Toyah & Robert's Sunday Lunch - SATISFACTION


The kitchen trio are hunting for "Satisfaction" this week!
Joined by the mysterious stranger Sidney Jake
#ToyahWillcox #RobertFripp #Toyah #sidneyjake
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  • Patrick Taylor
    Patrick TaylorOra fa


  • jan van ruth
    jan van ruth5 ore fa

    devoid of talent, kept upright only by surgery, wannabe singer....

  • TheCuilinn
    TheCuilinn6 ore fa

    Oh ffs where are my blue tablets

  • Pedro Emanuel Aguiar
    Pedro Emanuel Aguiar16 ore fa


  • John Patterson
    John Patterson16 ore fa

    Not sure why the dude needs to wear a mask. This is awesome publicity for whatever he does.

  • John Oleary
    John Oleary18 ore fa

    Cant sing

  • ecologygarden
    ecologygardenGiorno fa

    Wow Toyah still looking good 👍

  • Joseph Sola
    Joseph Sola2 giorni fa

    La señora esta canta como el culo, pero tiene un morbo aún... Ole por ella.

  • colin chandler
    colin chandler2 giorni fa

    Toyah blouse now available at Tesco , hurry whilst stocks last

  • Brian.
    Brian.2 giorni fa

    something not quite right with her.

  • kynoceph
    kynoceph3 giorni fa

    Robert's vest. I need it.

  • Darryl6636
    Darryl66363 giorni fa

    Damn bubbles!!!

  • Dwyer Jones
    Dwyer Jones3 giorni fa

    For some reason, I have always (mistakenly) thought that Robert Fripp was a dead-serious artist for whom humor was difficult. Man, was I wrong! I love Toyah's contralto voice and Robert's blinking from the bubbles splashing on his face and eyes. And Toyah's naughty body paint, refusing to :"act her age."

  • Harvey Duke
    Harvey Duke4 giorni fa

    Im 28 years old, who the hell are these people? some bint with her knockers hanging out and a dude in a gold plastic mask?? wtf??

  • Gerry Gorman
    Gerry Gorman4 giorni fa

    Love it, Robert and Yoyah loving life 👌💕

  • bobby mars
    bobby mars4 giorni fa

    Hilarious. :))))

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P4 giorni fa

    My good God cover yourself up woman

  • BluesUrbano
    BluesUrbano5 giorni fa

    Hope she opens an Only Fans account, or a sex video leaks the internet! :D

  • Bradley A. Blanchard
    Bradley A. Blanchard5 giorni fa

    Sorry to be late with my comment ... But I must say that I'm completely satisfied :)

  • simon cussonet
    simon cussonet5 giorni fa


  • Amanda Keogh
    Amanda Keogh5 giorni fa

    He looks like her pimp forcing her to work. This is beyond embarrassing. And what's with her constant breasts on show? And not everyone can sing OTHERS songs. You can't, Toyah. Have grace and stick to your own.

  • Bruce Douglas
    Bruce Douglas5 giorni fa

    Enjoying (mostly;) your Sunday covers. A friend of mine who has won international face +bodypainting competitions ("Paradise"+"Gibraltar "respectively)-as well as running the Bath Body Art fest(EST. 2017), would love to paint you ! Her name is Clem "Fantasy Body Art 4U".... Curious as to how you met - don't see u as a King Crimson fan (tho could be mistaken ! )

  • Water Dragon
    Water Dragon6 giorni fa

    Wow, Mick Jagger sure has aged well well well…

  • Мр Друг
    Мр Друг6 giorni fa


  • Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts7 giorni fa

    I’m sure Torah would happily dance naked if ITfun allowed it.

  • Ignavus Ochre
    Ignavus Ochre7 giorni fa

    Entertainment of the highest quality. On a more personal note , where does Robert get his ties from?

  • TheDAHLR
    TheDAHLR8 giorni fa

    This great - -Bumped into Toya in a pub in Birmingham near the College of Food as it was in those days. She spoke to me and said 'get out of my way'. No not really, well i saw her in that pub but she never said that to me lol - good on you two - I'm trying to learn those Tripp guitar riffs - love to your both - great job xxxxx

  • Shaun of the dead
    Shaun of the dead8 giorni fa

    Well done to Robert for managing to hide the raging hard on he must have every time.

  • Jonathan Kent
    Jonathan Kent8 giorni fa

    Hi there. What the fuck?

  • paul williams
    paul williams8 giorni fa

    culture change agent of the early 80s cant even sing , i speak the truth , i live in a free country so im told

  • paul williams
    paul williams8 giorni fa

    privately educated narcissist always was

  • paul williams
    paul williams8 giorni fa

    totally ruined a great song thanks

  • Joseph Rhinewine
    Joseph Rhinewine9 giorni fa

    Haiku Robert Fripp singing? Could herald apocalypse... Or - A new era.

    ROFFLESTOMP9 giorni fa

    Just fine.

  • Tony Gombosa
    Tony Gombosa10 giorni fa

    Stones should sue

  • Aeon Shadow
    Aeon Shadow10 giorni fa


  • Garry Peaks
    Garry Peaks10 giorni fa


  • Treemarie
    Treemarie10 giorni fa

    Awesome! I hope to have a rockin bod like that when I grow up 😎

  • SOAL Night Live- The Musical Talk Show
    SOAL Night Live- The Musical Talk Show10 giorni fa

    Don't you mean "bubble machine"?

  • John Heisenberg. aka ANT
    John Heisenberg. aka ANT11 giorni fa

    Loving The Sunday Lunches....can we put in Requests?

  • Michael Singley
    Michael Singley11 giorni fa

    Beautiful blue eyes......

  • Lekky
    Lekky11 giorni fa

    Damn Toyah, you are one hell of a woman! Robert, you lucky bastard! :)

  • Darek Dworak
    Darek Dworak11 giorni fa

    Zdrowa dupa 😉

  • Юрий Гец
    Юрий Гец11 giorni fa


  • Russ Nazzi
    Russ Nazzi12 giorni fa

    GOD!!!)) sorry lady Toyah your throat super erotic sorry Please please more PLEASE LADY GODDES TOYAH SUPER LADY STAR TOYAH⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • arya talebnia hir
    arya talebnia hir12 giorni fa

    Robert oh boy... what are you doing to crimson's legacy...You've truly turned into 21st century's schizoid man.

  • Devil Lopper
    Devil Lopper12 giorni fa

    LOVE watching these two! Oh ya, Toyah and Robert are ok, as well..

  • kovathe1
    kovathe112 giorni fa

    Really hope this is trolling.....

  • Nigel Heathcote
    Nigel Heathcote12 giorni fa

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂🤣🤣🤣🤣🙂🙂🙂🙂, I wish i was famous, I proper do, 🤤

  • onnion63
    onnion6312 giorni fa

    Where can I get the gold V for Vendetta mask? A lot of comments about Fripp. I dunno they look like they are having fun and laughs all around. I don't think a creative fun person like Robert isn't anything but in the moment of his life when it occurs. I saw him @ the Paradise in Boston 1984 or so..doing Frippertronics. Audience started to complain and he just ignored them. Then played 2 seconds of Hendrix - loud , mind blowinging unreal. Shut everyone the F up ! and he went back to playing loops . He's great and cool - enough said

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts12 giorni fa

    Please do hey mickey

  • Herb DeCordova
    Herb DeCordova12 giorni fa

    Much mo' better than Mick J and Davey-Boy Growl.

  • Fox Makeba
    Fox Makeba12 giorni fa

    Mr sausage says ‘yes’.

  • martianshoes
    martianshoes12 giorni fa

    If you had told me - at any time in the last 50 years that I have followed the very iconoclastic Mr. Robert Fripp....that I would find him in his ‘70s...singing Mick Jaggers’ lyrics....I would have suggested that you change your name, move to Phoenix and learn to scuffle.

  • Gary Perisian
    Gary Perisian12 giorni fa

    I love those two!

  • awotnot
    awotnot12 giorni fa

    holy bazookas

  • Robert Blake
    Robert Blake12 giorni fa

    Я кажется понимаю, почему повышение пенсионного возраста - плохая идея.

  • Melissa
    Melissa12 giorni fa

    You are amazing and your covers are great :-)))

  • Frank Coleman
    Frank Coleman12 giorni fa

    Thank you. You've made an old man very happy today!

  • wamgoc
    wamgoc12 giorni fa

    Keep doing what you do guys, you’re wonderful and help brighten up my life! Thank you!❤️

  • gunny 2shoes
    gunny 2shoes13 giorni fa

    shades of Mic, nice job

  • C M
    C M13 giorni fa

    TY for yet another awesome Sunday.

  • Robert Langford
    Robert Langford13 giorni fa

    In which Toyah achieves that which I aspire to, growing old disgracefully. Go Toyah!

  • Don D.
    Don D.13 giorni fa

    Toyah is hot. And Robert kicks ass. Great covers. Really shows the musical talent covering others music with the essence of the original and also done with their own twist. Great jamming.

  • Gadjet7
    Gadjet713 giorni fa

    A+ WONDERFUL Thank you all!!!!!

  • Terry Jeffery
    Terry Jeffery13 giorni fa

    Cool sounds like you guys are having fun 👍

  • Julian Ryll
    Julian Ryll13 giorni fa


  • david m gazda
    david m gazda13 giorni fa

    Another advert for growing up irresponsibly :-)

  • Ghislain de Busbecq
    Ghislain de Busbecq13 giorni fa

    Now this is serious rock'n roll.

  • Dean Smalley
    Dean Smalley14 giorni fa

    Roll on Sunday. 👀

  • Gary Prather
    Gary Prather14 giorni fa

    I Love your eyes! They're simply magnificent!

  • banks russ
    banks russ14 giorni fa

    What do your Grandkids think?? Madness!

  • mike miller

    mike miller

    Giorno fa


  • Lou Aguado
    Lou Aguado14 giorni fa

    Embarrassing. The minds of 10 year olds in the bodies of 60 year olds! 😂🤣😅

  • Sparky Bloke
    Sparky Bloke14 giorni fa

    I'll be sorry when all this Covid crap is over as I'll miss Robert, Toyah and the twins so much it hurts. Unless they carry on keeping us entertained,

  • CrispyRobot77
    CrispyRobot7714 giorni fa

    Has anyone determined who the mystery, tattooed guitarist is? I have been researching bands and images but cannot find anything solid..yet. The name "Sidney Jake" sounds a bit like a Johnny Depp character but Johnny's hand tats are not nearly as prolific. The tats could be new but they appear to have some age. I thought it may be bassist Jeph Howard from "The Used" (lots of great hand tats) but not an exact match. One of Toyah's bandmates perhaps but I haven't found anything solid image-wise. It appears that the first follower of Jake's new, Twitter account is a band called "Whiteside's Daughter" and that may be a clue BUT I cannot find a solid connection. The Guitar is definitely his and not Robert's because the name "Jake" is tied to some SNAKE imagery (logo, guitar headstock) but a Google search reveals no guitars with a Snake on the headstock. The guitar is interesting too. I looks like a Les Paul in many ways however the pickup switch(es) are at the bottom and the knobs are way off from a typical Les Paul config. Definitely a custom job. A custom Gibson, Fernandez, or ESP perhaps? The Ghost t-shirt may be a hint but no Ghost guitarists with tats. Perhaps the mystery guitarist is a studio musician who has not become famous.. yet? Could it be Karl Pilkington's Auntie Nora? And so, the mystery continues..

  • Trevor Flarty
    Trevor Flarty14 giorni fa

    Toyah, is bloody, tasty! Robert, knows this. That's why he laughs at the end. They're both free, with their, brother, Jake!

  • Andrew Muhling
    Andrew Muhling14 giorni fa

    I'm sorry your a bit disappointed.. ..but I'm wonderfully satisfied now.

  • James Goshorn
    James Goshorn14 giorni fa

    Ah, yes...watching for the sheeeer enjoyment of it all, awesomeness

  • ggg bbb
    ggg bbb14 giorni fa

    robert you are a king and toyah you are daring. well done +++++

  • The Wolfman
    The Wolfman14 giorni fa

    What a pair........................ Robert and Toyah that is 😀

  • BicycleJoe LoFiSoundAndVision
    BicycleJoe LoFiSoundAndVision14 giorni fa

    Robert I always love the way you introduced the whole band, what's the name of the girls?

  • Graham Innes
    Graham Innes14 giorni fa

    Toyahs attributes are certainly growing on me!

  • Pietro Cantuccini
    Pietro Cantuccini15 giorni fa

    Nil points for this one, I'm afraid.

  • Gary Millington
    Gary Millington15 giorni fa

    Oh my eyes! 😱😱

  • Wulfskol Satanik Death Militia
    Wulfskol Satanik Death Militia15 giorni fa

    It is amazing Kvvl y’all are doing this Hailz from Texas!!!

  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates15 giorni fa

    I’m now officially a “jelly wobblers” fan

  • Rick wallace
    Rick wallace15 giorni fa

    My Dad said when you meet a girl always look at her problem here then. I'm all over those eyes.

  • zerklang
    zerklang15 giorni fa

    Was expecting something more Devo.

  • Dean Iversen
    Dean Iversen15 giorni fa

    WTF did I just watch?

  • Pernicious Progressive
    Pernicious Progressive15 giorni fa

    You guys are trip! And I mean that literally. I was seriously 'shroomed last I caught Bob-o. :)

  • Comedy Clumbers
    Comedy Clumbers15 giorni fa

    Again, thank you both and Sidney Jake for doing these! No matter how awful a week we've had here, waaaaaay over in the Pacific Northwest, US, we look forward to Sunday lunch with y'all and Robert inspires me to try new songs on the guitar. Songs that may be far from my personal playlists and typical genres! THANK YOU!"

  • Achtung panzer!
    Achtung panzer!15 giorni fa

    Love Robert's laugh!

  • Durango 69
    Durango 6915 giorni fa


  • Jakal9712
    Jakal971215 giorni fa

    Thank God for Sunday lunch!! Robert's a lucky man!! Perma-smile lives!!

  • Brian Fafara
    Brian Fafara15 giorni fa

    Robert & Toyah, I came across your videos and have to say............ YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!😁 I look forward to your Sunday lunch break every week. There is nothing better than fun & a good laugh! Thank you for the smiles & keep up the good times. Brian

  • enozgnikrap
    enozgnikrap15 giorni fa

    Come on Toyah , just tassels next week , be a sport !!

  • Ed White
    Ed White15 giorni fa

    Her voice is not 'rock and roll' enough for me...and ive been a KC fan since the 60s... She has a voice more suited for broadway show tunes. Maybe something from 'West Side Story' next time-

  • carl bennett
    carl bennett15 giorni fa

    Toyah my pin up girl in the early 80,s and still my pin up girl She looks fantastic

  • Paweł Biel
    Paweł Biel15 giorni fa

    lockdown's side effects ?

  • Mortality’s Fatal
    Mortality’s Fatal15 giorni fa

    For a woman who in reality had two 2 hits she’s dragged career out. Much like many of that time, Gloria Gaynor for instance, any name another of hers 🤔

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