knows, can he tell? Pls

  • Kxrio
    Kxrio6 giorni fa

    4:38 uhm overreacting much, if he’s gay he can be gay okUy.

  • EdİtHiTO-O kara
    EdİtHiTO-O kara6 giorni fa


  • saima khidri
    saima khidri6 giorni fa

    TeAcH mE tO uNdErStAnD tHiS

  • Claaire
    Claaire6 giorni fa

    “Your sweet little eyes, and your smile is all I can remember” THOSE FUZZY MEMORIES MESS WITH MY TEMPER!

  • Isa Gamer YT
    Isa Gamer YT6 giorni fa

    7:33 like me

  • RachelChanx
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  • ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ Galaxy gacha tr
    ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ Galaxy gacha tr6 giorni fa


  • Ana Giulia Fofinha
    Ana Giulia Fofinha7 giorni fa

    Kkkkk aaa

  • Samsung Palu
    Samsung Palu7 giorni fa

    5:57 I love this part

  • Ily . Mz
    Ily . Mz7 giorni fa

    5:14 ItS BeEn So LoNg SiNcE i lAsT HaVE SeEn My SOn

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H7 giorni fa

    The first one was so sad 😭 I feel bad for the other people 😭😭😭😔😔🥺

  • 《UnIcOrNiA_gOmEr》
    《UnIcOrNiA_gOmEr》7 giorni fa

    4:50 Best TikTok

  • They call me NZA
    They call me NZA7 giorni fa


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    OMG ZERO7 giorni fa


    OMG ZERO7 giorni fa


    OMG ZERO7 giorni fa


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