Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil


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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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  • Kani Garcia
    Kani Garcia7 minuti fa

    Vamos por los 20 millones

  • Beba Garcia
    Beba Garcia15 minuti fa

    Demi got me crying in my car at 8am 🥲🥲

  • Only Yoon!
    Only Yoon!26 minuti fa

    I typed healing and was brought to Demi's song. Bless her

  • Chelsea Larson
    Chelsea Larson29 minuti fa

    I really appreciate her for her bravery and for owning everything she's gone through.

  • Gabriele Beatriz
    Gabriele Beatriz32 minuti fa

    algum brasileiro ?

  • Megan Venice Abilos
    Megan Venice Abilos34 minuti fa

    You're so beautiful, Demi.

  • Ellen Martin
    Ellen Martin38 minuti fa

    It hurts to see Demi like this to recreate that night for her. I love Demi too just like the rest of you guys. I watched this music video when it first came out and I felt sad of what happened to her. Demi is still a inspiration to all of us and still are one. Dealing with anxiety and depression is something that I can understand because I’m going thru that as well since I was in my early teens and I’m still going thru it. Demi, we will always love you and support you every day to keep you happy. Because we need to focus on helping ourselves only to get better...and never let anyone take advantage of the situation anymore. We have the power to say yes or no but we also need to rely on someone to help us out when we need them.

  • Nikoletta Theodoropoulou
    Nikoletta Theodoropoulou43 minuti fa

    I cry because i see that woumen even though he was going through all this he comes and shows us what he has gone through and real congratulations for the strength he had to bring out this vindeoclip!!!!!👏🏻♥️👏🏻💓

  • E A
    E A52 minuti fa

    are u sad :(

  • SwagStayStrong
    SwagStayStrong53 minuti fa

    I just want to cry.

  • Sandra Mackels
    Sandra Mackels59 minuti fa

    I think it's not just about the drugs, it's about the devil himself

  • K P
    K POra fa

    this is amazing

  • soinu foig
    soinu foigOra fa

    Essa música significa tanta coisa.. só quem passou por isso sabe..

  • ILove Morissette
    ILove MorissetteOra fa

    First impression: I really lliiiike andloove it

  • Ayesha Rodrigo
    Ayesha RodrigoOra fa


  • Christa Sloan
    Christa Sloan2 ore fa

    i wish those hotlines actually helped. those people just hang up sometimes when they dont know what to say. i love the message of the song, and demi is a survivor i don't care what anyone says. all the BS in this world is truly that, BS. Queen.

  • Pam Cameron
    Pam Cameron2 ore fa

    Amen Demi ❤

  • camila Fontan
    camila Fontan2 ore fa

    Me encanto

  • Paula Rubies
    Paula Rubies2 ore fa

    Dios llevo 17 días diciendo lo mismo ESTÁ CANCIÓN ES ARTE

  • Keisha G
    Keisha G3 ore fa

    Thank you for sharing your story. This honesty is a breath of fresh air and a topic that is so real yet not talked about a lot in music. Wow.

  • Kateřina Koutná
    Kateřina Koutná3 ore fa


  • Amy Brown
    Amy Brown4 ore fa

    I love you demi, your amazing, brave and beautiful.

  • Carol Wanjiku
    Carol Wanjiku4 ore fa

    Her music never disappoints☺️☺️i just love her so much❤️

  • Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât
    Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât4 ore fa

    I'm French et je suis tombé Love de vous il y a 8 ans, 😇💎💎💎💍💖💙🤍❤😘🥰🌸💐💐🌹🌹🌹

  • Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât
    Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât4 ore fa


  • Jahrasta Marley
    Jahrasta Marley4 ore fa

    She has the same jacket than the night of her OD and I find that super powerful ❤️

  • amelia kent
    amelia kent4 ore fa

    You are such a strong person ❤️! i felt each and every words ! Thankyou for this masterpiece!

  • keyler ago
    keyler ago5 ore fa

    always by your side

  • Alice Driscoll
    Alice Driscoll5 ore fa

    Demi is so strong, I feel so bad that she had to go through that near death experience 😖 she is and hopefully yours too, my queen 👑💍👸💅✊

  • Baba Cmn
    Baba Cmn5 ore fa

    It’s crazy how everything is just as she described it

  • MaKàya Cheyenne
    MaKàya Cheyenne6 ore fa

    and that’s on taking my last drink 3 nights ago after listening to this. addiction ain’t pretty- check on ya friends they ain’t having fun. humbly i needed this. 🤍

  • Ulima Maria
    Ulima Maria7 ore fa


  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams7 ore fa

    Love the song especially as I can relate in way. But anyone else got that country vibe, idk sounds like Carrie Underwood a lil bit

  • Dana Muller
    Dana Muller7 ore fa

    I'm really tired of her victimizing herself. It's old. She isnt a hero. She's a liar.

  • Emma Kobs
    Emma Kobs7 ore fa

    I hope we can tell artists that they don't HAVE to sell their deepest pain to be relevant or make money, jesus

  • Ramon Felix
    Ramon Felix7 ore fa


  • Ramon Felix
    Ramon Felix7 ore fa


  • Ramon Felix
    Ramon Felix7 ore fa


  • Ramon Felix
    Ramon Felix7 ore fa


  • Max Bower
    Max Bower8 ore fa

    Praying for you!

  • Koda Soda
    Koda Soda8 ore fa

    I have so much fucking respect for you thank you for letting us in I honestly love you

  • Dj Radtke
    Dj Radtke8 ore fa


  • briana Gutierrez
    briana Gutierrez8 ore fa

    It's so sad to see celebrities start out fine and turn out like this turning to alcohol and drugs to help their problems and end up killing themselves because of it or committing suicide is just very sad😔

  • Alejandro Butera
    Alejandro Butera8 ore fa


  • ceci glez
    ceci glez9 ore fa

    Demi, I admire you and I love u so much, you are a brave survivor, you inspire me in many respects, thank you therefore ✨

  • kadence e
    kadence e9 ore fa

    holy shit

  • MelarryO
    MelarryO9 ore fa

    Next, she's gonna repent, find religion, get god and turn to doing christian music.

  • Kiya Silwal
    Kiya Silwal9 ore fa

    Ily demi

  • Julyana Dantas
    Julyana Dantas9 ore fa

    In depression,i Love you Demi.Br😔😞😟😢

  • Gloria Rangel
    Gloria Rangel10 ore fa


  • Melanie Harris
    Melanie Harris10 ore fa

    She's such a strong women. I love her

  • Ken Hasibar
    Ken Hasibar10 ore fa

    What's the best thing about a Demi Lovato song? When she's done "singing." God, I'd rather hear cats fighting in the street.

  • Maria Eduarda Venancio Peres Silva
    Maria Eduarda Venancio Peres Silva10 ore fa

    é assustador o quão sincera ela foi na música inteira, mostrando e contando tudo serio, eu to mt mt emocionada, a demi entregou tudo e muito mais, uma sobrevivente DEFINITIVAMENTE

  • aiiiiwabee
    aiiiiwabee10 ore fa

    Wow. I got chicken skin thinking about the amount of courage it took to pretty much re-enact the exact scenarios...

  • Gabriel Michalovicz
    Gabriel Michalovicz10 ore fa

    That reminded me Devil's Trill Sonata.

  • Abby
    Abby10 ore fa

    this song gives me chills every time i hear it, in love with this album ♥︎

  • Rebecca Critcher
    Rebecca Critcher10 ore fa

    For her to use dialysis machine means she has a very bad liver, it's not functioning as it should probably from all the alcohol she drank. It would have been hard to write this song with all its honesty

  • HicksLove Healing
    HicksLove Healing11 ore fa

    “Lord I’m sorry, for dancing with the devil” I felt that!

  • Leah Rocks
    Leah Rocks11 ore fa

    U look so good in that green sweater 😉😉😉😉

  • Arielle Sorel
    Arielle Sorel11 ore fa

    We need to make this song go viral!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕

  • Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    8 ore fa


  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe11 ore fa


  • Gio Tanjutco
    Gio Tanjutco11 ore fa

    That's why you use autotune and I don't HAHAHAHHAHA

  • Dream smp Edits

    Dream smp Edits

    11 ore fa

    Wow you really did something, she really won’t have life after that Gio😐

  • Nicole Martin
    Nicole Martin11 ore fa

    A girl from my dorm just died two nights ago from alcohol poisoning and was found like demi is described here. I literally listened to this on the night she died without knowing it. Young might seem fun but some drugs can actually kill you and you can be gone too soon. Please be careful.

  • Siara Gaustad
    Siara Gaustad12 ore fa

    You’re so strong queen

  • Beeh Escandiel
    Beeh Escandiel12 ore fa


  • Mariana L B
    Mariana L B13 ore fa

    So, it is true that you actually bullied your classroom mates while in high school? thank god i was in the right side #s3l

  • Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    12 ore fa


  • Omgisthatnessa
    Omgisthatnessa13 ore fa


  • morgan becker
    morgan becker13 ore fa

    I’ve watched this video about a thousand times

  • izadora carcheno
    izadora carcheno13 ore fa

    Perfeita de mais♥️

  • WhosKirito
    WhosKirito13 ore fa

    1:36 that stare was very creepy. But u do u demi

  • aly be
    aly be13 ore fa

    I lost my mom to an overdose of cocaine. She had a seizure because of it and she went brain dead. Regardless of her drug struggle i made sure to let her know i loved her. I didnt want to cause her more guilt by bringing her down when she was around.

  • Kaitlyn Karsgaard
    Kaitlyn Karsgaard13 ore fa

    thank you for this demi

  • Rasi Plunkett
    Rasi Plunkett13 ore fa

    Her being brave enough to be vulnerable like this is going to help so many people.

    JULIANA13 ore fa

    Queen ♥️🇧🇷

  • Emilly Mariana
    Emilly Mariana13 ore fa

    Linda 😍😍

  • Alyssa Ann
    Alyssa Ann13 ore fa


  • Tzeitel McCormick
    Tzeitel McCormick14 ore fa

    Not my preferred genre of music, but a hella lot better than the stupid crap that Cardi B makes and calls music. Why isn't Demi Levoto's songs on the number one list above crap like Cardi B's. Demi's is actually about stuff she and others have been through.

  • live through this
    live through this14 ore fa

    The song speaks to my soul🙏💖💕

  • Jasper Kendall
    Jasper Kendall14 ore fa

    I literally cried my eyes out, and felt this deep in my soul. And I can feel her pain n see her pain.. and I love demi I've been a big fan for many years. Since like sonny with a chance, camp rock. And Its hard to see her in this deep scary place. I mean I knew about her addiction. But I never never knew it was this serious..

  • Maria Isabella
    Maria Isabella14 ore fa

    Deus abençoe

  • Marcos vinicius
    Marcos vinicius14 ore fa


  • Lainie Carlton
    Lainie Carlton14 ore fa

    Her voice about her struggles is amazing and beautiful and how she uses her voice and having to re-live the tragic day is just heartbreaking.

  • Rachel Cross
    Rachel Cross14 ore fa

    Whoever dislike is a cold hearted motherTUCKER!!! like come on. She made this song to show what she went through and not everything is perfect. So whoever disliked is a freaking loser. Tysm.

  • Verônica Reis
    Verônica Reis15 ore fa


  • Julia Ribeiro
    Julia Ribeiro15 ore fa


  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores15 ore fa

    Whoever is reading this I love you.

  • The one And only
    The one And only15 ore fa

    This was me once and I've been sober 9 years now.... My life is so much fuller now.. You can do this Demi

  • Calista Mitsy

    Calista Mitsy

    13 ore fa

    Proud of you!! ☺️

  • Grace Stevens
    Grace Stevens15 ore fa

    I am a Christian. I don't agree with some of the things demi lovato stands for but I do know she is a strong person who is one of the greatest female role models this world will see. Plus she makes amazing music. I am sorry she had to go through such awful things and I have seen some really awful things myself. I know how hard it is to watch someone at the hospital after an overdose and not know if they'll be okay. Please keep being a survivor demi. The world needs you.

  • Quinndrel Jones
    Quinndrel Jones15 ore fa

    Everyone : yaaaas 🥰 God : 😇

  • Maidson Bruno
    Maidson Bruno15 ore fa

    Que música linda 😍❤️

  • Olivia Stogryn
    Olivia Stogryn15 ore fa

    I havent experienced substance abuse but I have experienced depression anxiety and self harm sometime I feel like I'm not good enough so I know where Demi Lovato is coming from 😭😭

  • Flafel_ Lady_
    Flafel_ Lady_16 ore fa

    احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج احبج

  • Isioma Stewart
    Isioma Stewart16 ore fa

    This video is an actual insult to all health care workers, myself included. You clearly don't want help, let us focus on the ones that actually do and/or who have terminal illness

  • Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    12 ore fa

    insult? WHY???

  • Pugette Pugs
    Pugette Pugs16 ore fa

    This song is hypnotizing because you FEEL it's real to the core for her and for many people.

    MELODY16 ore fa

    Aded to your playlist ✔️

  • ari c
    ari c16 ore fa

    She deserves the world

  • Suzy alice
    Suzy alice16 ore fa

    Thanks to her i'm actually one year clean off drugs and still going strong.

  • 「ッ C O F F E E B E A N ッ」
    「ッ C O F F E E B E A N ッ」16 ore fa

    My father over dosed on melatonin and passed in his sleep

  • Sateka
    Sateka16 ore fa

    i feel that on so many levels.. You are so strong..we are so strong.

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