Hermitcraft S7 Ep 61: Free Stuff!

Hermitcraft season 7 episode 61, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to make a mega new building in Aqua Town for my real estate customers. The build will be a place for my customers to come and get free building resources for there Aqua Town buildings. We also sell Cub land and put 9 more diamond blocks into the land games! I'm super happy to be back on Hermitcraft and building again, hope you enjoy the new Hermitcraft video!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: itfun.info/mine/ibuxnZ5ll23Ri4g/video.html

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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScarMese fa

    It's good to be back and hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day! My Links and stuff: * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347​ * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime...​ * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar​ * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar​ * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar​ * Facebook: on.fb.me/1LCWlMV

  • The FourFingThing

    The FourFingThing

    Mese fa

    Scar isn’t gonna use the IOU to take some of Bdubs plots!

  • ememe


    Mese fa


  • Mark Swan

    Mark Swan

    Mese fa

    name the free shop should be "Freed From paying" beceasu like, "FREEd" from paying?

  • Watrmeln


    Mese fa

    Hey scar, you should call it Frealty

  • Bouncy Rounzy

    Bouncy Rounzy

    Mese fa

    Name it SCR for Scar but without the a

  • I'm Human!
    I'm Human!14 giorni fa

    shells have BONES

  • 67 Alaska
    67 Alaska19 giorni fa

    Looking forward to the next season! :D Awesome group of friends who make great episodes together! The only people I will ask for the return to Season 8. Everyone who began the community and decided to move onto other aspects of their lives. It is very interesting to watch the diverse group of friends come together to create a collaborative and mesh everyone's decisions. That is what makes Hermitcraft, a great series to continue to watch and wait for all of everyone's releases.

    PANG JIA MING OLIVIA 1905143029 giorni fa

    scar is such a good lad he gives everyone discountssssss ngawm ❤

  • Sugar Ants
    Sugar Ants29 giorni fa

    whenever he says free it reminds me of the anime

  • mini wheat
    mini wheatMese fa

    when I hear don't subscribe at the end instead of don't forget to subscribe

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim AndersonMese fa

    You're in good hands with allstate - the slogan @goodtimeswithscar couldn't remember.

  • Karrde
    KarrdeMese fa

    isnt it white glove not wet glove? lmao

  • Josh Boucher
    Josh BoucherMese fa

    Season 8: aqua town and the upside down go to war

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 GamingMese fa

    Man, Bdubs griefred you?

  • Mystic_Macca
    Mystic_MaccaMese fa

    Scar: *returns to Hermitcraft* Some Hermits: *leave the season* Scar: *But I wasn't done yet-*

  • Dm0pt
    Dm0ptMese fa

    scra ogod itmes

  • Marvin-Arjan Struß
    Marvin-Arjan StrußMese fa

    10:15 Song?

  • Carmen Lopez
    Carmen LopezMese fa

    What if you put the Animaniacs in the water tower that you are going to put at the top of o your building?

  • Luke Christensen
    Luke ChristensenMese fa

    Imagine this being the first episode of hermitcraft you watch... that would be VERY confusing

  • Tricia M
    Tricia MMese fa

    good times with free stuff

  • Jem Taylor
    Jem TaylorMese fa

    shop name: taplap, its an acronym for take a penny leave a penny

  • SaphireWink
    SaphireWinkMese fa

    I would love it if for the season 7 end the nether finally finished invading the server to a glorious VOCTORY!!

  • Kurtis Manning
    Kurtis ManningMese fa

    the city really comes alive at night

  • Thomas McBride
    Thomas McBrideMese fa

    This is a random video to comment this on, but I just had the thought that maybe hermit craft season 8 will start in an icy place, since they haven’t done that yet.

  • Krisna Kirana Kepakisan
    Krisna Kirana KepakisanMese fa

    When Grian announced he's ending his season so you go to Scar 👍

  • bewilderedbear
    bewilderedbearMese fa

    Idk if you picked a name of the shop yet, but I vote for “Foundations” because you give free stuff that helps create the foundations of their new shops :)

  • QuikDrawCollins
    QuikDrawCollinsMese fa

    Maybe the marquee on the free building could be the radio station call sign. Maybe WAQT for aque town or WSCR for Scar. And you could give stuff away like radio call in contests.

  • Joey Productions
    Joey ProductionsMese fa

    The name FRUGAL’s would be cool

  • Ilan Rosenstock
    Ilan RosenstockMese fa

    Name the building "Freetopia"

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer GuyMese fa

    Okay I know I’m late on the name but you really should name the store ✨Flea Market✨

  • Appolyon
    AppolyonMese fa

    I think, you will win the land wars, Scar. Bdubs may have sold more land already, but he did this with auctions and very few contenders about the plots (Grian bought most of them). And you got nearly double the price for one of your plots, because you invested time in personal talk to your customer. I think, Beef, XB, Cleo, Joe and False don't have property in Aque Town. You can invite them to get some pork chops and leather at your plots for free.

  • Jared Maples
    Jared MaplesMese fa

    So glad you're feeling better!

  • cyler noser
    cyler noserMese fa

    name for shop = GOOD'S GOODS

  • CuteRedPandas
    CuteRedPandasMese fa

    Call the shop the “no dollar store”

  • Technical Burhan
    Technical BurhanMese fa

    Scar the land has been sold by bdubs to grian. Grian brought all the land for 5 dia blocks as no-one bid on them so please dont mess with the land

  • Destiny Clips
    Destiny ClipsMese fa

    I vote the Chest Monster Charity Center, or the C.M.C.C.!

  • MrSnowmanDan
    MrSnowmanDanMese fa

    I'm with Scar, I'm all for Snowman Equality

  • Ashton Null
    Ashton NullMese fa

    Name idea: Aqua Hardware

  • Multi - Dimensional Gaming
    Multi - Dimensional GamingMese fa

    I just got an idea. Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  • Sil Cuijpers
    Sil CuijpersMese fa

    21:56 Is it just me or did he just say: "Don't subscribe"?

  • WG
    WGMese fa

    The satellite radiostation tower whit the radiotower on the top floor.

  • WG


    Mese fa

    You still need to make the satellite tho.

  • WG
    WGMese fa

    Bdubs his best client is Grian he bought 6 plots there and won and he wanted only one😂

  • WG
    WGMese fa

    If every land is more than 5 diamond blocks and more than 36 diamond blocks mutch more gues bdubs has still one plot to sell you maybe win.

  • P3X4M
    P3X4MMese fa

    No $ store

  • David Consebida
    David ConsebidaMese fa

    Maybe try naming it free in Spanish? It sounds better as a shop name. "Gratis" pronounced Grah-tee-ss

  • ɴᴏᴛᴀᴡᴇᴇʙ :ᴅ
    ɴᴏᴛᴀᴡᴇᴇʙ :ᴅMese fa

    Scar i have a question, in your opinion what is your most favorite shaders,

  • Yum
    YumMese fa

    CRDS? For: Complimentary Resource Distribution Service

  • Andy Jansen
    Andy JansenMese fa

    I guess no one on the hermitcraft server does the back of their builds!

  • Senamora Everstone
    Senamora EverstoneMese fa

    the pigs where just fertilizing the beautiful ground for you scar! don't sell them so cheep! Love your videos your amazing! so glad your feeling better :)

  • Daniel Beal
    Daniel BealMese fa


  • ememe
    ememeMese fa


  • Domenico Spagnuolo
    Domenico SpagnuoloMese fa

    where's the snail!!!

  • WarriorOne
    WarriorOneMese fa

    I don’t know if it’s just me but doesn’t freebie sound like a good name for his new store?

  • Niklas Wojtkowiak
    Niklas WojtkowiakMese fa

    Best timelapse music

  • MrAussie BearTrap
    MrAussie BearTrapMese fa

    Got a good name for ya Scar. SCABB = Scars complimentary complimentary Building Blocks

  • Sharon T
    Sharon TMese fa

    A name for your free store: Gratis

  • melanie clough
    melanie cloughMese fa

    F=for R=residents O=of A=aquatown

  • Vrushali Dusane
    Vrushali DusaneMese fa

    Try selling land to Grian he is rich

  • Lynnsie Skinner
    Lynnsie SkinnerMese fa

    Am I the only one that jams out to the song he plays when he starts ✨super fast build mode✨

    LJSMASHMese fa

    Hey scar you should name the building Appolo or Olympus or even oscorp

  • NeonWarriorGD
    NeonWarriorGDMese fa

    you could name your shop FREE-SOURCES! like resources but with FREE at the beginning instead!

  • Logan Owens
    Logan OwensMese fa

    i was trying to think of a pun for the shop name but I can't stop thinking that something like "Sheesh!" would be a good attention grabbing name

  • Luke Bacci
    Luke BacciMese fa

    name the shop freesources

  • lilacx -
    lilacx -Mese fa

    you should call the shop DABBL (Definitely A Bribe, Buy Land) just don’t tell them what it stands for ;)

  • chas1380 chas1380
    chas1380 chas1380Mese fa

    scar name the pigs bdubs and set them lose

  • Klaasjan14061980
    Klaasjan14061980Mese fa

    Name for the building: The radio tower.

  • Rowhen10
    Rowhen10Mese fa

    the shop could be called free land

  • The Myth
    The MythMese fa

    What the song playing in the background of the time lapse?

  • Joshua White
    Joshua WhiteMese fa

    You could call it "Grab 'n Go Goodies"....if you haven't already named the build

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel TaylorMese fa

    Scar you are the head of the HEP hermit environmental protection agency but here you are....destroying the park and the trees.... you monster lol

  • Super Sonic
    Super SonicMese fa

    Scar: I didn’t even know it was getting dark Me: Uh Bdubs, that’s your Cue….Bdubs? BDUBS?! Well guess it’s sword time 🗡

  • Aidan yong
    Aidan yongMese fa

    Name You'r Shop supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  • Drewfenshmirtz
    DrewfenshmirtzMese fa

    I think mumbos base is just a way for him to get free golden apples

  • Donkey
    DonkeyMese fa

    I like this park and this trees are cool! 10sec later: okay I tore up the park and I'm ready to do some construction

  • SeveralEnd 8023
    SeveralEnd 8023Mese fa

    Scar and his comedic timing are amazing

  • Henry Dean
    Henry DeanMese fa

    Do a speedrun

  • Tortoise
    TortoiseMese fa

    Scar is like the bob ross of Minecraft

  • George Ts
    George TsMese fa

    call it " Buy my land PLS"

  • Lukas Stofferis
    Lukas StofferisMese fa

    The truth: Any building fits in perfectly in Aque Town

  • Braeden
    BraedenMese fa

    The building could be called Good Times with Gifts, or Scared Gifts, just wrap it around the building.

  • Lukas Stofferis
    Lukas StofferisMese fa

    Scar notices the pig poop after a week lol!!

  • Lukas Stofferis

    Lukas Stofferis

    Mese fa

    @DriftWood5795 I noticed he hasn't posted but I'm surprised he didnt hop into the server for 5 minutes

  • DriftWood5795


    Mese fa

    He hasnt been online in a month

  • AlpaxTacks
    AlpaxTacksMese fa

    I am sure everyone got scared when they saw the birtch logs on the new building at first...

  • DAndD
    DAndDMese fa

    Aqua Town reminds me of DisneyLand/World

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The JuggaloMese fa

    It be better to get Bdubs clear out the pig pens with some of *Iskall inspired Treasure Spoons*

  • Geoballer
    GeoballerMese fa

    ntall cool name for the build

  • Harry Larry 18 21
    Harry Larry 18 21Mese fa

    Trash palace

  • Ryan
    RyanMese fa

    Most GoodTimeWithScar intros. "Hello my felleow Miners and crafters." Scarx after it gets off "Hello my fellow Scarxians and space budd". #ElonMuscar

  • Gweedo Skeptic
    Gweedo SkepticMese fa

    On the back of the new building you could put the call sign letters of Aqua Town's radio station, like AQTW for "Aqua Town Waves". Just a thought..

  • Gweedo Skeptic

    Gweedo Skeptic

    Mese fa

    You have the catch phrase be ,"AQTW, Listen as you ride the Waves"

  • Sebs and friends
    Sebs and friendsMese fa

    Prove me wrong: just about everyone building in aquatown could be a professional architect. 😁

  • Genci Drita
    Genci DritaMese fa


  • Aligalad
    AligaladMese fa

    Hi Scar - just saw a very cool build on ITfun based on your Super Fast Build Mode - by ZL I hope you check it out - they must be super big fans xx

  • gamesloveD10000
    gamesloveD10000Mese fa

    The back of the building is perfect for a giant advertising sign!

  • alexanderje
    alexanderjeMese fa

    Why don't you put a small park on the roof of the new building?

  • BONK Atomic Punch
    BONK Atomic PunchMese fa

    Free, Free-Free Free.

  • PineappleBrickProductions
    PineappleBrickProductionsMese fa

    Allstate, “your in good hands”

  • Calamity, Gaming and Creating
    Calamity, Gaming and CreatingMese fa

    The back of the "Free" building i think looks good

  • Gaming squad 103
    Gaming squad 103Mese fa

    Aqua Charity

  • tim Colla
    tim CollaMese fa

    Your shop could be called Aque Radio and can sell music disks.

  • Cj Slime
    Cj SlimeMese fa

    Aqua town construction supplies

  • curryfan777
    curryfan777Mese fa

    name:life isnt free

  • Charles
    CharlesMese fa

    I have the ultimate idea for the new shop: instead of free, call it "Free Real Estate"

  • Josephin Henriksen
    Josephin HenriksenMese fa

    How about: Free Me. as the name of the new shop? you know.. it´s free stuff, hence the free and then me, as in the stuff, kind of like when another hermit get a free item, they free that item, if that makes sense? ;)

  • Aarush Mahajan
    Aarush MahajanMese fa

    Name the shop free real estate

  • Shoeler
    ShoelerMese fa

    Call it "Live, Laugh, Love"

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