Mayweather vs. McGregor World Tour: Toronto

Day 2 on the Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour.


  • Twente Games
    Twente Games6 ore fa


  • Henry Page
    Henry Page14 ore fa

    this build-up is better than the best of WWE promos. amazing

  • NathannRaquels Daddy
    NathannRaquels Daddy18 ore fa

    F punk mayweather. Put that ugly pos in the cage with the notorious and it WOULD BE OVER in 1 rd. Fact.

  • Asif Bacchus
    Asif BacchusGiorno fa

    Anyone know conor entrance song?

  • information 100
    information 1003 giorni fa

    Just l0OK at last minutes when they came face to face they were laughing and having a conversation lol it just shows how cool they were ...what ever they said was just for promo and hype they both are business men

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma4 giorni fa

    When he said that's it after seeing money from bag is hilarious

  • Ren Nohara
    Ren Nohara4 giorni fa

    A joke

  • thongthep wattanaseneetham
    thongthep wattanaseneetham4 giorni fa

    Who here after Conor broke his leg

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma5 giorni fa

    Floyd is like yeaaah yeaaah alarm

  • Rambo Assil
    Rambo Assil5 giorni fa

    Lol Mayweather camp rolling in tears laughing lol.

  • Legion 187
    Legion 1875 giorni fa

    Lmao, Connor watching Mayweather dancing is hilarious af

  • Swapy Bond - The Biker
    Swapy Bond - The Biker5 giorni fa

    Like him or hate him, combat sports will lose its appeal without McGregor.

  • Mandiolo Bombado
    Mandiolo Bombado6 giorni fa

    this is so funny to watch lol

  • SergioosFitness
    SergioosFitness6 giorni fa

    We all know he would’ve lost under 10 seconds in mma with him 😂😂

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma6 giorni fa

    21:14 It just destroyed the confidence of whole crew of Mayweather

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma6 giorni fa

    Shut your foooooking mouth is best

  • Cleiton sampaio
    Cleiton sampaio7 giorni fa

    29.10 name is theme song ?

  • Paul
    Paul7 giorni fa

    Mc gregor is a scared boy ! that's why he's loud puffed up like a frog just before they get eaten .

  • Honest Player
    Honest Player8 giorni fa

    Coner you have win again They made the Name though you

  • Doug Wallace
    Doug Wallace8 giorni fa

    My daddy used to say, "The good thing about life, is sometimes things can get settled in a plain old 'scuffle' " !!!

  • Travel sphere
    Travel sphere8 giorni fa

    Everytime this asshole shows up conor get his ass beaten

  • Ryan
    Ryan9 giorni fa

    When he took that flag I thought Conor was gonna kick the shit out of him

  • GTR Gaming
    GTR Gaming9 giorni fa


  • Satyam Shrivastava
    Satyam Shrivastava10 giorni fa

    This never gets old! 🔥🔥

  • Clasher
    Clasher10 giorni fa

    I still come here for fun

  • Rad ROBLOX Channel
    Rad ROBLOX Channel10 giorni fa

    His daughter is gold digger after ALL her dad gave her and loved her she went to jail and her dad now will not give her money or love her until she learn

  • Tausif Khan
    Tausif Khan11 giorni fa

    I miss this trash talking conor

  • •Z RŌN
    •Z RŌN11 giorni fa

    what is the name of the song that we heard when mcgregor came to the stage

  • Nauris Tebernieks
    Nauris Tebernieks11 giorni fa

    Yeah, if that would be street fight ,then I’m sorry Floyd ..

  • AlphaCentauri24
    AlphaCentauri2411 giorni fa

    Mcgregor is fighter cum Entertainment - a star package for UFC!

  • Joerizal Sanchez
    Joerizal Sanchez11 giorni fa

    Holy shits

    FIVOS LIOGAS11 giorni fa

    Biggest fight in the history of fighting 😂 Ali Frazier were probably farmers

  • 5469551
    546955111 giorni fa

    people watch mma bcz of Conor

  • Gabriel Mokgosi
    Gabriel Mokgosi12 giorni fa

    This was so funny,,,

    YOUNG SLY12 giorni fa

    13:08 Floyd's daughter is like I'll dance for you mcgregor 😂

  • Yash Satam
    Yash Satam12 giorni fa

    I love the fact that they talk absolute shit about eachother yet have utmost respect towards eachother.

  • Fine Supplements
    Fine Supplements13 giorni fa

    This is exactly like the movie “The great white hype” only this really happened. Crazy

  • Pauline Aguirre
    Pauline Aguirre14 giorni fa

    The ahead comma phenotypically hug because facilities utrastructurally coil beside a vengeful day. uneven, enormous anime

  • Kevin Hauzel
    Kevin Hauzel15 giorni fa

    This guy can't even rap

  • manohar margonda
    manohar margonda15 giorni fa

    Conor 💥

  • Paulo Barroso
    Paulo Barroso18 giorni fa

    Mc Gregor tu foi pra area do cara kkkkkk

  • _NightShade_ Gaming
    _NightShade_ Gaming20 giorni fa

    Just the introduction is better than logan paul vs mayweather

  • Sandesh Magar
    Sandesh Magar22 giorni fa

    9:40 ...look at conor mouth chewing in his way😆


    Dana is lucky he found Conor..

  • imshinu Paul
    imshinu Paul23 giorni fa

    Conor 😅🤣😅🤣

  • Habner Habac
    Habner Habac26 giorni fa


  • بيضة هكر الٱصلي
    بيضة هكر الٱصلي26 giorni fa

    He's like Tomas Shelby but in real.

  • Sync it soccer
    Sync it soccer26 giorni fa

    Tbh Mayweather was trying to hard But Conor is just built different for this 😂😁

  • Alexis Gomez
    Alexis Gomez27 giorni fa

    Who’s that dude on the stage, get off the stage you’re irrelevant wayyyyy overrated rapper

  • margonda manohar
    margonda manohar28 giorni fa

    Conor 💥

  • Hey Baeuwb
    Hey Baeuwb28 giorni fa

    conner thought he could out trash talk the king of trash talk but Floyd know its ez work

  • Diptesh Sharma
    Diptesh Sharma29 giorni fa

    16:24 lmao

  • IVAN
    IVAN29 giorni fa

    "What about Ellerbee? will you feed that motherfcker?" SHT HAD ME DYING.

  • blxz 1
    blxz 1Mese fa

    Uhhhh I think there mic is muted💰

  • yaciine lhanouichi
    yaciine lhanouichiMese fa

    Last song ?!!

  • Ed1
    Ed1Mese fa

    Imagine can talk like Conor , defense like Floyd , hit like Buakaw . Damn !

  • Secret Supporter
    Secret SupporterMese fa

    They have a very awesome bass boost Soundsystem 😂🤣🤣

  • Abbasqulu12İranHizbullahŞie1979 MuhammedAliCaferi
    Abbasqulu12İranHizbullahŞie1979 MuhammedAliCaferiMese fa

    AllahMuhammedAli12İranHizbullahŞie313QasimSuleymani1979XameyniRahber14🇮🇷🇦🇿🇮🇶🚀🌏🕋🇮🇷Aşura Qudus Qarabağ Yemenn12

  • Abbasqulu12İranHizbullahŞie1979 MuhammedAliCaferi

    Abbasqulu12İranHizbullahŞie1979 MuhammedAliCaferi

    Mese fa

    Caferi Sp1412


    No.1 Trash Talker 🔥🔥 Best Speech by Connor ❤️

  • papui budoo
    papui budooMese fa

    The brave geometry observationally hop because sweatshirt iteratively invite than a busy second. jittery, loose equipment

  • Aci Debava
    Aci DebavaMese fa

    MC...... è un clawun molto ben addestrato. niente di più.. e lo abbiamo visto perdere come una femminuccia che fa catechismo.....

  • Aci Debava
    Aci DebavaMese fa

    È un pagliaccio.......

  • Outrageous
    OutrageousMese fa

    29:15 that syncs so good with their lips

  • Pinic GamerZ
    Pinic GamerZMese fa

    khabib is best world champian

  • Gillz lyta
    Gillz lytaMese fa

    I'm while

  • yapiks aris
    yapiks arisMese fa

    Best conférence ever

  • Daffa Ramadhan Husni
    Daffa Ramadhan HusniMese fa

    8:05 i bet flloyd say im my own boss

  • comment verified
    comment verifiedMese fa

    Floyd won the fight but my god did Connor win the press conferences 😂



  • Sangeen Hayat Babar
    Sangeen Hayat BabarMese fa

    Wait does this mean I am crazy because I knew mayweather was gonna win

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro HernandezMese fa

    Oh no not the stripper bitches😭😂😂😂

  • Sinut na prezidenta
    Sinut na prezidentaMese fa

    This is so clearly staged...they ain't even talking to each other.. thats why they didn't do it on mic...its all for the show

  • No Members
    No MembersMese fa

    Fuck Ohio

  • Maria Opetaia
    Maria OpetaiaMese fa

    Connie may dress classy but he don't have the words to match everything Mayweather do matches his attire,he don't even have to speak and he out shines Connie,Connie makes me Wana punch his lights out in a bad way disrespectfull fk

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie FigueroaMese fa

    This is when Mcgregor was done messing around and started speaking the truth.

  • Amit Thapa
    Amit ThapaMese fa

    You do something on that flag I will fuck you up Conor grab Floyd bag 🤣🤣

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3iceMese fa

    28:57 just take a look at Dana how he is behaving. I guess when people say Connor is his begotten son, I believe it.

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3iceMese fa

    Connor is actually the biggest bitch in the world haha !!

  • Aseem Singh
    Aseem SinghMese fa

    2:38 Conor focused on being chivalric went into the wrong side . Lmao 😂

  • Ryan Gennaro
    Ryan GennaroMese fa

    Why wasn’t drake wrapped in the Irish flag here?

  • keisham pradeep
    keisham pradeepMese fa

    Stage drama, excellent

  • Shirwa Yare
    Shirwa YareMese fa

    Now this is late joke drake is little bich

  • Wazza
    WazzaMese fa

    Looking back on it...its incredible this ever happened ! Absolute one off and so glad I experienced it

  • JiroYT
    JiroYTMese fa

    This makes the other Tiktok and ITfun conference so bad lol

  • The Highlight Real
    The Highlight RealMese fa


  • Troubled
    TroubledMese fa

    The gaudy clave encouragingly chase because hubcap repressingly confuse out a warm cord. penitent, onerous cucumber

  • SJD_
    SJD_Mese fa

    8:18 Dana laughing at Connor like dude your funny

  • Ez pd. Regmi
    Ez pd. RegmiMese fa


  • matt prior
    matt priorMese fa

    Turns out ,.....May cannot KO LP but was claiming before fight that he can KO both Paul brothers in one on two fight ! Glad that did not happened becoz he sure had lost the match just like his hat ! LP manged to stand tall and Jake as usual manged to piss of Mayweather !

  • lil patrick
    lil patrickMese fa

    3:20 me trying to impress my middle school crush

  • shahin PR
    shahin PRMese fa


  • Swev
    SwevMese fa

    kids were actually crazy for thinkin mayweather would lose to connor like what

  • Imlamar2k
    Imlamar2kMese fa

    F the mayweathers 😂😂

  • Fukra Singh
    Fukra SinghMese fa

    17:22 who the foock is that guy lol

  • Giorgi Lomaia
    Giorgi LomaiaMese fa

    Who would have thought that 3 years after floyd mayweather vs Logan Paul would be more entertaining 😃

  • be dd
    be ddMese fa

    That arena was filled with a bunch of conor jocksniffer who are just bandwagoner lmao.

  • be dd
    be ddMese fa

    I bet all the crowd is now a Mayweather fan after conor got destroyed lmao.

  • Langa Mamane
    Langa MamaneMese fa

    Conor is the best entertaining person ever 😂

  • chris7teen ✓
    chris7teen ✓Mese fa

    Ufc or boxing lol Hell ufc

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