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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser playing Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
featuring Dusan Kranjc on drums
Video by Kristijan Burlovic, Medvid production
Produced, mixed and mastered by 2CELLOS and Filip Vidovic (Matterhorn Music)
Lighting design by Črt Birsa - Blackout


  • Mark Atef
    Mark Atef8 ore fa

    2LEGENDS 💥💥 On Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Wiltraut Reininghaus
    Wiltraut Reininghaus12 ore fa

    How could it be that somebody does' nt t like the 2 cellos???? They are perfekt in every kind of music !

  • Rafael Amelunxen
    Rafael Amelunxen14 ore fa

    2 cellos are back its awsome

  • Captain Goff
    Captain Goff18 ore fa

    Hello please send or post sheet music so I can play it!

  • Adi P
    Adi P18 ore fa


  • Benjamin Lowery
    Benjamin Lowery23 ore fa

    Knew u guys weren't gone THE SHOW MUST GO ON......

    LOUISIANEGiorno fa


  • Ramonzeira
    RamonzeiraGiorno fa

    Go easy on crack, boys

  • Joe Costa
    Joe CostaGiorno fa

    I can't believe anyone not liking this

  • Tricia Harris
    Tricia HarrisGiorno fa

    Wow, love this so awesome ! Love the drummer ! The three of you together ! Can’t get any better ! Be still my heart ! So much talent and passion ! This makes you forget about all the wrong in this world! I hope you come to usa for a tour ! Sending love to you three ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️🎻🎻🎻🎶🎶🎶🥁

  • Stewart John

    Stewart John

    5 ore fa

    Hello beautiful

  • Ирина Милютина
    Ирина МилютинаGiorno fa

    Как всегда мега шикарно!!!! Обожаю!!!❤❤❤

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li2 giorni fa

    Their like they ben upgraded

  • karylu hernandez
    karylu hernandez2 giorni fa


  • Eliza González
    Eliza González2 giorni fa

    Bravo 👏👏

  • Mateo Carrizales
    Mateo Carrizales2 giorni fa

    this was awsome

  • Garota iluminada
    Garota iluminada2 giorni fa

    Hauser te amo 💖💖 Estou muito triste por saber que nunca vou te conhecer

  • 市川久美子
    市川久美子2 giorni fa


  • 市川久美子
    市川久美子2 giorni fa


  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth2 giorni fa

    Okay, now tour again. Saw them 2 years ago and waiting to see them again.

  • Dr. Norbert Dennerlein
    Dr. Norbert Dennerlein3 giorni fa

    What a great moment, that you are back again☺️🤗

  • rahul shah
    rahul shah3 giorni fa

    Pls.... Pls.... Play on rasputin.... M. Boney songs.... I love that songs..... Its perfect for your cellos.....

  • Alexandre Mitroszewski
    Alexandre Mitroszewski3 giorni fa

    Simplesmente sensacional.

  • Sandi P
    Sandi P3 giorni fa

    So im thinking rhis is it. Luka and evigny teamed up for concerts. Whats Hauser going to do?

  • Whos Boredtoo?
    Whos Boredtoo?3 giorni fa

    Cant belive nobody here knows Apocalyptica.

  • Mile Kojot
    Mile Kojot3 giorni fa

    Odlično dečki...imali ste muda usuditi se obraditi ovaj bezvremenski hit...još jednom Bravo. Nadam se da će vas ekipa iz New Yerseya čuti i pozvati kao predgrupu. Kad ćete obraditi nešto od Bruce Springsteen and The E Street band

  • Marvin Ticle
    Marvin Ticle3 giorni fa

    I have always followed them very well, it would be good if they included in their repertoire the intro of the sounded series THE WALKING DEAD

  • Arja Hakamäki
    Arja Hakamäki3 giorni fa


  • Neticom Neticom
    Neticom Neticom3 giorni fa

    Ура! Мы дождались их возвращения! 👏👏👏

  • Наташа Леус
    Наташа Леус3 giorni fa

    Two cellos sound like an orchestra. Need to listen and watch.

  • Luchita Lopez
    Luchita Lopez3 giorni fa

    🎻hauser Luka🎻🤗🙃😃😉👏👏👏💐🧸👍🧡

  • Mac DeNife
    Mac DeNife4 giorni fa

    Jon singing would have put it over the top!!

  • Yulemis Gonzalez
    Yulemis Gonzalez4 giorni fa

    Waooo fantastic

  • Yulemis Gonzalez

    Yulemis Gonzalez

    Giorno fa

    @L Demetrius ok .I’m so sorry .

  • L Demetrius

    L Demetrius

    2 giorni fa

    The 2CELLOS replying here to Yulemis Gonzalez is a fake channel and the proprietor joined May 3, 2021. These scammers need to stop! We're sick of their fakery.

  • 2 CELLOS

    2 CELLOS

    3 giorni fa

    Thank you so much lovely fan 😍❤️

    MARCO COLOMBATI4 giorni fa

    Welcome back !!!

  • marsha berger
    marsha berger4 giorni fa

    Not my kind of music but I still appreciate the energy and effort you put into it! LOVE!

  • Arja Hakamäki
    Arja Hakamäki4 giorni fa

    Beautiful cello musik

  • Cindy Connell
    Cindy Connell4 giorni fa


  • Louis Kok
    Louis Kok4 giorni fa

    i love how bucky play cello instead of became winter soldier

  • Firdevs nane
    Firdevs nane4 giorni fa

    Oh,you're back!!!👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy5 giorni fa

    Got any tips for a starting musician

  • Терновой Сергей
    Терновой Сергей5 giorni fa

    Супер, легенда.

  • Мария Андонова
    Мария Андонова5 giorni fa


  • Amanda van der Westhuizen
    Amanda van der Westhuizen5 giorni fa

    it's so good to see the two of you playing together again! 💕

  • Emmie Llamas-Cruz
    Emmie Llamas-Cruz5 giorni fa


  • white boi the cracker
    white boi the cracker5 giorni fa

    Please do “and justice for all” by Metallica

  • Wilma Natura
    Wilma Natura6 giorni fa

    Meu Deusssss showww

    DZIDZO6 giorni fa

    Cooooooooool 😍😍 i like that ❤❤😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 بجنننننننن رائع ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥бомба 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • sabina
    sabina6 giorni fa


  • Stewart John

    Stewart John

    5 ore fa

    Hello 👋 baby you so beautiful 💜💜❤️🌹👋

  • Luan Valmiro
    Luan Valmiro6 giorni fa

    Só lembrei do clipe com Final Fantasy!!!!

  • Mohamed Elbouayadi
    Mohamed Elbouayadi6 giorni fa

    I like this 💚💚💚😍😍😍

  • Vanja Fučkar
    Vanja Fučkar6 giorni fa

    Waiting for: cutting crew: Died In Your Arms, to being next one

  • Falcon1985
    Falcon19856 giorni fa

    WOW \m/

  • Laura Pagliaretta
    Laura Pagliaretta6 giorni fa

    beatiful..as always! Pls come to Spain

  • piti peng
    piti peng6 giorni fa

    Performance 👌~♥️~

  • Lorenzo Lazzarino
    Lorenzo Lazzarino6 giorni fa

    we missed you

  • Yien Balanz
    Yien Balanz6 giorni fa

    Because of this I accidentally smash the subscribe 🔘

  • Mariana Lien
    Mariana Lien7 giorni fa

    Absolutely beautiful 🤩

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love7 giorni fa

    Lights turned out on, but stop

  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    6 giorni fa

    Thank you ❣️....how are you ?

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love7 giorni fa

    Remember me bent into time and above against

  • Люба Глубина
    Люба Глубина7 giorni fa


  • Werner Heylen
    Werner Heylen7 giorni fa


  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    6 giorni fa

    @Werner Heylen Thanks for the reply ❤️.... You really made me special,i want to appreciate you .. Send me a mail to my personal email address: stjepanhausermusica@gmail.com..I will be waiting to hear from you

  • L Demetrius

    L Demetrius

    6 giorni fa

    @Werner Heylen That's a fake account.

  • Werner Heylen

    Werner Heylen

    7 giorni fa

    Where from Belgium

  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    7 giorni fa

    Thanks for you unconditional love and support❤️...Where are you watching from?

  • Caedemis
    Caedemis7 giorni fa

    Not a fan - didn't like the tone much, especially during the intro. Not very pleasant on the ears imo

  • JC Bailey
    JC Bailey7 giorni fa

    Ok I can start breathing again, life had no oxygen during your hiatus.

  • Cobra Coder
    Cobra Coder7 giorni fa

    But here's the question: We're half way there to what?

  • Daiss Music Free
    Daiss Music Free7 giorni fa

    You people shocked me!! 💯💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏😇👌

  • Kt K
    Kt K8 giorni fa

    So damn happy these guys are back!!!!!

  • DenaIsHumblyBlessed !
    DenaIsHumblyBlessed !8 giorni fa

    Okay this was so awesome! One of my favorite rock songs from back in the day and they killed it along with the drummer and the lighting! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this! Fantastic video and thanks for your talent and sharing this! 🤗💯👍

  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    6 giorni fa

    @DenaIsHumblyBlessed ! Thanks for the reply ❤️.... You really made me special,i want to appreciate you .. Send me a mail to my personal email address: stjepanhausermusica@gmail.com..I will be waiting to hear from you

  • DenaIsHumblyBlessed !

    DenaIsHumblyBlessed !

    6 giorni fa

    @L Demetrius will do, thanks again 👍😊

  • L Demetrius

    L Demetrius

    6 giorni fa

    @DenaIsHumblyBlessed ! YW, Denals! As an example, go to itfun.info/mine/bdiHta6L2mu6hms/video.html where Luka is playing a Bach composition. Hauser posts a comment to Luka and you'll see the language: "View 60 replies from LUKA SULIC and others."

  • DenaIsHumblyBlessed !

    DenaIsHumblyBlessed !

    6 giorni fa

    @L Demetrius ok, thank you very much for letting me know and informing me about how the actual replies look! I appreciate it!

  • L Demetrius

    L Demetrius

    6 giorni fa

    @DenaIsHumblyBlessed ! Sadly, that's not the real Stjepan. Beware of this faker. He takes pleasure in getting people, women especially, to respond to him. If you click on his name, it will take you to a "channel" which has only been in business since the beginning of the year. There are two fake Stjepans and one fake Luka. When real YT channel proprietors answer anyone's comment, their names will ALWAYS be in the "View replies" such as "View replies from Stjepan Hauser and 2 others."

  • Maria Mironenko
    Maria Mironenko8 giorni fa

    Они вернулись!!! Да!!!

  • QueenAusetHeru
    QueenAusetHeru8 giorni fa


  • Dan Moorley
    Dan Moorley8 giorni fa


  • Just Songz
    Just Songz8 giorni fa


  • silvo gergorec
    silvo gergorec8 giorni fa

    Hvala vama za te nore komade. Upam da vaju vidim na kakšnem koncertu to si res želim k to je res Huuuudo.

  • Claudia Nascimento
    Claudia Nascimento8 giorni fa

    Que loco isso;maravilhoso!!!

  • Tamara Zhuravleva
    Tamara Zhuravleva8 giorni fa

    Это великолепно!!! Брависсимо!!!! 💖💗👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Stewart John

    Stewart John

    5 ore fa

    Hello pretty

  • 2 CELLOS

    2 CELLOS

    3 giorni fa

    Thank you so much lovely fan 😍❤️

  • Kyut
    Kyut8 giorni fa

    Loooooove this!!!!

  • 市川久美子
    市川久美子8 giorni fa


  • Влада Всеслава
    Влада Всеслава9 giorni fa

    Это просто шедевр!!!!!!! Есть ещё какой-то инструмент, которого не показывают, но его слышно всё видео

  • Veronica Sanchez
    Veronica Sanchez9 giorni fa

    2 Cellos return and Dusan's drumming is amazing. Dazzling performance.🥰👏🎻🥁💋

  • L Demetrius

    L Demetrius

    6 giorni fa

    @Veronica Sanchez I assume you've found out by now that this "Stjepan" is a fake. He's not the REAL Hauser. There's another fake Hauser plus two fake Lukas who posted comments on this video. Be careful!

  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    6 giorni fa

    @Veronica Sanchez Thanks for the reply ❤️.... You really made me special,i want to appreciate you .. Send me a mail to my personal email address: stjepanhausermusica@gmail.com..I will be waiting to hear from you

  • Veronica Sanchez

    Veronica Sanchez

    7 giorni fa

    @Stjepan Hauser Sending LOVE 💕 all the way from TEXAS. Many blessings.🙏 Stay safe healthy and positive.😷🎻🥰

  • Stjepan Hauser

    Stjepan Hauser

    7 giorni fa

    Thanks for you unconditional love and support❤️...Where are you watching from?

  • 癒しの森
    癒しの森9 giorni fa


  • gabi
    gabi9 giorni fa


  • Yildiz Akin
    Yildiz Akin9 giorni fa

    Muhteşem Show,Alkışlar size gelsin.👏👌

  • Christoph Penny
    Christoph Penny9 giorni fa

    Is the drummer your brother ,that was fantastic , im a Mandolinist

  • Ed Antonuk
    Ed Antonuk9 giorni fa


  • S hiro
    S hiro9 giorni fa

    Hey!2Cs! Japanese song Cover please!!

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later9 giorni fa

    Video clip killed the radio star... Would love to see this LIVE as well. Seeing this LIVE by John Bon Jovi was An Experience.

  • S hiro
    S hiro9 giorni fa

    Wow!Cover ofBon jovi!?

  • Carole Entrop
    Carole Entrop9 giorni fa

    just love the wildness...feel so sorry for those poor bows!!!

  • Stewart John

    Stewart John

    5 ore fa

    So beautiful @2 CELLOS hello 👋 baby you 🌹🌹

  • 2 CELLOS

    2 CELLOS

    3 giorni fa

    Thank you so much lovely fan of mine 💕

  • Divanete Stanoga
    Divanete Stanoga9 giorni fa

    Bom Demais da Conta! 👏 👏 👏

  • winged knight
    winged knight9 giorni fa

    they are back again and good lord they came back with a bang

  • Ekene
    Ekene9 giorni fa

    Dislikes are from those "living on despair"

  • A . V
    A . V9 giorni fa

    Dajte anicu vise malo hr roka

  • daniela gallo
    daniela gallo9 giorni fa

    This phantastic brainstorming,this explosion of soul is a past!!!!Those are days!

  • Ana •
    Ana •9 giorni fa


  • Lime
    Lime9 giorni fa

    Welcome back

  • Luchita Lopez
    Luchita Lopez9 giorni fa

    🧔🎻Hauser🎼🎵🎶❤️ 🧔🎻🎼🎶🎵 luka👏👏👍🌻

  • Catalina Bustos Pinzón
    Catalina Bustos Pinzón9 giorni fa


  • Beans of Morgan Pictures
    Beans of Morgan Pictures10 giorni fa

    Please do Bro Hymn by Pennywise, lol I know your music teachers probably hated it, but the song means a lot to a lot of people. It'd b cool of ya's to give it a nod. I know I'd love to hear ur version.

  • Orival Schumacher Batista Neto
    Orival Schumacher Batista Neto10 giorni fa

    PLEAAAAASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE X MAN openin THEME SONG.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • Mary Broadbent
    Mary Broadbent10 giorni fa

    2 Cellos play this better than Bon jovi

  • Preston Meza
    Preston Meza10 giorni fa

    Chills. Literally. Chills the entire video. 👍

  • Luzia Pestana
    Luzia Pestana10 giorni fa

    To be with family it's the best, but people around the world are waiting for you, too. Don't forget Portugal. Cheers fr Madeira island, Ivo

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