This is it! The big race of the weekend. Grab you favourite seat and join us for 3 hours of race action live from Monza, Italy.

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  • Gtr2 Driver
    Gtr2 DriverGiorno fa

    29:10 Start of The Race 31:26 A Mclaren Car is Damaged/Have a puntcture 40:53 the weather is changing to rain condition 47:19 Rob Collard have a shunt and DNF'd therfore FCY is deployed 51:47 Bortolottis car have a misfire 1:00:31 Temproary Safety Car period 1:06:11 Green Flag 1:12:12 2nd FCY period 1:16:38 2nd Safety Car Period 1:19:32 2nd Green Flag 1:27:35 3rd FCY Peridod 1:28:23 3rd Green Flag Period 1:45:11 4th FCY Period 1:55:35 3rd Safety Car Period 2:00:53 4th Green Flag Period 2:38:17 Lens Liebhauser have a puntcure and stopped in middle of the track 2:38:48 5th FCY Period 2:44:39 4th Safety Car Period 2:48:30 5th Green Flag Period 3:30:47 End Of The Race

  • Rez
    Rez10 giorni fa


  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos14 giorni fa

    @29:33 there's some few GT4 cars in the field in there lol

  • Yilun Mao
    Yilun Mao16 giorni fa

    "no gt grid is complete without Porsche lol!!

  • Ray A
    Ray A20 giorni fa

    Total stupidity without fans. Can't believe people still wearing masks which are both unnecessary and ineffective. Wake up! Covid has a 99% survival rate. Mass stupidity still abounds.

  • Rob C
    Rob C21 giorno fa

    The best training vid for ACC !!

  • Gaia OverAll
    Gaia OverAll22 giorni fa

    Peccato che non c'è in italiano. Bellissima gara.

  • Brandon Mayers
    Brandon Mayers22 giorni fa

    Loved this race full of entertainment

  • burdine estep
    burdine estep22 giorni fa

    . Blue tractor weaving to "spit" off bits of tire on track. Wake up guys.

  • Will Brookes
    Will Brookes25 giorni fa

    Shout out to my guy on the pit crew adjusting his undies in front of a worldwide audience. I aspire to be you sir. 👏

  • Marcus Barbosa
    Marcus Barbosa27 giorni fa

    Thanks a lot SRO for bestowing us with such great races! What a wonderful work! I love you all! Mes meilleures salutations du Brésil o/

  • Confused Axolotl
    Confused AxolotlMese fa

    Tractor at 1:53:52

  • Nivola 1953
    Nivola 1953Mese fa

    John Watson and David Addison, you sound SILLY, when you continue to say RETTIFILIO !!! IT’S RETTIFILO there is no THIRD I in the Italian word for straight long road. Learn from your colleague in the F1 circuit and stop mispronouncing, it’s really easy RETTIFILO.

  • Fabian Rocha
    Fabian RochaMese fa

    As a guy who doenst watch GT3... How the hell did that Tractor get in the Track without anyone noticing?

    KRDJMTCMese fa

    Tractor at 01:53:54

  • R-M Paint
    R-M PaintMese fa

    Congrats to Emil Frey Racing team !

  • birel_dd2 ZRT
    birel_dd2 ZRTMese fa

    Amazing track and race... Thx👏😜

  • Theoden the Renewed
    Theoden the RenewedMese fa

    What a fantastic race, phenomenal. 42 GT3 cars at Monza battling it out in the wet. The weather spiced it up so much, one of the best races I've seen in a long time. The punctures, the early tire changes to slicks, it was a very dramatic one. Heart-breaking for Lamborghini #64, Audi #32 and Mercedes #4, but other team have shined, great drives for Cairoli or Marciello to secure podium places.

  • Gary Shotter
    Gary ShotterMese fa

    Good to see some track limit discipline after a couple of years of dreadful cheating.

  • Rising Star
    Rising StarMese fa

    Porsche always 👍

  • T Bone
    T BoneMese fa

    Girls come first and racing is everything

  • Nanosuit37
    Nanosuit37Mese fa

    Thank you.

  • Matt Cope
    Matt CopeMese fa

    Great coverage, brilliant commentary, thank you ......

  • Bernardo Berner
    Bernardo BernerMese fa

    I was thinking, GT3's could have a KERS system, similar to the one F1 used from 2009-2013, the brakes transfer their kinect energy to the battery, and then the driver pushes a button on the steering wheel to gain 25-30hp, could be interesting. I know that GT3's are not supossed to be that expensive, they already cost €500.000, if I'm not mistaking, and a KERS system probably would bump up that figure to €650.000, I think, but I have no idea if a system like that would cost €150.000, probably it wouldn't increase it's cost that much

  • Bernardo Berner

    Bernardo Berner

    Mese fa

    @José Lozano? Did you watch the race? I don't think so. Because if you did you wouldn't say something like that. Slipstreaming is not enough for those cars to overtake, you must be at least 5 tenths per lap quicker than the guy ahead in order to overtake

  • José Lozano

    José Lozano

    Mese fa


  • Maxi Heis
    Maxi HeisMese fa

    This cars need a DRS system. Overtakes are too difficult. In spite of this the series is great. Love this cars and there's some good drivers here

  • Kedemah Joseph
    Kedemah JosephMese fa

    What's wrong with Watson? The tractor or just warming his tyres, we wasn't weaving 😅

  • Good Vibrations
    Good Vibrations2 mesi fa

    crazy how far the simulator versions of this have come, for a moment I really wasnt sure!!!

  • Kedemah Joseph

    Kedemah Joseph

    2 mesi fa

    Ikr 😅

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan2 mesi fa

    Thanks for this full race stream Sro.

  • Christopher Cook
    Christopher Cook2 mesi fa

    What a race!!

  • Wyld Stallion3292
    Wyld Stallion32922 mesi fa

    1. This race showed grids dont need to be larger than 40 carz. 2. FCY/ safety car procedures still suck

  • Wyld Stallion3292

    Wyld Stallion3292

    2 mesi fa

    @TheFlagstand here here !

  • TheFlagstand


    2 mesi fa

    @Wyld Stallion3292 Exactly my thoughts. I love NASCAR as well but sportscar racing has always been about having as straightforward and fair a race as possible. Entertainment-centered gimmicks don't belong here.

  • Wyld Stallion3292

    Wyld Stallion3292

    2 mesi fa

    @TheFlagstand they do it for "the show" artificially close the gaps up. Its sportscar racing we dont like thst If they want that go wstch nascar.

  • TheFlagstand


    2 mesi fa

    I still don't get why they throw the sc out there after the fcy. The fcy was literally implemented to avoid some effects of sc and these guys manage to eliminate it all. It almost seems they throw a caution for fun.

  • Miles Flood
    Miles Flood2 mesi fa

    Just love this series.

  • Calli_ _973
    Calli_ _9732 mesi fa

    The tractor 😂🚜

  • Kedemah Joseph

    Kedemah Joseph

    2 mesi fa

    Moment of the race!

  • Andrea Santangelo
    Andrea Santangelo2 mesi fa

    Bello bello bello bello

  • rob norish
    rob norish2 mesi fa

    Who even down votes this 🤣🤣🤣.

  • Alessio Anzalone
    Alessio Anzalone2 mesi fa

    @GTWorld I love endurance racing and this championship is my favourite. Just a question: is it possible to have 720p and 1080p with 60fps option ?

  • Aphid
    Aphid2 mesi fa

    Congratulations to the winners! Brilliant fun race with plenty of drama. Thank you SRO!

    PA-TU EARO2 mesi fa

    2nd place for professional amateurs! Congratulations to KEEN and Hamaguchi! Lamborghini No.1!

  • MV 42
    MV 422 mesi fa

    Awesome race!👏❤

  • RAL09
    RAL092 mesi fa

    I will follow this entire season #77

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria2 mesi fa

    WOW i never seen so many blown tires in one race

  • Kedemah Joseph

    Kedemah Joseph

    2 mesi fa

    That's what happens when u push wets on a drying track

  • Super Star

    Super Star

    2 mesi fa

    And its all the same wheel

  • Martin Danzer
    Martin Danzer2 mesi fa

    Bann this Pirelli shit tires, this should be banned.

  • Brandon Mount
    Brandon Mount2 mesi fa

    What a race weekend that was! With motoGP, F1, Indy, ELMS, and for me the cherry on the cake, GT Racing with John Watson, MBE providing the gold standard of commentary. Not to take anything away from Davis Addison. Special shoutout to Pirelli for the puncture prone wets. Or was it overly aggressive camber on the rears? Whatever it was the added drama was not needed. There was some awesome piloting out there in challenging conditions. Porsche FTW.

  • Steve Cleaver
    Steve Cleaver2 mesi fa

    Great coverage & a fantastic race ... but will someone PLEASE tell John to SHUT THE F*** UP WHEN THE RACE DIRECTOR COMES ON !!!!We LOVE John's insights, etc but it's very useful to be able to hear what the race director is telling us too, especially as that has a direct impact on the race itself !!!!

  • SmallPotatos69
    SmallPotatos692 mesi fa

    absolutely amazing making racing free

  • Tuan21
    Tuan212 mesi fa

    GT3 racing saves the endurance world. Fantastic!

  • Alex Tavolu
    Alex Tavolu2 mesi fa

    Many thanks.

  • GT S1971
    GT S19712 mesi fa

    British Racing Commentary 🥇

  • cash nk
    cash nk2 mesi fa



    Love that screamin' little 4.0 litre Porsche!

  • Romi Arkan
    Romi Arkan2 mesi fa

    I reckon Pirelli might have some explaining to do with all those punctures

  • Fred Ferreira

    Fred Ferreira

    Mese fa

    I don't think so, it was a lot of weather changes in a short time. Teams took the path of going in wets but soon stopped rain and the track went dry and wet tyres on dry pavement makes the tyre pressure goes through the roof, since its a right hander track and the most pressure is put on the left (Edit) rear thats the tyre that bows. Pirelli did nothing wrong, just the weather conditions almost demanded a gamble, you see Ilot changed tyres to dry and soon after it started to rain ahah. It was tough to do the call on the tyres.

  • BasedGod Strugglin'

    BasedGod Strugglin'

    2 mesi fa

    They took notes from Goodyear’s NASCAR program

  • Jamie Pile
    Jamie Pile2 mesi fa

    Just one small critique, please use MPH as well 👍

  • Jamie Pile

    Jamie Pile

    2 mesi fa

    @Goro Majima In a sort of secondary way kinda because it's forced, primarily we use Mph on speedo's and on road signs. Cheers for holding your hands up 👍👍

  • Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    2 mesi fa

    @Jamie Pile oh my bad. isn't kmh also used in england?

  • Jamie Pile

    Jamie Pile

    2 mesi fa

    @Goro Majima Ummm, I'm from England!! We still use mph!!

  • Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    2 mesi fa

    @Jamie Pile nobody uses mph except muricans. you want mph, use mph in your own races.

  • Jamie Pile

    Jamie Pile

    2 mesi fa

    @gianmario catania Just use both 🤷‍♂️ Mph is more representative of the actual speed imo, 140mph gives you a far better reference than 225kmh.

  • Jamie Pile
    Jamie Pile2 mesi fa

    Fantastic racing ♥️ SRO you are definitely what us motor racing fans needed 👍👍 F1 isn't proper motorsport anymore. I've watched all the series races so far America Oz and now Europe, all fantastic 👏👏 It's even better that we don't need to pay subscription, please keep it that way. Much love from every motor racing fan all over the world ♥️♥️

  • MiniBomba1995
    MiniBomba19952 mesi fa

    29:10 Race Start

  • ThisLadWayne
    ThisLadWayne2 mesi fa

    So do all these drivers have to race in ACC on pc? How does the sim element work

  • Mani 1610

    Mani 1610

    2 mesi fa

    Every Silver and Pro team has the ability to nominate one for their drivers for the E-Sports race but they don't have to I think.

  • Giambe X (Giulio Giambe)
    Giambe X (Giulio Giambe)2 mesi fa

    2:09:10 a five cars overtake in one turn by Ilott

  • Theoden the Renewed

    Theoden the Renewed

    Mese fa

    Slicks vs wet-weather tires. Ilott shined in the race though, one of the best drivers on the grid in GT World Challenge 2021.

  • aydan khaliq

    aydan khaliq

    2 mesi fa

    I love doing that in GT sport. The most easy pass.

  • Frederic Leunissen
    Frederic Leunissen2 mesi fa

    Thank you!

  • Luis Farinha-Ferreira
    Luis Farinha-Ferreira2 mesi fa

    What happened to Honda Nsx

  • Katsuro


    2 mesi fa

    ikr wasn't there a NSX that was on testing at Paul Ricard?

  • Riccardo Bonacina
    Riccardo Bonacina2 mesi fa

    I saw the quali at the track in the morning 🔥

  • Miki Palermo
    Miki Palermo2 mesi fa

    I don't understand why FIA doesn't put a system to help the overtakes on the straight lines , I mean monza is the best track to overtakes and Lamborghini was behind Mercedes fo so many laps and it was faster, damn I love Gt cars but they need to have a surplus of power to overtakes more easily



    Mese fa

    @Miki Palermo the lambo was on pole at monza so the problem is probably not the straight line speed of the huracan



    2 mesi fa

    @Miki Palermo sure but this is how gt3 is some are adapted to straight other on fast turn and more

  • Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

    2 mesi fa

    @CASTTEM happy fasting month Casteem.

  • Nicola Losa

    Nicola Losa

    2 mesi fa

    this proves the great job SRO has done in terms of balancing out the performance of cars, also considering the variety of manufacturers in the field.. Fia/ACO and especially Imsa should take note from Sro on how to formulate a good bop

  • Miki Palermo

    Miki Palermo

    2 mesi fa

    @popmerde ok

  • Brennan Gallant
    Brennan Gallant2 mesi fa

    I guess Ferrari is gonna end up 4th and 5th on both Italian tracks today

  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    2 mesi fa

    Hey Ferrari finished P4 and P5 in Imola

  • AudiR816 Gaming

    AudiR816 Gaming

    2 mesi fa

    For real

  • 11v63
    11v632 mesi fa

    forza graphics hit different 🥶🥶

  • popmerde
    popmerde2 mesi fa

    Thank you SRO for giving us the opportunity to witness great racing for free! Thank you all working behind the scenes!!!!

  • 1337Avi80R


    Mese fa

    I could not have said it better. Really enjoyed it. Thanks GTWorld!

  • Ol'Pete


    Mese fa

    @EightyThor Same, I followed F1 but over the last year I had a chance to get into WEC, Imsa, and GT also.

  • EightyThor


    Mese fa

    @Ol'Pete If it wasn’t for Pandemic i don’t think would have started watching Motorsports to be honest with you. And the fact this is free is amazing.

  • Ol'Pete


    Mese fa

    Race replays got me through the pandemic

  • EightyThor


    2 mesi fa


  • BlueFlag Alpha
    BlueFlag Alpha2 mesi fa

    Race start at 29:17

  • Jacobi Jonas
    Jacobi Jonas2 mesi fa

    Formation lap starts at 24:50 Race starts at 29:10

  • Alan Morales

    Alan Morales

    Mese fa

    Thanks :)

  • Maxime Moncenix

    Maxime Moncenix

    Mese fa

    We need more guys like you in the world. Thank you.

  • Freedom Machine

    Freedom Machine

    2 mesi fa

    Thank you!!

  • Kenzo


    2 mesi fa


  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    2 mesi fa


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