EP#90 | Niko Nearly DIES from Laughing at the World's Funniest AI

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Sam's got his hands on a new A.I. text generator which brings some wildly absurd results when prompted by the Crew!

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  • MadMarshmallow
    MadMarshmallow4 giorni fa

    I lost weight from the tears

  • Goat pepper herbal tea
    Goat pepper herbal tea4 giorni fa

    Word war two guy😂

  • bored cat
    bored cat6 giorni fa

    My cheeks hurt.... First time in years! (Facial cheeks)

  • troublesomecorsair
    troublesomecorsair21 giorno fa

    1:04:52 Sam's laugh is incredible I do wonder what was the first racing game a Panda drives a car. The earliest I can think of is 1994, Wacky Wheels.

  • Nithin C Babu
    Nithin C Babu29 giorni fa

    This AI just entertained us for about an hour straight.😂😂

  • Strydark _
    Strydark _29 giorni fa


  • Dan Esp (Wignut)
    Dan Esp (Wignut)Mese fa

    𝐼 𝒶𝓂 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝓎. -𝕁𝕖𝕤𝕦𝕤 ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥 (𝟙 𝔹.ℂ)

  • Clippy
    ClippyMese fa

    I've come back every few days to hear them yelling BAD CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)
    Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)Mese fa

    What app is this?

  • Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)
    Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)Mese fa

    You guys need to do this like at least ten more times

  • Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)
    Elliott Bork (ReplicateReality)Mese fa

    Whos voldemort? Like not the character but the person they can’t talk about?

  • SADE.
    SADE.Mese fa

    "This is not your last fight! This is not your first fight! This is not even your fight!" I am fucking crying, oh my god ....

  • h33t
    h33tMese fa

    Got me in tears lol.

  • Jason Domingo
    Jason DomingoMese fa

    I am the one thousandth like!!!

  • Connor McEwan
    Connor McEwanMese fa

    Haa check the blenderguru signature behind sam

  • pj shurman
    pj shurmanMese fa

    “top 10 wars” was the funniest thing i’ve heard said out loud in a long time

  • Zünder
    ZünderMese fa

    I get the impression that these AI generated scripts work a lot like human dreaming. Over one or two sentences it is usually coherent, but it is constantly mushing in new associations which turn the overall "plot" into an absurd thing. I mean, dreams are often like that as well - in a narrow perspective and over a short time everthing is fine and somewhat logical even, but the longer it goes often the more absurd it gets because the brain is also just freely associating what it came up with a few seconds ago.

  • Timothy Tagle
    Timothy TagleMese fa

    What app are they using?

  • Edoan
    EdoanMese fa

    That was one the funniest things I watched in a long time, thank you! 😂

  • Bella Curcio
    Bella CurcioMese fa

    "We are all worms; but I do believe I'm a glow worm" so inspirational so deep

  • Emil Karlsson

    Emil Karlsson

    29 giorni fa

    Appearanty that was a real quote. Churchill really said that, no idea what he meant though.

  • Ben Condon
    Ben CondonMese fa

    honestly I would love a whole channel of you guys using AI to make stories like this lol. sooooo entertaining haha.

  • I want pictures of Spider-Man
    I want pictures of Spider-ManMese fa

    Funniest podcast yet.

  • Semaze
    SemazeMese fa

    In this episode of Corridor Case: Sam speedruns getting kicked off of an AI Private beta.

  • Joel Driver
    Joel DriverMese fa

    It would be fun to run a D&D campaign with the AI as the dungeon master.

  • AArruti
    AArrutiMese fa


  • AArruti
    AArrutiMese fa

    "I'm ready, my god I am ready" Ghandi 🤣

  • Pilot
    PilotMese fa

    Very underrated video, I was dying the entire time.

  • Fin Cooper
    Fin CooperMese fa

    this is legendary

  • Χρήστος Μασμανίδης
    Χρήστος ΜασμανίδηςMese fa

    niko should learn how to play the dark souls character creation theme on his instrument

  • ikasuki1
    ikasuki1Mese fa

    What's the Ia this sound hilarious, can we find it on internet?

  • _roe
    _roeMese fa

    NFOF (Niko and Friends on Film) should be a movie commentary podcast where listeners sync up movies with dvd style commentary from the crew

  • Cão Velho
    Cão VelhoMese fa

    This AI can kill not only writers but also every creative work ever created by mankind. Why bother to have a human with creative block if you can ask for your AI to create something for you? Those stories already are funnier than 99% of the today ''comedy''. Just imagine what the AI will create in the future with more time to learn: articles, books, movie scripts.

  • Loki the Cat
    Loki the CatMese fa

    Two Minute Papers, shows off Cutting Edge advances in AI; such as "AI makes near perfect Deep Fakes in 40 seconds" which not only Fakes speech and video but requires almost no Reference material, and "AI Learns to Stop Time" allowing you to MASSIVELY shorten your Work Pipeline. Corridor Crew: We found one that makes terrible stories!

  • Curroptor69
    Curroptor69Mese fa

    this is so goddamn funny

  • Nathan Sharpe
    Nathan SharpeMese fa

    And abe Lincoln actually was very into wrestling

  • Nathan Sharpe
    Nathan SharpeMese fa

    Winston Churchill actually did say the glow worm thing btw

  • scorch
    scorchMese fa

    That was hilarious. Definitely do more of these!

  • Pop Extra
    Pop ExtraMese fa

    This is one of the best Podcast episodes yet XD

  • Jani Niiranen
    Jani NiiranenMese fa

    Great episode!

  • Dusty Mar
    Dusty MarMese fa

    I guess they will try to put this AI into Bidens teleprompter lol

  • James Plant
    James PlantMese fa

    well done eh!

  • xSouL
    xSouLMese fa

    gem of an episode had me loling

  • Blunt Producer
    Blunt ProducerMese fa


  • Charles Van Noland
    Charles Van NolandMese fa

    "Tangled in the Pines" You have to prod it sometimes... EDIT: Tangled in the Pines is an actual song by Spring Creek. GPT is just transposing and splicing very effectively.

  • Dumb Drum
    Dumb DrumMese fa

    “I am ready.” - Jesus Christ, 1 BC 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dumb Drum
    Dumb DrumMese fa

    “This is not your last fight. This is also not your first fight. This is... not even your fight.” 🤣

  • Dumb Drum
    Dumb DrumMese fa

    19:25 Those Obama quotes weren’t funny because they were actual quotes! Weirdly not all of them can be attributed to Obama, but they were all real quotes from politicians.

  • InanimateSum
    InanimateSumMese fa

    The endless possibilities with making vfx shorts based on ai prompts. We're in a good time for story ideas.

  • Harshhaze
    HarshhazeMese fa


  • James Green
    James GreenMese fa

    I feel like that speech that ended @ 53:41 definitely took some word bites from Cool Runnings by the number of times it used, "Bad MF" in the script. This whole episode was fantastic btw

    DARTHRULER1Mese fa

    I couldn't stop laughing. That was way to funny.

  • Davyvde
    DavyvdeMese fa

    Peter HAS to make Panda Racer a reality😂

  • Guy Collins Animation
    Guy Collins AnimationMese fa

    Official Lyrics for "The Song About Our Podcast" by Jake Watson ft AI If I was Canadian I'd be a Canada person I'd have better healthcare And this AI thinks I get to keep my guns But it clearly hasn't been to Canada lately I'd have a place in the world, I would be a citizen I wouldn't be American If I was Canadian

  • Émile Massie-Vanasse

    Émile Massie-Vanasse

    Mese fa

    As a canadian, Im sooo happy this happened

  • Elijah Sutherlin
    Elijah SutherlinMese fa

    This is one of the best podcast episode's of any podcast to ever be

  • troublesomecorsair
    troublesomecorsairMese fa

    1:04:00 rip niko

  • Matt Frazier
    Matt FrazierMese fa

    Sam’s mic makes this unlistenable for me. 😞

  • The_Enthusiast
    The_EnthusiastMese fa

    39:58 bookmark

  • Manuel Albani
    Manuel AlbaniMese fa

    The AI made this episode.

  • Christopher Khachatrian
    Christopher KhachatrianMese fa

    "OpenAI in the dead of night, take these prompts and learn to write"

  • rapchee
    rapcheeMese fa

    "turn me into a punchcard" nerdcore band i guess? XD

  • DatGuyCry
    DatGuyCryMese fa

    My goto podcast

  • popp1e “Popp1e”
    popp1e “Popp1e”Mese fa

    My brain is so full of dopamine.

  • Jason Tech
    Jason TechMese fa

    *Hollering about "stolen valor" because of Jake's "VFX Artist" uniform shirt *

  • Mind of Matty
    Mind of MattyMese fa

    WWII baddie? You mean Evil Moustache Man?

  • Aaron Grosch
    Aaron GroschMese fa

    A small tear drop formed in the corner of my eye at the start of this podcast. It has continued to grow throughout. I fully expect to shed one, perfectly beautiful tear by the end of this podcast. Amazing. *Slow Claps*

  • Aaron Grosch

    Aaron Grosch

    Mese fa

    I was wrong. 2 perfectly formed tears graced my cheeks. Thank you.

  • Shreyans Jain
    Shreyans JainMese fa

    Link to the site please :3

  • Jason Hall
    Jason HallMese fa

    Just finished my finals today, this was the perfect episode to watch after a stressful day of testing

  • Just Nothing
    Just NothingMese fa

    man that was great

  • Cesar Hugs C
    Cesar Hugs CMese fa

    Skynet!!!! 😱

  • MetroidZapper
    MetroidZapperMese fa

    Imagine you guys made an action sequence video with Alpha Cat as Obama, featuring all these one liners in proper context haha.

  • Mr. Inhale
    Mr. InhaleMese fa

    Anyone hear a tiny buzzing noise when Sam talks?

  • Artem Rasmussen
    Artem RasmussenMese fa

    this was the most ive laughed for a long time please make more ai stuff

  • Simon Jones
    Simon JonesMese fa

    These were hilarious!

  • recu
    recuMese fa

    It's hard to listen because of the mic sound

  • Alexander Semionov
    Alexander SemionovMese fa

    Sam Jackson music video "I can't miss that plane" with deepfake is a MUST now

  • IonicGecko
    IonicGeckoMese fa

    Holy shit... I was right there with Niko, dying of laughter. 😂🤣😆😅 Man, everytime you break out the AI, it's Gigglesville. Oh man. Great stuff! Oh and if you guys haven't already, especially Niko, read 'Life 3.0'. It's a really good book about the future of AI. More specifically, super intelligent AI and where it may take us. And do this again. I needed a good laugh and this podcast delivered. 😄👍🦎

  • Juani Carmona
    Juani CarmonaMese fa

    omg I didnt expect to be laughing out loud first thing in the morning, thank you guys haha

  • Agus Bolch
    Agus BolchMese fa


  • Melanie M
    Melanie MMese fa

    What was the original title for this podcast, before Niko was in stitches? :D

  • Splooshie
    SplooshieMese fa

    "New Pope is first Jesuit to ever get the job" Isn't this actually true? Isn't Pope Francis actually the first Jesuit Pope?

  • Sam Cassamas

    Sam Cassamas

    Mese fa

    Yeah, that’s just factually accurate

  • Ryan Newman
    Ryan NewmanMese fa

    I was crying of laughter. Thank you!

  • Angron the angriest boy.
    Angron the angriest boy.Mese fa

    How long before it fed posts?

  • KayShire
    KayShireMese fa

    Finally, good representation! 🇨🇦 Yay the other 4 Canadians who watch Corridor gave this thumbs up!

  • Hammy Of Doom

    Hammy Of Doom

    Mese fa

    California is definitely in Canada

  • Torg g
    Torg gMese fa

    This podcast reminds me of being a kid and doing spicy Mad Libs with my friends.

  • Alex
    AlexMese fa

    Oh god I laughed so hard throughout this one, definitely try it again with other crew members!

  • Wüdz_fpv
    Wüdz_fpvMese fa

    As a Canadian I whole-heartedly agree.

  • souLance
    souLanceMese fa

    Only 8 more years of super heros genre!

  • emarkp
    emarkpMese fa

    I know that Raycon is a sponsor, but what are the (bone conduction?) earphones y'all are wearing?

  • Keenan Thompson

    Keenan Thompson

    Mese fa


  • Jonah Barretto
    Jonah BarrettoMese fa

    holy fuck i cant stop laughing at top 10 famous last words

  • Rhys Clark
    Rhys ClarkMese fa

    52:50 petition for them to make a video about a super inspirational speech that just doesn't end.

  • Drage3000
    Drage3000Mese fa

    How dare you use the words "Niko Nearly DIES"!!! I almost had a heart attack when I woke up to this notification on my phone. XD

  • Cinothril
    CinothrilMese fa

    This is too funny haha

  • Andrew Looney
    Andrew LooneyMese fa

    Alternate title: Sam reads stories to his kids 😂

  • Marves Rivas
    Marves RivasMese fa

    I made the mistake of drinking coffee while listening to this podcast. Laughed so hard I spit the coffee into my mask.

  • souLance


    Mese fa

    This raises so many questions.

  • Noah Kirstine
    Noah KirstineMese fa

    what is the app called?

  • Naseem Shanboor
    Naseem ShanboorMese fa

    best podcast episode ever

  • Emstar
    EmstarMese fa

    This gave me a good giggle

  • D0gTree
    D0gTreeMese fa

    Jake looks like he's about to go fix someones car

  • Nathan Quinter
    Nathan QuinterMese fa

    I watched 4 guys read children's books, that lack plot. It's funny, but why?

  • Big Nose
    Big NoseMese fa

    I wonder when the first fully ai generated movie is gonna happen, from script to editing and everything inbetween would love to see what it comes up with

  • Tony Black

    Tony Black

    Mese fa

    That would be a great series to greenlight for the website. I would throw all of my remaining points into that!

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