The best and worst shooters of the 2020-21 NBA season from everywhere on the floor | NBA on ESPN

As the continues to evolve, 3-pointers are becoming more common and more valuable. But the midrange isn't dead yet, and paint shots are still vital. Kirk Goldsberry explains which NBA players were the most and least efficient from each zone on the court in the 2020-21 season, including Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Russell Westbrook, Julius Randle, Chris Paul, Khris Middleton and more.

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  • Solomon Sansi
    Solomon Sansi8 ore fa

    Trae Young ???

  • Go To The Corner 43
    Go To The Corner 43Giorno fa

    0:33 - Best shooter in the paint 1:09 - Most Efficient shooter in the paint 1:40 - Least Efficient shooter in the paint 2:16 - Most FG made from the baseline 2:34 - Most Efficient shooter from the baseline 2:58 - Least Efficient shooter from the baseline 3:21 - Best shooter from the elbows and free throw line 3:58 - Most Efficient shooter from the elbows and free throw line 4:31 - Least Efficient shooter from the elbows and free throw line 5:05 - Most Corner 3 pointers made 5:34 - Most Efficient corner 3 point shooter 5:59 - Least Efficient corner 3 point shooter 6:23 - Most Left Wing 3 pointers made 6:56 - Most Efficient left wing 3 point shooter 7:26 - Least Efficient left wing 3 point shooter 7:59 - Most Top of the Key 3 pointers made 8:37 - Most Efficient shooter from the top of the key. 9:12 - Least Efficient shooter from the top of the key. 9:36 - Most right wing 3 pointers made 10:13 - Least Efficient right wing 3 pointer shooter 10:44 - Most Deep 3 pointers made 11:17 - Most Efficient Deep 3 point shooter 11:56 - Least Efficient Deep 3 point shooter

  • 박희령
    박희령2 giorni fa

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  • Seamus
    Seamus3 giorni fa

    Let’s go Bucks

  • fausto almeida2002
    fausto almeida20023 giorni fa

    Men cant watch ingles jumper

  • ActuallyIsaaccc ‎
    ActuallyIsaaccc ‎4 giorni fa

    so steph curry has a better chance of sinking a screamer from beyond the 3 point line than eric bledsoe chucking it up from the wing..?

  • Max Kwon
    Max Kwon5 giorni fa

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  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan7 giorni fa

    Curry has the best shooter in NBA modern era history.

    ABEL SHOEDON8 giorni fa

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  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh9 giorni fa

    Luka doncic should be on there

  • Neal Ramirez
    Neal Ramirez10 giorni fa

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  • Gerson B
    Gerson B11 giorni fa

    Insane that Curry is the king of 3 spots on the court 🔥🔥🔥

  • ProStxr
    ProStxr11 giorni fa

    I’m ashamed I thought Stephen as luka from the left wing bc of the blue 🤣🤣🤣

  • mike ohagan
    mike ohagan11 giorni fa

    when will they introduce the 4 point line. it is inevitable.

  • Iyke
    Iyke11 giorni fa

    "No one can match KD" Team Nigeria: hold my jollof

    FONZWORTH BENTLEY13 giorni fa

    Imagine if Zion was on a good team

  • Charlotte Hal
    Charlotte Hal14 giorni fa

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  • Rowan L
    Rowan L14 giorni fa

    Funny how ex teammates, R J Barrett and Zion, were on opposite ends of the spectrum in the paint lol

  • Will
    Will14 giorni fa

    Cool video thanks

  • Tay-Elsa Kenneth
    Tay-Elsa Kenneth15 giorni fa

    Stephen Curry is using aimbot

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd
    Dasqwerty Qaswerd16 giorni fa

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  • Aiii Nanooo
    Aiii Nanooo16 giorni fa

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  • Keir Brook
    Keir Brook16 giorni fa

    So what your saying is that basketball is easy

  • Winst
    Winst17 giorni fa

    what if NBA made a deep three a legitimate shooting zone and gave it 4 points?

  • 기다림
    기다림17 giorni fa


  • nichbuns 37
    nichbuns 3718 giorni fa

    RJ Barrett has to work on his finishing, but I’d also love to see an overview of who had the most missed foul calls while shooting or finishing and I’d be willing to bet RJ is top 3. With how physically he plays and how much he goes to the hole, getting less than 4 free throw attempts per game is blasphemy. Not all his drives should be fouls calls but at least 2-3 per game are missed, which are not only points on the board, but hurt his efficiency. Still gotta be better.

  • Adrian Alvarado
    Adrian Alvarado18 giorni fa

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  • Panagiota Lavvas
    Panagiota Lavvas19 giorni fa

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  • satatay23
    satatay2319 giorni fa

    Why is this league so boring? It’s supposed to be some of the most athletic 2 way players and yet it’s guys taking unguarded shots vs. guys that can’t shoot.

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen19 giorni fa

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  • Peter attenborough
    Peter attenborough19 giorni fa

    I honestly dont think cp3 has a shoulder injury

  • Memesicle Plus
    Memesicle Plus19 giorni fa

    Steph Curry has a higher chance of hitting a half court shot then some people have shooting a layup

  • TakanoriGomi
    TakanoriGomi19 giorni fa

    I called Westbrook being one of the least efficient guys before this vid started lol

  • Noah Cordova
    Noah Cordova19 giorni fa


  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall20 giorni fa

    0:00 Two thousand twenty twenty one? What?

  • Jacqueline Hughes
    Jacqueline Hughes20 giorni fa

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  • Noah does
    Noah does21 giorno fa

    yeah but westbrook still hits some game winners from 3

  • Alec
    Alec21 giorno fa

    Lillard on the top of the key is prime time basketball

  • Parker YaDig
    Parker YaDig21 giorno fa

    Imagine if dame was as selfish as curry. He would prob avg 40 a game. Sadly that doesnt win championships or in the warriors case. Doesnt even make the playoffs lol

  • Sin Shiesty
    Sin Shiesty21 giorno fa

    I would love for you to go back to the early 2000 league and show who was the worst and best

  • Jesse Rice

    Jesse Rice

    18 giorni fa

    (Back when teams actually play legit defense.) 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Anish Arora
    Anish Arora22 giorni fa

    Dame and Steph🔥🔥🔥

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon22 giorni fa

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    Eleanor Greer22 giorni fa

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  • A.Joseph
    A.Joseph22 giorni fa

    Midrange - Durrant In the paint - Giannis 3 point shooters - Joe ingles, Duncan Robinson, Curry

  • The Great
    The Great22 giorni fa

    What about ben simons? Worsg shooter in history

  • Jesse Rice

    Jesse Rice

    18 giorni fa

    Didn't take enough outside shots to measure. 🤔

  • Red Orange Green
    Red Orange Green22 giorni fa

    The chef cooks so well, that everyone is trying to copy his recipe

  • Elijah Porter
    Elijah Porter22 giorni fa

    Shout out to joe Ingles! Man's earnt the Respect of everyone in the league

  • Jerry Bolton
    Jerry Bolton23 giorni fa

    The mid range shot the best shooter Chris Middleton it was probably KD

  • Eggo Films
    Eggo Films23 giorni fa

    1:08 of course…

  • ced ed
    ced ed23 giorni fa

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    Sho Tori23 giorni fa

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    OWEN CHEN23 giorni fa

    If Ben Simmons shot enough he would be on every worst shooter category

  • She Ratchet
    She Ratchet23 giorni fa

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  • Ronald Moe
    Ronald Moe24 giorni fa

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    Adrian Alvarado24 giorni fa

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  • jannescape
    jannescape24 giorni fa

    danny green so overhated smh

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown24 giorni fa

    Funny, I can't get Paul to hit a mid range jumper on 2K if my life depended on it.

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown24 giorni fa

    "J.J. Barrett is the worst in the paint in the entire league, but cheer up. He'll get better. Maybe in a few years he'll just be in the bottom 10%." 🤣

  • Rob Shelley
    Rob Shelley24 giorni fa

    Awesome work

  • ivan dunr
    ivan dunr24 giorni fa

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    Raibajal Singho24 giorni fa

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  • V JF
    V JF24 giorni fa

    I absolutely loved this video, super fun to see the best to the worst

  • Chao Ng
    Chao Ng25 giorni fa

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  • Balls and bots
    Balls and bots25 giorni fa

    7:47 isn’t this when Westbrook won the game?



    21 giorno fa

    @imjust chillin it was bro

  • imjust chillin

    imjust chillin

    25 giorni fa


  • Stevens B. Guillaume
    Stevens B. Guillaume25 giorni fa

    RJ gets no calls in the paint 😪

  • imjust chillin

    imjust chillin

    25 giorni fa


  • DipMED
    DipMED25 giorni fa

    I m just waiting for KLAY THOMPSON

  • imjust chillin

    imjust chillin

    25 giorni fa

    Keep waiting

  • Alex Ludz
    Alex Ludz25 giorni fa

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    David Jarrah25 giorni fa

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  • James Fernandez
    James Fernandez25 giorni fa

    Just for a change, try to remove the 3point line for a season. Many players now are taking low percentage shots too often and makes the league boring to watch.

  • dahuo tutoi
    dahuo tutoi26 giorni fa

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    POV. You said Jesus is fake26 giorni fa


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    Ced Burner26 giorni fa

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  • maxwell
    maxwell26 giorni fa

    Let’s take that title out of context…

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  • BokStar
    BokStar26 giorni fa

    espn disgraceful, we call him westbrick for a reason

  • freetorhyme1234
    freetorhyme123426 giorni fa

    interesting. best corner 3% 58%. Best front of the 3pt arc %, 43%. Huge difference. Why?

  • Rodrigo Jimendez
    Rodrigo Jimendez26 giorni fa

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    Latesha Presley27 giorni fa

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  • MM27
    MM2727 giorni fa

    I wonder how many guys even took 100 deep threes

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    Asad Marji27 giorni fa

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    Vu Nha Truc27 giorni fa

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  • Jamichen88
    Jamichen8827 giorni fa

    Surprised KD is only mentioned once and that Kawhi didn't make a midrange spot.

  • Corrine Silverman
    Corrine Silverman27 giorni fa

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    noroi gucii27 giorni fa

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  • Simplyblesd
    Simplyblesd27 giorni fa

    Deep 3’s for 4 points

  • Remoire Devil Ch.
    Remoire Devil Ch.27 giorni fa

    We need a playoffs version of this after the playoffs are over

  • Nathan Silva
    Nathan Silva27 giorni fa

    Zion's another Blake Griffin you'll see

  • Gaurav Bose
    Gaurav Bose27 giorni fa

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    Shawn Massey27 giorni fa

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    Romi Ajlouni27 giorni fa

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