Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (4K60 IMAX AR)


For the first time in 14 years, experience Daft Punk like never before! The first professionally recorded live show; revived meticulously by remastering and restoring the audio and video.
The Alive 2007 show is considered a staple in live performances featuring the signature 'Pyramid' and groundbreaking visuals, which is now complemented by a fully remastered audio track which aims to maximize the experience.
This video was subjected to an extensive restoration process. Initially it went through Topaz Video Enhance AI, afterwards it was extensively processed through Davinci Resolve. The total render time is estimated to be 65 hours.
Presenting the ultimate authentic Daft Punk experience.
00:00:00 - 00:01:10 - Intro
00:01:10 - 00:07:30 - Robot Rock / Oh Yeah
00:07:30 - 00:12:59 - Touch It / Technologic
00:12:59 - 00:17:51 - Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls
00:17:51 - 00:24:30 - Too Long / Steam Machine
00:24:30 - 00:30:35 - Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger
00:30:35 - 00:37:45 - Burnin' / Too Long
00:37:45 - 00:42:41 - Face To Face / Short Circuit
00:42:41 - 00:48:52 - One More Time / Aerodynamic
00:48:52 - 00:51:54 - Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About The World
00:51:54 - 01:02:46 - The Prime Time Of Your Life / The Brainwasher / Rollin' / Alive
01:02:46 - 01:09:20 - Da Funk / Daftendirekt
01:09:20 - 01:15:16 - Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll
01:15:16 - 01:16:04 - Main Show End; Intermission
01:16:04 - 01:26:15 - Encore (Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better With You)
A personal thank-you to Johnny Airbag for the fantastic video. The audio is based off the Alive 2007 CD, which was remastered on the iLoud MTM's.
Alive 2007 (1080p60 8bit x264 WAV) (12GB): bit.ly/3bNVwrc (ARCHIVE.ORG)
Alive 2007 (2160p60 8bit x265 WAV) (94GB): DOWN - TORRENT INCOMING
Technical Specs:
Video: 4096x2160 59.94FPS 1.19:1 - Video was upscaled from a DVD capture to the full frame 4K IMAX aspect ratio. It was NOT recorded on IMAX cameras.
Color Space: 8bit YCbCr 4:2:2.
Video Stream: 152 Mb/s. AVC (High@L5.2) - 91GB .MOV
Audio Stream: 2304 kb/s, 24bit, 2 Channel - 1.39GB .WAV
Processed on:
OS: Xubuntu 20.04 LTS
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX
RAM: 64GB 3600mhz CL16
DISPLAY: Samsung CHG90 + LG CX



  • A'AN Communications
    A'AN Communications26 giorni fa

    4K60 TORRENT IS UP: bit.ly/3cTDYud

  • DSquaredDan


    3 giorni fa

    @italo torres no. It’s from Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois in 2007.

  • Mizer


    3 giorni fa

    I dont have storage :v

  • italo torres

    italo torres

    4 giorni fa

    @Unofficial Fuslie Video Archive PARIS.

  • Unofficial Fuslie Video Archive

    Unofficial Fuslie Video Archive

    4 giorni fa

    someone knows what City/Country is this video from? thanks

  • Marcos Fernandez

    Marcos Fernandez

    4 giorni fa

    @rodri Yeah, you're right. I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and download it. Definitely going to be worth it, lol.

  • Brian Conner
    Brian Conner3 ore fa

    Television....RULES THE NATION!!!

  • Philippe Martin
    Philippe Martin5 ore fa

    I will never have the chance to see them live :*(

  • nunaoooo
    nunaoooo5 ore fa

    Honestly the masked guys are probably actors and the real dudes are djing from another place. They look like two robots, they even dance when there’s no music.

  • Jason Albertson
    Jason Albertson7 ore fa

    I was there and it was magical!!!

  • Alexis2andsoOn
    Alexis2andsoOn10 ore fa

    if it's perfectly recorded, then why is it directed so bad? the fanmade version is way better and at least canon, since it's shot in the same place the gig was recorded...

  • Der Typ
    Der Typ10 ore fa

    every face you see in the crowd is smiling from ear to ear, beautiful

  • CreepingDebt
    CreepingDebt10 ore fa

    this show brings back memories for me (i was born in 2006) and i grew up listening to this for as long as i can remember, and i remember just good times with my dad and i (mom isnt as much of a fan as dad), simpler times, better times.

  • Lauren Heineman
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  • Depression
    DepressionGiorno fa

    RIP the best French Duders I've known.. Thanks you guys!

  • douglas david misas camacho
    douglas david misas camachoGiorno fa

    All and the most I got to say is THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS. To us guys loved it. Amazing work and efforts you put on this.

  • Social_Grenade
    Social_GrenadeGiorno fa

    So many shots of random things. I wanted to see the show and relive moments and half of if was missing

  • david royo
    david royoGiorno fa

    Enorme ...

  • V
    VGiorno fa

    Wow , thank you so much for putting this up. DAFT PUNK is Awesome!!!

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  • Tedward
    TedwardGiorno fa

    Now their gone. Nothing there to replace them but an empty void in my sadly fleshy heart. No other robots.

  • Matthew Jimenez
    Matthew Jimenez2 giorni fa

    1:02:56 wat song is that

  • Jack Coker
    Jack Coker2 giorni fa


  • Evan Rothrock
    Evan Rothrock2 giorni fa

    Getting to see them play this set at Coachella defies comprehension. Seeing it again with this fidelity evokes some serious nostalgia.

  • DroneRunner
    DroneRunner2 giorni fa

    We have a duty to carry this music in an interstellar probe

  • merethoughts
    merethoughts2 giorni fa

    Siiiiick! Legendary performance! The GOATS!

  • Shadow Bandit
    Shadow Bandit2 giorni fa

    I wish I was alive when these concerts happened

  • basswooferhugga
    basswooferhugga2 giorni fa

    I went to this tour in Australia xxxx EPIC!!!!

  • a-KiRa tM
    a-KiRa tM3 giorni fa

    Thanks for this remaster, I never get tired to listen Alive '07 and from this vid I love the shots the lights, it's amazing! downloading the torrent right now!

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    ベロベロおじさん4 giorni fa

    最高 最高 i love U

  • oreofudgeman
    oreofudgeman5 giorni fa

    Its fucking insane to see how genius these guys really were, especially for the time period. This changed everything in EDM towards what we see now.

  • Molly S
    Molly S5 giorni fa

    Still the coolest fucking thing to have ever happened.

  • Angel Grandes
    Angel Grandes5 giorni fa

    Máster class!!! 😎

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez5 giorni fa

    God bless you.

  • Rose Hillis
    Rose Hillis5 giorni fa

    I grew up to their music they shaped my taste in music and made me who I am today! All thanks to them!!!

  • Everardo Jordan
    Everardo Jordan5 giorni fa

    It’s sad on one more time cause it really was one more time last concert of daft punk

  • A round the world
    A round the world5 giorni fa

    there's no music they play that it's not my favorite

  • Joan
    Joan5 giorni fa

    When time travel is invented this is the first place I'm going.

  • Joan
    Joan5 giorni fa

    When time travel is invented this is the first place I'm going.

  • Benko Cabrón
    Benko Cabrón5 giorni fa

    mucho 4k pero no se ve un pingo

  • Heijstrab Heijstrab
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  • Gilles bkf
    Gilles bkf6 giorni fa

    Incredible I feel there ! Feels good on the big home cinema, it was waiting only this.. Thanks !!

  • Ignored Magician
    Ignored Magician7 giorni fa

    Never going to see them live. And I know I used to get some chances in the past..

  • Groovepusher
    Groovepusher7 giorni fa

    You Changed my and my friends , lol all our lives ! Humans '

  • Stephan Rastoll
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  • mrcampiones
    mrcampiones7 giorni fa

    Eternal 🎶

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    V C7 giorni fa

    Being here for the news 👁️👄👁️✨

  • Jose Luis Y.R.
    Jose Luis Y.R.7 giorni fa

    Do anyone else "hate" all the happy people from this video?

  • julianva
    julianva7 giorni fa

    Thank God I had the chance to see them live in Buenos Aires, unforgettable experience.

  • Vegetarian Sam
    Vegetarian Sam7 giorni fa

    where the fuck has this footage been?!? i swear ive been looking for something like this for ages! where was this filmed?

  • thomas cristo
    thomas cristo8 giorni fa

    09:25 ❤❤❤

  • FinchyBlueEyes
    FinchyBlueEyes8 giorni fa

    I have hopes for Alive 2027 - "One More Time"

  • FinchyBlueEyes
    FinchyBlueEyes8 giorni fa

    Touch It Bring It Pay It Watch It Turn It Leave it STOP..... Format it ;)

  • Joel Bangalter
    Joel Bangalter8 giorni fa

    5:54 se ven bien hermosos mis dioses :")

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    12:59 EPIC MOMENT

  • R Menon
    R Menon8 giorni fa

    Those two are "Drift Compatible".

  • R Menon
    R Menon8 giorni fa

    I never in my wildest dreams expected them to retire this early. I turned 18 in 1996 and discovered Daft Punk. They were the soundtrack of my adult life to date. And now it feels like a best friend has died. A lot of friends, family & your childhood begin to die in your 40s....this sucks .😪

  • snoop dogg dank kush
    snoop dogg dank kush8 giorni fa

    Weird how this dropped 4 days before they broke up ):

  • A gustin
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  • The BGJ
    The BGJ9 giorni fa

    If robots ever take over the world I hope they're like DaftPunk. If they're like DaftPunk I'll be happy

  • Koll Anderson
    Koll Anderson9 giorni fa

    Damnit! why did I start playing this again at midnight! Now, I have to be up for another 1hour 26 minutes, and I am gonna love it!

  • Thomas Beckham / zeus
    Thomas Beckham / zeus9 giorni fa

    Ads are annoying af

  • Onur Kutsal
    Onur Kutsal9 giorni fa

    I can listen Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger intro 1 million times.

  • Carmelo pearman
    Carmelo pearman9 giorni fa

    That face to face intro with harder better faster stronger was just insane

  • Deetro
    Deetro9 giorni fa

    R-O-o-o-W-B-O-T / Y-O-U-Mmm-a-n-n-N-n-n !

  • sonicmz
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  • Eliana Pc
    Eliana Pc9 giorni fa

    Ahora solamente quedará ver el alive por ITfun :(

  • Jenny Long
    Jenny Long9 giorni fa

    I was there at their first show in coachella and I didn't really know who they were.. but that was the best show of my entire life.. and I've been to tons of shows

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley9 giorni fa

    mixing in those helmets must have been a massive pita!

  • Cheezyplayz
    Cheezyplayz9 giorni fa

    they make it look easy!

  • Johan Marquez Jaimes
    Johan Marquez Jaimes9 giorni fa

    ame ame ame ame ame, amo daft punk

  • David DENIS
    David DENIS9 giorni fa

    Thank you so much guys to allowing us enjoying this amazing Alive set again !

  • Social Pop
    Social Pop10 giorni fa


  • Austin Gomez
    Austin Gomez10 giorni fa

    I have a distinct memory of listening to the live version and hearing a girls double scream. This brought back so many memories.

  • Gastón Silva
    Gastón Silva10 giorni fa

    Una lokura..!

  • goatisdemen
    goatisdemen10 giorni fa

    friendly reminder that 60 fps looks like absolute ass if it's not a video game or some kind of sport - especially if you're converting from a lower-framerate video

  • Fran Gorostidi
    Fran Gorostidi10 giorni fa

    13:47 Guy Manuel clapping, Human After All

  • ꜱᴇʀᴇɴɪᴛʏ[CΞΝΚ]
    ꜱᴇʀᴇɴɪᴛʏ[CΞΝΚ]10 giorni fa

    i would have given my existence to see them live just once

  • King Crimson [ The World ]

    King Crimson [ The World ]

    8 giorni fa

    Tell Pucci to reset the earth so we can have Daft Punk "One More Time" 🥺

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    Alejandro Curiel Granillo

    8 giorni fa

    thank you DIO, very cool

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    Ariel Gamboa Vázquez10 giorni fa

    I was there!

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    NylxXZ10 giorni fa

    where was Daft Punk in my childhood?? ; - ;

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    Faux Fox10 giorni fa

    This is on par with saying you went to Woodstock

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    забаротропитили10 giorni fa

    Not bad really!

  • Nabhila Anastri
    Nabhila Anastri10 giorni fa

    astagfirulohaladzim daftpunk.... nyebut saya.

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    Adam Cummings10 giorni fa

    What a set!!! Legendary.

  • Nabhila Anastri
    Nabhila Anastri10 giorni fa


  • Alejandro Patlan
    Alejandro Patlan10 giorni fa

    Máximo respeto y honor al editor de este video, que me dio uno de los alucines más chingones de mi vida....también sin dejar de mencionar la magia musical de mis Daft Punk, sublime, se van a extrañar...

  • Laura Lozano
    Laura Lozano11 giorni fa

    Prime time of you life was 🤯🤯🤯

  • Oliver Rodríguez
    Oliver Rodríguez11 giorni fa

    Did you mind? a F*king bastard come here to say, "hey!, I was there". In that case, tell us your history at least.

  • DropKick2020
    DropKick202011 giorni fa

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  • Breezy J
    Breezy J11 giorni fa

    I can’t even comprehend what it was like to experience this live. The way they opened this unbelievable concert (especially at 2:25) ALWAYS gives me goosebumps and overwhelming happiness (the kind where you laugh out loud because it’s so good).

  • Deteccion Metalica Santa Clara del Mar
    Deteccion Metalica Santa Clara del Mar11 giorni fa

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    The unique tuba ganguly tumble because acrylic temporally rely around a third zoology. harmonious, spicy suede

  • Klemorius
    Klemorius11 giorni fa

    What song does the "Die die die" part of the human after all encore at the end come from?

  • Klemorius


    10 giorni fa

    The prime time if your life - Para one remix

  • Daavser
    Daavser11 giorni fa

    :3 latinos presente?

  • NeDry
    NeDry11 giorni fa

    Merci pour toutes ces vibes ! Vous allez nous manquer.....................

  • iShreked JoeMama
    iShreked JoeMama11 giorni fa

    well fuck me sideways it's the best show in the whole universe

  • Nicolas Beranger
    Nicolas Beranger11 giorni fa

    They're no robots, they're Gods

  • snowy
    snowy11 giorni fa

    ngl if they make one last reunion im going to sneak in if im not allowed cuz this shiz pops

  • Daffy Shakilfur
    Daffy Shakilfur11 giorni fa

    Just recently got into Daft Punk, where have I been, so sick.

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