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Young Stoner Life Records Presents the official video for Young Thug & Gunna's "Ski" from the album 'Slime Language 2' - Out Now!
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Director: Omar Jones @freeomarjones
Producers: Angel J Rosa & Mark Schroeder
Company: AJR Films
Video Commissioner: Lucas Prevost
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  • chrome hitz
    chrome hitz11 minuti fa

    HELP a brother out. Whats your fave thugga or gunna song ??

  • Lord Vaper
    Lord Vaper23 minuti fa

    beat go hard doe

  • Rey Lex
    Rey LexOra fa

    My 2 year old went from saying yes to yeah! thank you young thug.

  • Josiah Gyan
    Josiah GyanOra fa

    who is the girl in red to the right of Gunna? i neeed a name

  • Richie Jones
    Richie JonesOra fa


  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace2 ore fa

    I'm In Love With This Beat 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Даценко
    Даценко2 ore fa

    Сода лав выучил английский ппц

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark3 ore fa

    They brothers fr 🗣

  • __ msaucyj
    __ msaucyj3 ore fa


  • Nelson Johnston
    Nelson Johnston3 ore fa

    I love hip-hop. '81 baby here. But this is not it. The beat is good. lyrics are not great at all. But hey, to each their own.

  • ASAP B
    ASAP B3 ore fa

    My man shouted out Jim Ellis

  • liad george
    liad george4 ore fa

    lil uzi vibe

  • Mondy Mathibela
    Mondy Mathibela4 ore fa

    ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya!!!!!!!!!

  • Topman Meeko
    Topman Meeko5 ore fa


  • True Hebrew
    True Hebrew5 ore fa

    The only issue I have with this song is it’s 2 mins long 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lasa Chhakchhuak
    Lasa Chhakchhuak6 ore fa


  • Enos Moaning
    Enos Moaning6 ore fa

    Best crip and blood duo of all times

  • Themba Shawn
    Themba Shawn6 ore fa

    Hell yeah Thugger back🔥🔥🔥🔥 lets go slime

  • jaydrip
    jaydrip6 ore fa

    Y'all is it me or does ski beat sound like surf 🤔

  • Jp- Esports
    Jp- Esports7 ore fa

    Gunna went from "ft gunna" to & gunna truly inspirational

  • John Martin

    John Martin

    2 ore fa


  • Takunda Gatsi
    Takunda Gatsi7 ore fa

    slow this to 0.5 and listen to thugger say yeah, thank me later

  • Frank BeenG
    Frank BeenG7 ore fa

    Goo See if I did any good on the ski 🎿 dance while dancing with plantar fasciitis lol

    MICHAEL GOWDY8 ore fa


  • OG_Yoboy
    OG_Yoboy8 ore fa

    DC the DON's version was better tbh

  • Ginkaz Empire
    Ginkaz Empire8 ore fa

    BEST FAMILY ON THE WORLD U KNOW Ratatatatatatttt

  • Ginkaz Empire
    Ginkaz Empire8 ore fa


  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash8 ore fa

    We giving this vestite millions while he got a g ay vest on foh

  • Paul Saini
    Paul Saini9 ore fa

    This beat slaps

  • Mel Bryant
    Mel Bryant9 ore fa


  • Mutware Raoul
    Mutware Raoul9 ore fa

    This is the reason why 2021 is a blessing!!! Yaaa yaaa

  • Quan Williams
    Quan Williams10 ore fa

    The price I want for u gone need 3 promoters

  • Johnny Cicero
    Johnny Cicero10 ore fa


  • kuphix
    kuphix10 ore fa

    DC did it better, change my mind

  • Ms Franny
    Ms Franny10 ore fa

    Love the song Video Sucks

  • sharukh alam
    sharukh alam10 ore fa

    I still remember young thug when I watched him on hookah song with tyga...🔥

  • Wendel Henrique
    Wendel Henrique10 ore fa

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷BRASIL 💚💚

    MONTAL PROD11 ore fa


  • MyLeague God
    MyLeague God11 ore fa

    1:38 that Alexis tae ?

  • Sir Smoove
    Sir Smoove11 ore fa

    “ I told her she had to run through the team before she could talk to the lic “ 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie12 ore fa

    Okay I see the chocolate sisters thugga! 😍

    KID SAUCE12 ore fa

    Why hasnt this song reach 50 million views ❤️

  • Khayelihle Nyawose
    Khayelihle Nyawose13 ore fa

    Damn this song is too short

  • krishna vh
    krishna vh13 ore fa

    Collab 100%

  • JaAy MeYA
    JaAy MeYA14 ore fa

    this deserves so much more views

  • šäähø Kabuga
    šäähø Kabuga14 ore fa


  • Marlon Miranda
    Marlon Miranda16 ore fa

    " I just told her make a store run, I just bought all the trojans. " LMAOOOO

  • Strangé Israel
    Strangé Israel18 ore fa

    I don't see what's the hype

  • Natali Vejar
    Natali Vejar18 ore fa

    When u pull up in your new whip

  • Preme Tv
    Preme Tv18 ore fa

    One day when I make it ☝🏾

  • Preme Tv
    Preme Tv18 ore fa

    I wish I was at tht party

  • Đîør
    Đîør19 ore fa

    Fun fact: Nav is in this music video

  • Clutch handla
    Clutch handla19 ore fa

    Ralo 02:19 ?

  • rewindd -
    rewindd -19 ore fa

    this shit hard

  • Jamiya’s World
    Jamiya’s World20 ore fa

    Ayyoo is it just me or I just saw bad kid mya

  • Kevin Madrid
    Kevin Madrid20 ore fa

    Mi favorta del album 🤩🤩😎😎

  • Kenneth Kirk
    Kenneth Kirk20 ore fa

    Anyone from tiktock

  • Thrimel Thom
    Thrimel Thom20 ore fa

    The only thing I understand is yea yea yea ski👀😁

  • Charles Rivers
    Charles Rivers20 ore fa

    Litty, 👌🏽🔥

  • Magnum ARCANA
    Magnum ARCANA21 ora fa

    I love this song

  • Eli J
    Eli J21 ora fa

    Gunna we need the album ASAP please 🙏

  • Hey_ Mz. King
    Hey_ Mz. King22 ore fa

    She for the Street- Neet-Neets!

  • carlos o'neal
    carlos o'neal22 ore fa

    They need Future on this beat !!!

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Thelma Lacey
    Thelma Lacey22 ore fa

  • Akeem RW Ross
    Akeem RW Ross22 ore fa

    "Yeah.. Yeah" I love his tone he has a unique style flow and s🔊und well-produced #Youngthug reviving the Rap game and Hip Hop Industry honestly it is in a state of emergency some of the artists need to be knocked out l😂l "amen"..

  • Ebony Curley
    Ebony Curley22 ore fa

    2021 starting of right hits .. Dj khaled album kevin gates ft renni rucci . busta and mariah ayeeeee💵💵💵🙏❤🎊🎉

  • first savage 4real
    first savage 4real22 ore fa

    When he say spider🕷 just i think about TEC spider🕷

  • first savage 4real

    first savage 4real

    18 minuti fa

    @allin Yeah young thug steal spider🕷 from tec

  • allin


    22 ore fa


  • Wise Serpent Gentle Dove
    Wise Serpent Gentle Dove23 ore fa

    legend has it thugga actually wanted to be a mlb player. sadly thuggas baseball dreams were never realized as the league accused him of cheating and doping all because.... this man don't miss.

  • Av3rage Gamer
    Av3rage Gamer23 ore fa

    *Yuh Yuh Yuh Yuh Skeet*

  • Nyxie Baybe
    Nyxie Baybe23 ore fa

    Love this style BC u got swag I think in smittened by dis lingo

  • JustGot Famous
    JustGot Famous23 ore fa

    Imagine juice wrld on this.......

  • Slimey Bakez
    Slimey Bakez23 ore fa

    Shout out GS9

  • Djepetto Neptoon
    Djepetto NeptoonGiorno fa

    I don't know what the fuck he sayin but I like it

  • Jackie Calliham
    Jackie CallihamGiorno fa

    Yuh yuh yuh

  • World Of mira
    World Of miraGiorno fa


  • Sterling Witherspoon
    Sterling WitherspoonGiorno fa


    LINDA AMMELGiorno fa

    I like this song#

  • Kerby Saintil
    Kerby SaintilGiorno fa

    Let's be honest, they don't make beats this good anymore, this beat is too hard to be in this era of hip hop.

  • Gas Baby Jay
    Gas Baby JayGiorno fa

    Thug if u smart u would uzi on da remix come on now 🏄🏽‍♂️💯

  • ismail
    ismailGiorno fa


  • Matias sepulveda
    Matias sepulvedaGiorno fa

    meo tema rey

  • Bre Bre
    Bre BreGiorno fa

    I love you young thug this my song😊🥰😍

  • Spiritual Soul
    Spiritual SoulGiorno fa

    Whole album slaps frfr

  • Deirdre L McLaughlin
    Deirdre L McLaughlinGiorno fa

    Fye af

  • Noah Weber
    Noah WeberGiorno fa

    Da beat shaking hard

  • Bad kid Sa’Rae Morris
    Bad kid Sa’Rae MorrisGiorno fa

    I saw mya

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin MunizGiorno fa

    The best song in this album

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin MunizGiorno fa

    Who's here before 50 mil views

  • Higher Purpose
    Higher PurposeGiorno fa

    Guys don’t go to Hell. If you see this comment it is God sending you a warning before it is too late. Jesus is coming soon. Get right with God. If you decide to follow Jesus after he saves Christians from the hard times that are coming. You will have to die for your faith. Accept Jesus before it is too late brothers and sisters.

  • ClickerFest
    ClickerFestGiorno fa

    Thugger my favourite rapper⛷️

  • grimey 6ix rushawn
    grimey 6ix rushawnGiorno fa

    Young thug this song is fuckin boomin mon up top settings

  • Gerald Sinzu
    Gerald SinzuGiorno fa

    Was that DK Metcalf at 2:19

  • Leo Nguyen-Hitimana élève
    Leo Nguyen-Hitimana élèveGiorno fa

    i need those slatt pops..

  • JayGotMoney
    JayGotMoneyGiorno fa


  • Kyuako
    KyuakoGiorno fa

    POV ur only here for the Spider seggs line

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