Kpop boy group songs that were a cultural reset

This is a compilation of songs by Kpop boy groups (and male soloists) that I consider to be cultural resets / iconic songs. This is just my opinion; if you disagree, feel free to comment and tell me why!

Inspired by this video by @SinB Ssi :

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    Spotify playlist: Girl group version:

  • Ella Heartz

    Ella Heartz

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  • Hdsari06


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    @Prescilla Sabalbarino Stay mad, the video was good and correct

  • Every Rose

    Every Rose

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    Thank you!!! I totally love the fact you include songs of The Rose, N.Flying and DAY6!! But NO ONE song of BTS members solos? really? RM, AgustD, etc have amazing iconic songs, ah and thank you so much for Enhypen´s Drunk-dazed.

  • NaJaeminPleaseStepOnMe


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    @Prescilla Sabalbarino Damm calm down. She put alot of Effort into this list. And maybe she just forgot. Gtfo

  • Rahmi


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    @Prescilla Sabalbarino it says in the description that it's their opinion so you don't have to get so worked up chill

  • Noboni Alam
    Noboni Alam3 ore fa

    Exo's Growl was a total cultural reset.. Literally it became the National Anthem of South Korea.. 👑👑Each and every song of Exo is a masterpiece..

  • Rahmah Rohaimi
    Rahmah Rohaimi3 ore fa

    highlight was once beast

  • Rahmah Rohaimi
    Rahmah Rohaimi3 ore fa

    yeahh vixx!!!! love old kpop:(

  • Carol P
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  • kim RoRo
    kim RoRo4 ore fa

    ONEUS debut song is a culture reset.. Actually all ONEUS songs r culture reset.

  • kim RoRo
    kim RoRo4 ore fa

    Can u plz give me the link for Shaun way back home... Cuz I've never find mv for this song... Plz.

  • kim RoRo
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  • kim RoRo
    kim RoRo5 ore fa

    It's a really good this to be an old kpop stan... I feel good cuz I know all of these songs... .

  • kim RoRo
    kim RoRo5 ore fa

    I want to ask u... This video is big.. So when u exported it how much was the size... Plz will u answer me... I wanna know. Plz help me.. Cuz when I export a 13minutes video the size of it be so big..

  • kim RoRo
    kim RoRo5 ore fa

    Finally I find someone who agrees with me that error by vixx is a masterpiece.

  • wooziverse
    wooziverse5 ore fa

    As much as I don't like JYP, "When We Disco" is a bop. I'm gonna get attacked but its just such a good song, Sunmi's voice fits it so well- I like most of JYP's songs, it's just a shame how he treats his artists :/

  • kael
    kael5 ore fa

    didnt expect so many day6 songs in here wow TT

  • Jade Lin Lee Chen
    Jade Lin Lee Chen6 ore fa

    It's kinda sad because there are so many great groups that put out hit after hit for about 2-3 years and then just faded from popularity. Of course a lot of them are still together, still famous and still active, but almost all kpop groups, including the successful ones, hit their peak of insane popularity and never got back up there. Like Suju is still famous, and they're still putting out great songs, but Black Suit isn't played everywhere like Sorry Sorry was way back when, you know? Idk I guess it just kinda depresses me that the Kpop industry is so saturated with youth and freshness when there's so much amazing stuff by older, more experienced artists.

  • Khayser K
    Khayser K7 ore fa

    That miss A LOT of B2st song. They changed the game of kpop song, and they are not here.

  • Aliven‘t
    Aliven‘t10 ore fa

    I really can’t listen to VAV‘s Señorita with a straight face. My fellow germans will now why ;-;.

  • Lovely Me
    Lovely Me13 ore fa

    SHINee and Big Bang's whole existence was a cultural reset. more of VIXX should be here

  • bop :D
    bop :D16 ore fa

    this hit close to home I'm liking and subbing

  • rapmon
    rapmon17 ore fa

    Ok, but View by Shinee was the song that resets my life, like, i swear, there is a before and after in my life because that song.

  • Angie Canegitta
    Angie Canegitta18 ore fa

    Lalala by sg wannabe is on Spotify it just under the Korean name

  • kimbabes
    kimbabes19 ore fa

    Loved seeing VAV on this list 😍😍

  • Pacha Yang
    Pacha Yang21 ora fa

    Also how is it that “Just Right” by Got7 came out in 2015- like literally 6 years ago??? I swear I remember it just came out like 1-2 years ago 😭 time sure flies fast

  • Pacha Yang
    Pacha Yang21 ora fa

    Omgg infinite and Vixx were the shi for me back then 😭❤️ I miss them so much 😫 The 2013-2017 era was just full of great songs istg

  • Jess
    Jess22 ore fa

    yess the boyz iktr!

  • kabocha
    kabocha22 ore fa

    Oh man it makes me emo that groups like Boyfriend and HISTORY are on here, they were some of my underrated faves back in the day and they got done dirty ; - ; Glad to see all the love for SHINee in the comments though!! Kpop kings forreal, they're what got me into kpop and are still my #1 group to this day. Makes me realize how long I've been into kpop though LOL when it got to like 2015ish I was like "aren't these songs kinda recent tho??" 😂

  • seungbin in the building
    seungbin in the building22 ore fa

    32:14 thanks for adding onf to this video. I really love this song, it's a pity that it did not receive any awards

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria23 ore fa

    Movie star should've been in the list it's literally the best bg debut of 2019

  • Jenny Kim
    Jenny KimGiorno fa

    Just wondering who is the man on the cover photo



    Giorno fa

    Eunwoo from Astro!

  • ty
    tyGiorno fa

    I am shocked that nct 127's limitless and superhuman 😯is not mentioned.. Nct being always ahead of their time...

  • WickedDreamer
    WickedDreamerGiorno fa

    Gd heartbreaker is still a bop

  • WickedDreamer
    WickedDreamerGiorno fa

    It’s only been 6 years since I became a kpop fan but I still know alll of these 😩

  • WickedDreamer
    WickedDreamerGiorno fa

    I still listen to haru haru even know I only got into kpop in 2015 lol

  • melanchalina
    melanchalinaGiorno fa

    Winner Empty????

  • Nina C
    Nina CGiorno fa

    for everyone who hasn't followed up on ONEUS since Valkyrie, i would seriously recommend it. they've been doing amazing things for these past 2 1/2 years and actually released a song today from their debut concert! please go support them :)

  • oh my gawt
    oh my gawtGiorno fa

    A.C.E DESERVE RECOGNITION, their concept are super,and their discography is so different

  • cALmdOwNmYdAuGhTeR
    cALmdOwNmYdAuGhTeRGiorno fa

    33:49 this part makes me tear up😭 like I know The Rose is kinda underrated and I barely see them on a video contents like this, so I was really happy that atleast one of their song is in here. people should stop sleeping on the rose and try to appreciate them even more! I'm a multifan btw and I'm happy that all of my stanned boy group was included in here❤

  • hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ
    hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐGiorno fa

    sf9 can't miss, but i'd have to say easy love and now or never are their true cultural resets

  • hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ
    hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐGiorno fa

    still blows my mind that butter has been #1 bb100 since it dropped (except for the week of permission to dance) proud. they really started from the bottom now they're here.

  • i will dive into you
    i will dive into youGiorno fa

    why there's no one talking about boyfriend???? i mean their song like boyfriend and janus is really iconic. and i think witch should be in this video too :'

  • i will dive into you
    i will dive into youGiorno fa

    omg boyfriend!!! miss them so much

  • Sofie Andersen
    Sofie AndersenGiorno fa

    Oh no, this makes it too clear when I generally stopped following the K-pop scene

  • Sneha Pawar
    Sneha Pawar2 giorni fa

    Shinee members are so extraordinarily talented and unique individually that when they come together as shinee....that's damn epic They are legends

  • Sneha Pawar
    Sneha Pawar2 giorni fa

    I got to know SHINEE since 2018 but damn when I started to explore them more and more gosh I was blown away They were sooo sooo ahead in time They are beyond kpop or any tag And they still maintain that standard Shinee=YOU CAN'T COMPARE/YOU CAN'T COMPETE WITH

  • Nicoletta Mura
    Nicoletta Mura2 giorni fa

    I loved seeing SS501, Shinee, Nu'est and arriving to my new favourites Ateez and Stray Kids. Fantastic video!

  • Kat Vallero
    Kat Vallero2 giorni fa

    my little aroha heart is bursting seeing them on lists like this STREAM AFTER MIDNIGHT

  • giantgreenbean
    giantgreenbean2 giorni fa

    underrated but ONEWE HOW CAN THERE BE NO ONEWE

  • giantgreenbean
    giantgreenbean2 giorni fa

    i dont like this video it called me old

  • ss
    ss2 giorni fa

    No one is talking about Aju nice but if there were an IT song, I'd label Aju nice.

  • name
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  • Haidi fuse
    Haidi fuse2 giorni fa

    MBLAQ - "This is War" (2012) and "Mona Lisa" (2011) deserve attention...🤔

  • Klara L
    Klara L2 giorni fa

    I feel like Blood, sweat and tears shouldn´t be right after Chewing gum....

  • Haidi fuse
    Haidi fuse2 giorni fa

    SS501 my first kpop group 😭😭😭 They have many great songs.!!!

  • OneTRUE 7
    OneTRUE 72 giorni fa

    Idk...but u forgot FAKE LOVE...THAT WAS SO GREAT!!!

  • Paul Aniceto
    Paul Aniceto2 giorni fa

    Who's the thumbnail?

  • Ines Lucchiari
    Ines Lucchiari2 giorni fa

    Bts, Nu'est, Uniq,Teen Top, B.A.P, Seventeen, Oneus😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Emmanuelle
    Emmanuelle2 giorni fa

    YAAASs, I've been waiting for OnlyOneOf !!!!

  • Аннушка Петренко
    Аннушка Петренко2 giorni fa

    Honestly every infinite song is a cultural reset

  • Beyza ÖZ
    Beyza ÖZ2 giorni fa

    my eyes called Baek bambi and candy

  • Allan Bressow
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  • Brice Matter
    Brice Matter2 giorni fa

    it's a great list, though I can't help missing some k.will and akmu.

  • POTUS-45-is-Garbage
    POTUS-45-is-Garbage2 giorni fa

    Kpop between 2006 to 2011 was at it's peak. It went in a different direction starting with EXO's debut

  • Marlene Benson
    Marlene Benson2 giorni fa

    Isn't a cultural reset when people change their tastes and behaviors to match the person doing something different? A lot of this was I like this song you should too. I do agree with some of the choices, like Shinee, Rain, BTS, and Straykids however. Some acts were missed like Big Bang, Psy, and Super Junior.

  • dana dear
    dana dear2 giorni fa

    Block B!!

  • 12times21
    12times212 giorni fa

    PLT’s Hocus Pocus was a reset

  • Zelgaro
    Zelgaro2 giorni fa

    i can't believe "You Calling My Name" wasn't included

  • shevonnie salmon

    shevonnie salmon

    2 giorni fa

    Fancams and videos making its rounds on Twitter

  • Rainer Pavletić
    Rainer Pavletić2 giorni fa


  • ChunkyMonn
    ChunkyMonn2 giorni fa

    I still miss wanna one :/

  • Kylee Faren
    Kylee Faren2 giorni fa

    Thanks for the walk through memory lane haha

  • aya 123
    aya 1232 giorni fa

    Why are there not many got7 songs?

  • Jiminshi
    Jiminshi2 giorni fa

    Any song zico is such a good song

  • Victoria Molnar
    Victoria Molnar2 giorni fa

    Thank you for including History, still can't get over of the energy of that song!

  • Stellaaa
    Stellaaa2 giorni fa


  • Victoria Molnar
    Victoria Molnar2 giorni fa

    Loved it, i came to realize that I'm old 🤭 it was 40 mins of nostalgy. Thank you for the great songs 💜

  • StephOT7
    StephOT72 giorni fa

    Omg der is a lot of boy groups in korea😳

  • Mal
    Mal2 giorni fa

    This made me realise for how long i've been into kpop😭🥲🤡

  • ImcrAzy
    ImcrAzy2 giorni fa

    A few additions that I think shouldn't be missed: CNBlue - I'm a Loner, I'm Sorry, Cinderella FTIsland - Lovesick, (maybe Love Love Love), Hello Hello B.A.P - Warrior (I can't even begin to explain how different this one was at the time, first video I've seen where it's forgotten) Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending Teen Top - Rocking SHINee - Dream Girl, Everybody 2PM - A.D.T.O.Y Jay Park - Joah Infinite - Back WINNER - Empty (this one!!!) BTOB - It's Okay

  • yooyoons
    yooyoons3 giorni fa

    omg . where was fake love for 2018 you can’t tell me fake love wasn’t a MOVEMENT 😩♡︎

  • yooyoons


    2 giorni fa

    @Procrastinator damn. i’m wondering where i said that 🤔

  • Procrastinator


    2 giorni fa

    K-Pop is more than just BTS.

  • Pooja Menon2000
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  • knnovation
    knnovation3 giorni fa

    Thankyou for including Pentagon's Daisy 🥺💙

  • noeasybin
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  • Mg Williams
    Mg Williams3 giorni fa

    As soon as I heard Again and Again JYPEE popped in my head💀💀

  • Ενσιτι Ιν Δε Χαουζ
    Ενσιτι Ιν Δε Χαουζ3 giorni fa

    Kick it was THE cultural reset. Hate on it all you want but the impact it had on the industry is huge.

  • Eda Dolu
    Eda Dolu3 giorni fa

    B.A.P one shot

  • suha
    suha3 giorni fa

    2011-2016 songs slap. replay and no dream literally have my heart.

  • Nurul Syazwanie Binti Bakar
    Nurul Syazwanie Binti Bakar3 giorni fa yibo aka Lan Zhan suddenly pop up there kills me!!!!! 12:20 The songs is a bop okay & woodz there

  • Anupreeti Boro
    Anupreeti Boro3 giorni fa

    Still can't get over people not knowing Monsta x 😤

  • Bunny's Studio
    Bunny's Studio3 giorni fa

    Lay back by Verivery and No Diggity by Oneus were literally cultural resets .. you might wanna check them out :-)

  • L.Lizette 57913
    L.Lizette 579133 giorni fa

    Zombie 💕

  • Chiara
    Chiara3 giorni fa

    24K ;-; my babies

  • Jordyn H
    Jordyn H3 giorni fa

    2012 was my year for kpop. After gangnam style came out, i found block b, girls generation, exo, and btob. Seems like so long ago now

  • Annie Zhang
    Annie Zhang3 giorni fa

    Kpop bands such as Day6, N.Flying, The Rose, CNBlue, and FTisland are so underrated and so refreshing to listen to! They don't get enough recognition but k-pop bands are what got me into k-pop around 2012 and I'm still a k-pop fan because of that :)

  • الفن الكوري والصيني
    الفن الكوري والصيني3 giorni fa

    the golden days what a great old songs 🤍✨

  • Jihad SAFIH
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  • Jaxxen Hale
    Jaxxen Hale3 giorni fa

    I wish that Zico/ Dean were on the list a bit more but I still love the choices💕

  • Jaxxen Hale
    Jaxxen Hale3 giorni fa

    Let’s face it, 2015 was one of the best years for guy groups! 🙌🏻

  • Lore M
    Lore M3 giorni fa

    In short, 2018 was full of armed attacks

  • Yugi Tsukasa
    Yugi Tsukasa3 giorni fa

    All i remember when i see the title is shinee and bts. And if i dont see shinee i will go crazy, glad this video is right

    BLUE SIDE3 giorni fa

    I need Block B, VIXX and INFINITE back so bad

  • A TO Z
    A TO Z3 giorni fa

    SS501 İ MİSS YOU

  • Haidi fuse

    Haidi fuse

    2 giorni fa

    Me too

  • A TO Z
    A TO Z3 giorni fa

    love like this....

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