2CELLOS - Wake Me Up - Avicii [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


From our new album Celloverse - out now!
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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of Wake Me Up by Avicii

Video by Kristijan Burlovic
Story by 2CELLOS
Editing: Ivan Stifanic and 2CELLOS
Technical support: MedVid produkcija

Produced, mixed and mastered by 2CELLOS and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio, Zagreb)
Audio master for the video by Miro Vidovic


  • Mélanie Bernard
    Mélanie BernardGiorno fa

    C’est vraiment très excellent ❤️

  • Maria Clara
    Maria ClaraGiorno fa

    muito bom

  • anjei selikowsky
    anjei selikowskyGiorno fa




  • Rachel lee
    Rachel lee4 giorni fa

    Their smiles are LIFE!!!

  • Steven Bailey
    Steven Bailey4 giorni fa

    These guys are just smart 👏👏👏👏👏👏😊😊😊💥💥💥💥

  • Daniel Iltis
    Daniel Iltis4 giorni fa

    wow... just wow

  • Pam M
    Pam M4 giorni fa

    It's sometimes hard to believe their frantic motions actually produce a song

  • GalaxyWolfX
    GalaxyWolfX5 giorni fa

    these dudes go through bows faster than green arrow

  • Pujianto Blitar
    Pujianto Blitar6 giorni fa

    I found this at 2021 ..ohh i am so late

  • しゃあ
    しゃあ6 giorni fa


  • Engineering_buff
    Engineering_buff6 giorni fa

    Dentures at 3:09 is funny..

  • Backup
    Backup6 giorni fa

    If you listen closely with headphones, you can hear someone breathing all the time lol

  • kaka
    kaka6 giorni fa


  • Maia D
    Maia D7 giorni fa

    trop bien mais dommage pour les archets

  • Rebecca Bothwell
    Rebecca Bothwell7 giorni fa

    OMG awesome so so awesome 😍😍

  • たっぷり!チキンカツカレ!
    たっぷり!チキンカツカレ!8 giorni fa

    超いい、、、、、!! かっこよ、

  • burly636
    burly6368 giorni fa

    Just heard of these 2 Three weeks ago doing "living on a prayer. I loved it.

  • Protap Phangcho
    Protap Phangcho10 giorni fa

    Avicii song

  • Mo Pie_11
    Mo Pie_1110 giorni fa


  • Julie Rojas
    Julie Rojas10 giorni fa

    VIVA LA REBELDÍA jajaja bellos.

  • Andrija Vukanac
    Andrija Vukanac11 giorni fa

    8893 mal nein getippt und meiner Meinung nach das sind die die keine Ahnung vom Musik haben und sollen in Urwald oder Wüste leben

  • EmmaLolly
    EmmaLolly11 giorni fa

    I really like it! It's my favorite song! Congratulations from Slovenia! Bravo!👍🇸🇮

  • maxvl007
    maxvl00712 giorni fa

    Просто БОМБА!

  • Максим Ляскин
    Максим Ляскин12 giorni fa

    Гениально! 100500 тон драйва и задора! Зажигательно!

  • Martin Danuschewske
    Martin Danuschewske12 giorni fa

    I was looking for so long for a great piece like the one in "Master and Commander". Thank you so much!

  • Oleg Skand
    Oleg Skand13 giorni fa

    🤣🤣🤣👍 красавцы. Браво

  • foto Bibula
    foto Bibula14 giorni fa

    2069...plačem...koji ste vi genijalci...

  • Hye-seon Kim
    Hye-seon Kim14 giorni fa

    These two are so entertaining. I literally just fell upon them while browsing ITfun....im so glad I did! 😉👍🎻

  • Arion Halqe
    Arion Halqe14 giorni fa

    69 nice

  • Cool4Science
    Cool4Science15 giorni fa

    Goosebumps everytime

  • sonya sofii
    sonya sofii15 giorni fa

    This in 2021 year and i watch This music every single day

    ANO NYMOUS15 giorni fa

    I love this song it is the best for my😌

  • JoJos Bangers
    JoJos Bangers16 giorni fa

    This is one of the Priceless ones awesome guys🤩🎧📣❤🥰👑🎻🎼

  • j k
    j k16 giorni fa

    I would love to hear them play for real.. like a koncert or if it could be possible to hire them to come and play to a party. Violin is normal a booring instrument but it can play many beauty songs and this is just one of the best.. long time after i had watched this vid i did go and sing a melody i could not remember where i had heard but when i watched this vid again i now know that awsome music they play had burned into my brain XD i really want to hear them play this one for real..

  • ぽいくろ
    ぽいくろ17 giorni fa

  • YUKI
    YUKI17 giorni fa


  • JoJos Bangers
    JoJos Bangers17 giorni fa


  • JoJos Bangers
    JoJos Bangers17 giorni fa

    That must have been an awesome feeling free from the norm great video

  • Robert Olsen
    Robert Olsen17 giorni fa

    That was an awesome video

  • Ahmet Fatih Boyacıoğlu
    Ahmet Fatih Boyacıoğlu18 giorni fa

    me during quarantine: SO WAKE ME UP WHEN ITS ALL OVER

    DARBO19 giorni fa

    Brilliant makeup 👌 great video and music, pure talent right here ❤

    DARBO19 giorni fa

    2069 @1:57 😂😂😂😂😂👌

  • Matthew Thong
    Matthew Thong19 giorni fa

    I too want to live in an old folks home with them

  • 魚屋
    魚屋19 giorni fa


  • Людмила Олійник
    Людмила Олійник19 giorni fa

    Це потужна мотивація моїм внукам,дітям, мені,не важливо,що вони в житті обирають,важливо--воля і сила духу дійти мети і,звісно- природа до імпровізації Хлопці,ви ГЕНІЇ!🥰

  • duy kinh Nguyen
    duy kinh Nguyen20 giorni fa

    Love the way you shine

  • Dina Ivano
    Dina Ivano21 giorno fa

    Браво, Лука и Степан !!! Прекрасный экскурс из далекого, милого прошлого, в светлое будущее. Дальнейших творческих успехов. С любовью и уважением, ваша поклонница.

  • Susan Nesin
    Susan Nesin21 giorno fa

    Well when my daughter was playing cello 10 years ago. To have the bow rehaired was $250.00!!!

  • Роберт умний
    Роберт умний21 giorno fa

    Ну так классно,почему нового нет или я просто не нашла...скажите ,если есть, где искать. ПЛИЗЗ

  • Светлана Иванова

    Светлана Иванова

    11 giorni fa

    Ковид пришёл на Планету и многие разделились. У каждого теперь свой канал

  • Mary
    Mary21 giorno fa

    When I tell you this took me months to find again-

  • Mirjana Bozic
    Mirjana Bozic22 giorni fa

    Dva super ludjaka koji dobro sviraju😂👍

  • JLT
    JLT22 giorni fa

    You guys put to shame the authors of these songs. I bow down to your talent how you guys are just 2 men band. Much blessings👏🌟🌟

  • vanshika chopra
    vanshika chopra23 giorni fa

    avicii blessing them from heaven

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez23 giorni fa

    2069 . . . ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

  • kali wolf and Averi wolf  gaming
    kali wolf and Averi wolf gaming24 giorni fa

    Asome this is my fav one and only my fav

  • Valdis Cīrulis
    Valdis Cīrulis24 giorni fa

    Two of the most talented poeple I have ever seen.

  • Dolores Ventura
    Dolores Ventura25 giorni fa

    Bravo. 🎻🎻, 🎶🎼👏👏👏👏

  • APEXシーズン0からやってます
    APEXシーズン0からやってます25 giorni fa

    I feel ❤️

  • FAL4Dark FatherOfAllStorms
    FAL4Dark FatherOfAllStorms25 giorni fa

    I'm always wondering if, when I'll be 60 to 70 years old, I'll be reacting the same way I do right now as a 24 years old to songs like these...Will I be headbanging and taping my hands onto hard surfaces like I am now? Will I be ''jamming''? I hope I stay like this...

  • 豪傑
    豪傑26 giorni fa

    wait so you guys started practicing Wake Me Up in 1996?

  • 1derScore
    1derScore26 giorni fa

    this was the video that made me fell in love with cellos

  • Ayşe Işık
    Ayşe Işık27 giorni fa


  • sutirtha modak
    sutirtha modak28 giorni fa

    Its me in 2021..really music is awesome in my time (age 18)

  • maruzzella1950
    maruzzella195028 giorni fa

    The most of fun!

  • леха мочалов
    леха мочалов29 giorni fa


  • HCupr
    HCuprMese fa

    SUPER 👌👍

  • Auden DoesViolin
    Auden DoesViolinMese fa

    Hits even harder when he's gone. :'(

  • Hampus HH
    Hampus HHMese fa

    The way they treat their cellos is amazing...

  • Ольга Драганова
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  • Dina Mendur
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  • Monzur Morshed
    Monzur MorshedMese fa

    amazing performance

  • EpitonicMC
    EpitonicMCMese fa

    now we know how they'll look if they get old lol

  • 音色
    音色Mese fa

    They will Play in post-mortem world😂😂😂😂😂😂 Translation: google teacher. 合ってるかわからないなwww英語ちょっと苦手www

  • Alba Cammarano
    Alba CammaranoMese fa

    Via viva la libertà

  • Kako
    KakoMese fa

    Woah *2069* nice

  • Stan Kitzmann
    Stan KitzmannMese fa

    Absoukutly one of the best videos I have ever witnessed! HALLELUJAH!

  • Sahnetörtli
    SahnetörtliMese fa

    How good they performs it.

  • Greek Brick
    Greek BrickMese fa

    soo good

  • erika sahajova
    erika sahajovaMese fa

    Energy 😂😜😜👍👍

  • Piluca
    PilucaMese fa

    Sois fantásticos. En 2069 todos calvos pero vosotros perdurareis para siempre

  • Minh Nguyên Ngọc
    Minh Nguyên NgọcMese fa

    2 sellos chơi thật tuyệt , video hài hước . I am from Vietnam

  • pipindel Doka
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  • Gayle Proudfoot
    Gayle ProudfootMese fa

    How do their bows strings not snap when they are playing in the middle of a song

  • Yakuza
    YakuzaMese fa

    Ses ver Dudiya :D

  • Armelle Yoshi
    Armelle YoshiMese fa

    Waaw incroyable les frère liner ceux qu'on vu sa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IkoL2402
    IkoL2402Mese fa

    These are the best guys in the world

  • Ninja crypt
    Ninja cryptMese fa

    Congratulations you surpassed the original song!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Mary Kelleher
    Mary KelleherMese fa

    Whoever restrings their bows must make a mini fortune on them.

  • Murduk thai
    Murduk thaiMese fa

    hahahah crazy old man!

  • Black Mamba
    Black MambaMese fa

    SO Geil!!

  • niko Fernandez
    niko FernandezMese fa

    EDM king one of my favourite man miss you brother 😭😭

  • Crossing Fields
    Crossing FieldsMese fa

    Me: *Wishes for a electric guitar* My parents: *gets me pure white cello* Me: *Aspires to be the 2cellos* Thanks guys for the inspiration :D

  • Crossing Fields

    Crossing Fields

    Mese fa

    @Radixa Radhya Ramadhan Haryanto Thanks!

  • DHirani


    Mese fa

    You can be a rockstar kid! Even with a cello...

  • Radixa Radhya Ramadhan Haryanto

    Radixa Radhya Ramadhan Haryanto

    Mese fa

    good luck!

  • Zinethsri Jayanath
    Zinethsri JayanathMese fa

    Plz keep partnership for ever.I think never die it.💜💜💜

  • Rashmi Rai
    Rashmi RaiMese fa

    One of the rare modt peaceful comment section of ITfun

  • Adi P
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  • Tony Tony
    Tony TonyMese fa

    Hay vl

  • Светлана П
    Светлана ПMese fa

    На 2:00 один загримирован под Михалкова, а другой под Растроповича ))))

  • Selcuk Doganoglu
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  • üranüstengelenmanyak
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    Abi çok çok çok çok iyi inanılmaz yerimde duramıyorum

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