Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 02: Boatem Town Guided Tours!

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Today we make a honey and honeycomb farm, discover a magical pig, tear down Pearl's base, make a boatem hole, and create a new ride in Boatem Town. It's a busy one!

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  • impulseSV
    impulseSVMese fa

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  • Donuts


    11 giorni fa


  • Jason Robison

    Jason Robison

    18 giorni fa

    You should've redone her base in orange. :P

  • Mantaman Cadet

    Mantaman Cadet

    26 giorni fa

    @eidane But I want to watch all the Kung Fu Pandas on Netflix...

  • art eclipse

    art eclipse

    28 giorni fa

    Hey impulse something I normally do with my skeliton spawners is i put the bows and armor going to firneses cause then the farm becomes a bone arrow gold and iron farm only thing that's actually useless is the lether armor and with the new update you could keep the lether boots though because you can walk ontop of powdered snow with them

  • Karike


    29 giorni fa

    Just subscribed😀 Where 1M?🤔

  • Fake User
    Fake User2 ore fa

    That pig in a minecart is just too good hahaha xD

  • just someone.
    just someone.Giorno fa

    this reminds me of that meme going on around😂 20:56

  • Alyssa Fundal
    Alyssa Fundal3 giorni fa

    21:14 "You're gonna tear it down?!" This coming from Impulse, who tore down and rebuild his base and its accent colors like 4 times last season HAHAA 22:57 "Who would put a boat on a boat" and the glance at the boat em pole, LOLL that was great!!! 25:42 Scar's voice fading away as he fell, what an art form

  • raheem humphreys
    raheem humphreys3 giorni fa

    I love how mumbo said to cut out the awkwardness with "no wax just an axe" line but he's the only one who didn't

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres3 giorni fa

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this real!!!

  • Gerhard Rosenekker
    Gerhard Rosenekker3 giorni fa

    5:01 Oxidizing is, when the copper gets cleaner. The reverse process is called "Axe-i-dizing"

  • Gerhard Rosenekker
    Gerhard Rosenekker3 giorni fa

    2:29 Not like an extra one, but rather a pickaxe-tra one!

  • Angel Lozano
    Angel Lozano4 giorni fa

    Am i the only one who wonders what do hermits talk about while they do a duo or more timelapse

  • Ethan Brunnett
    Ethan Brunnett4 giorni fa

    you know normally when i see youtubers talking about ads i skip but you actually somehow made a vpn sounds interesting. great job and i love how you related it to an enderchest that was very clever of you :)

  • Tuur Valgaerts
    Tuur Valgaerts4 giorni fa

    Did impuls just make ads interesting?

  • Warms adventures
    Warms adventures5 giorni fa

    You know you've made it when youtube itself enjoys your videos

  • Oya-an Family
    Oya-an Family6 giorni fa

    lol i love sacrifice lol hahaah

  • Nuttyknight 42
    Nuttyknight 426 giorni fa

    Trying to watch you all this season.

  • Greg
    Greg9 giorni fa

    14:04 no that’s grians job

  • Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M.10 giorni fa

    I am the only one that is kinda triggered because all the logs in the base aren't stripped

  • WolfButNo
    WolfButNo10 giorni fa

    impulse: 900k subs his sub count: 966K

  • Donovan Tuomi
    Donovan Tuomi10 giorni fa

    You should not destroy the armour and bows cause someone might like them

  • Hope Elizabeth
    Hope Elizabeth10 giorni fa

    No bush shall stop us from a million!! :D

  • Гліб Косс
    Гліб Косс10 giorni fa


  • Logan_porter22
    Logan_porter2210 giorni fa


  • kwon firee
    kwon firee11 giorni fa

    "Wait, wasnt it already a boat, did they needed a boat on a boat who would put a boat on a boat"

  • e f
    e f12 giorni fa

    he knows who poultry man is 0-0

  • Possible Games
    Possible Games12 giorni fa

    im having so much fun watching this 🙂

  • Nathaniel Jordan
    Nathaniel Jordan13 giorni fa

    Seen u on that pig n a minecart on Mumbo's Channel, and Scar's channel. An that my friend is exactly what made me look u up an Sub to ur channel. Keep it up.

  • ToucanPlay
    ToucanPlay14 giorni fa

    27:33 why did he eat cooked beef for 1 hunger bar

  • Jean Carlo Gerstenberger
    Jean Carlo Gerstenberger15 giorni fa

    Damn that ad was good and convincing in comparison to other ITfunr Placements that are like look guys there is produkt its good buy it oh and please use my code thanks ok back to the video

  • Daniel Durda
    Daniel Durda15 giorni fa

    impulse you deserve way more subs than this I think you are so underrated on youtube.

  • Ted Ware
    Ted Ware15 giorni fa

    Who would put a boat on a boat? Hmm, idk *episode 1 flashbacks*.

    GOKU BLACK15 giorni fa

    Wandering traders are useful

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy16 giorni fa

    Impulse: Considers making a slime farm just so he can make a honey farm Also Impulse: Shouldn't take too long!

  • soniya Singh
    soniya Singh17 giorni fa

    Yes really excited bro 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Некто с Огоньком
    Некто с Огоньком17 giorni fa

    just hopper the chest that way you arent taking from that chest so timmy will still have le power

  • Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
    Mikhail Dustin Elpedes17 giorni fa

    is there a tutorial for the 2 in 1 honey farm

  • David Nomack
    David Nomack18 giorni fa

    Etho should make an upgraded wonderwall without telling impulse and just one day when he flips the switch its ethofied

  • Karl Borns
    Karl Borns18 giorni fa

    shunt the bows to the furnace for fuel! never run out of fuel again!:)

  • LegacyBearer
    LegacyBearer18 giorni fa


  • Joseph Locatelli
    Joseph Locatelli19 giorni fa

    Guess what buddy! You're 95% now!

  • Spaztak
    Spaztak19 giorni fa

    Congratulations Impulse! Love your channel so much! I have a Minecraft channel of my own! Ive wanted to do Minecraft videos for around 10 or so years and finally decided to do it. I hope to make it my job some day!

  • Pdbrighteyes
    Pdbrighteyes19 giorni fa

    You riding around on the pig tail with Scars hat was the funniest thing in the world! I just laugh more at y’all laughing at each other’s shenanigans than anything!

  • AquaShark
    AquaShark19 giorni fa

    -779 64 163

  • Lavengale The Author
    Lavengale The Author19 giorni fa

    I was wondering where I knew the tour music from. Then I realized. Club Penguin Hydro Hopper.

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone20 giorni fa

    I just started watching Impulse and I already love him ill probably comment this on episode 5 when it comes out

  • Yeeters
    Yeeters20 giorni fa

    bro u cant get friends???

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones20 giorni fa

    I just now realized that you sound almost exactly like Scar.

  • cjwardill
    cjwardill20 giorni fa

    That laugh at the end though 😂

    Mr.ARAMIYA PRADHAN20 giorni fa

    Nice v..

  • Alpha
    Alpha21 giorno fa

    He cut out the part between when he said the no wax just axe thing and when he got on the pig

  • scott uriamir
    scott uriamir21 giorno fa

    "Can you put a boat on a boat?" The boatom pole in the background go bruh

  • Albin Andersson
    Albin Andersson21 giorno fa

    Impulse be like: oh no I don’t have this item, LETS FARM IT!!!

  • Axel_Gaming
    Axel_Gaming22 giorni fa

    Congrats on the milestone Impulse!

  • Qn
    Qn22 giorni fa

    can anyone give me the link to the honey machine he made?

  • Jan Smith
    Jan Smith22 giorni fa


  • Alex Rusu
    Alex Rusu22 giorni fa

    Mumbo's perspective of the pig tour was the funniest 😂

  • Sandbox Santa
    Sandbox Santa22 giorni fa

    It's confirmed now ITfun watches hermitcraft

  • Doug
    Doug22 giorni fa

    I told the comments to sub to you

  • Not  Diocletian
    Not Diocletian22 giorni fa

    Well, you’re lucky with getting bees on the second try. It took me 7 HOURS to get bees.

  • Vahagn Gyulnazaryan
    Vahagn Gyulnazaryan22 giorni fa

    7:17 When you're to rich to mine iron

  • mdg456
    mdg45622 giorni fa

    ok, so what is this magic at 7:29? (outside pvp and pve i cant do much personally)

  • Timothy Wang
    Timothy Wang22 giorni fa

    Impulse: It's not like you're going to tear right!? Pearl: *complete silence* Impulse: It's not like you're going to tear it down and rebuild it right!? Pearl: I was just about to invite you to help me tear it down and rebuild it.

  • BC Boss
    BC Boss22 giorni fa

    19:33 Pearl: "My base is facing the wrong direction" Impulse: huh? ... Impulse: It's not like you can tear it down and rebuild it, right? Pearl: ... Impulse: Right?

  • Davis Mullican
    Davis Mullican23 giorni fa

    Wait you do t have 1million subs already what how that’s not cool how do we give you more subscribers ?

  • Aidan Bowers
    Aidan Bowers23 giorni fa

    Y’know, some people are talking about how you asked “Who would put a boat on a boat?” and talking about the Boatem Pole Are you really talking about the Boatem Pole,… if the Boatem Pole *has no* boats *on* a boat

  • Shannon Farrell
    Shannon Farrell23 giorni fa

    How is knowone talking about timmy

  • The Jedi Gamer
    The Jedi Gamer23 giorni fa

    Rip 43 lvls

  • Atharva Goyal
    Atharva Goyal23 giorni fa


    AHMED RAZA23 giorni fa

    3:15 Gold pickaxe in valubles But i noticed iron enchanted pickaxes in junk 🤣🤣 (Episode 1)

  • Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago
    Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago24 giorni fa

    20:57 "insert anakin talking to padme"

  • OhMyJeeves
    OhMyJeeves24 giorni fa

    Just when you think Hermitcraft can't surprise you and Impulse makes a pig ride around the village with this music... absolutely brilliant 😂

  • Rachel R.
    Rachel R.24 giorni fa

    The "who would put a boat on a boat" line made me laugh

  • Space Rhino
    Space Rhino24 giorni fa

    Can someone tell me if that music while he is on the Minecraft is added on through editing or it’s in game. Great vid btw also a banger

  • SparkleRunner12
    SparkleRunner1224 giorni fa

    Impulse: Farms Trees😈 Server: Dies😵‍💫

  • ZistonianFanGirl
    ZistonianFanGirl24 giorni fa

    please no ads in the middle of the video :( Put them in the end or the beginnning at least

  • Zanity gaming
    Zanity gaming24 giorni fa

    bro i swear impulse and pearl is flirting with each other or dating with each other

  • Maddie
    Maddie25 giorni fa

    Pearl found the perfect neighbour for tearing-down-large-bases-to-rebuild-slightly-differently in Impulse!

  • icy Landon
    icy Landon25 giorni fa

    how did you get the music to play?

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days25 giorni fa

    Don’t steal from the pig it will get better.

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days25 giorni fa

    His subs are flying right now.

  • Blit_Wizbok
    Blit_Wizbok25 giorni fa

    25:40 - how on earth does he swap from ladders to stone here? Is it some mod that allows pick block in survival? It's not a cut because the particles from the ladder breaking are still there when he changes items. I must know how to do this.

  • Blit_Wizbok


    14 giorni fa

    @AwkieLYT If you're in creative it'll put it there no matter what, but not survival. In survival it only works if the material is also on the hotbar, which it wasn't.

  • AwkieLYT


    14 giorni fa

    if you have the material in your inventory, you can middle click to swap out what’s in your hand with that material

  • Vivilisia
    Vivilisia25 giorni fa

    I see Impulse is keeping his rebuilding bases reputation this season as well. :D

  • Skeeter -the great-
    Skeeter -the great-25 giorni fa

    Didn't realize you didn't have like 5m subscribers yet

  • Alex Morrissey
    Alex Morrissey25 giorni fa

    Impulse: Judges Pearl for rebuilding her base in the right direction. Also Impulse: Moves his entire season 6 base down 1 block

  • Sebastian Bisogno
    Sebastian Bisogno25 giorni fa


  • Sebastian Bisogno

    Sebastian Bisogno

    25 giorni fa


  • Kelton Harrison
    Kelton Harrison25 giorni fa

    75K more subs and your at 1 M

  • Luc Vranken
    Luc Vranken25 giorni fa


  • GRID
    GRID25 giorni fa

    Impulse: "It's a rather large build, its not like your gonna tear it down and rebuild it" Pearl: "....." Impulse: "Right?" Pearl:"......" Impulse: "Pearl?" Pearl: "What if...what if we can tear it down!" Impulse: "Are you crazy?.....Wait a minute did you say 'WE' ?"

  • Ashish Agrawal
    Ashish Agrawal26 giorni fa

    The old outro... Nostalgia

  • SunDry Marchy
    SunDry Marchy26 giorni fa

    This was honestly a good episode

  • iamalex4life
    iamalex4life26 giorni fa

    Impulse. I really like you in particular from the other hermits.

  • Cal Wizzarak
    Cal Wizzarak26 giorni fa

    ⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(look up and ask HIM)*

  • Chris cross
    Chris cross26 giorni fa

    WARNING: this comment contains awful puns. Maybe there could be a "boatem toll" to access your guided pig powered tour? Perhaps put it to a boatem poll? Or maybe get a ravager beast at the bottom of the hole and name him "boatem troll"? Like this so impulse can see please. It is my "boatem goal" Ok well... that seems like more than enough bad puns for this year. I'll see myself out now. :)

  • Chloèboox
    Chloèboox26 giorni fa

    Impulse “ it’s not like you can tear it down” Pearl “ WATCH ME”

  • Lukas Wood
    Lukas Wood26 giorni fa

    I ship Pearl and Impulse

  • Drackar
    Drackar26 giorni fa

    All that legendary gear, wasted. So many levels that could be salvaged with grindstones...

  • Auroen
    Auroen26 giorni fa

    I am so very entertained this season thus far and it’s only just begun. I cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

  • Christopher Freeman
    Christopher Freeman26 giorni fa

    Impulse: has 11 bamboo in his valuables chest Me: he literally only needed one more!

  • Kathryn Hauswirth
    Kathryn Hauswirth26 giorni fa

    Grian has a shop that sells honeycomb lol

  • Loti
    Loti26 giorni fa

    22:57 Impulse:"Who would put a boat on a boat??| Also Impulse: *looks at the boatem*

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith26 giorni fa

    impulse in timmy's chest he has 56 iron and you have 8 in your inventory so you are the person who made timmys cave of temptation

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore26 giorni fa

    Impulse. You are soooo unlucky not being able to access Friends on tap through Netflix! Definitely worth VPNing for!

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