Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Give 1-Armed Hooper Who Broke Internet a Surprise of a Lifetime (B/Real)

We linked Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony with Trashaun Willis, the one-armed phenom who broke the internet with one dunk, for the surprise of a lifetime. Watch how Trashaun became a force on the court while backing up at QB for the varsity team 🔥. Find out what happens in life after going viral, in B/Real Part 1: Court of Dreams:

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  • Dack Jenmo
    Dack Jenmo14 ore fa

    Sophomore year in high school my team went out to washington to play his team. Kid had 20-25 points or so with 7 or 8 minute quarters. I hope he’s able to achieve everything he’s dreamed of

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones22 ore fa

    Phoenix should pick this guy up 2021--2022 season to win the finals 😃

  • MLK Chawklate
    MLK ChawklateGiorno fa

    Lol I love how the dad spent the whole last part of the video standing off to the side in disbelief


    Him and Chris Paul have one thing in common: they can't go left

  • Alejandra Garcia
    Alejandra Garcia2 giorni fa

    "I use my lil arm" 😂😂😂😭

  • User
    User2 giorni fa

    "Im a lot smaller on 2k? What you mean by that?" lmaoo

  • Jesse Hugley
    Jesse Hugley3 giorni fa

    Only if CP3 was shooting like this they would've actually swept the Bucks in 4

  • Paul Mark11th

    Paul Mark11th

    2 giorni fa

    Lmaoo, didn't need to do him like that bruh😂

  • cause&effect
    cause&effect3 giorni fa

    He has been playing 1arm 1 all his life

  • Frankie xclusive
    Frankie xclusive3 giorni fa

    Love the intro song. Rip nipsey hustle

  • Bonita W
    Bonita W4 giorni fa

    That’s was beautiful thanks Carmelo and CHRIS you guys are a blessing I’m crying 😭 but happiness tears GodBless

  • New Yawk Giants
    New Yawk Giants4 giorni fa

    Right off the jump, love this

  • Los Angeleno
    Los Angeleno5 giorni fa

    Everybody's bigger then cp lol.

  • royce
    royce5 giorni fa

    "Have you ever dunked it?" "Relax" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yelly Estrawberry
    Yelly Estrawberry5 giorni fa

    Zac stout salute from da bronx

  • Boulahvard
    Boulahvard5 giorni fa

    Check out emmanuel hansel

  • Lord Ptah
    Lord Ptah5 giorni fa

    This was so dope!! Love these guys

  • Neeraj Nj
    Neeraj Nj6 giorni fa

    Dude jus met rajon Rondo

  • Neeraj Nj
    Neeraj Nj6 giorni fa

    It's the only place Chris Paul won't flop

  • Neeraj Nj
    Neeraj Nj6 giorni fa

    King nip

  • Tony Gao
    Tony Gao6 giorni fa

    All I want in my life, is just a dunk!

  • Derrick Moore
    Derrick Moore6 giorni fa


  • Tamara Carroll
    Tamara Carroll6 giorni fa

    Tre Fo stand up!!! Cris represents Winston Salem Love to the fullest!!!💪🏾

  • Aaron Chelliah
    Aaron Chelliah6 giorni fa

    7:45 HAHAHA so good

  • Tye C
    Tye C6 giorni fa

    Chris Paul a real one for this . 🙅‍♂️🧢💯

  • Tracy Gilbert
    Tracy Gilbert6 giorni fa

    Most of the great shooters use only one hand also, the off hand just steadies the ball.

  • Dean Clarke
    Dean Clarke6 giorni fa

    Anything is possible 💜🙏

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon6 giorni fa

    The silky himalayan bailly marry because city surely preserve absent a various development. synonymous, innocent brian

  • Alexander Rhodes
    Alexander Rhodes7 giorni fa

    Wow...😳 thanks Chris. That was amazing brother.

  • Kusi Baffour
    Kusi Baffour7 giorni fa

    Much respect to cp3

  • Jaay Jones
    Jaay Jones7 giorni fa

    7:45 the gas lol

  • droopii
    droopii7 giorni fa

    Awesome! Much love and respect to Chris Paul

  • Bryan Davis
    Bryan Davis7 giorni fa

    Round of Applause for CP3! What a genuine cat man, that kid will never forget that day!

  • Curtis Wade
    Curtis Wade7 giorni fa

    Melo this was extremely heart warming. Thank You Brutha...❤❤❤❤❤ It's so amazing that there are SICK people that for whatever reason found it necessary to give this video a thumbs down...wOw ... Just continue to spread LOVE...

  • Mr. M. McCoy
    Mr. M. McCoy7 giorni fa

    Hansel Emmanuel that's what should they be looking at!

  • Mr. M. McCoy
    Mr. M. McCoy7 giorni fa

    He don't look like the kid I've been watching!

  • Tommy Desimone
    Tommy Desimone8 giorni fa

    Well if he makes it to the NBA he’ll never be called for or make the mistake of double dribbling!

  • Big D
    Big D8 giorni fa

    I don't know what these NBA stars trip on with all their millions Id a broke homie off a couple beans ....that shit goes a long way up in Iowa

  • Vearn Rogers
    Vearn Rogers8 giorni fa

    Chris your awesome. Made me cry.

  • Hasaad Green
    Hasaad Green8 giorni fa

    Did anybody see the other one arm baller????

  • Jason bourne
    Jason bourne8 giorni fa

    CP3 is the real MVP I hope he wins the chip he deserves one!

  • Jason bourne
    Jason bourne8 giorni fa

    There's a white dude on balls life who's one of da best on the squad n shoots just like this dude there almost identical in dunking n shooting!

  • Randy Howard
    Randy Howard8 giorni fa

    Love this kids attitude !

  • Ed Rich
    Ed Rich9 giorni fa

    You are a true motivation for every single human. God bless you brotha

    ETDTWO9 giorni fa


  • Nathan Scipio
    Nathan Scipio9 giorni fa

    Props to CP3, Melo, and everyone involved in doing this for Trashaun! And props to Trashaun for being who he is and doing all that he does! An inspiration to us all!💯💪🏿

  • miqey t
    miqey t9 giorni fa

    6:09 real talk. And love when chris asked if anyone knew

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene9 giorni fa

    I wanna see this guy play 1v1 with that other kid with one arm.

  • michael w
    michael w9 giorni fa

    What would be a good reason 1.1k ppl would dislike this video🤔

  • Osom Dukester
    Osom Dukester9 giorni fa

    This guy is like a real life future Gohan no disrespect

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh9 giorni fa

    He is not 1armed Hooper he is dam powerful Hooper with an unexpected talent

  • Baki Pohatwo
    Baki Pohatwo10 giorni fa

    So GORGEOUS 😍💖

  • Joshua Mc
    Joshua Mc10 giorni fa

    Chris Paul man my favorite point guard

  • Anselmo Oliver
    Anselmo Oliver10 giorni fa

    He would have been a very very good QB if

  • Slim Trim like a bicycle Rim
    Slim Trim like a bicycle Rim10 giorni fa

    Melo and CP3 y'all did that .....blessings to young man praying your dreams come true young brother 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    VEE EN-Y-CEE10 giorni fa

    How can this video get +1000 dislikes?? Are there that many miserable assholes in the world????

  • Terrance Brooks
    Terrance Brooks10 giorni fa


  • Terrance Brooks
    Terrance Brooks10 giorni fa

    The kids cool and ALL. BUT HOW BOUT MID-FLIGHT, FLIGHT CHANGES! Like they're riding down the street. SUPA DUPA 💸 FLY.

  • Brodric Johnson
    Brodric Johnson10 giorni fa

    Chris Paul your great for the inspiration

  • Ezeahia
    Ezeahia10 giorni fa

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • kevin say
    kevin say10 giorni fa

    Incredible! Amazing. Mad props to Chris Paul . I’m so happy for Trashaun. God bless

  • Chales Vato
    Chales Vato10 giorni fa

    This kid is a perfect example of anything is possible no matter your physical this kid is relentless

  • K S
    K S10 giorni fa


    BIG TATER10 giorni fa

    This just bought a tear to my eye. Long live Nip too. Black power Human Unity.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez10 giorni fa

    Chris Paul actually learned some tricks from him. Awesome guy!! Thumbs up!!

    NARD JONES11 giorni fa

    Amazing you can do anything with god

  • Ykendrick Smith
    Ykendrick Smith11 giorni fa

    🙌🏽 Chris and melo that’s what’s up

  • Danny Ngan
    Danny Ngan11 giorni fa

    what's there to dislike about this vid!!!???!!!!

  • Harley Adam
    Harley Adam11 giorni fa

    The only people I've ever considered handicapped are those who let a disability define them. If you don't let a disability keep you from doing anything you believe you can do, how does that make you handicapped?

  • Zaki
    Zaki11 giorni fa

    Why is people disliking the video you should be ashamed of your self

  • Derick Adjei
    Derick Adjei11 giorni fa

    This is the reason America is great. God bless him and America. Keep up

  • 40 Block Studios
    40 Block Studios11 giorni fa

    Grew up with a guy just like this who was good at sports as well .. you work with what u got and it all you know. so you roll with it and do fine.

  • K K
    K K11 giorni fa

    Camelo Anthony doesnt grow old man😔😔😔😔, this guy is a lengend

  • Alex Troy
    Alex Troy12 giorni fa

    He only got one arm and u out here stressing bout a bitch… man count your blessings fuck that bitch

  • Jacob Bay
    Jacob Bay12 giorni fa

    He sounds like Paul Walker.

  • Khufu Azrael
    Khufu Azrael12 giorni fa

    You know your state sucks in sports when a one armed black kid can flourish in two sports lol.

  • Junkman2000
    Junkman200012 giorni fa

    This was dope. You fellas in the NBA and all sports should help inspire the youth of today and they will remember it for life. They are tomorrow's ambassadors. 👍

  • jeffery davis
    jeffery davis12 giorni fa

    God is good all the time ⏲️🙏

  • kellyoradio
    kellyoradio13 giorni fa

    That 1-armed baller is Joe Biden, Jr!

  • K2 Sports and E.N.T
    K2 Sports and E.N.T13 giorni fa

    CP is competitive af

  • dro sky
    dro sky13 giorni fa

    I hope his dreams come true

  • damian scott
    damian scott13 giorni fa

    How do we not have the technology to give this kid a bionic arm??? He should be able to order an XJ9000 left arm from Amazon its 2021!

  • JusEncredible
    JusEncredible13 giorni fa

    That was dope

  • JaHm3sZ
    JaHm3sZ13 giorni fa

    Me: can we stop y McDonald's really quick?? Chris Paul: "can we stop by Iowa really quick?" Must be nice Me

  • David Repko
    David Repko13 giorni fa

    Imagine being able to tell your pilot. "Yo can we stop in Iowa real quick"

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman13 giorni fa

    1) Didn't know non-pilots/non-FAA cats could redirect flights! 2) Calling him special is not offensive! If he is special, he is! 3) I believe I tied my shoes around 2nd grade. And I have two hands! Props to him!

  • Norman Ginn
    Norman Ginn13 giorni fa

    CP3, I got nothing but respect for you bro, wasn't a real fan of you because of negative media. You are truly a champion and can't wait to see you holding that trophy high in the air💯

  • Azrael Kain
    Azrael Kain14 giorni fa

    Would it be cheating in 5 years if he had a fully cybernetic arm?

  • Methadone4Life
    Methadone4Life14 giorni fa

    Pretty damn awesome. Very cool to do that. The kid is a true competitor and that is what pushes him to be better than those that seemingly have the advantage. I will cheer for that young man non-stop!! Ya know, strange thing is that I was never a huge CP3 fan until about 4 years ago and I started really watching the games he was involved with after listening to my stepson rave about CP3 and how great he was and how I was underrating him and that he felt CP3 should be top 10 all-time PG. I consider myself a diehard basketball junkie and at the ripe old age of 55 and being an avid NBA fan for decades I obviously had watched him and felt like I knew his game fairly well and he was an all-star in my mind, but I never had him in my list of GOAT point guards. I guess mainly I let the lamestream media get in my head a bit as he took a lot of flak for the Clipper's various meltdowns in the playoffs, but looking back, that team was not a juggernaut without CP3...he truly made Jordan and Blake a lot of money!! If it wasn't for CP3 no way is DeAndre Jordan ever getting the props he received! Blake was athletic, but having CP3 just opened everything up for him. Fast forward quite a bit and think about it, had he not been injured the Rockets would have defeated the Warriors and I have ZERO DOUBT about that. Then he gets disrespected and gets traded to OKC and EVERYONE thinks he is a throw-in as most predicted OKC to be a lotto team, what does CP3 do??? Takes them to the playoffs!! Then he goes to the Suns a young, talented team but far from being ready to contend for a title just yet and we wake up and they are up 2-0 in the NBA Finals!! So you tell me how much CP3 means to a team and how much impact does this future Hall of Famer bring to the game?? The stats are nice, but today's fans, coaches and even GMs get FAR TOO ENAMORED with stats. No greater example than the fact that Kobe is one of the best scorers OF ALL TIME, most have him 1, 2 or 3 depending on where people put MJ and Wilt. YET, several guys who were nowhere near as devastating of a scorer/player as Kobe now average more for their career and with today's marshmallow-soft defense and refereeing slanted ENTIRELY toward the offense then I'm sure a few guys playing today will average more per game which is just a joke! Trust me, there will never be anyone BETTER at putting the ball in the basket than MJ, Kobe and Wilt, no matter how/where you rank the three. Anyway, that is neither here nor there, the reason I went off on that little tangent is to point out that CP3 can average say 18 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 1 turnover while another player may average a 30 point triple-double in a series, but if you KNOW the game and how to truly WATCH AND UNDERSTAND the game then you will see that CP3 impacts the game FAR more than most guys out there! I honestly underrated him for a few years, but this guy deserves to be among the GOAT point question about it. I like Greek Freak, Middleton and the Bucks and feel they are very deserving of a title, but I truly want to see CP3 get that ring and take home the Finals MVP as the icing on the cake!!! I hope the young man in the video is doing well and I wish him nothing but the greatest success in life!!! It seems like he has a great family and a wonderful stepfather...hope they are all doing wonderful!! Peace fellas.

  • Antonio Robles
    Antonio Robles14 giorni fa

    Nothing but love and respect for these gentleman 💯

  • Yolanda Shikers
    Yolanda Shikers14 giorni fa

    The purple link sporadically crush because cloud counterintuitively communicate athwart a uptight shade. flaky, spectacular windscreen

  • Majezty Rene' S.
    Majezty Rene' S.15 giorni fa


  • Majezty Rene' S.
    Majezty Rene' S.15 giorni fa


  • Greatness Washington
    Greatness Washington15 giorni fa

    Chris Paul is a good dude man love this

  • Aron Deresse
    Aron Deresse15 giorni fa

    Way to go champ 🤜🏾

  • 미셸고든
    미셸고든15 giorni fa

    Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are such great guys. Thank you for making this young man’s day.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez15 giorni fa

    Melo was to busy chasing lala.he couldn't make it.

  • Robert Caldwell
    Robert Caldwell16 giorni fa

    Anyone hitting dislike is a hater. Carmelo and Chris great job no matter which way this kids life go he was touched. You two are awesome on and off the court. God bless you both

  • CHARLES White
    CHARLES White16 giorni fa

    Cp3 , melo that's what's up.

  • Just Trolling
    Just Trolling16 giorni fa

    Oh they showed up to give him a "hand"🤣🤣🤣

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor16 giorni fa

    Enmanuel Hansel…REMEMBER THAT NAME!!!! Dude is special

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