Grian shows off his mc skin collection in Scar's stream (part3)

Grian trolling GoodTimesWithScar's stream while showing off his various skins in minecraft.


  • oskar johansson
    oskar johansson23 ore fa

    "I need that head", we all do scar... we all do

  • Maniac Miner
    Maniac Miner4 giorni fa

    I like how you had to specify MINECRAFT skin collection

  • Jademonas S2
    Jademonas S24 giorni fa

    the ariana GRIANde was amazing ngl

  • Eren Yaeger
    Eren Yaeger7 giorni fa


  • Dora Branch
    Dora Branch7 giorni fa

    Scar: sees scarecrow Also scar: it's a Christmas elf!!!😀

  • Dora Branch
    Dora Branch7 giorni fa

    Aw he looks so cute at the beginning with his little wings😭💖

  • Centuritron
    Centuritron8 giorni fa

    That purple & gold one reminded me so much of the Somnacanth armour from Monster Hunter Rise, it's probably a coincidence but it still shockingly similar to me. Also I'm convinced Grian has a folder on his computer specifically for his skins that he can change between at will, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's multiple GBs big

  • wobarry
    wobarry8 giorni fa


  • The White Raven
    The White Raven9 giorni fa

    Arianna griande

  • lynkx :P
    lynkx :P10 giorni fa

    "No more murder until I get Grande!"

  • EnchantedBooks:3!
    EnchantedBooks:3!10 giorni fa

    4:32 Did scar just curse?

  • zach


    8 giorni fa

    I think he said oh jesus

  • Wiki
    Wiki10 giorni fa

    7:02 Yuri Gagrian

  • Oliver Fuller
    Oliver Fuller12 giorni fa

    Well, I know he has way more skins than that, but there’s one important skin from season six that he left out....

  • Pikachu rivera
    Pikachu rivera12 giorni fa

    For everyone here is the origin of each skin that i know also note grian actually did this in order of how recently he used them Grian-its just his normal minecraft skin B double G- this was for a swap sort of joke in season 7 Snow Grian- this was for any winter or Christmas theme time Mumbo button Grian- why i call it that is this took place during the button in season 7 where he also obtained mumbo mustache which is a running joke in the hermitcraft and grian community Griande- Griande is a character from mid season 6 where for Sahara marketing they had Griande sing an open mic song about Mumbo Jumbo he also used it on the last episode of hermitcraft season 6 I believe correct me if I am wrong on that one Distortion Grian- this was from last ten episodes season 6 where he used a skin machine 100 times to many Space grian- I believe this was for the flying of the getting diamonds back in season 6 but idk Cute Grian- this was just for being cute for an meeting or event I forgot this one Creep Grian-This was for a joke in which he appeared up behind hermits in season 6 be putting his face on his head and tilting his head down and moving all the other sides of the head according to that Duck woman-was for a joke in season 6 where grian made a dare for hot potato where you make dares when you get it and there was a quack when she walked Golf Grian was for a special in hermitcraft season 6 in where Iskall Mumbo Jumbo and grian played gold in Cub's golf arena this episode not including the finale being the longest grian episode of hermitcraft season 6 Worker grian- I just entirely forgot lol Wizard Grian- Was from the Samgladator series with tarutis where he played a wizard Chest Grian- was for a cool things you can do with a skin video Hippy Grian- Was for a arc in season 6 with Ren to get his time machine back from the safety and paranormal cite that took the time machine. Princess Laya Grian- Was used for a special live event in Tokyo High ran by Samgladator in which they went to a event and played in front of audience doing a free style role play where he went to a costume party and sam got him the costume as a joke Scarecrow Grian- was for a role play just forgot what happened in it If you read all of this please give this a 👍

  • Pikachu rivera
    Pikachu rivera12 giorni fa

    If you know where princess laya grian was used from you are a legend

  • DC
    DC13 giorni fa

    That Griana Grande tho 😂

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie14 giorni fa

    Scar swears?

  • G
    G15 giorni fa

    Grian is a giga chad


    Wait scar uses a wheelchair ?

  • Raphael Prasadja
    Raphael Prasadja15 giorni fa

    Golden Experience

  • IronLass
    IronLass16 giorni fa

    Its moments like these that just makes me love their friendship.

  • Spooky Dookie36
    Spooky Dookie3617 giorni fa

    Looking at this in season 8, the golf grian hat looks like Scar’s tiny hat

  • ProPage2010
    ProPage201019 giorni fa


  • Reginald Vaughn
    Reginald Vaughn21 giorno fa

    Just broke the 666 comments

  • Merrick Laguren
    Merrick Laguren22 giorni fa

    Alternate title scar gets all grian’s heads

  • Da Ahmad
    Da Ahmad22 giorni fa

    13:48 That’s clearly a tomato

  • Outcast
    Outcast22 giorni fa

    How do they change their skins so fast? How is this possible?

  • Someone
    Someone23 giorni fa

    Scar: *sees Griande Scar: *starts crying

  • U̴i̸K̸e̵n̵t̴T̴h̷e̸K̴r̵e̶w̵F̷a̸m̸
    U̴i̸K̸e̵n̵t̴T̴h̷e̸K̴r̵e̶w̵F̷a̸m̸23 giorni fa

    Why is scar sitting on a wheel chair

  • Devyn Panchal

    Devyn Panchal

    7 giorni fa

    @U̴i̸K̸e̵n̵t̴T̴h̷e̸K̴r̵e̶w̵F̷a̸m̸ hes disabled

  • U̴i̸K̸e̵n̵t̴T̴h̷e̸K̴r̵e̶w̵F̷a̸m̸


    23 giorni fa

    @NedHuman i know im stupid ok? I wasnt there when the stream happended

  • NedHuman


    23 giorni fa


  • grimla
    grimla23 giorni fa

    upon checking namemc, i have found that he just passed 100 skins

  • Jackson Wilde
    Jackson Wilde24 giorni fa

    He could be the horde of split

  • Đỗ Tuấn Khôi
    Đỗ Tuấn Khôi25 giorni fa

    the only thing missing was the guinea pig skin

  • Mamad TGL
    Mamad TGL25 giorni fa

    Wait does scar have any problem

  • Hans Cephas E. Edem
    Hans Cephas E. Edem25 giorni fa

    I only have like a collection of maybe 16 skins, (made by me, I have my own Skindex account) and even though I'm not halfway through the video, I can already tell it's more than 30.

  • PenguinMan
    PenguinMan27 giorni fa

    Grian has a tiny hat!

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac29 giorni fa

    I love Ariana Griande

  • OverWims
    OverWimsMese fa

    8:35 I knew as soon as Grian made sure he was looking down which skin was next

  • Reagan Co
    Reagan CoMese fa

    hes such a dyslexic PLONKA

  • GGgamerr Realo
    GGgamerr RealoMese fa

    That bun goes well with that waffle

  • Jam
    JamMese fa

    I can’t believe scar named his sword “wheelchair armrest” at 3:02

  • Someone Random
    Someone RandomMese fa

    Scar should've made a grian heard museum and call it "the hall of grian"

  • Someone Random
    Someone RandomMese fa

    Scar should be honored! He had a one to one with Ariana Griande! I'm their biggest fan!

  • Salamence Robot
    Salamence RobotMese fa

    I love how at 4:40 he actually rolls his chair back to take a minute. That's hilarious.

    SLICK WOLFMese fa

    the only skin im used to seeing from grian is the link one back then when he got drunk

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph LewisMese fa

    yet we still dont know who was the person behind the mask?

  • Milkshake Draws
    Milkshake DrawsMese fa

    Grian’s next skin should be poultry man with a mustache

  • AmazingTrixie
    AmazingTrixieMese fa

    I watched this on stream and it was so funny and I was waiting for someone to clip it, thank you!

  • Greek gamer 2009
    Greek gamer 2009Mese fa

    Thats gonna scar him for life

  • Rocío Díaz
    Rocío DíazMese fa

    ariana griandeeeee

  • IWaffle Z
    IWaffle ZMese fa

    Grian - Collecting doors Scar - Collecting Grians head

  • Anna Pitts
    Anna PittsMese fa

    he has many personalities lol

  • ShardConsole
    ShardConsoleMese fa

    You have to wonder- where are all these heads now? And can we find them in the world download.

  • youwen zhang
    youwen zhangMese fa

    10:20 13:25 :D E-girl Grian XDDDDD

  • Garold Buuza
    Garold BuuzaMese fa

    LOL Ariana Griande


    Scar will have a Sulker box full of Grian head

  • Alice 3464
    Alice 3464Mese fa

    Thank you for the serotonin I really needed this xd

  • m2lansky
    m2lanskyMese fa

    A cod in space lol

  • Mr Bob
    Mr BobMese fa

    When you don’t realize how grian knows exactly what scar is saying until you realizes he is on stream

  • Gak R
    Gak RMese fa

    Ooo I remember some of those skins since 2015

  • Đức Anh
    Đức AnhMese fa

    What about the man in the chicken costume🤔🤔🤔

  • BlindingLight
    BlindingLightMese fa

    Grian does a little trolling

  • Chase Collins
    Chase CollinsMese fa

    Only true champs remember these skins from his days with Taurtis and Sam. They made a good group, but I'm glad to see Grian's still making videos.

  • Darshan Phale
    Darshan PhaleMese fa

    "A cod in space" I CANT STOP LAUGHING

  • Mr Pigeon
    Mr PigeonMese fa

    7:21 that's a codmonaut

  • The DMC Minecraft
    The DMC MinecraftMese fa


  • Corkeel
    CorkeelMese fa


  • Some One
    Some OneMese fa

    In Bedrock Edition, you don't need to leave the game in order to change your skin

  • Logan DaSilva
    Logan DaSilvaMese fa


  • Logan DaSilva

    Logan DaSilva

    Mese fa

    @Chase Collins huh, neat.

  • Chase Collins

    Chase Collins

    Mese fa

  • Skar
    Skar2 mesi fa

    Is this the Grian head hunt all over again

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus2 mesi fa


  • donovan li
    donovan li2 mesi fa

    Once I saw the smile I couldn’t un see it

  • Pc Helda
    Pc Helda2 mesi fa

    i forgot there was a bdubs in the drain

  • Sofia
    Sofia2 mesi fa

    There was a chest on his head, but his head was in his chest. Grian is playing 5d chess with skins.

  • Campbell Pead
    Campbell Pead2 mesi fa

    15 minutes of scar killing grian with different skins

  • CharlesDavid C. Syjueco
    CharlesDavid C. Syjueco2 mesi fa

    scar has a collection of grian heads

  • John Angel
    John Angel2 mesi fa

    How many skins does he have I'm scared..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................why...

  • Team Umbreon Gaming
    Team Umbreon Gaming2 mesi fa

    Scar needs to make a museum named Fifty Shades of Greyian

  • Invader Aid
    Invader Aid2 mesi fa

    Where was the Grianch?

  • joejoethehobo 101
    joejoethehobo 1012 mesi fa

    3 of them skins brought some memories back

  • Chase Collins

    Chase Collins

    Mese fa

    The good old days.

  • TheFrickin Potato
    TheFrickin Potato2 mesi fa

    Ariana Griande

  • MangoSimpx
    MangoSimpx2 mesi fa

    YHS Skins go brr

  • OyoTrons Gaming
    OyoTrons Gaming2 mesi fa

    When grian doing this when he not recording

  • Shaddowman
    Shaddowman2 mesi fa

    It's ultimate grian!!! 3:50

  • ShadowTheCat
    ShadowTheCat2 mesi fa

    Grian : **casually comes back in a girl grian skin*

  • Adriel Aganan
    Adriel Aganan2 mesi fa

    A cod in space -scar

  • The B
    The B2 mesi fa

    I never knew scar is on a wheelchair

  • dark rose
    dark rose2 mesi fa

    Love how they communicate even without chat

  • JellyMyst
    JellyMyst2 mesi fa

    08:48 I figured it was obvious what Grian's doing there. Is it really hard to figure out that he's looking down and the top of his head has his face on it?

  • Chase Collins

    Chase Collins

    Mese fa

    No, it's not. It's just cursed.

  • Piplo
    Piplo2 mesi fa

    We all need an Ariana Griande head in our lives...

  • Zarabatana Productions
    Zarabatana Productions2 mesi fa

    “I NEED THAT HEAD!” Scar, GoodTimesWith

  • No_Name
    No_Name2 mesi fa

    This is where you realize just how many alt skins Grian has. Because there is definitely more there!

  • John Manuel Pertimos
    John Manuel Pertimos2 mesi fa

    13:17 a buns with waffle

  • Hypernova X
    Hypernova X2 mesi fa

    free netherite ingot lmao

  • Sahilgid22
    Sahilgid223 mesi fa


  • Artastic_ Friend
    Artastic_ Friend3 mesi fa

    How does he switch skins so fast?

  • TheTripleJJJ 017
    TheTripleJJJ 0173 mesi fa

    13:44 it’s tomato grian If you get the reference you are a lad

  • SMPandanic
    SMPandanic3 mesi fa


  • Rhoel Saracho
    Rhoel Saracho3 mesi fa

    A cod in space

  • Dill'd Pickles
    Dill'd Pickles3 mesi fa

    I like how grian still has the wizard skin from Taurtis/Sam's WynnCraft series-es

  • Dill'd Pickles

    Dill'd Pickles

    29 giorni fa

    @Chase Collins yeah

  • Chase Collins

    Chase Collins

    Mese fa

    I was expecting to see the Griench

  • Jerian May Pancho
    Jerian May Pancho3 mesi fa

    Not wanting to put Dsmp here but Grian is kinda like Tubbo, they have multiple personas and you can still feel the chaotic energy radiating off of them without them saying a word

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