Hermitcraft 8: 2 - The house of DREAMS!

Hermitcraft 8: 2 - The house of DREAMS!
Iskall is back with more HermitCraft 8, and in this episode of hermitcraft iskall finds out that Etho is an MVP unit and iskall makes sure to get something very valuable, before heading out on an... adventure... with MumboJumbo

Hermitcraft Season 8 SEED: -7381235180058670651

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  • Sean Behrens
    Sean Behrens5 ore fa

    If there are any ACOTAR fans out there reading this, Iskall calling the villager house the house of dreams made my day.

  • Tilly Mutinda
    Tilly MutindaGiorno fa

    Iskall: so your a hippie now Me: remembers season six

  • Deslippper
    Deslippper2 giorni fa

    23:50 I call cap

  • Evan G.
    Evan G.2 giorni fa

    I think one of my favourite things about this is Iskall casually flexing his water bucket timing skills.

  • Jack Fresh
    Jack Fresh2 giorni fa

    Can u tell us the seed on the world, I really like your house

  • Andrei Visinoiu
    Andrei Visinoiu3 giorni fa

    How about Mambo squarepants ... u know cause He is a sponge

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres3 giorni fa

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!

  • Zpedrun Master 69
    Zpedrun Master 695 giorni fa

    Etho did some mining off camera

  • yellow is pretty nice
    yellow is pretty nice5 giorni fa


  • Nuttyknight 42
    Nuttyknight 426 giorni fa

    Trying to watch you all this season.

  • kpop enthusiast :D
    kpop enthusiast :D6 giorni fa

    Wait Iskall Ice-cold 👀👀

  • Cameron Millar
    Cameron Millar8 giorni fa

    9:30 cactus tree

  • aszifuo
    aszifuo9 giorni fa

    now this is entertainment

  • Shivum C.
    Shivum C.9 giorni fa

    Imagine if clicking 5, 6, and 7 gives you three different Ah Ahh AHHH's

  • Lisa Ely
    Lisa Ely9 giorni fa

    13 bamboo is the new way

  • Tobija Bracanov
    Tobija Bracanov10 giorni fa


  • Rue Isabelle
    Rue Isabelle11 giorni fa

    Imagine if someone swapped the soul sand out for a magma block in that bubblevator that Iskall lands in every time he jumps down...

  • Leeniel Caisip
    Leeniel Caisip12 giorni fa

    Ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh!!!

  • Aean Ominae
    Aean Ominae13 giorni fa

    ITfun's closed captions system interpreted your skelly farm fixup Ah Ahhhh AHHH as [Music]

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat13 giorni fa

    Who else is binge watching these and getting Wonderwall stuck in their heads?

  • Ninji_Gaming
    Ninji_Gaming13 giorni fa

    14:12 aCookiegod would be proud

  • Harry helps 101
    Harry helps 10114 giorni fa

    where u get the totem from

  • Kamikaze kole
    Kamikaze kole14 giorni fa

    23:00 his ahhhhhh

  • Carson Sutton
    Carson Sutton15 giorni fa


  • Lavi Hayoun
    Lavi Hayoun15 giorni fa

    R.I.P. Bee 25:40 - 27:13 You will be missed

  • Gustav Åkerman
    Gustav Åkerman15 giorni fa


  • Christian Paul-Delage
    Christian Paul-Delage15 giorni fa

    Iskall to Mumbo 18:05 : How are you in full diamond armor when this is what you've spent your time doing? 🤣

  • Alan Scott
    Alan Scott15 giorni fa

    I went to the Vevo video of Wonderwall and Mumbo is mentioned in the comments several times. I want a season where Mumbo and Iskall are paired up along with Cub and Scar.

  • Marnie G
    Marnie G16 giorni fa

    Omg this episode is hilarious!!

  • matai reid
    matai reid16 giorni fa

    are you German

  • Ayyy Cortana
    Ayyy Cortana16 giorni fa

    The man who speaks English as a first language misspells "potatoes" and the man who does not nails it lolz

  • Raisin
    Raisin16 giorni fa

    1:34 iskall secretly a villager confirmed? hahaha he said the same thing just a few seconds after nvm

  • Marina Sastre
    Marina Sastre17 giorni fa

    The warm square clasically rely because kite aerobically smoke versus a lean gazelle. unadvised, mute enquiry

  • ixmchvhxb
    ixmchvhxb17 giorni fa

    When iskall said "don't get stuck in hoppers" he was referring to the potato incident in hermitcraft season 6

  • cXtotheXj
    cXtotheXj18 giorni fa

    Note: If you're holding a flower, bees follow you. lol

  • Edgar Bruynooghe
    Edgar Bruynooghe18 giorni fa

    Rupert and Roopert are already my favourite hermitcraft characters

  • gearing_is_ez
    gearing_is_ez19 giorni fa

    4:15 interesting number of days...

  • Savanna
    Savanna19 giorni fa

    Mumbo: I wont be killing anything this season Me: Guess he won't even bust bro... :(

  • WillShackAttack
    WillShackAttack19 giorni fa

    Now I know that tinted glass is meant for mob spawners like what Etho built. Now I don't have to dig out a slabbed dark rooms to view the spawners from!

  • GarryLarry890
    GarryLarry89020 giorni fa

    If you’re Australian, you’ll probably know what I mean when I say he sounds like Frank Walker from National Tiles when he says ‘helloooooo’

  • The adventures of Parker
    The adventures of Parker20 giorni fa

    Iskall making a joke because Mumbo is a potato and telling him not to get stuck in a hopper It was a reference to season 6 when grian got a potato stuck in Sahara...

  • Sarcastic Weirdo

    Sarcastic Weirdo

    19 giorni fa

    Glad I’m not the only one who was cracking up over that…

  • juan.
    juan.20 giorni fa

    OMG 8:44

  • Chibe
    Chibe20 giorni fa

    6:15 "BRIDGE" I choked lol

  • Pineapple Lord
    Pineapple Lord20 giorni fa

    I don't know if it was intentional but I loved that sahara reference

  • Itzbilly
    Itzbilly20 giorni fa

    Your getting better at the water clutch ^^

  • Miss Moonlight
    Miss Moonlight20 giorni fa

    I laughed so hard about the new shirt :D :D :D Made my day

  • No_ abe
    No_ abe20 giorni fa

    THIS IS HILARIOUS! I can't believe I barely checked out your channel.

  • No_ abe
    No_ abe20 giorni fa

    Ah yes, bonemealing gems. Like we always do to Diamonds IRL

  • Centre for Excrubulence
    Centre for Excrubulence20 giorni fa

    So why does iskall call villagers "Ruperts"? One of my kids is called Rupert and watching this with them was hilarious with how many times iskall said it.

  • DeepPastry
    DeepPastry21 giorno fa

    Slightly bigger brain thing would of been to move the Village breeder all the way into the swamp biome, since Xisuma found it too hard to get more than an edge into the swamp biome; so stopped before having the entire breeder in said biome.

  • Morrow1158
    Morrow115821 giorno fa

    Iskall you are the perfect straight man to Mumbo. You two are a comedic duo genius

  • Northern Ninety7
    Northern Ninety721 giorno fa

    You and mumbo are a spoon couple and its awesome.

  • CH4RL13 B47T0N
    CH4RL13 B47T0N21 giorno fa


  • KazooomCuber 78
    KazooomCuber 7821 giorno fa


  • Matthew Draheim
    Matthew Draheim21 giorno fa

    I’m mad about peace love and plants because no end raids for shulker shells

  • jia deokar
    jia deokar21 giorno fa

    Did anyone get iskalls (dont get stuck in hopper's joke) cause i did the thing is in s6 grian put potatoes in the shop sahara system

  • bubble
    bubble21 giorno fa

    I ship #Eskall

  • Charli Sherwood
    Charli Sherwood21 giorno fa

    Sponge mumbo waffle grian noice

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith21 giorno fa

    Finding notes left by other players is so fun I love good SMPs I absolutely love Iskall's energy and goofy little fun transitions

  • Natalie Family Allen
    Natalie Family Allen21 giorno fa

    R.I.P that bee...

  • gorofozoeo
    gorofozoeo22 giorni fa

    15:44 What a punch in the face!

  • Lucky74
    Lucky7422 giorni fa

    No one ever made a villager breeder with this much ease

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm22 giorni fa

    Iskall is pretty weird until he meets up with mumbo

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm22 giorni fa

    Iskalls laugh is so satisfying

  • Matured Guy
    Matured Guy22 giorni fa

    You missed a beautiful chance for a "Big Brain Boi" @iskall85

  • Jacob Cubero
    Jacob Cubero22 giorni fa

    i know that bee his name is beeny he came from bee town and he is a pet of a youtuber called jelly

  • sir bird
    sir bird22 giorni fa

    Roubert lol that villager is funny

  • Paxielle
    Paxielle22 giorni fa

    Etho and iskall's base is so interesting because of how collaborative it is. Yes other hermits live together but they aren't sharing their base/resources/farms...etc

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez23 giorni fa

    you killed Beeny

  • zmanboss1
    zmanboss123 giorni fa

    The slab sent me

  • Elizabeth O'Niel
    Elizabeth O'Niel23 giorni fa

    I walked into work today and say hello to someone and it sounded like your voice, iskall and my first thought was I have been watching too much iskall

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou23 giorni fa

    "Besides, you have a ceiling... of dreams!" Why was that so threatening?!

  • Jin Phoenix Martinez
    Jin Phoenix Martinez23 giorni fa

    do you know the seed of the world. i would love to play on it :)

  • Isabella Geerling
    Isabella Geerling23 giorni fa

    If Mumbo gets a Axolotl then he could get fish from the axolotl because Axolotls kills everything except for the player

  • Iri Miriam
    Iri Miriam23 giorni fa

    etho and iskall? Scar with hat? Cant wait to see the fan art

  • The Snow Wolf Gamer
    The Snow Wolf Gamer23 giorni fa

    Whole episode .. HMMM HMMMM HMMM 😭😭😂

  • jennerboi
    jennerboi23 giorni fa

    the days 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Solei
    Solei23 giorni fa

    This base makes me want to try and make a base in a mountain

  • Quizzically
    Quizzically23 giorni fa

    survival youtubers: takes 120 30-minute episodes to beat the game hermitcraft players: you are like little baby. watch this. hermitcraft players: have full enchanted diamond gear, a storage system, complete base, villager farm, shops, elytra, nether portals, beaten ender dragon and wither by the 2nd or 3rd episode

  • Angi Long
    Angi Long23 giorni fa

    Don't toss all the garbage bows. They can be used to make dispensers. Don't even need to repair them any more.

  • I'm a Goose
    I'm a Goose24 giorni fa

    19:15 8:05 1:57 3:36 iskall’s ah? Ah? Ah? Sounds like my baby cousin when he’s trying to talk

  • Mixup 2nd
    Mixup 2nd24 giorni fa

    love ur vids, it brings such a different vibe, keep it up!

  • Davin Adams
    Davin Adams24 giorni fa

    I like how grian said Mumbo would eventually get as far fetched as saying killing the undead isn’t actually killing because they’re already dead or something along those lines, and in this episode he did exactly that

  • Stephen Klein
    Stephen Klein24 giorni fa

    A baby leak. Better known as child birth

  • BittySquiddy
    BittySquiddy24 giorni fa

    21:40 Mumbo: is this a new thing? Iskall: yeah in 1.13 four years ago Has... has it really been four years? Oh my word

  • Gavin Holland
    Gavin Holland24 giorni fa

    Iskall logic: fertilizer works on rocks

  • amnesty
    amnesty24 giorni fa

    iskall: you dont get xp unless you kill them yourself anymore me right now with my 118 levels from my gold/xp farm im using right now: oh no how could no one tell me

  • Pants 110
    Pants 11024 giorni fa

    My dads name is rupert :(

  • Matthew Karp
    Matthew Karp24 giorni fa

    27:57 House of Dreams? House of Screams.

  • Tricky
    Tricky24 giorni fa

    oh god a poison potato Mumbo would look horrendous

  • bossdris potato
    bossdris potato24 giorni fa

    The first villager has probably been fighting the zombies cuz he’s a fletcher

  • Collins Riverson
    Collins Riverson25 giorni fa

    that ur bow i have like 5or 6 enchat on my bow with skely drops but my frend lost it so :( ( i made a other one it has power 5 mending ,flame ,unbreaking 3, and punch 2

  • Collins Riverson

    Collins Riverson

    25 giorni fa

    and i lost the bow 3 days after i got it i lost it in the end this is just disaster :( ( lol)

  • Maddie
    Maddie25 giorni fa

    I waited. In the darkness. For something to show after the end screen. What a tease!

  • HotKeyz
    HotKeyz25 giorni fa

    New viewers watching this episode. Why did you scroll down here did you really think there was anything here

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy25 giorni fa

    "Besides, you have a ceiling... of dreams!" Why was that so threatening?!

  • zen tatsu
    zen tatsu25 giorni fa

    “optimistically becoming a farmer” made me utterly lose it, god I’m loving this season and all the antics it’s resulted in

  • Scout
    Scout25 giorni fa

    Those aren’t the only 2 there is a spruce village near the town with grain Mumbo scar etc

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    25 giorni fa

    Frankly it’s easier to just build a drowned farm than it is to get one to drop a trident free range. 🤣

  • Unicorrupt
    Unicorrupt25 giorni fa

    mathematically correct villager breeding

  • TheCureOfAll
    TheCureOfAll25 giorni fa

    I know dream!!!1!!11

  • FNS Rain
    FNS Rain25 giorni fa


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