Sacda Pizza Hazırladıq, Cooking Campfire Pizza on The Sadj Grill, The Best Pizza You'll Ever Eat


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Наша цель подарить вам деревенскую атмосферу жизни!
As a Country Life Vlog, we love to share what we do at countryside, engage with nature and make the most out of village life. Come and see the colorful videos of nature, unique cooking recipes and just the beautiful life at a countryside. Sit back and relax by watching our content!
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    @berattt х

  • Umar199 Umarr199

    Umar199 Umarr199

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    @berattt л

  • Na roça com Aramaicon Fernandes

    Na roça com Aramaicon Fernandes

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    muito bom!

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    Bir tutam mutluluk:)) from Turkey

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    Ida Ida

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    Love your videos. Greetings from Indonesia 💙

  • Heidi Wachowicz
    Heidi Wachowicz12 minuti fa

    Just found your vlog and I'm binging every episode. I love the format! Gardening, open flame fire, hot tea, handcrafted breads, clucking chickens, barking dogs, "baa baa" says the sheep! ❤

  • Kehkashan Mushtaq
    Kehkashan Mushtaq18 minuti fa

    Beautiful nature you r soo lucky in which country do u live

  • Dailus TM
    Dailus TM53 minuti fa

    Y yo teniendo más tecnología no puedo hacerla 😔. Pero que genial video y rica pizza 😋

  • Arian Amiratai
    Arian AmirataiOra fa

    Guten Appetit 😋

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    Marfă de casetă

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    Şu güzelige bak ya

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    پاکستانیو کی جان ھے💞🇦🇿 آذربائیجان 🇵🇰💞🇦🇿

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    پاکستان زندہ آباد 🇵🇰🌹💞🇦🇿 ؛آذربائیجان زندہ آباد 🇵🇰💓🇦🇿

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    🇵🇰💞🌹Azerbaijan 💓🇵🇰

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    Aziz Khan2 ore fa

    Amazing Mouth watering..

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    Ye bhout khoobsurat hai🇮🇳

  • Seyyedah Bintal Hasan Seyyeda

    Seyyedah Bintal Hasan Seyyeda

    2 ore fa

    People in India Facing death by Covid19 Sad you an Indian have no sympathy for your Indian's

  • Gérard Lefrançois
    Gérard Lefrançois4 ore fa

    Très bien calculé leur affaire. It's a lot of work

  • Hich Hichem
    Hich Hichem4 ore fa

    awsome video

  • Alberto rodriguez
    Alberto rodriguez5 ore fa

    Una vez más ITfun y sus algoritmos

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    Ronald Sayo

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    ni se yo como llegue hasta este video :p

  • bela anchalia
    bela anchalia5 ore fa

    Which place is this?.

  • bela anchalia
    bela anchalia5 ore fa

    Wow I would love to stay at such place.

  • Anna Kratochvílová
    Anna Kratochvílová6 ore fa

    Voda jako křišťál vzduch taky to pak dvojnásob chutná závidím vodu i vzduch ☃️⛄🌞🌞

  • kay meier
    kay meier6 ore fa

    Und sie schmeckt doppelt so gut, weil es draussen so kalt ist. Guten Apetit ! Sieht gut aus !

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    На казахском чеснок тоже сарымсак.

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    Increíble, un paraíso

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    Благодарность за медитацию🙏

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    Beautiful nature, beautiful dogs, beautiful бабушка and very nice kitchen knife!

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    Omg how beautiful place 🥰

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    Beh beh ellerinize sagliq🌹

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    50년 전통 할매 수제 피자

  • Альбина Шелковская
    Альбина Шелковская8 ore fa

    Настроение: оставить все свои городские дела и проблемы и уехать в глухую деревню делать пиццу на костре 🤗🤗

    STEVE DEATHGUN9 ore fa

    la mejor pizza es en familia

  • Axelou DC
    Axelou DC9 ore fa

    The Terence Malik of Pizza

  • Mohammad Rahimi

    Mohammad Rahimi

    6 ore fa

    And Wes Anderson Colorgrading!

  • Carmen Ansah
    Carmen Ansah10 ore fa

    Very nice in nature to cook and eat such a good pizza xxx but I'd like to know what that water thing is called xxx

  • Hilola Abdullaeva
    Hilola Abdullaeva10 ore fa

    Блииин ну и ниленьже этой парочке в такой мороз печ пиццу среди леса

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    Afiyet olsun

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    Just found this ITfun and am obsessed!!

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    الحياه. حلوه. والمناظر. جميله

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    magnificas imagenes aereas... montañas vestidas con nieve

  • Texas Exorcism & Cure
    Texas Exorcism & Cure15 ore fa

    So is this a Turkish family in Alaska?

  • Melanie Butler
    Melanie Butler15 ore fa

    Imagine the scents of that cooking and woodsmoke and snow. The Spring house was elegant in its simplicity and beauty. And the way they worked together. Such grace and skill.

    SERK ADDIS TUBE16 ore fa

    wow, everything looks perfect 👌

  • Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant16 ore fa

    That pizza looks amazing for cooking outside over a fire. Great job, bet it was delicious.

  • Gabriela Qf
    Gabriela Qf17 ore fa

    Que gran cocina la de esa pareja. Crocante y jugosa esa pizza.

  • Craft for You
    Craft for You17 ore fa

    i grow up in this culture and always been in countryside for pic nick with my frinds and my motorcycle. i love the food . but have been a way 34 years now. i been in turkey- pakistan - india - iraq - iran - now in canada love all their food.

  • Susanne Brandl
    Susanne Brandl17 ore fa

    what a scenic setting! beautiful!

  • Varun Singh Thakur
    Varun Singh Thakur17 ore fa

    I like how they setup three tea glasses and three plates, so that camera person can enjoy too..

  • Abdullah Na
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  • ISEEU2
    ISEEU217 ore fa

    Best way to be away from people with a real home made pizza

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    Como aguantan el frío 🥶🥶🥶🥶🤗🤗🤗

  • Rihanna
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  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez20 ore fa

    Yes, the pizza looks great. But how gorgeous was the cat in the beginning because my God! I want one just like it!

  • Ileana Quijano
    Ileana Quijano20 ore fa

    No habla aunque sea musica de fondo alegre.

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    Luiza Martins21 ora fa

    Misericórdia que frio! Mas muito lindo 👏🏼👏🏼 Brasil 🇧🇷

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    MaşaAllah emeğinize sağlık👏

  • NA DER
    NA DER21 ora fa

    ❤️❤️ this women look like my mom

  • Ava Carolina
    Ava Carolina22 ore fa

    Nice hard working couple - I enjoy all their videos. Wish I had some of her recipes - especially Turkish flatbread she makes.. She is a gem of a woman

  • Sajsi Karu
    Sajsi Karu22 ore fa

    sigde abab?

  • Beautiful World 2020
    Beautiful World 2020Giorno fa

    I much like videos

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    Pure beauty♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Susana TafollaGiorno fa

    Me encanta este canal ...quisiera que alguien me diga en dónde es y el idioma cuál es??

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    Grade A grater

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    where is that in Turkey?

  • Craft for You

    Craft for You

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    it's in azarbaijan. NOT turkey.

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    strange they don't have the inside oven

  • Craft for You

    Craft for You

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    of course they do . but this is outdoor cooking filming for tv and youtube also.

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    Dima dGiorno fa

    Propper financed country life though.very good

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  • María Herrera
    María HerreraGiorno fa

    Es una delicia ver este vídeo, la sabiduría e inteligencia de esta pareja, su modo de cocinar, la tranquilidad y el amor depositado en lo que hacen, el paisaje y toda la situación, me encantaron sus utensilios y modo de preparación. Me gusto todo, felicitaciones.

  • Sarah's Attic Of Treasures
    Sarah's Attic Of TreasuresGiorno fa

    Really enjoying this. Will watch the rest later when I am not working.

  • Sarah's Attic Of Treasures
    Sarah's Attic Of TreasuresGiorno fa

    Your dogs are wonderful.

  • Sarah's Attic Of Treasures
    Sarah's Attic Of TreasuresGiorno fa

    I am loving the snow. It's always hot here in Florida.

  • tariq bahbouh
    tariq bahbouhGiorno fa

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  • Craft for You

    Craft for You

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    The sounds are fantastic from the cat purring at the start to the breaking of the bread to the birds singing at the end

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  • rasit ascı
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  • rasit ascı
    rasit ascıGiorno fa

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    Incredible, this is utterly magical. Watching whilst it's raining outside with a cup of sugared Peppermint Tea haah

    FELI TVGiorno fa

    Nature is beautiful

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    MEMORIAL VIPGiorno fa

    Вкуснятина прям кусочек захотелось пиццы

  • Ali Shan Butt
    Ali Shan ButtGiorno fa

    she tried very hard , but pizza itself looks like a stone. sorry aunty


    This video gave me the peace of mind,thanks for it,love from India

  • Нур Таг
    Нур ТагGiorno fa

    Женщина сила, я так не могу раздавить головку чеснока.👍

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