Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w18a Infested Blocks, Ramming Goats & Ore Vein Changes

Minecraft 1.17 The Caves \u0026 Cliffs Update Playlist ► itfun.info?list...
Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w18a polishes rams, adjusts infested block mining speed and shows us the latest changes to world generation in minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w17a Noodle Caves \u0026 Copper Changes


Large Ore Vein tweaks for snapshot 21w18a

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00:00 1.17 Changes in 21w18a
03:45 1.18 Datapack Changes
06:26 Bonus Ore Vein Insights


  • xisumavoid
    xisumavoidMese fa

    The next video will supposedly be episode 1000.... are you excited? What do you think it will be about?

  • matthew nelson

    matthew nelson

    Mese fa

    Deez nuts

  • Nathaniel Price

    Nathaniel Price

    Mese fa

    gRiaN hErMiTcRaFt SeAsOn 6 am i correct

  • Avron Schuttelaars

    Avron Schuttelaars

    Mese fa

    i think it will include the among us from Tango so i am excited!

  • Misael Joakim Søndergaard 8Y

    Misael Joakim Søndergaard 8Y

    Mese fa

    End update at 1.19?



    Mese fa

    I liked the honey bee skin of yours

  • goji
    goji5 giorni fa

    Dude these ore veins look EPIC this is gonna be SUCH a big improvement to the mining experience!!

  • matyrdoomツ
    matyrdoomツ20 giorni fa

    just realized his skin is the classic doom character

  • ThomasGrillo
    ThomasGrillo22 giorni fa

    Thanks for the update info, X. :)

  • Insert_Skin_Here
    Insert_Skin_HereMese fa

    1:48 looks like something that would happen in the background of AsianHalfSquat's videos

  • Saumon2021
    Saumon2021Mese fa


  • : epotato
    : epotatoMese fa

    Bedrock had the 2x slow infested stone before the snapshot

  • Wil.entity
    Wil.entityMese fa

    The Infested Blocks are only to Java, the speed was always slow.

  • Kyle
    KyleMese fa

    Apparently you can't smelt the raw blocks, it seems like you should be able to...

  • Mr. Octo
    Mr. OctoMese fa

    Please do nto become the axonlar. I like you as a bee.

  • Jeffrey Black
    Jeffrey BlackMese fa

    Just reading the patch notes for this, I notice they may have made an error in the infested stone, with that error corrected my previous comment no longer applies (at least not as much). Here it takes twice as long to break the blocks, but the patch notes states it takes half the time to break them. So was it actually meant to be half the time and they just coded it the wrong way around?

  • ibrahim Al-Amin
    ibrahim Al-AminMese fa

    Pls pls pls pls , give us a date for season 8

  • Taostered!
    Taostered!Mese fa

    Do you think that lava might be more common in mountains?

  • Demented Duskull
    Demented DuskullMese fa

    a fun minigame for 1.17 would be if several dressed armor stands were put on a floating island with a ton of goats, and then the players would bet on which armor stand would last the longest.

  • SPTimmer
    SPTimmerMese fa

    I think it'd be really cool if Oceans would be deeper as well in 1.18

  • DinoRaptor
    DinoRaptorMese fa

    Please invite Fwip in hermitcraft season8 Oh and invite SmalishBeans too Please

  • Cool bob997
    Cool bob997Mese fa

    When is 1.17 coming out😃

  • Kerem Bilgin
    Kerem BilginMese fa

    i think you used to play BooM very long time ago on mac. i miss that game....

  • kaewbun MinecraftEP
    kaewbun MinecraftEPMese fa


  • EvanYT Channel
    EvanYT ChannelMese fa

    Now i can see the difference of break time

  • Nataya Courteny
    Nataya CourtenyMese fa

    I was today years old when i found out that if you click an adult animal with a spawn egg it spawns a baby

  • FrozenAce
    FrozenAceMese fa

    1:04 Infested blocks were always slower on Bedrock Edition though, wasn't it also on Java?

  • GMD TheOnyxGuy
    GMD TheOnyxGuyMese fa

    3:22 Wait, same for raw gold? I mean raw gold, not only raw gold block

  • Priti janjalkar
    Priti janjalkarMese fa

    Snapshot of 1.17 coming unplayable because updates i have Intel hd graphics but 1.16.5 optifine give 60 fps snapshot need optifine

  • Ink Demon
    Ink DemonMese fa

    a :( for the guys who likes the xisuma bee skin

  • SneakyBoy 1999
    SneakyBoy 1999Mese fa

    These caves make digging straight down even more dangerous 🤔🤔

  • James
    JamesMese fa

    Bedrock edition already has longer block breaking times for infested blocks

  • ItsUnpug
    ItsUnpugMese fa


  • DaGuido
    DaGuidoMese fa

    im still not a fan of the reduced air exposure. i think they should in fact spore more ores that are visible. that would encourage exploring caves instead of stripmining

  • KarrotKeK
    KarrotKeKMese fa

    Infested stone has always worked like that in Bugrock.

  • Aadi
    AadiMese fa

    bruh They first added HUGE caves so that people stop boring stripmining and actually explore caves to find ores... but now they are making the ores spawn less in caves, wtf man.. So now we still have to stripmine? but where do we even stripmine most of the ground willl be covered by these huge caves.. Just tell us WHERE DO YOU WANT US TO FIND ORES ?!?!!!?!? Mojang made veins less rare, made ore veins smaller and less air exposur bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Then what is the fking point of a "Cave" a cave is literally the only place where you can find ores

  • Chris Bergsma
    Chris BergsmaMese fa

    This is literally going to be the most boring release ever

  • Nam Hồ Lê Phương
    Nam Hồ Lê PhươngMese fa

    Nice. 1.69 million subscribers

  • Invertland Productions
    Invertland ProductionsMese fa


  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwainMese fa

    I’m really not a fan of the new ore distribution. It looks like they’re making it seriously more difficult to find simple resources like iron and coal, and if that’s the case it’ll make the early game much more irritating.

  • simobomb64
    simobomb64Mese fa

    Bedrock players had infested stone for 10 jears now

  • djk629
    djk629Mese fa

    its a shame the new caves/height changes won't be in 1.17; when I played a few snapshots generation was actually quite smooth

  • Reavo End
    Reavo EndMese fa

    Want a haunted room? Fill it with dressed armor stands, plus goats that are invisible and silenced.

  • ƎYE
    ƎYEMese fa

    Infested blocks actually creep me out now... So i was mining in a cave and about to turn it i to my house... I got the door and furnaces set up and was making a second entrance because you never know! I decided to make it more spacious and started remodeling, mining the walls and ceiling when BAM! Silverfish popped out... I was like "ok" "no big deal its just the one" The only weapon i had was a pickaxe so i wacked em with it till he was dead... Then carried on! I mined a few more blocks and then suddenly the walls all break around me and silverfish start flooding the place!!! Im talkin like 20 of em and all i got is a pick and a shovel... I start wacking them but they keep comin so i get out of there and close the door behind me and start digging my way out but NOPE! Theres more freaking silverfish... So yeah i happened to have some TnT on me at the time-

  • ani stain
    ani stainMese fa

    1:27 WIN BRAND NEW -i-P-H-O-n-E-1-2-----۞------------ itfun.info/mine/bZql3alp1m2Xl4w/video.html 》》 𝐋𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞 《《 !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1620443932

  • Kevan E
    Kevan EMese fa

    1.69m subs nice

  • Fairy
    FairyMese fa

    so they reverted infested blocks how they were a long time ago.

  • Abyss Vessel
    Abyss VesselMese fa

    I red the title wrong and thought it said ramming ghosts

  • George Willcox
    George WillcoxMese fa

    You’re not a bee

  • thekittyempire warrior
    thekittyempire warriorMese fa

    The horn in bedrock actually acts like a horn

  • Mikka
    MikkaMese fa

    i love the longer wait for infested blocks, its such a nice heads up that rewards players who are paying attention by not giving them silverfish to fight

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew JonesMese fa

    Can goats jump on slime blocks or is it exclusive to honey blocks?

  • David Morin
    David MorinMese fa

    1000Th comment

  • David Morin

    David Morin

    Mese fa

    Wow so true

  • Dumbbo Shotz
    Dumbbo ShotzMese fa

    I was playing a survival world on the old world type it must have been bugging because when I broke a stone block it was infested but the silver fish de spawned two seconds later

  • Christina BlackFeather
    Christina BlackFeatherMese fa

    After dying horribly by goats in Vintage Story... Minecraft goats scare me!!! Lol

  • Sang H.M
    Sang H.MMese fa

    Somehow it is now impossible to mine diamond in my snapshot world lol... I strip mined for 2h and found only 10 diamond ores (6 and 4). A cave around y -20 to 10 rarely has any exposed diamond ores too... is that a thing?

  • english
    englishMese fa


  • Michał Krzyżanowski
    Michał KrzyżanowskiMese fa

    I didn't know his skin was doomguy until now Mind blown

  • egg man
    egg manMese fa

    Minecraft Bedrock players be like: Eh infested stone seems normal to me

  • Nicholas Mincin
    Nicholas MincinMese fa

    well, for speedrunners, finding lava wont be a problem.

  • tuakra yee
    tuakra yeeMese fa

    I love tge new feature. Piglins are assholes now. They steal your raw gold ingot

  • personwhodumb
    personwhodumbMese fa

    ooo, they could add a musket (IDK what the crafting would be) and then use the horn for a powder horn and then iron nuggets (or maybe gold or copper nuggets) as bullets

  • PlayJAK
    PlayJAKMese fa

    I want fainting goats too.

  • Victorillo 377
    Victorillo 377Mese fa

    Ayy the OG skin is back

  • Tzarina8472
    Tzarina8472Mese fa

    0:48 Yeah, that's totally *twice* the speed.

  • Daniel Parent
    Daniel ParentMese fa

    I've got a bunch of messed up flooded caves in my Mesa biome. They seemed to have hollowed out the mesa badlands and made flooded caves. Looks really cool, but physically wouldn't be standing on their own and do. not look natural

  • Bryce Heinbaugh
    Bryce HeinbaughMese fa

    You can break infested stone with your hand at the same amount of time (save pickaxe health)

  • Grutar G
    Grutar GMese fa

    Oh no - the goats attack armorstands now! Somebody warn ZombieCleo.

  • Michael Cummins
    Michael CumminsMese fa

    question for anyone you know how drowned have only a percent chance of dropping trident. what if drowned kills you and u have trident and drowned pick it up is it 100% drop chance or only percent chance???

  • Просто Ден
    Просто ДенMese fa

    only decent ore gen , have space engineer.

  • Arkhitekton
    ArkhitektonMese fa

    I wannna see the deep slate blobs back

  • Fluffmiceter
    FluffmiceterMese fa

    X if you just modify your "show ore distribution" datapack to replace granite and andesite blocks with buttons or something, you could more easily see the shapes of ore veins.

  • Latvian minecrafter
    Latvian minecrafterMese fa

    Noooooo dislike the innfestashon giveoff

  • michael cates
    michael catesMese fa

    Phantoms are scared of cats now?!?

  • ah
    ahMese fa

    1.69 million subs. nice.

  • Universe Jack
    Universe JackMese fa

    Hey xisumavoid i need help with ur mpsleep modpack at the moment i dont know how to change it to 1 person must sleep, can u help me?

  • MaNameWahb
    MaNameWahbMese fa

    The infested stone feature already existed in Minecraft bedrock before java

  • Pulkit Mathur
    Pulkit MathurMese fa

    Cave Generation is not 1.18. Its 1.17 part 2 or something

  • Dizz Not Dizzy
    Dizz Not DizzyMese fa

    am i the only one who has just stopped caring about snapshots now that we all know that the cave update is months and months away?

  • IceSonic Novids 2020 july
    IceSonic Novids 2020 julyMese fa

    Me: *I fear no man but that thing* *Infested stone blocks* Me: *It scares me* (Because they are like fully copied textures and they break and a harmful mob attacks you it is like a mini jumpscare)

  • IceSonic Novids 2020 july

    IceSonic Novids 2020 july

    Mese fa

    And hissss gives me the chills

  • Impact :-:
    Impact :-:Mese fa

    Yay episode 999

  • Davi SDF
    Davi SDFMese fa

    I wonder if we could smelt the raw ore blocks whole Probably too overpowered, but i think it would be a neat addition!

  • MrJkhartzell2000
    MrJkhartzell2000Mese fa

    But but where are the diamonds?

  • Piranha
    PiranhaMese fa

    I could have sworn that originally the infested blocks broke faster, then they changed it so they broke more slowly (and everyone breathed a sigh of relief), then they went back to insta-break. Or did I just imagine that? In any case, I hope they keep it. It's not a big deal, but Silverfish are so annoying, and there's no upside to dealing with them.

  • Vereinigte Religionen der Ente
    Vereinigte Religionen der EnteMese fa

    Anvil should be fixable by smelting but it needs 2 blocks of coal block

  • EzekielHateable
    EzekielHateableMese fa

    I feel like that change to the block break time on infested ones completely nerfs Sliverfish. Kinda makes them not a threat at all. If it takes longer than a normal block you are always gonna know and not trigger the Silverfish at all. The whole reason they're so dangerous is because you can accidently free them so easily. Now you're almost never gonna have to worry about them.

  • Holographic 80s
    Holographic 80sMese fa

    Infested blocks were already slow on Bedrock. Had no idea until now that they were fast mined on Java.

  • Cobalt Sage
    Cobalt SageMese fa

    When it’s released I wonder if you’ll be Xolotlsuma

  • Bob Veinne
    Bob VeinneMese fa

    I know it's a very minor change, but I kind of don't like the slower mining speed for infested blocks. They should be a surprise, and not a good one at that, so that the player really does stumble upon them like a trap.

  • Kinda Sus
    Kinda SusMese fa

    I just got Java edition yesterday. How do you do the Third person thingy?

  • Kinda Sus

    Kinda Sus

    Mese fa

    @Snooty thx

  • Snooty


    Mese fa

    click F5

  • John K
    John KMese fa

    I wish they would just stop doing the 1.18 preview data packs. It kinda makes the update split feel irrelevant if they’re just gonna keep giving us updates for it anyways like nothing happened.

  • Leah Currie
    Leah CurrieMese fa

    Hey X What day does the 1.17 update come out

  • SnowWolf
    SnowWolfMese fa

    Block breaking speed on infested blocks is changed! BEST UPDATE EVER!

  • Rusted Iron
    Rusted IronMese fa

    1:00 Mojang are so lame. The only startling traps in the game and they say "nope, too punishing, let's make it extraordinarily obvious."

  • I'm not qualified to say this, but
    I'm not qualified to say this, butMese fa

    Who are you

  • Ghostiz


    Mese fa

    Are u ok?

  • I'm not qualified to say this, but

    I'm not qualified to say this, but

    Mese fa

    Uhuh uhuh

  • xgamerts
    xgamertsMese fa

    lol you said 1.18 not 1.17 0:11

  • LonerGoth Online
    LonerGoth OnlineMese fa

    oh I was watching this and these goats, along with sheep, should eat grass, so you can leave em eating the grass around your base and terraform the area for you, automatically over time. this would also help by making the area in which sheep have spawned obviously infested with sheep. I mean the tall grass, the actual thing, not the blocktop.

  • John Simpsen
    John SimpsenMese fa

    Idk if anyone thought of this, but the raw ores looks like the ores in terraria....

  • Diego Facio
    Diego FacioMese fa

    thier preparing to remove iron farms

  • Jesse Thomas
    Jesse ThomasMese fa

    goats goats goats

  • Prometheus
    PrometheusMese fa

    I'm hoping certain biomes either don't have as many caves or have them farther down

  • pandamonium100
    pandamonium100Mese fa


  • Wizard Brandon
    Wizard BrandonMese fa

    the reason you cant see any with your tool is that the giant ore veins are now covered in andisite and stuffs and your tool doesnt get rid of those blocks

  • sparx0s
    sparx0sMese fa

    whoa that skin change caught me off guard

  • maria tsakiri
    maria tsakiriMese fa

    ok i am now 30% that after that there gonna show the warden the deep dark and the mysterious mob that live here....I am absolutly sure that the next snapshot are going to add it

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