Måneskin about their dreams coming true and love for fans | NPO 3FM

Måneskin being interviewed at Dutch radiostation 3FM about their dreams coming true after Eurovision, singing in English and DM'ing with Miley Cyrus.

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  • 3FM
    3FMMese fa

    Where do you want to see Måneskin live? 🔥

  • pumakiss17


    5 ore fa


  • Sydney Morgan

    Sydney Morgan

    4 giorni fa

    the US!!!!

  • Andry Villarroel

    Andry Villarroel

    5 giorni fa




    8 giorni fa

    houston texas pls

  • Channa Benard

    Channa Benard

    9 giorni fa


  • Crazy 333
    Crazy 3333 giorni fa

    I’m so sad for hearing that they want to focus on English songs.Italian music is what that makes different and unique from the other artists.My heart will break if their new album would have more English songs💔

  • Crazy 333
    Crazy 3333 giorni fa

    For me 70% Italian and 30% English is the best.

  • Francis D P Colangello
    Francis D P Colangello6 giorni fa

    _Freedom is priceless ,after hearing about pedo priests in Catholic church,these guys are well behaved._

  • can i speak to the manager
    can i speak to the manager7 giorni fa

    if miley and måneskin collab it's over for all of us

  • mia stanco
    mia stanco9 giorni fa

    bravi ... finalmente ..xxauguri e forza!!

  • Fatima Hadid
    Fatima Hadid9 giorni fa

    Damiano's tatto is the cutest thing ever! He wrote that in the first grade! And now he's making his dreams come true! He must be very proud of himself

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice12 giorni fa

    Op een rare manier laten hun mij toch denken aan de band Queen! Als er ooit nog een live aid concert komt ofzo zou ik graag hun willen zien optreden!

  • Lela
    Lela12 giorni fa

    "and when I grow up I wanna be a rockstar"... Woow... Blown away

    ZEBRA13 giorni fa


  • julia
    julia13 giorni fa

    love thats he is still wearing nikkies makeup 💕

  • Nina Vos
    Nina Vos14 giorni fa

    Can i hug them?

  • Nina Vos
    Nina Vos14 giorni fa


  • biedroneczka kropeczka
    biedroneczka kropeczka14 giorni fa

    Love them ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jakub
    Jakub14 giorni fa

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. Playstation > Xbox

  • Emma Van Hoof
    Emma Van Hoof15 giorni fa

    I love how the interviewers speak in Dutch and Måneskin just be sitting there like 🙂👍

  • Princesa Rubio
    Princesa Rubio16 giorni fa

    I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing a "macho" as a man who likes to hook up with many women at a time or a latin lover who will make you feel like a woman. In Spain (yes, I'm a spaniard) the word macho can sum up as a man who thinks and acts like in the 1950s in general, a man who surely will make you feel like a woman and invite you to every date, but it's because they believe it is a man's thing, that it woud be a lack of respect if you pay or you pay your part. He will even protect you, but instead they will expect you to be the only one to do the household, take care of the kids and subordinate to their will. It's a man who can speak to many women when he is with you and a rejection will hurt their pride, but you can't even think of speaking to ANY man, except maybe your father. It's a man who blame a rape on the woman, because they dressed up too sexy or they were alone at night or simply the woman provoqued them, but it's never the man's fault. It's a man who believes some things are for men and some things for the women, and if a man does a women's thing then he's maricon (a spanish insult for gays), or if a woman does a man's thing then she's a marimacho (an insult for a lesbian). It's a man who thinks catcalling is a compliment and not a thing that makes you uncomfortable... So yeah, spaniards are trying to get rid of the macho figure really bad cause it doesn't represent the spanish men anymore. Now they love their women, but only the women they know, and the majority are quite commited to their partners. So it would be really nice if you stopped using the word macho only for a man who likes to hook up with many women, cause that's a mujeriego (which is also not so well seen in Spain) rather than a macho

  • Claudia Guarnera
    Claudia Guarnera16 giorni fa

    I swear, I could probably Watch a Murder happen right in front of my eyes and do nothing, but watching the interwiever wear socks and slippers makes me feel kinda guilty. Like I'm involved in an horrible crime. Should I... Should i call the Police?

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith17 giorni fa

    what kinf of language is this in Nederlands...OMG

  • ninit as
    ninit as18 giorni fa

    Victoria are the best❤❤❤❤

  • LiLu H
    LiLu H18 giorni fa

    Damiano is such a good guy

  • Evi Is here!
    Evi Is here!19 giorni fa

    Its sad that ethan and thomas diddint had a chance to talk :/

  • Natasha Avital

    Natasha Avital

    5 giorni fa

    They don't speak English that well, they're always quieter in English interviews

  • Clara Charlotte
    Clara Charlotte19 giorni fa

    Poi la domanda between Victoria e Damiano ... It's man's skin..

  • Clara Charlotte
    Clara Charlotte19 giorni fa

    I have never made the link, Manix Skyn... è pazzo. I don't use, mais je me disais bien que ça me dit quelque chose, una roba di preservativo.

  • Kara
    Kara20 giorni fa

    I can’t get enough of them😩❤️

  • anna 1996
    anna 199620 giorni fa

    They on the scene: 😈💥💫🤘🔥⚡ They in normal life: 🥰🤗😊💅

  • Charles Maure
    Charles Maure20 giorni fa

    Sergio Ramos looks great with long hair.

  • Fernanda Soares
    Fernanda Soares21 giorno fa

    Around Europe???? Im Brazilian and I’m in loveeeeee

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown21 giorno fa

    Thomas is so chilled and relaxed great

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown21 giorno fa

    Thank you for sharing your important message about you can be whoever you want to be

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown21 giorno fa

    I love Damiano reaction to the latex question😂😂😂😂

  • Grace 4ever
    Grace 4ever21 giorno fa

    Good grief 😏

  • Ivana Pesic
    Ivana Pesic21 giorno fa

    Aj lajket

  • Elisa K H
    Elisa K H21 giorno fa

    I sincerely hope they continue to sing in Italian because it’s such a beautiful language. I’m so excited to see this band’s trajectory. 🇮🇹🎸🖤

    DANIEL21 giorno fa

    Wow Ethan's English!! Im so proud and happy for him

  • E. I.
    E. I.22 giorni fa

    7:25 was that a heart? uwu

  • Dron 2
    Dron 223 giorni fa

    The interviewer is wearing summer pajamas!!!🤮🤮🤮 The band!!!.... awesome!!!! This band is like the LGTBQ+ Open Rock young generation!!!

  • Natasha Avital

    Natasha Avital

    5 giorni fa

    Yeah, but only Ethan and Vic are part of the LGBTQ+ community

  • Stefan J
    Stefan J23 giorni fa

    Maybe you could call their fans the Foreskins? No i´m just kidding!

  • Maria Savvopoulou
    Maria Savvopoulou24 giorni fa


  • Mirella Nigro
    Mirella Nigro24 giorni fa

    Sfigato is actually also wenn someone is not lucky in Slang :)

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria25 giorni fa

    Dude Damiano's tatoo is so fucking cool y r we not talking about it

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi25 giorni fa


  • *tania*
    *tania*25 giorni fa

    Continuate a cantare in italiano! È una lingua bellissima!!!

  • Stefanie Ernst
    Stefanie Ernst26 giorni fa

    Damanio is mij favoriet wat een knappe jongen is hij geworden maneskin maakt me elke dag zo blij, ik hou van ze ❤❤❤ ze hebben mij hart echt verovert . Maneskin betekend heel veel voor mij ,

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    25 giorni fa

    Why does Damiano wear so much makeup? And women's earrings and clothes? And does he hate t-shirts?

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu26 giorni fa

    That day The Netherlands was 30 degrees. With leather pants and those jackets they could easily melt down :D :D

  • Αγγελική Κούρτη
    Αγγελική Κούρτη26 giorni fa

    Maneskin please come to mesologgi

  • swabi2007
    swabi200726 giorni fa


  • wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    26 giorni fa

    Ma dell'intervistatore in pantaloncini e ciabatte (con calzino bianco) ne vogliamo parlare??? 🤓😁👍🇮🇹

  • Serena Padoan
    Serena Padoan26 giorni fa

    spero si ricordino ancora l'italiano :)

  • Lorelai
    Lorelai26 giorni fa

    Oh man I hope they don't completely give up writing songs in italian!!!

  • Jani Kest
    Jani Kest26 giorni fa

    I want a make up tutorial from Damiano 😱

  • Natasha Avital

    Natasha Avital

    5 giorni fa

    Nikkie Tutorials was the one that did his makeup, you can see the video on her channel, it's an awesome interview

    ROBIN SALARIO26 giorni fa

    no reaction to youth from dotan? he is dutch.

    ROBIN SALARIO26 giorni fa

    maar yungblud deed dat ook allemaal.

  • *laura* xxx
    *laura* xxx26 giorni fa

    „Today I was thinking about Miley“ ahahahaha

  • Alexander V. Nørskov Ibsen
    Alexander V. Nørskov Ibsen27 giorni fa

    I’m so happy they all love Denmark so much, since Im danish ❤️🇩🇰🇮🇹

  • Antonella Taramarcaz
    Antonella Taramarcaz27 giorni fa

    Victoria's voice is so beautiful, I love her.

  • letiziaros
    letiziaros27 giorni fa

    they deserve the world! i hope some day to see them here in brazil! ❤️

  • Wasbeetje
    Wasbeetje27 giorni fa

    Doe maar optreden in Groningen en Amsterdam

  • Rosella Pirotello
    Rosella Pirotello27 giorni fa

    Come cacchio è vestito il presentatore,manco fosse in spiaggia

  • Mikela Marguerite
    Mikela Marguerite27 giorni fa

    Why does Damiano wear so much makeup? And women's earrings and clothes? And does he hate t-shirts?



    17 giorni fa

    In this particular interview a makeup artist did his makeup for a ITfun video. As for ear rings and such... well it's fashion and artists tend to be more eccentric than your every day person... I think the style suits him., :)

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl28 giorni fa

    As an Italian girl....A man with white socks and slippers. Working a job as an interviewer of a band. You go, bro. Freedom! 😆🤟😂😂🤣

  • Moonlight Experience
    Moonlight Experience28 giorni fa

    Ma dell'intervistatore in pantaloncini e ciabatte (con calzino bianco) ne vogliamo parlare??? 🤓😁👍🇮🇹

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    28 giorni fa

    their voices are so soft and deep and crispy omg take me maneskin!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty28 giorni fa

    We want more italian songs definently 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • nɘonconformist
    nɘonconformist28 giorni fa

    Getting tickets to their concerts is NOT going to be an easy task.

  • Katy Kitty
    Katy Kitty29 giorni fa

    Nikkie's make up on Damiano😍😍

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    28 giorni fa

    I just realized he is wearing make up by NIKKIE ! lol

  • Juliana Rodriguez
    Juliana Rodriguez29 giorni fa


  • Simay Ay
    Simay Ay29 giorni fa


  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss29 giorni fa

    global and i never could grudge them that. i just wish more people could see the beauty of their Italian songs.

  • panda xoxo
    panda xoxo29 giorni fa


  • Hryssa H
    Hryssa H29 giorni fa

    I think "Månnies" would be a great name for their fandom!! Do y'all agree??🙌🏻🙏🏻💜💛

  • Natasha Avital

    Natasha Avital

    5 giorni fa


  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    29 giorni fa


  • Hryssa H
    Hryssa H29 giorni fa

    Wow, Damiano is wearing the makeup Nikkie did for him!!!😍😍😍😍

  • angelakate
    angelakateMese fa

    They're actually smart. They know what they want and nobody will ever going to take it away from them.

  • Anna G.
    Anna G.Mese fa

    these people are so so sweet!!

  • bambis46
    bambis46Mese fa

    Nikki did Damiano's makeup

  • Cassie
    CassieMese fa

    Don't forget your italian soul and language Otherwise soon You'll be lost. Your Most beautiful songs are in your Mother language.

  • Silvia Taltos
    Silvia TaltosMese fa

    their voices are so soft and deep and crispy omg take me maneskin!

  • Svetlana Galjanov
    Svetlana GaljanovMese fa

    Блин! Ни одного русскоязычного комментария! Это что? Уже вторая страна после победы на Евровидении? Короче, чёс начался! Классно то, что они даже не почувствуют эти " хроники ковидного времени "!!! Молодцы ребятки!!!!!

  • Cassie


    Mese fa


  • Мира Молдахметова
    Мира МолдахметоваMese fa

    Можно перевод пожалуйста

  • Krystian Szumski
    Krystian SzumskiMese fa

    I just realized he is wearing make up by NIKKIE ! lol

  • Beyza
    BeyzaMese fa

    Make up is nikkie's

  • Katarina Bakula
    Katarina BakulaMese fa

    5:45 but the way damiano said latex is just beautiful.

  • Katarina Bakula
    Katarina BakulaMese fa

    I was saying their name wrong but i realised my mistake thanlfuly

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojoMese fa


  • Skyler Quinn
    Skyler QuinnMese fa


  • Scott Landon
    Scott LandonMese fa

    This tattoo is also amazing! He manifested this vision of himself in first grade,I can’t even imagine how it feels! Wow!

  • Scott Landon

    Scott Landon

    Mese fa

    @bofooit gojo it is :)

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Mese fa

    Isn’t Damianos makeup the one Nikki did?!

  • Scott Landon
    Scott LandonMese fa

    I’m so happy for them ❤️

  • Sunset Hotdog
    Sunset HotdogMese fa

    I hope that in the next interviews Ethan and Thomas talk more

  • Imelda M
    Imelda MMese fa

    Victoria’s speaking voice sounds so rich and smoky, I would like to see her joining Damiano with her vocals (duet or backing vocals).

  • Milano Walter

    Milano Walter

    23 giorni fa

    Her vocal range is very poor, she stated can’t sing

  • Fake heeheh
    Fake heehehMese fa


  • Margherita Verrati
    Margherita VerratiMese fa

    Bravissimi parlare inglese.Grandi.

  • Βάλια Δασκουλίδη
    Βάλια ΔασκουλίδηMese fa


  • Anastasia
    AnastasiaMese fa

    Okay, am I the only one who thinks that Victoria has the voice, the manner, and the laugh very similar to Jennifer Lawrence? Like literally, if it wasn't for her little accent, I would've been so confused.

  • massimiliano vimercati
    massimiliano vimercatiMese fa

    Minchia che collant.

  • Davide Battisti
    Davide BattistiMese fa

    I naziskin



    17 giorni fa

    That is rude of you. How dare you.

  • stg.wendigo
    stg.wendigoMese fa

    Oh gosh, if they go to Dominator i would be supriced and deffinitly give them hugs

  • Silvia Pavani-De Visser
    Silvia Pavani-De VisserMese fa

    I think Damiano blushed....that's so sweet

  • Lucie M
    Lucie MMese fa

    Its the nikkie tutorial’s makeup !!!

  • alifc
    alifcMese fa

    ♥️Måneskin ♥️ they already have a global audience for the winning Italian song "Zitti i buoni". They should write as they feel, in Italian or English, global audience have listened to music in English and not all them understand it, or in Spanish, or these years in Korean... we can always grow and learn new things

  • Eleanor Pikes
    Eleanor PikesMese fa

    Adorable! I wish them all the luck in the world.

  • Faith H
    Faith HMese fa

    Isn’t Damianos makeup the one Nikki did?!

  • Rania BAHRI
    Rania BAHRIMese fa

    Damianos looks like Paolo from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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