Daft Punk - Epilogue


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  • Red Pink
    Red Pink5 ore fa

    Oh, yes!They're finally back on ITfun!!!I love you, you daft punk!!!Thank you for everything!!!

  • Jose luis R .G
    Jose luis R .G5 ore fa

    Gracias por tanto y disculpen por tan poco 😔

  • Omone90
    Omone905 ore fa


  • Wampa
    Wampa6 ore fa

    We will miss you guys

  • NexoNefarious
    NexoNefarious6 ore fa

    Absolute Music Legends.

  • Richard Duggan
    Richard Duggan6 ore fa

    One more time…..?

  • milan
    milan6 ore fa

    You’ve given me so much to feel

  • Muhammad Mukhti Daffa Ismail
    Muhammad Mukhti Daffa Ismail6 ore fa

    Thanks for make my junior high school awesome.. love ✌

  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez6 ore fa

    Yo matando mis sentimientos por mí ex

  • carla morett
    carla morett6 ore fa

    your music has brought great pleasure to us all

  • Toxicpen456
    Toxicpen4566 ore fa

    You had the truly best music ever and now its a big shame you two will be going your own ways. I will miss you a lot during these days and Im sure some people with agree with me. I wish you the best of luck on your futures :)

  • The Gois
    The Gois6 ore fa

    "Our Work Is Never Over" Those words hot different now

  • Sina Sarkoohaki
    Sina Sarkoohaki6 ore fa

    Im crying with a smile 💔

  • Tony Land
    Tony Land6 ore fa


  • La nature quand t'as pas de thunes
    La nature quand t'as pas de thunes6 ore fa


  • Julio Berrocal
    Julio Berrocal6 ore fa

    Please, come back!😔🥺

  • Tony Land
    Tony Land6 ore fa

    This was on my birthday

  • Douglas Ulyate
    Douglas Ulyate6 ore fa

    Couldn't think of a better way for Daft Punk to retire. You guys had an epic run. Decades from now, people will still be listening to your music in retirement homes the world over, as well as teaching the new generations about your amazing music.

  • the last
    the last6 ore fa

    5 years later

  • これが青色です
    これが青色です6 ore fa


  • Nathanael Morning Star
    Nathanael Morning Star6 ore fa


  • Николай Потапенко
    Николай Потапенко6 ore fa

    Я не плачу, я режу лук... надеюсь на прощальный тур или альбом...

  • MacLeood
    MacLeood6 ore fa


  • June Bug
    June Bug6 ore fa

    Selamat tinggal. Jumpa lagi.

  • Yoan B.Gaming
    Yoan B.Gaming6 ore fa

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why ??????? i will cry forever, I know I should not but still impossible

  • Yoan B.Gaming
    Yoan B.Gaming6 ore fa

    so much memories

  • viscose808
    viscose8086 ore fa


  • sha_0_rki
    sha_0_rki6 ore fa

    Why tho??

  • Shane Naidu
    Shane Naidu6 ore fa

    Thank you guys! Memories will last till I die.

  • ShadowDurza
    ShadowDurza6 ore fa

    You will always be the Kings of Techno! ✌️ ✌️

  • Nicholas Horton
    Nicholas Horton6 ore fa

    Unbelievably sad.

  • BJ Daniel Hernandez Serrano
    BJ Daniel Hernandez Serrano6 ore fa

    Que nananannana imposibleeeeeee🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😱😱😱😭😭😭

  • 앤드류_Anndrew
    앤드류_Anndrew6 ore fa

    그동안 우리에게 들려주신 음악들에 대해서 매우 감사합니다

  • 앤드류_Anndrew
    앤드류_Anndrew6 ore fa

    지금까지 10여개의 다프트 펑크 음악을 듣고 5집 엘범이 나올것을 간절히 빌었지만 ...결국은 헤체군요....

  • Bagheera The Cat
    Bagheera The Cat6 ore fa

    How sad

  • Sandra Yousif
    Sandra Yousif6 ore fa

    I cant believe that the same day i discover this it will be the last day !

  • CheesyCrust
    CheesyCrust6 ore fa

    Daft Punk: bye... Me: I'm not going to eat burgers and nuggets

  • Jdc gbt19
    Jdc gbt196 ore fa

    "2021 vai ser melhor" 2021: fim do daft punk... F

  • Sev. D
    Sev. D6 ore fa

    from Vietnam with much of love

  • 西蒙
    西蒙6 ore fa

    Please come back 🥺 Streaming your music almost every day. Alive 2007 is my fav album 👏👏👏

  • Pixelxy8 Videos
    Pixelxy8 Videos7 ore fa

    The only reason they stopped is because they learned how to take off the robot helmets

  • SteinHouse
    SteinHouse7 ore fa

    Как вам клип?😀

  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales7 ore fa

    ONE MORE TIME...please...

  • izael chubboi
    izael chubboi7 ore fa

    Me:...how do I make my daft punk fan friend become sad Daft punk:LETS DIE Everyone in the comment: NOOOoOOOOOo Me:*very happy face and strange*saying"HaHahahahha

  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales7 ore fa

    Quien carajos les puso un boton de autodestruccion?, ah ya se, fue Doofersmith...

  • True LibertarianPt
    True LibertarianPt7 ore fa

    One of the best music acts of the century. Thanks DAFT PUNK.

  • Emiliano Hernández
    Emiliano Hernández7 ore fa

    Daft punk nunca los olvidaremos gracias por sus canciones

  • Alireza jafari
    Alireza jafari7 ore fa


  • Palidor19
    Palidor197 ore fa

    Can somebody tell me where they shot this? The final shot is epic!!!

  • Ben W
    Ben W7 ore fa

    Thank you for your music and your sacrifices, enjoy yourselves.

  • Alexandra Gastinger
    Alexandra Gastinger7 ore fa

    vous allez nous manquer!!

  • ouafnico
    ouafnico7 ore fa

    Daft Punk is all the music I liked, starting from my childhood to now. Really sad to learn this is the end :'(

  • Peenpapy
    Peenpapy7 ore fa

    Asta la vista vaquero 😢

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro7 ore fa

    One more time!!

  • Ahranan Ravinthiran
    Ahranan Ravinthiran7 ore fa

    bye, daft punk (cry)

  • Ernest Sianturi
    Ernest Sianturi7 ore fa

    One More Time -> One Last Time

  • Ahranan Ravinthiran
    Ahranan Ravinthiran7 ore fa

    if i see this, i cry

  • Kacper
    Kacper7 ore fa

    The best duo ever goodbye :)

  • luka venegas
    luka venegas7 ore fa


  • Autoposter Interactive
    Autoposter Interactive7 ore fa

    F in the chat everyone 😔

  • Autoposter Interactive

    Autoposter Interactive

    7 ore fa


  • anonymous nickname
    anonymous nickname7 ore fa

    Boys cried watching Titanic. Men cried watching Iron Giant's Superman scene. Legends cried watching this.

  • Lancos
    Lancos7 ore fa

    Merci Daft Punk pour tout ce que vous avez apporté à l'electro et au monde de la musique plus largement. Un duo français mythique.

  • Lil Arabic
    Lil Arabic7 ore fa

    I see you when I see you

  • HazChick Games
    HazChick Games7 ore fa

    Thanks Guys. Your Music got me through tough times on quite a few occasions. All the best in the future △

  • Dama Domosmog
    Dama Domosmog7 ore fa


  • Pizza Schutzbehörde
    Pizza Schutzbehörde8 ore fa

    Wahre Legenden

  • Blvk Scvr
    Blvk Scvr8 ore fa

    Everything will be fine guys, this is life and at some point things will end. Thank you Thomas And Guy - Manuel

  • Jul 247
    Jul 2478 ore fa

    If love is the answer, you’re home ❤️

  • Noadkoko Jr
    Noadkoko Jr8 ore fa


  • Amparo Lozano García
    Amparo Lozano García8 ore fa

    Merci les daft punk

  • AGphantom Assault gaming
    AGphantom Assault gaming8 ore fa

    Dont break be the og duo

  • Yessirskiii Og
    Yessirskiii Og8 ore fa

    2021 разъебал меня окончательно....

    HARDKICK8 ore fa

    After they had broken up i now have figured out the names of the robomen The gold guy is daft And the silver guy is punk

  • Stathis X GR
    Stathis X GR8 ore fa

    but why?😥

  • Bread
    Bread8 ore fa

    We already had a bad start to this century. A disaster this is. 😭

  • Carlo Caspis
    Carlo Caspis8 ore fa


  • Kosmik Striker
    Kosmik Striker8 ore fa

    Top 10 Anime endings

  • Flavlav
    Flavlav8 ore fa

    godspeed you funky robot men

  • ł ł
    ł ł8 ore fa


  • 지구본
    지구본8 ore fa

    hold on...

  • Ayamers / Nimi
    Ayamers / Nimi8 ore fa


  • Blue Stick Figure
    Blue Stick Figure8 ore fa

    No no it can't end like this

  • MrJayPerfect
    MrJayPerfect8 ore fa

    these great 2 robots achieved so much in so little time. there gone now but all in our hearts.

  • John Mav
    John Mav8 ore fa

    Hi from Belarussia, you're legents!

  • Dubdley
    Dubdley8 ore fa

    gracias por todo daft funk :"(.

  • zman gaming
    zman gaming8 ore fa

    Do you think we can celebrate one more time

  • Tenenok
    Tenenok8 ore fa

    It is so hardbreaking!

  • Marija Naceva
    Marija Naceva8 ore fa


  • latthoff123
    latthoff1238 ore fa

    Luckily, succsessfull musicians get a wildcard for comeback.....

  • Éd Baclet
    Éd Baclet8 ore fa

    Daft punk IS dead 😲 in my mémories forever

  • bakijens
    bakijens8 ore fa

    Liebe auch aus Deutschland

  • G. Mainka
    G. Mainka8 ore fa


  • Pratik Kandir
    Pratik Kandir8 ore fa


  • Saitam
    Saitam9 ore fa


  • Xyions
    Xyions9 ore fa

    Obligé de mette un ptit coup de "DA FUNK" pour oublié ça 😟

  • daraxiong19
    daraxiong199 ore fa

    My youth

  • Matt Hicks
    Matt Hicks9 ore fa


  • Horatio
    Horatio9 ore fa

    even though they were just walking, damn. this hits really hard. Daft Punk made memories and shall never be forgotten. 😢

  • Cristobal Ramirez
    Cristobal Ramirez9 ore fa

    The end of a chapter has a new beginning.

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez9 ore fa

    this can't be happening....

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