The STRANGEST Magic Trick Ever... #Shorts


One of the STRANGEST Magic Tricks I’ve ever done on Omegle... enjoy!
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  • SeanDoesMagic
    SeanDoesMagicMese fa

    Just wanted to let you know that I have a PODCAST out now friends- if you want to learn more about me & my weird life, check it out! Link in description

  • Dxge


    5 ore fa


  • Flores Rose

    Flores Rose

    6 giorni fa

    This shit's gay, he had the sticker on his finger

  • Red Lightning Sky

    Red Lightning Sky

    Mese fa

    The guy look like hisoka in "Hunter x Hunter"

  • EJ Flores

    EJ Flores

    Mese fa


  • sTiCk giRl

    sTiCk giRl

    Mese fa

    H h g, o, l, lgc

  • Adalyn Tucker
    Adalyn Tucker2 ore fa

    Ami the only one that wasn't even paying attention to the trick at first just trying to figure out what the dude was drinking and how did he do so well with his makeup and wondering how look it took .. it seriously couldn't be me^_^

  • jitendra paul Singh
    jitendra paul Singh14 ore fa

    What the why he looking very scery person oo i scerd

  • Erlinda Mangmang
    Erlinda Mangmang16 ore fa

    Why the guy is strange🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Katie Vega
    Katie Vega18 ore fa

    What is the guy wearing?!?!

  • Thytus Andrie Fabroquez
    Thytus Andrie FabroquezGiorno fa

    Did you just spin it?

  • Keisha John
    Keisha JohnGiorno fa

    Cool guy😉🤙

  • Miracle
    MiracleGiorno fa

    The true joker ladies and gentlemen

  • Beena Adnan
    Beena AdnanGiorno fa

    I scared of the 🤡

  • sans the comic
    sans the comicGiorno fa

    Homeboy looks like a random character

  • Envy
    EnvyGiorno fa

    I really like how that dude likes it reminds me of punk mixed with grunge

  • Comrade Yeetov
    Comrade YeetovGiorno fa

    My guy said “I don’t like this” like bruh look at yourself in the mirror

  • TGz᭄SadCosmic
    TGz᭄SadCosmicGiorno fa

    He can see the card in his screen Now we were fooled

  • athcnavs
    athcnavs2 giorni fa

    everyone is talking about how this guy/girl/them is dressed. just leaving it alone and worry about yourself. it’s not your life. i’m sorry but i hate it when people get too judgy and suspicious just by how the other appears

  • Mohammad Hariri
    Mohammad Hariri2 giorni fa

    Haw is this Dracula pro.

  • dejay
    dejay2 giorni fa

    He looks blind

  • ericous
    ericous3 giorni fa

    Omg the ugly guy

  • Did D
    Did D3 giorni fa

    I thought that the trick was change back his eyes to black

  • Satay Collector
    Satay Collector4 giorni fa

    Thats a sticker.

  • ___ Subz ____
    ___ Subz ____4 giorni fa

    Welp I saw the sharpie trick. u turn the sharpie and put ur finger to cover it

  • Wanted X
    Wanted X4 giorni fa

    I didn’t know there was a new alien movie coming out

  • jada Oof
    jada Oof4 giorni fa

    Im lookin like this man rn my makeup of clown stained my face!

  • Sidemen Clips
    Sidemen Clips4 giorni fa

    His eyes are fk cool

  • Musically is the best Slimer Kelcy
    Musically is the best Slimer Kelcy4 giorni fa

    That guy looks creepy

  • shajahan mundur
    shajahan mundur4 giorni fa

    That card actually bigger than rest

  • Ruby Shaikh
    Ruby Shaikh5 giorni fa

    I used to think magic is real and probably yeahh it is😀

  • mccleary charles charles
    mccleary charles charles5 giorni fa

    That other guy is weird

  • Kayleigh Tillman
    Kayleigh Tillman5 giorni fa

    I dare you to say I bet ik ur name and say its idiot lmao

  • that random bitch
    that random bitch5 giorni fa

    He looks so cool

  • Arzaniel Kerpatray
    Arzaniel Kerpatray5 giorni fa

    A typical Demonrat (Democrat).

  • Nolan Thomas
    Nolan Thomas5 giorni fa

    can’t he just see the card on his computer screen since he can see both cameras ? someone plz explain

  • Lucas Eccard
    Lucas Eccard5 giorni fa

    Plot Twist: He got 52 pens on his desk.

  • OLdK1D
    OLdK1D5 giorni fa

    Simple trick the volunteer is not picking random cards actually the magacian giving him the card what he want

  • Your Therapist
    Your Therapist5 giorni fa

    This guy is Satan’s sleep paralysis demon

  • Jahriz_Plays
    Jahriz_Plays6 giorni fa

    Me: WHAT song :((

  • Skii Ready
    Skii Ready6 giorni fa

    Real magic trick is how does he look so cool

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams6 giorni fa

    He should go on agt

  • SAN1C
    SAN1C6 giorni fa

    What's the song's name?

  • 4ponk
    4ponk6 giorni fa

    What is the song

    OFAISALO6 giorni fa

    is he talking to an alien?

  • Ingemar Oskar
    Ingemar Oskar6 giorni fa

    This guy is screaming for attention (the clown). I mean you look like an idiot, is that how you wanna be rememberd? Lol

  • Hiếu Vương
    Hiếu Vương6 giorni fa

    forced the card. and then wrote it on the other side of the sharpie

  • Hannah ward
    Hannah ward7 giorni fa

    Your the reason I know there's really magic in the world

  • Nadish Namish Bhradwaj
    Nadish Namish Bhradwaj7 giorni fa

    How do you come up with these magic tricks?, you are amazing 👏

  • -mochi-skies-
    -mochi-skies-7 giorni fa

    Nobody: Seriously nobody: Me:what is with his outfit and spikey hair. OMG THANKS FOR SO MANY LIKES 🙏💕❤️❤️🙏💕💓💕❤️🙏💕🙏💕❤️🙏💕❤️💕❤️🙏💕💓💕👍🙏💕❤️💕🙏💕

  • ferandra ginting
    ferandra ginting7 giorni fa

    Bro is that BeckBroJack?

  • Fu_khaan
    Fu_khaan7 giorni fa


  • Oger Jäger
    Oger Jäger7 giorni fa

    I know at least more than three ways how that probably works

  • ultra error 404
    ultra error 4047 giorni fa


  • Ryan Emmanuel
    Ryan Emmanuel7 giorni fa

    The song fit the video i like it

  • The Intelligence C.I.A.
    The Intelligence C.I.A.8 giorni fa

    Plot twist: He has different markers for every card.

  • Deagan Duttenhoffer
    Deagan Duttenhoffer8 giorni fa

    When you mix your lego character's up

  • Tyrone Phipps
    Tyrone Phipps8 giorni fa

    What the heck! Is that Boso the clown? What king of grown man looks like that?

  • SSM4 Bloopers
    SSM4 Bloopers8 giorni fa

    my guy lookin like a bird boss in an rpg game

  • melonmaker.03
    melonmaker.038 giorni fa

    Guy looks like a yu gi yo villain

  • Magnetic Gaming
    Magnetic Gaming8 giorni fa

    U on a different level while this man looking a like a freak that want toy be a clown

    INFINITY GAMER8 giorni fa

    Is that guy have byakugan 😂

  • Luke Brennan
    Luke Brennan9 giorni fa

    What tf is that creature

  • Mak Millanparida3
    Mak Millanparida39 giorni fa

    His eye's are freaking me. What happened to his eye's

  • ThatoneCOD Player
    ThatoneCOD Player9 giorni fa

    Was it a sticker that you put on the sharpie cause thats so smart

  • Hanna Nicolai
    Hanna Nicolai9 giorni fa

    He Looks Creepe

  • Brandon Rickert
    Brandon Rickert9 giorni fa


  • Hitchens Jr.
    Hitchens Jr.9 giorni fa

    Kinda looks like dani filth

  • Shuriken Blade
    Shuriken Blade9 giorni fa

    anyone else thinks he looks like the thumb thing guy from spykids?? just me? ight

  • 7yduhx !
    7yduhx !9 giorni fa

    I love you he treats him like a normal person and doesn't judge

  • AshleyEdits GachaLife
    AshleyEdits GachaLife10 giorni fa

    I think he might of had a sticker on his finger before he pressed it up against the sharpie logo

  • Robel Z_240 !
    Robel Z_240 !10 giorni fa

    Bruh every card was a seven of hearts. Unless he’s just a different breed

  • Gbemiga Steve
    Gbemiga Steve10 giorni fa

    I’m so sorry you expect me to talk to someone dressed like that🤮

  • Master Arkannor
    Master Arkannor10 giorni fa

    *Gets on Omegle with the express purpose of disturbing people *Gets shook by random Vanilla looking Asian

  • المصــِـمَمَهِ بِنِــِـنين
    المصــِـمَمَهِ بِنِــِـنين10 giorni fa

    So, you have to buy it, and like you, they supported me with a response

  • Interesting Facts
    Interesting Facts10 giorni fa

    **ding** "about to get FOOLED!" nah we didn't know that . you fool almost e v e r y o n e in e v e r y video . 😂

  • will noo09

    will noo09

    8 giorni fa


  • DisasterMIDI
    DisasterMIDI11 giorni fa

    Dorohedoro is magic themed so his cosplay is perfect haha

  • Gaming Tornado
    Gaming Tornado11 giorni fa

    So um can someone tell me like why his hair be like that ... and um also why he looks like he is starting into my sole

  • Kaydan Tarry
    Kaydan Tarry11 giorni fa

    Sticker trick

  • Lucky
    Lucky11 giorni fa

    HOW DO YOU DO THESE THINGSSSS you’re magic is awesome dude ;-;

  • James Butler
    James Butler11 giorni fa


  • James Butler
    James Butler11 giorni fa

    Is a sticker how can I be fooled by that

  • Logan Foster
    Logan Foster12 giorni fa

    This man is definitely on something

  • Singh Harpreet
    Singh Harpreet12 giorni fa

    Look at the cap of the marker He rolls it

  • BeVibed
    BeVibed12 giorni fa

    One side was real one side just had S and he slapped a sticker on the side with only S

  • Craig Matthew
    Craig Matthew13 giorni fa

    Do they always hit 7 of hearts or wat

  • RngJennings 999
    RngJennings 99914 giorni fa

    what force did u use, I wanna use it also, u did that so smooth man keep it up

    RHINA14 giorni fa

    searpch sata.... hand signs tell ppl to stop doing it and stop doing them too plss do God AND JESUS HAND SIGN INSTEAD

  • Jelena Djukic
    Jelena Djukic15 giorni fa


  • Zeebra
    Zeebra15 giorni fa

    Freak Pennywhise Out

  • Vedika Awasthi
    Vedika Awasthi15 giorni fa

    Show your magic to another great magician to get revealed...

  • EugeneTheHurricane
    EugeneTheHurricane16 giorni fa

    the man is creepy

  • NLOPLO Gaming
    NLOPLO Gaming17 giorni fa

    I bet all cards are just 7 hears

  • GameBadger 12
    GameBadger 1217 giorni fa

    Bruh, you don't like that trick, but you can still manage to look in the mirror with that stuff on?

  • Jene Ityrr
    Jene Ityrr18 giorni fa

    Is that a domino 👹😈👿👺

  • PenguinKicks
    PenguinKicks18 giorni fa


  • Yodit Netsereab
    Yodit Netsereab18 giorni fa

    That guy was crepy

  • jane.g.24
    jane.g.2418 giorni fa

    bahahaha he went BRUH

  • kiwi uchiha
    kiwi uchiha19 giorni fa

    No. Bruh. I know how you do

  • Addison McDaniel
    Addison McDaniel19 giorni fa

    he had the card already picked out, and acted like he picked the card that the guy stopped on. in reality it was the only he had already had picked, maybe on the top ( idk all the logistics ) then the sharpie on one side had the sharpie logo, and on the other side had the seven of hearts written on it. you can see he slightly turns it to the other side. but he presses down really hard so that, that is what your attention is on, instead of him moving it. this is just what i have assumed since watching it two or three times.

  • Chill Robinson Style
    Chill Robinson Style19 giorni fa

    You sold your soul to the devil...

  • Jesline Ritha
    Jesline Ritha19 giorni fa

    Read my mind

  • fifa skiller
    fifa skiller19 giorni fa

    You write on other side

  • YouTube Y’all
    YouTube Y’all20 giorni fa

    Wow how do you do that

  • Tarik
    Tarik20 giorni fa

    So we bot gonna talk about how the man look like Jack frost with Ron's of makeup?

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