Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Nine years ago, the original Gossip Girl website shut down. But after a new generation of New York’s young elite takes control of private school Constance Billard, the notorious blogger remerges as the number one source into their scandalous lives.

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Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max


  • Jeannelle Tillery
    Jeannelle Tillery56 minuti fa

    This looks so interesting

  • Warrior
    WarriorOra fa

    This new Gossip Girl is giving me a little bit of Pretty Little Liars vibe. I’m fine with that…as long as they don’t botch this reboot. I hope it’ll be good…cause the original series was amazing!

  • Smart and Cool Gadgets
    Smart and Cool Gadgets2 ore fa


  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo3 ore fa


  • Adelaide
    Adelaide4 ore fa

    Not sure if I’m feeling this 🥲

  • ilovesza39
    ilovesza394 ore fa

    idc what yall say im excited

  • Juan Hernández Rivera
    Juan Hernández Rivera4 ore fa

    Whats the song?

  • Brasil 🇧🇷 🥳
    Brasil 🇧🇷 🥳9 ore fa

    Brazil here! Brasil aqui!🥳 🇧🇷❤️🗺️✨

  • sharon poosson officiel
    sharon poosson officiel9 ore fa


  • FoxOwl
    FoxOwl9 ore fa

    Bad casting -_-

  • HerrSlime
    HerrSlime11 ore fa


  • Khushi Shah.
    Khushi Shah.11 ore fa

    Good, I needed a new thing to obsess over.

  • Camilo poloni
    Camilo poloni15 ore fa

    Gossip Girl degenerate edition. Looks dirty and cheap, this one doesn't have the level of the original Gossip Girl.

  • FoxOwl


    9 ore fa

    and of course with super strong LGBT+ propaganda, its literally everywhere. Nowdays straight people are boring, white people are boring.

  • FoxOwl


    9 ore fa

    @Obie You can have all the money in the world and still create shit, so. It´s something about cast, actors and the way how they act, it´s about the story - maybe being inspired by the original story but still I dont see something original, something new and special , but the project, wants to use the fame of the original series. Even this is going to be reboot of course but Original Gossip girl was on higher level. This will be some mix of ELITE AND EUPHORIA.

  • Obie


    13 ore fa

    This is literally being produced by HBO Max, idiot😂😂😂 Also they have more budget than the original ugh Serena’s the one who looks dirty and cheap

  • Nick The Vegan Chick
    Nick The Vegan Chick17 ore fa

    I feel like this is gonna be nowhere near as good as the original..

  • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
    HeyMyLifeIsLibby18 ore fa

    Hey, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl’s here. This time around, our phones aren’t flipped, but the script is! While we bid adieu to MySpace, she’s back to invade yours. A word of advice: wake up from the world of TikTok, and just stay woke, because the real world is more than a stream. It’s a SCREAM. It’s hers. And your just barely living in it. Get ready, Gen Z. Will you rise up to the legacy of the class before you, or will you get knocked back a sponsored pay grade? Time will tell. You know you’ll love her. Xoxo.

  • nicola762
    nicola76219 ore fa


  • Carol Baskin
    Carol Baskin21 ora fa

    Let’s goooo

  • very perfect
    very perfect23 ore fa

    Total garbage.

  • HerrSlime
    HerrSlimeGiorno fa


  • Val-schaeffer
    Val-schaefferGiorno fa

    So diversity box ticking is entirely homogeneous: BLACK.

  • Eriona Pillow
    Eriona PillowGiorno fa

    Love this. Can't wait. I do hope Ellie Pettit( mini blair) and Michaela Annette ( mini serena) from the OG appears in the show

  • Cds Dior
    Cds DiorGiorno fa


  • pranjal s
    pranjal sGiorno fa

    You know what's straight these days. Exactly nothing

  • shannene pepito
    shannene pepitoGiorno fa

    w0w a whole new elite

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn SmithGiorno fa

    I Won’t be watching this I miss the old cast 😭

  • Leena Laverne
    Leena LaverneGiorno fa

    Holy shit that's the girl from the Melanie Martinez movie K-12!!! Am I the only one who noticed that??

  • I'm A WonderFul

    I'm A WonderFul

    Giorno fa

    @Leena Laverne good to know..nobody said anything about stupid.. I was just saying.. "yeah, I noticed too".. sorry for ruining your day..

  • Leena Laverne

    Leena Laverne

    Giorno fa

    @I'm A WonderFul I'm not stupid, I know her name

  • I'm A WonderFul

    I'm A WonderFul

    Giorno fa

    You're not the only one.. her name is Zion Moreno

  • Lia
    LiaGiorno fa

    It will never be the same

  • Roni Sirman
    Roni SirmanGiorno fa

    Where is white people?

  • Jaci MAGEE
    Jaci MAGEEGiorno fa


  • Brynden Tully
    Brynden TullyGiorno fa

    This reboot will going to be ok

  • Konrad •

    Konrad •

    4 ore fa

    This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9 And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. 1 John 5:20

  • White Wolf
    White WolfGiorno fa

    But this will be interesting. XOXO GG ;)

  • White Wolf
    White WolfGiorno fa

    I don’t know if this reboot could live up to the classic. I have my doubts.XOXO GG ;)

  • alex bebout
    alex beboutGiorno fa

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would like for Gossip Girl to be an actual woman this time. Pfft.

  • Juliana Benevides
    Juliana BenevidesGiorno fa

    *VERY NICE! - But it is SO WORSE than this one* kkk itfun.info/mine/ksuIm5x1p5nRh4SS/video.html9

  • rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐Giorno fa

    so glad for trailers now that I see there's gayness in it. I'll skip this!

  • Deanith
    DeanithGiorno fa

    this looks more like a cheap elite duplicate than a gossip girl reboot

  • Banana Pudding
    Banana PuddingGiorno fa

    I lived for their rich ass breakfast spreads with every fking pastry and fruit imaginable and then they would take one tiny thing. If that's not here, I'm OUT.

  • Sin-Mtz
    Sin-MtzGiorno fa

    I’ll give it a chance, even though I usually dont like reboots. They better find a way to get the old cast to make a cameo. I can see Blair being the CEO of Waldorf designs and taking in one of the newbies as her protege.

  • Dania
    Dania2 giorni fa

    It looks really bad , it would be full of "woke"

  • first entertain
    first entertain2 giorni fa

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  • hoe4prez
    hoe4prez2 giorni fa

    No just no

  • lovely kiyah
    lovely kiyah2 giorni fa

    Ohhhh littt

  • Simrandeep Kaur
    Simrandeep Kaur2 giorni fa

    thomas was loved in legacies. he's gonna leave such an impression in this, xoxo

  • Nellie S
    Nellie S2 giorni fa

    i love the diversity but it doesn't feel like gossip girl...i'm conflicted

  • Honest Mike
    Honest Mike2 giorni fa

    *What man or woman can say that their mind has never been corrupt, perverse, unpure, or evil? *If the mind has been sinful, so has your heart. *If the heart has been sinful, so has your Words, Deeds and Desires. *Therefore, you are sinful and have reason to Repent! We are saved by Grace & Faith (In Jesus Christ) The work of our Faith is Love. Without Love, there is no Faith. Without Faith, there is no Grace. Without Grace, there is no Salvation in Jesus Christ. If we reject the faith, we also reject Grace and the Holy standard of True love which we are called to live by. If we live contrary to Faith, and contrary to love, we also live as enemies, opposing the Word of the one True God. But, even a person who once lived contrary to God can be redeemed, if they are willing to repent of their sins in Jesus Christ's Holy name. *Learn True love from Him that Sits Above! *Remember the Sin Acronym: Sins = Spiritual insurrections nurtured (by) Satan.

  • Georgia Angelina
    Georgia Angelina2 giorni fa

    DATE ME ok.me/8xVh?LOVEPAD.uk !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Zeline
    Zeline2 giorni fa


  • Amina Diouf
    Amina Diouf2 giorni fa

    After the criticism about Euphoria's casting you would think HBO got the memo but no it's like they would rather go bankrupt than cast a dark skin black girl.

  • Ahmad


    13 ore fa

    you have to make everything about color.

  • Amina Diouf

    Amina Diouf

    2 giorni fa

    @LITTLE MISSDEBThey have no excuse and that's not an excuse anymore, it's a plain lie. There are darkskin black girl acting left and right they just don't wanna bother themselves (which kinda surprises me, doesn't HBO produce A Black Lady Sketch Show ?)



    2 giorni fa

    I was about to say the exact same thing! Like are you telling me there were no dark skin girls that could act 😒

  • Mama- -Rua
    Mama- -Rua2 giorni fa


  • Aiden Tan
    Aiden Tan2 giorni fa

    GOSSIP GIRL would not be the same without Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf

  • love wins. || PRIDE MONTH🏳️‍🌈
    love wins. || PRIDE MONTH🏳️‍🌈2 giorni fa

    this trailer is everything!!!! can't wait💕

  • Emperatriz Contreras
    Emperatriz Contreras2 giorni fa

    there's no better voice than of Christine Bell when you hear XOXO GOSSIP GIRL....

  • Bayron Salas
    Bayron Salas2 giorni fa

    Season 2 confirmation????

  • Gustav Miller
    Gustav Miller2 giorni fa


  • Penelope Brito
    Penelope Brito3 giorni fa

    I saw the original and I already hate the trailer! Ugh

  • Ellisa Kim
    Ellisa Kim3 giorni fa

    ofc they r playing super rich kids in the backgoeund

  • jalabeans
    jalabeans3 giorni fa

    Praying there is aroace rep since there seems to LGBT+ rep

  • Tejasvini Wankhede
    Tejasvini Wankhede3 giorni fa

    It's more like I'm watching ELITE 🙈

  • Lesley Mathis
    Lesley Mathis3 giorni fa

    Yikes. All I could do was cringe. :////////

  • J-A_N-E_T-A
    J-A_N-E_T-A3 giorni fa

    Imagine the influencer character having a scene of them making an apology video 💀bc of gossip girl

  • Britt Burge
    Britt Burge3 giorni fa

    Nothing can be even a comparison to the original. Obviously this is a knock off 😂

  • natalie
    natalie3 giorni fa

    can't believe yall are calling this woke cause they added like 3 POC and a couple of LGBTQ characters💀

  • Мария Роскина
    Мария Роскина3 giorni fa

    Nooo, sorry but it's not the Gossip girl🙅

  • Shana Daddah
    Shana Daddah3 giorni fa

    I already ship Audrey, Max and Aki. Please oh please let there be a polygamous relationship.

  • youre a wizard harry
    youre a wizard harry3 giorni fa

    Kristen Bell is the only good thing about this trailer

  • Tony Lian
    Tony Lian3 giorni fa

    I hope that someone at least one person from the old series makes an surprise appearance it would be amazing

  • Ahmad


    13 ore fa

    georgina sparks is the only correct answer. even mentioning waldorf designs would mean so much

  • Zeynep
    Zeynep3 giorni fa

    Where is the Blair she is the star of GG but no one here potential to be like her

  • Zeynep
    Zeynep3 giorni fa

    Yes sis but this is Elite

  • alejandromolinac
    alejandromolinac3 giorni fa

    Everybody is bi now?…… what is this? The 70s?……

  • Nyah Willis
    Nyah Willis3 giorni fa


  • mariahxo88
    mariahxo883 giorni fa

    I don’t know about this show tbh i’m too attached to the OG gossip girl

  • ash
    ash3 giorni fa

    What in the actual fuck is this garbage? at least Blair and serena weren’t obnoxious like these Walmart versions

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra3 giorni fa

    This looks bad and boring

  • Obie


    3 giorni fa

    This trailer literally looks like a movie trailer & the original can’t even compare to this

  • thesharpes
    thesharpes3 giorni fa

    I want to hate it because i stand by the original but it looks kind of good…

  • Oumie Cisse-ba

    Oumie Cisse-ba

    10 ore fa

    You can stand by the original and like it .IT IS NOT A REMAKE IT IS A REBOOT

  • Películas completas HD
    Películas completas HD3 giorni fa


  • I'm A WonderFul
    I'm A WonderFul3 giorni fa

    8m+ already!!!!!????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Frank Sanchez
    Frank Sanchez3 giorni fa

    Gossip Girl's voice made feel like I'm back in 2008... so nostalgic!

  • Yaman Ahmed
    Yaman Ahmed3 giorni fa

    anyone else been watching the trailer non stop

  • Jonabob
    Jonabob3 giorni fa

    Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean in the background is distracting me.😩😩

  • Ayveh
    Ayveh3 giorni fa

    Okay after doing my research and meeting the new cast I went from being a hater to being intrigued. I watched this trailer and was a bit confused, I thought the reboot was doing the same story it originally did just with a new cast playing Blaire, Serena and so forth but it turns out this is NOT the case...well now this is interesting. I just don't want that new chick to be freaking Gossip Girl again...please give us a different Gossip girl reveal than what they did in the original series.

  • Ahmad


    13 ore fa

    it's actually not a reboot, but to quote the creator, it's an "expansion" of that universe. this is set several years after the OG GG.

  • Lorrayne Maria
    Lorrayne Maria3 giorni fa

    BRAZIL !!!!!!

  • Jessana Serrano
    Jessana Serrano3 giorni fa

    This looks a lot like ELITE.

  • Ayveh


    3 giorni fa


  • charm ebonia
    charm ebonia4 giorni fa

    god the frank ocean was such a nice touch

  • Vladimir Corona Sanchez
    Vladimir Corona Sanchez4 giorni fa

    Blair no los dejaría sentarse en esas escaleras

  • Ayveh


    3 giorni fa

    jaja, no...ahh como extraño esa serie!

  • McKenzie Showalter
    McKenzie Showalter4 giorni fa

    I need Dan to make a pop up

  • Chirag Rathi
    Chirag Rathi4 giorni fa

    Can someone tell me it's the new season of Famous Gossip girl series or its a different one?

  • Ayveh


    3 giorni fa

    Nope, it's a reboot with a whole new cast and characters. It is in the same universe as the original GG though and like the other person said. It's a sequel.

  • Serena Antony

    Serena Antony

    4 giorni fa

    It’s a sequel

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel4 giorni fa

    Omg I love how this literally looks like a horror thriller movie trailer

  • manuel correa
    manuel correa4 giorni fa


  • Queen ElleBell (Elle Bell)
    Queen ElleBell (Elle Bell)4 giorni fa

    It cant compare to the original.

  • Anna Ponomari
    Anna Ponomari4 giorni fa


  • Obie


    3 giorni fa

    It’s literally being produced by the same people who did the old show

  • Jo Middleton
    Jo Middleton4 giorni fa

    Poor idea a remake of gossip girl . What a way to ruin a classic

  • Serena Antony

    Serena Antony

    4 giorni fa

    It’s a sequel not a remake

  • Soup Is Not A Meal
    Soup Is Not A Meal4 giorni fa

    Trailer song?

  • Alysia_ Nevermore
    Alysia_ Nevermore4 giorni fa

    whats the name of the song at 0:38

  • Obie


    3 giorni fa

    super rich kids

  • blaqpirate
    blaqpirate4 giorni fa

    That new girl is anything but innocent!!!! Probably gossip girl lol

  • Adib Ramli
    Adib Ramli4 giorni fa

    When Thomas doherty said "in the best way" at the end of the trailer, it's actually a play on the word "Bass" coz u know, he is supposedly the new Chuck Bass 🤭😅

  • Lorrayne Maria
    Lorrayne Maria4 giorni fa


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