The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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  • spenny
    spenny17 minuti fa

    All those finger tattoos; is this the guy that did that Daft Punk 'Harder, Better, Faster' music video?

  • Shumona Rahman
    Shumona RahmanOra fa

    Where do I get them?!

  • Jayden Charlien
    Jayden Charlien2 ore fa

    Where can I buy the heart one

  • H34D_455_ G0D  ✓
    H34D_455_ G0D ✓3 ore fa

    what is the first one called i want one

  • Milan Kluivers
    Milan Kluivers3 ore fa

    Stop my brain hurts

  • Rounak Aryan
    Rounak Aryan4 ore fa


  • noodles
    noodles4 ore fa

    Where do you buy the first one

  • The Jei & Jae TV
    The Jei & Jae TV7 ore fa

    Does someone know where I could buy those kind of puzzles? Pleasseee. Thankyouuu❤️

  • Waffenwerfer
    Waffenwerfer8 ore fa


  • Heather Province
    Heather Province8 ore fa

    I love it

  • william rose
    william rose8 ore fa


  • D-Goth 7o7
    D-Goth 7o78 ore fa

    I think resident evil needs to have more interesting puzzles such as these!

  • M AR
    M AR9 ore fa

    How to get and where to buy them!!! ???

  • Bonaventura Septiadi P.
    Bonaventura Septiadi P.9 ore fa

    Whre i can buy it?

  • Arzu Zeynepova
    Arzu Zeynepova9 ore fa


  • Yuno MaplePancakes
    Yuno MaplePancakes9 ore fa

    Ngl i saw a bunch of these spencers

  • Gaming 2
    Gaming 210 ore fa

    Only 300$ wow

  • Miristic MEMES
    Miristic MEMES10 ore fa

    It's good until Little cousins comes and miss one part of puzzle

  • Roy Daniel
    Roy Daniel11 ore fa

    where can i find this things

  • ItzSxlih
    ItzSxlih12 ore fa

    Oh god am dead

  • zombieslicer992
    zombieslicer99212 ore fa

    Almost had me thinking it was the millennium puzzle for a second

  • Michael Pelz
    Michael Pelz13 ore fa

    Take my money where can I get these?

  • yak yuk
    yak yuk13 ore fa

    Not gonna lie, good video bud

  • Deshial Young
    Deshial Young13 ore fa

    500k+ Likes? Wow Nice in the vid

  • Nicc
    Nicc14 ore fa

    Listen Imma be blunt here the first 2 triangles are buttplugs

  • Rock Ant
    Rock Ant14 ore fa

    Yooooooo, I need the heart one for my girlfriend 😄👌

  • Gaming Dynamix
    Gaming Dynamix14 ore fa

    Mate I know what a partsformer is

  • Rob Reith
    Rob Reith14 ore fa

    Pretty cool. I like stuff like that, l'd want to try it without someone showing me.

  • jaydohn parrilla
    jaydohn parrilla15 ore fa

    Where can I get them?

  • abbaaba ahahhat
    abbaaba ahahhat16 ore fa


  • PRPL b0i
    PRPL b0i16 ore fa

    That sphere puzzle messed me up 😂

  • Soul of Craft
    Soul of Craft17 ore fa


  • cringe
    cringe18 ore fa

    triagles ones looks like my premium gradeaundera buttplugs

  • Hans Jacer
    Hans Jacer19 ore fa

    Where to get em???

  • Dencel Osorio
    Dencel Osorio20 ore fa

    where can i get the heart one

  • Gia thanh Nguyen
    Gia thanh Nguyen21 ora fa

    Ảo thật đấy 😂

  • fattus.rattus
    fattus.rattus21 ora fa

    Omg where do you get these

  • todomo
    todomo22 ore fa

    i own the diamond puzzle. it’s so simple, yet when i give it to someone that’s never seen it i remember my first time trying to solve it. someone took an hour working with it and didn’t finish before i had to leave

  • Jazz Fluff
    Jazz FluffGiorno fa

    Oh cruel world... Why must I suffer this way? Forth thy life of my own shall never be as perfect as thee

  • Lucas Suarez
    Lucas SuarezGiorno fa

    i want the 3 puzzle, anybody know where i can buy it?

  • Poke master22044
    Poke master22044Giorno fa

    Buttplug triangles

  • The Actual Panda
    The Actual PandaGiorno fa

    Yea those look like something familiar… oddly familiar…

  • Ritik Rana
    Ritik RanaGiorno fa

    Please provide me a link for the last one🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Joshua Gerth
    Joshua GerthGiorno fa

    what’s that first puzzle called??

  • Malinarcro
    MalinarcroGiorno fa

    I don't find any of them satisfying just cool

  • Happy Mask Salesman!
    Happy Mask Salesman!Giorno fa

    You broke the 3rd Dimension so bad that my phone started lagging and I couldn’t finish the video after the first puzzle :,)

    GETDUNKIDGiorno fa

    Where can I get theses?

  • Thorben “TAEKWONTHOR”
    Thorben “TAEKWONTHOR”Giorno fa

    Im pretty sure there will be a dude visiting you soon telling you he has "such sites to show you"

  • kraven Liongod
    kraven LiongodGiorno fa

    Wow, i have the sphere, my 6 year young boy managed to take it off but I couldn’t put it back together until now lol and yes it was very satisfying

  • Lukeiamyourmother
    LukeiamyourmotherGiorno fa

    Uhh I want one of those puzzles

    SUKA BLYATGiorno fa

    I need one

  • Not original
    Not originalGiorno fa

    The first one didn't look like a puzzle at first...

  • WrinkleBoB
    WrinkleBoBGiorno fa

    When he said "simply just line them up", I remembered the meme "the exam isn't that hard"

  • Grace Cronin
    Grace CroninGiorno fa


  • muhammad ibrahim
    muhammad ibrahimGiorno fa


  • los bb
    los bbGiorno fa

    Am I the only one who first saw the beginning and thought those were some nice buttplugs

  • Rudolf Pokorný
    Rudolf PokornýGiorno fa

    Solving spoiler idiot

    JØDÂÇẞGiorno fa

    I need the heart for my bestie

  • Hshdh Brhehe
    Hshdh BrheheGiorno fa

    This video made me feel really uncomfortable

  • Kid Slice
    Kid SliceGiorno fa

    What's the name of the puzzle heart?

  • Jacob Cossaboon
    Jacob CossaboonGiorno fa

    Could go without him breathing in my neck other than that good video

  • solxdragdon
    solxdragdonGiorno fa

    The last one was satisfying watch

  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier MartinezGiorno fa

    Things look like mini transformers

    I NEVER SLEEPGiorno fa

    the pieces of the Milenium puzzle

  • DarkGachaGod
    DarkGachaGodGiorno fa

    My brain cells: I'm leavin

  • Arnold Franklin
    Arnold FranklinGiorno fa

    God loves you all and he have an purpose for you all yayy god is coming soon yayy

  • Jim Sterrett
    Jim SterrettGiorno fa

    So I guess those are the only 3 puzzles he's ever seen.

  • Dante Tiglao
    Dante TiglaoGiorno fa


  • Devanshu Gaur
    Devanshu GaurGiorno fa

    Where I can buy them plzzz tell

  • Shade_NightmareTB
    Shade_NightmareTBGiorno fa

    The third one got a link my chance bro? I wanna know if I can give the second half to my gf.

  • Red FoxYT_Gamer
    Red FoxYT_GamerGiorno fa

    Hanayama Puzzle toys which i love very much 😋

  • Naruto Playz
    Naruto PlayzGiorno fa

    Whats da name of da puzzles i NEED IT

  • Raven
    RavenGiorno fa

    Where can you buu these

  • Elfy
    ElfyGiorno fa

    hello, INTPs and ENTPs who want these

  • JC Rosas
    JC RosasGiorno fa


  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiuGiorno fa

    "No tears please, 'tis a waste of good suffering."

  • Chamgwapito
    ChamgwapitoGiorno fa

    My brain hurt 🤕

  • QueenWeezy™
    QueenWeezy™Giorno fa

    How do we buy these ???

  • Flippercomet 500
    Flippercomet 500Giorno fa

    Ngl I thought they were somthing else at first

  • delabanda playz
    delabanda playzGiorno fa


  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Giorno fa

    Where can I get the Heart Puzzle??

  • Selen Fayez
    Selen FayezGiorno fa


  • Selen Fayez
    Selen FayezGiorno fa


  • tneK1323 • 69 years ago
    tneK1323 • 69 years agoGiorno fa

    where do I get the heart puzzle

  • Lane Matteson
    Lane MattesonGiorno fa

    cursed butt plug

  • Rocker77
    Rocker77Giorno fa

    First one looks like a butt plug

  • B-But friends supposed to be forever...
    B-But friends supposed to be forever...Giorno fa

    I JUST thinked about asriel and Chara dreemurr's heart locket's at the last one

  • Alejandrobc 208
    Alejandrobc 2082 giorni fa

    I own two of them xd

  • Bobo
    Bobo2 giorni fa


  • Ryan Burton
    Ryan Burton2 giorni fa

    Please tell me where I can get the heart shaped one

  • Leonardo N.R.
    Leonardo N.R.2 giorni fa

    The famous wet maker, when u give' em to your gf

  • Reza Shirzad
    Reza Shirzad2 giorni fa


  • skidoodles Left overs
    skidoodles Left overs2 giorni fa

    butt plug lol

  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer2 giorni fa

    I thought the 1st one was part of Yugi's Millennial puzzle for some reason lol

  • Mike Godlien
    Mike Godlien2 giorni fa

    Where can I get the Heart Puzzle??

  • Epic Zeus
    Epic Zeus2 giorni fa

    My brain hurts now

  • Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva
    Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva2 giorni fa

    So satisfying you’re really awesome

  • Luis Alberto Coronado Bustos
    Luis Alberto Coronado Bustos2 giorni fa

    Donde puedo conseguir todos esos , aquí en México ? .

  • Latios
    Latios2 giorni fa

    Me: has every single hanayama puzzle Also me: ikr dude

  • John Navarro
    John Navarro2 giorni fa

    Stupid af

  • Jacqueline Thompson
    Jacqueline Thompson2 giorni fa

    I love the first and third puzzles but the second puzzle I feel like I would never be able to put it back together!

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