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Ep 972: Oden finally throws down with Kaido! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OP972
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  • Crunchyroll Collection
    Crunchyroll Collection4 giorni fa

    Watch episode 972 here! got.cr/Watch-OP972

  • Roon Taamiti

    Roon Taamiti

    3 giorni fa

    @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh everyone has their own fav and choice every anime all good 👍 👌

  • Roon Taamiti

    Roon Taamiti

    3 giorni fa

    @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh i rather watch OP✅ than N ❌😂😂

  • Shade Jackson

    Shade Jackson

    4 giorni fa

    Lol pathetic crunchyroll I watched this 18 hours ago

  • xsailor85


    4 giorni fa

    It was awesome.🍿🍿🍿

  • Kakashi Sensei

    Kakashi Sensei

    4 giorni fa


  • meiniem
    meiniem21 minuto fa

    If it wasn't a flash back i was sure that kaido will be defeated until witch appears.

  • meiniem
    meiniem24 minuti fa

    Kaido: So this is pain and scars...

  • Priscilla Izuegbu
    Priscilla Izuegbu30 minuti fa

    Anyone notice that luffy and Kaido have both x marks on there chest?

  • ZePhAnIaHaCkEr ApPuDuRaIaM
    ZePhAnIaHaCkEr ApPuDuRaIaM41 minuto fa

    Why am i looking at Oden’s legs 🦵

  • Jonathan Hart
    Jonathan HartOra fa

    Hold the phone, was that DBZ ki blast sounds??

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor2 ore fa

    Wish they kept the way he slashed him in the flashback when toki told zoro about him.

  • C Taylor

    C Taylor

    Ora fa

    @Markus s Oh. Oh that's right i forgot toki died in a castle fire.

  • Markus s

    Markus s

    Ora fa

    @C Taylor that was odens daughter hiyori who told zoro

  • C Taylor

    C Taylor

    Ora fa

    @Markus s his wife.

  • Markus s

    Markus s

    2 ore fa




  • Omri ben shushan
    Omri ben shushan5 ore fa

    this is just a small preview for whats coming after the flashback

  • Gianluca Sighinolfi
    Gianluca Sighinolfi6 ore fa

    BLOWN AWAY!!! Movie like realy epic animation!

  • maujavier91
    maujavier916 ore fa

    movie level

  • Indrid Cole
    Indrid Cole8 ore fa

    Kaido is stronger then oden i think

  • Markus s

    Markus s

    Ora fa

    @Yung Frendi i think that they were equal but now kaido is stronger

  • Yung Frendi

    Yung Frendi

    7 ore fa

    i think he has more feats but oden wouldve made it a more difficult time for kaido

  • Alex Athayde
    Alex Athayde10 ore fa

    Show !

  • jeremy roberts
    jeremy roberts10 ore fa

    Man how tf is Luffy going to defeat kaido. To me it just seems like there is far too much of a power gap between them. I really don’t see luffy winning in a 1v1, I think it’ll have to be a team effort to take him and his beast pirates down

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    Just wait and don’t forget he got a large power boost

  • DoubleTimePlays
    DoubleTimePlays10 ore fa

    I’m on rp 300 something so I have no idea what’s going on lol

  • Andron Hillhouse
    Andron Hillhouse10 ore fa

    That Kaido scream....cinematic perfection💖💖

  • Flyboybravo1
    Flyboybravo111 ore fa

    hearing Kaido screaming in pain gives me goosebumps everytime.

    IIIAHMIII14 ore fa

    So Kaido is actually not that tuff. Im now thinking luffy will have a chance.

  • The GOAT Rammus

    The GOAT Rammus

    4 ore fa

    kaido's dragon form is his weakest form. He has 2 other forms that are stronger.

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    Well don’t underestimate oden

  • Mr Endeavor
    Mr Endeavor15 ore fa

    I wish i was in one piece and not bnha Shootoooooo

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith16 ore fa

    I just hope zorro uses odens move to finish off kaido with enma

  • Markus s

    Markus s

    Ora fa


  • lll Tchongo lll
    lll Tchongo lll16 ore fa

    Wano animation is so exaggerated

  • Kenneth Karani
    Kenneth Karani16 ore fa

    Disgraceful from the beast pirates but still think Kaido would have won, although would probably taken a few days to get a winnner. Oden just scarred Kaido and he kept moving like nothing happened, Kaido built different.

    MARZOSIRUS17 ore fa

    Kaido is a loser. Any Kaido fanboys have no excuse anymore.

  • dark beltre
    dark beltre17 ore fa

    oden nitoryu

  • Cesar Vilca
    Cesar Vilca17 ore fa


  • Johnny Brown
    Johnny Brown18 ore fa

    Proof that Zoro still has a ways to go , unparalleled strength and focus.

  • Anthony


    17 ore fa

    Well kaido is definitely stronger now

  • Manny Eto
    Manny Eto19 ore fa

    Bro, I thought all this time that Oden lost fair and square to Kaido. Turns out he would have won if that ugly old woman wouldn't have tricked him!😡

  • NotTheWheel
    NotTheWheel19 ore fa

    D R A M A T I C F I N I S H

  • Conner Simon
    Conner Simon20 ore fa

    Oda should’ve let him shine more rip oden 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Mane
    Mane20 ore fa


  • {‽Lúcifer Morningstar‽}
    {‽Lúcifer Morningstar‽}20 ore fa

    Togen totsuka !!!!!!!!!

    MUDAYT21 ora fa

    🔥 oden is a god ,i mean the storyline within rach execution of one Piece so far is amazing.

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy21 ora fa

    0:55 pandaman lol

  • LUXK 701

    LUXK 701

    19 ore fa

    he creeps me out

  • Andrew Wiater
    Andrew Wiater22 ore fa

    Oden was cheated

  • Dbz Lover
    Dbz Lover22 ore fa

    Damn it's moments like these that make me a proud Op fan

  • Sivaslı
    Sivaslı22 ore fa


  • alienzq
    alienzq22 ore fa

    Is that how kaido got his scar?

  • ashton minch

    ashton minch

    22 ore fa


  • Teusin fdskkkj
    Teusin fdskkkj23 ore fa

    A animação desse ep foi a melhor de One Piece até agora slk

  • Jimay Osman
    Jimay Osman23 ore fa

    I wish they never show us the past and luffy fought kaido the past is soooooo long

  • Madarinha
    MadarinhaGiorno fa

    is oden the new zoro student ?

  • eleodoro de la fuente

    eleodoro de la fuente

    22 ore fa


  • Mehdi Benz
    Mehdi BenzGiorno fa

    This vidéo looks like zoro vs miwaks

  • Zakaria Oub
    Zakaria OubGiorno fa

    Mihawk vs oden 😨😨

  • Zakaria Oub

    Zakaria Oub

    22 ore fa

    @eleodoro de la fuente i know just imagine how much that fight will be glorious

  • eleodoro de la fuente

    eleodoro de la fuente

    22 ore fa

    Oden dead

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey BunnyGiorno fa


  • izmir jera
    izmir jeraGiorno fa

    Out of context but i cant wait to see The real power of dragon ( revolution army) his haki abilities

  • nccchicko
    nccchickoGiorno fa

    Damn how did he loose

  • LUXK 701

    LUXK 701

    19 ore fa

    well an old lady pretended to be his son so oden went to save him and kaido hit him in the head knock him out

  • NEOS 543
    NEOS 543Giorno fa

    thats just one comander in whitebeards crew, goes to show that Primebeard and roger were star levels above the yonko

  • The GOAT Rammus

    The GOAT Rammus

    4 ore fa

    nah kaido would have bodied oden in his hybrid form or base form. dragon form is his weakest by far

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    Kaido most likely would have won if he went into hybrid form

  • annoying Asshole

    annoying Asshole

    22 ore fa

    You do realise this isn't prime kaido

  • denis menace
    denis menaceGiorno fa

    Toei Really Isn't Holding Back With The Animation. WANO has The Most Beautifully Choreographed, Coordinated, Animated Fight Sequences I Have Ever Seen. Can't Wait For Onigashima.

  • AGT007
    AGT007Giorno fa

    Yall telling the Boro breath knocked him back and he double jumped to cut kaido

  • AGT007
    AGT007Giorno fa

    You know how hard it is to maneuver in geta sandals? This man can do it all

  • AGT007
    AGT007Giorno fa

    The goat what if protagonist fr

  • Teshy Sema
    Teshy SemaGiorno fa

    Ah man, I really wanna get back into one piece but I stopped like 3 years ago after marineford arc 😔 it's so much to catch up on

  • Isaiah S. Lewis
    Isaiah S. LewisGiorno fa

    Animation has been so crisp 👌🏾

  • Ryuu
    RyuuGiorno fa

    WTH! They didn't give Oden justice in the anime, Kaido didn't even get up or change form in the mango after Oden's attack, plus he was terrified when Odin tried charging him to finish him. smh

  • Roberto Mendoza
    Roberto MendozaGiorno fa

    Ppl are saying zoro may be the one with the final attack on kaido

  • Roberto Mendoza

    Roberto Mendoza

    Giorno fa

    @Andy Chumpe oden just wasn't stong enough

  • Andy Chumpe

    Andy Chumpe

    Giorno fa

    kaido remained standing after the attack

  • hot & mallow
    hot & mallowGiorno fa

    Why does this just not look like one piece at all?

  • LUXK 701

    LUXK 701

    19 ore fa

    well toei is puttin in alot of work coz they have more animators but less time

    TWO PIECEGiorno fa

    luffy + zoro = oden

  • luiz henrique
    luiz henriqueGiorno fa

    Dragon Ball Z

  • Lukas Ferreira
    Lukas FerreiraGiorno fa

    "1 On 1 Kaido wins" Oden:Hold my boiled.

  • Marc
    MarcGiorno fa

    Now think of when zoro gonna hit him with Asura with this animation... I got goosebumps from just imagine it

  • Alvaro Mardones
    Alvaro MardonesGiorno fa

    Not good every frame; but still nice fought.

  • Lintao He
    Lintao HeGiorno fa

    those knee hairs tho

  • OneAutumnLeaf
    OneAutumnLeafGiorno fa

    Just lost all respect for kaido, strongest creature my a*s, had to resort to such underhanded trick smh

  • Lane Anderson
    Lane AndersonGiorno fa

    Now toei just needs to upgrade their sound design

  • Light Craft
    Light CraftGiorno fa

    People still watch this lol

  • The GOAT Rammus

    The GOAT Rammus

    4 ore fa

    the best on going show of all time? yes. go watch boruto

  • Light Craft

    Light Craft

    Giorno fa


  • The Real Deal

    The Real Deal

    Giorno fa

    Watching the best show ever? Yea

  • Real Virute
    Real ViruteGiorno fa

    The soundtrack 😭😭😭❤

  • Nithin Issac
    Nithin IssacGiorno fa

    the very very strongest makes it 10x better

  • Guten Morning
    Guten MorningGiorno fa

    I didnt know that Oden could fly like that

  • Sham Adams
    Sham AdamsGiorno fa

    It's so weird seeing Kaido in a weaker position.

  • Gustavo Suarez
    Gustavo SuarezGiorno fa

    Quite disappointed by the action direction this time. It totally didn't feel like One Piece.

  • SawFX
    SawFXGiorno fa

    Then some one with big fire head say attack on titan better just listen to the ost🔥🔥

  • Walton
    WaltonGiorno fa

    This Haoshoku cut...

  • CryptoBandit
    CryptoBanditGiorno fa

    Oden GOAT of whole OP

  • Roan de hertogh
    Roan de hertoghGiorno fa

    next episode :(((

  • Rasta Tapita
    Rasta TapitaGiorno fa

    Uff ❤

  • Gabriel Benjamin Urueña
    Gabriel Benjamin UrueñaGiorno fa


  • Werner Fourie
    Werner FourieGiorno fa

    That Kairo scream has got to be one of the best sounds in this whole arc.

  • Gamma Bursta
    Gamma BurstaGiorno fa

    The chaddest chad of all One piece

  • Yousuckatcookingg
    YousuckatcookinggGiorno fa

    Anyone know when the start of the raid is gonna be animated so i can tune in weekly again?😭

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    Like 2 episodes or something

  • XHDOX DAVID 2003
    XHDOX DAVID 2003Giorno fa

    La animación está Hermosa la fluidez es impecable 100/10

  • EnzoH S2
    EnzoH S2Giorno fa

    Oden Não é Oden, Se Não Estiver Fervendo

  • GinSword
    GinSwordGiorno fa

    Looks like Zoro and Oden share the same theme...

  • Rune Scape
    Rune ScapeGiorno fa

    Until I watched what happened it didn't make sense that oden lost to kaido. Kaido will lose to the straw hats. His lack of ambition and integrity will be his downfall.

  • Ciise Hassan
    Ciise HassanGiorno fa

    Where is the ONE ON ONE KAIDO WINS fanboys? 🤡

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    Well this isn’t his prime, plus he wasn’t in his hybrid form he would still probably beat oden

  • Ciise Hassan
    Ciise HassanGiorno fa

    kaido couldnt even beat oden in a fair 1v1, or TRY to because he knew he never stood a chance. thats "strongest creature" for you 🤡

  • SirEvilestDeath
    SirEvilestDeathGiorno fa

    There is no way Toei animated this scene. Who did they outsource it to?

  • samuel robertson
    samuel robertsonGiorno fa

    I wish one piece would get new sound effects.

  • Tyler Japal
    Tyler JapalGiorno fa

    I think Kaido is weaker in his dragon form Dragon

  • : l
    : lGiorno fa

    Good animation

  • Razer
    RazerGiorno fa

    If only 7 deadly sins had this level of animation..

  • Erik fp
    Erik fpGiorno fa

    terrible adaptation jesus christ

  • sami Mussi

    sami Mussi

    Giorno fa

    You don't understand nothing about animation

  • Pietro O Mugiwara
    Pietro O MugiwaraGiorno fa

    Oden > kaido

  • DavieBaby87
    DavieBaby87Giorno fa

    That old hag really screwed all of us out of one of the greatest fights in the series.

  • Allexxmor
    AllexxmorGiorno fa

    This has more frames than the entirety of dressrosa combined.

  • Alexander The Grape
    Alexander The GrapeGiorno fa

    Finally waited months for this to be adapted, and it surely did not disappoint

  • wail27
    wail27Giorno fa

    why does every anime use the dragon ball ki blast sound effect

  • Sloothman
    SloothmanGiorno fa

    Remember when everyone used to fear Kiado?

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The GreatGiorno fa

    I gotta catch up I'm still were luffy got captured 😅

  • Minjae Song
    Minjae SongGiorno fa

    Oden wouldn’t be oden if it wasn’t boiled!

  • Stggc Fghjvxfr
    Stggc FghjvxfrGiorno fa

    Manga>anime 😅

  • Errupt


    9 ore fa

    @Markus s the anime did this scene better

  • Markus s

    Markus s

    Giorno fa

    @Aln Dlc its not

  • Aln Dlc

    Aln Dlc

    Giorno fa

    Big 🧢🧢

  • Jordan Auza
    Jordan AuzaGiorno fa

    Spoiler: To actually hurt kaido and big mom you have need conquers haki and put it on your weapon and then fight them if not they mostly do no damage(Kaido said only the few people can do that even if you have conquers haki.)

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