UK DRILL MIX - 2019 (2)



  • crystal skeete
    crystal skeete9 ore fa

  • Gordon Matthew
    Gordon Matthew2 giorni fa

    Straight heat: 18:50


    FreeUp!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Antoha Piterskij
    Antoha Piterskij7 giorni fa

    Nothing personal, but I will only say one thing! You pretend to be gangsters, you want to be on par with American gangsters, but you can't ... all you can do is steal a bike near the store and sell it for a couple of grams of smoking mixture, attack someone with a crowd, because you are afraid one by one ! I have seen how many of these, one by one you hide your eyes, and when with friends immediately appears the courage and spirit of a gangster ... a pseudo-gangster! And this applies not only to drill rappers in the UK, this also applies to others, be it Russian, German, French and so on, I can list a lot ... You just don't have to pretend to be, then what is not ... you have to be yourself , express your position, have your opinion and just be human and only then it is possible that there will be respect for you !!! Or am I wrong ...?

  • Andrew Safarian
    Andrew Safarian9 giorni fa


  • George
    George10 giorni fa

    7:03 when ur drug dealer takes long and u hop in his car

  • aflan Ibrahim
    aflan Ibrahim10 giorni fa


  • Veljko Mladenovic
    Veljko Mladenovic11 giorni fa

    last one sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Odile Levieux
    Odile Levieux11 giorni fa


  • Christine Sadler
    Christine Sadler12 giorni fa


  • MyDrawingAcademia
    MyDrawingAcademia12 giorni fa

    Respect from French!!

  • Veith S
    Veith S12 giorni fa

    here from germany

  • DOC Gb
    DOC Gb13 giorni fa

    Frosty kills this ting deaders

  • Barney Wobba
    Barney Wobba14 giorni fa

    I get it, and I love it. But, considering the problem with knife crime and gangs, does this not glamourise and encourage it? Personally, I think men are being more and more marginalised and told they are a music like this and the things it represents is a vent for that pent up frustration and rage.

  • Austin McDanel
    Austin McDanel16 giorni fa

    Man i used to hate on drill but this slaps C1 Is great

  • Sailox 30
    Sailox 3018 giorni fa


  • Gordon Matthew
    Gordon Matthew22 giorni fa


    MWANA FALSAFAH.23 giorni fa

    I came here for FROSTY!!

  • Sayutsuki!
    Sayutsuki!23 giorni fa

    Uk drill is just the best type of drill.

  • Limkeey.
    Limkeey.28 giorni fa


  • tom mac
    tom macMese fa

    aye no comment

  • idk lol
    idk lolMese fa

    Listen to Ireland drill

  • Nikro GLX
    Nikro GLXMese fa

  • Bay Areas
    Bay AreasMese fa

    phew phew phew.....straight fire on demand

  • Yung Waga
    Yung WagaMese fa

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  • Scott Greenier
    Scott GreenierMese fa


  • Scott Greenier
    Scott GreenierMese fa


  • 44 квартал
    44 кварталMese fa

    Its like Stormzy makin uk drill times 10 better than all of this guys

  • Sherri X

    Sherri X

    Mese fa

    Stormz!! 🤣🤣 The clown talking about the socks on his feet 😭🤦‍♀️

  • TheVirtualChaos
    TheVirtualChaosMese fa

    holy shit this a 30 min drill track im gonna listen to the whole thing tbh

  • creon klassen
    creon klassenMese fa

    i me just tuned in and understand raps Evolution, 4 all the Drill Soldiers / R. I .P Pop and Von

  • Idil Ahmed
    Idil AhmedMese fa

    Man got beef with malis

  • Modehfy
    ModehfyMese fa

    UK drill > American drill -said by an American

  • Bopoopfart 711
    Bopoopfart 711Mese fa

    ❄️ most of em

  • Leonard Blavatsky
    Leonard BlavatskyMese fa

    Where's the tailor... This one's real Sierra. Courtddddx


    fucking awesome

  • Hector Mugwump
    Hector MugwumpMese fa

    TR14 brap

  • Just ay duck
    Just ay duckMese fa

    Big man playlist

  • NayzZ.
    NayzZ.Mese fa

    the last it's insane OMGGGG!!!!!

  • Stealth Rabbit
    Stealth RabbitMese fa

    4:06 Τι λεει ακριβως χΔ

    MALLWINN {AXUA}Mese fa


  • Sevar S
    Sevar SMese fa

    “We ain’t killing no innocent youth, the gang know who we after” 🙏🙏🙏

  • Norbert Ciszewski
    Norbert CiszewskiMese fa

    UK accent better than USA accent :) !

  • Laranja Bronx Records
    Laranja Bronx Records2 mesi fa

    Great toghether

  • Sabih Ahmed
    Sabih Ahmed2 mesi fa

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  • Brett Lasko
    Brett Lasko2 mesi fa


  • Guustttoo
    Guustttoo2 mesi fa

    this list is fire

  • Faucon Mattycf
    Faucon Mattycf2 mesi fa

    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 french is present

  • Faucon Mattycf

    Faucon Mattycf

    2 mesi fa


  • Hmelnoy
    Hmelnoy2 mesi fa

    музло качает

  • Crypto World News AonT
    Crypto World News AonT2 mesi fa

  • Rom1
    Rom12 mesi fa

    y'a un timbre à la eminem c'est lourd

  • Florian Braet
    Florian Braet2 mesi fa

    Si seulement j'étais bilingue...

  • Ceroni Balsamar

    Ceroni Balsamar

    Mese fa

    @Florian Braet Mdrrr des baaaarrees la drill uk c'est pas de l'anglais mdrrrrr si seulement j'étais bilingue 😜😜😜... Tu dois être tellement con pour penser qu'il existe des gens qui ne comprendraient pas ta blague de merde qu'on voit sur chaque son drill uk... Grandis gamin.

  • ExabyteAU


    Mese fa

    @Ceroni Balsamar mdrrrr, anglais es mon 1er langue, j'ai etudié francais pour trois ans a l'ecole

  • Florian Braet

    Florian Braet

    Mese fa

    @Ceroni Balsamar tu es tellement con que tu n'as pas compris

  • Ceroni Balsamar

    Ceroni Balsamar

    Mese fa

    @Florian Braet 👍 des barres

  • Florian Braet

    Florian Braet

    Mese fa

    @Ceroni Balsamar bv Shakespeare

  • Christopher J. Callaghan
    Christopher J. Callaghan2 mesi fa

    this whole mix is sick,

  • Ano ano

    Ano ano

    18 giorni fa

    @Roxx bruh

  • 15a


    22 giorni fa

    @Roxx its a bot dumb ass

  • Andi Latifi

    Andi Latifi

    Mese fa

    @Roxx bruh its obviously a scam

  • Gavin Rodea

    Gavin Rodea

    Mese fa

    @Bishop Wesson checking it out right now. Looks to be working :)

  • Bishop Wesson

    Bishop Wesson

    Mese fa

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  • George Riviera
    George Riviera2 mesi fa


  • Александр Парус
    Александр Парус2 mesi fa

    Качает :) 🇷🇺

  • RoriCaro Raphadu
    RoriCaro Raphadu2 mesi fa

    ice cold❄❄❄❄❄

  • Тимофей
    Тимофей2 mesi fa

    Listen from Russia!

  • GodShisui


    2 mesi fa

    Listen from Germany!

  • fireplayzzz 111
    fireplayzzz 1112 mesi fa

    Where's the :That one there was a violation personally I wouldn’t have it

  • Ano ano

    Ano ano

    18 giorni fa

    There is no full song

  • GR8 3V3NTS MusiK for Eternal Souls
    GR8 3V3NTS MusiK for Eternal Souls2 mesi fa

    Man this is fucking amazing, I came across this by you tube suggestion, I will share everywhere I have recording label here and USA. Let me know if you wanna collaborate, I am everywhere on social media

  • stopka sec acc
    stopka sec acc2 mesi fa

    its deadpoolô from hvh ?????????????

  • Step Forward
    Step Forward2 mesi fa

    This is straight fire..Uk grime-drill is the best! Big respect from Athens Greece

  • Alex Weeks

    Alex Weeks

    2 mesi fa

    xxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxzxxxzzxcxxxxxzxxxxxxxxcxzxxxxxmxzxxxzxxxxxxcxxxxxzcxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxcxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxzxxxzcxxzxxxmxxxzcxxxxxzxxxxxzmxmcmzxxzxxxxxxxXxcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcxxxxxxzzzxmxxxxzx xx xxxxxzxxxxxxcxxxxxxzxxxzxxmxmxxxxzxxxxxxxxxw

  • SP Production

    SP Production

    2 mesi fa

    Kala to pame k emeis Kalhmeres alania!

  • PAOK '93 G4

    PAOK '93 G4

    2 mesi fa

    καμια σχεση με ελληνικο drill...

  • Ariel B
    Ariel B2 mesi fa


  • Manuel Ramos
    Manuel Ramos2 mesi fa

    bla bla bla go to work and be a nice boy don´t play with gun this is not a toy

  • Y_o_o J
    Y_o_o J2 mesi fa

    damn they knew about the drop before the world did

  • Nesquik_Dominguez
    Nesquik_Dominguez2 mesi fa

    А гдеоуджибуда

  • Alexander McEwan
    Alexander McEwan3 mesi fa

    UK Drill is nasty

  • Monlito
    Monlito3 mesi fa

    uhhh noice dm me for beats

  • Rampartzz
    Rampartzz3 mesi fa

    yesyesyesyes go gogogoogog ;) ahahahaha who the fuck cares fire it up like KINGS KINGS KINGS.

  • Rampartzz
    Rampartzz3 mesi fa


  • Rampartzz
    Rampartzz3 mesi fa

    CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

    MOHAMMED DAUD3 mesi fa

    Nice one pal lising from middle east raaa

  • DOC Gb

    DOC Gb

    13 giorni fa

    Salaamz habib🔥

  • AR
    AR3 mesi fa

    0:00 - c1 / Anywhere 3:31 - frosty / Country Lines 7:29 - RV / Why Always Me 12:47 - Burner / Mad About Bars 15:53 - OnDrillz x Trapfit / Next Up 21:23 - v9 x Soze / Get Man Gone 25:01 - Taze / HB Freestyle 27:48 - Skatty x Saviest / Armed 30:46 - Lil MDot / Rising None

  • Mew LC

    Mew LC

    9 giorni fa


  • Jeankevinette


    14 giorni fa


  • Trxsh Talking

    Trxsh Talking

    16 giorni fa


  • Bopikiliki ya Mokili

    Bopikiliki ya Mokili

    22 giorni fa


  • Shahbaz Shah Syed

    Shahbaz Shah Syed

    24 giorni fa


  • REVEL水
    REVEL水3 mesi fa


  • 25icarx


    17 giorni fa

    BRDRILL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Gio machitidze

    Gio machitidze

    2 mesi fa


  • Gio machitidze

    Gio machitidze

    2 mesi fa

    @LcsXcvs open post llooo

  • LcsXcvs


    2 mesi fa

    tamo ai

  • Joseph.simon Dewavrin
    Joseph.simon Dewavrin3 mesi fa

    Frosty big up 💠

  • Void_
    Void_3 mesi fa

    Beg one of you man be civilised and make timestamps in the comments

  • Ano ano

    Ano ano

    18 giorni fa

    @Lewis Brown wdim

  • Lewis Brown

    Lewis Brown

    2 mesi fa

    @Blackest i swear some man learn the word ratio and wont shut the fuck up about it

  • Blackest


    3 mesi fa

    @64BlT ratio

  • 64BlT


    3 mesi fa

    0:00 - c1 / Anywhere 3:31 - frosty / Country Lines 7:29 - RV / Why Always Me 12:47 - Burner / Mad About Bars 15:53 - OnDrillz x Trapfit / Next Up 21:23 - v9 x Soze / Get Man Gone 25:01 - Taze / HB Freestyle 27:48 - Skatty x Saviest / Armed 30:46 - Lil MDot / Rising None

  • Lil Joey
    Lil Joey3 mesi fa

    frosty sound like headie

  • John ashton

    John ashton

    2 mesi fa

    No he dont

  • paradoxdoe
    paradoxdoe3 mesi fa

    opps get under my skin like a tatto

  • paradoxdoe


    Mese fa

    @Reece Chapman bruv didnt know this was a spelling bee

  • Reece Chapman

    Reece Chapman

    Mese fa

    Bruv you can't even spell tattoo are you tapped?

  • 【 死にたい 】Zhen

    【 死にたい 】Zhen

    Mese fa


  • BCR Waffles

    BCR Waffles

    2 mesi fa


  • Bruno Serratore
    Bruno Serratore3 mesi fa

    Stai calm

  • Enzo Carvali
    Enzo Carvali3 mesi fa

    Still there fam. 🇨🇵

  • Andrea Marchini
    Andrea Marchini3 mesi fa

    Качает дай Бог

  • Захар Мухин

    Захар Мухин

    3 mesi fa


  • KAB erlin
    KAB erlin3 mesi fa

    These Guys brutal -_-

  • เจ ใดร์
    เจ ใดร์3 mesi fa

    หามานานละ drillโครตเยอะ

  • Triple Deuce ENT
    Triple Deuce ENT3 mesi fa

    Yeah im feeling this!

  • BaMxIRE
    BaMxIRE3 mesi fa

    Lethal beats

  • levani parqosadze
    levani parqosadze3 mesi fa

    next up :)))))

  • 667 Ekip
    667 Ekip3 mesi fa


  • Shamadhi Alarcón
    Shamadhi Alarcón3 mesi fa

    theyre so good

  • Trif-Alex
    Trif-Alex3 mesi fa

    better than any American music

  • Dawgbox-R
    Dawgbox-R3 mesi fa

    Respect to the man

  • Vl 1eo
    Vl 1eo4 mesi fa


  • Bart Lambrechts
    Bart Lambrechts4 mesi fa

    Putt off those masks, drill is nothing more than big talk pussy"s who are scared there mom sees them on tv, even in holland we have it now, 16 year kids who are stabbing others, be proud cunts, we used to have fist fights, changed in to weak scared assholes with knifes

  • Bart Lambrechts

    Bart Lambrechts

    3 mesi fa

    @SS that you aprove this and try to sound it good says everything

  • SS


    3 mesi fa

    i mean...knives and weapons have been used since the beginning of time its not nothing new

  • Song - Melody Beats
    Song - Melody Beats4 mesi fa

  • Deniska87
    Deniska874 mesi fa

    Норм РепЧик

  • jooshoowa
    jooshoowa4 mesi fa

    The imported level conformably repair because gore-tex cytomorphologically stretch than a snobbish armchair. merciful, mundane graphic

  • darren lowe

    darren lowe

    3 mesi fa

    Ur naw writing a essay no need for big words

  • sean isn't a sheeple person
    sean isn't a sheeple person4 mesi fa

    UK and Aussie drill... love it

  • Kain Fonte
    Kain Fonte4 mesi fa

    Why are all making fun of UK rap, this genre is actually fire🔥🔥(I'm from Germany)

  • MSZ


    4 mesi fa

    its just some americans

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin4 mesi fa

    my god crap im 60 cant understand one word. this is not music its noise.

  • Luyanda Cele

    Luyanda Cele

    2 mesi fa

    Ok tarzan

  • The Crispy Nugget

    The Crispy Nugget

    3 mesi fa

    i agree Richard Martin

  • blackngoldnr


    3 mesi fa

    Go to your retirement home this is not a place for old people

  • Lflforo Je

    Lflforo Je

    4 mesi fa

    shut up

  • неалешка
    неалешка4 mesi fa


  • tetsvo
    tetsvo4 mesi fa

    this should be a spotify playlist

    TARA TV4 mesi fa


  • Trojan The Barber
    Trojan The Barber4 mesi fa

    They got some dope beats put in the UK, but some of their lyrics is straight TRASH

  • Luyanda Cele

    Luyanda Cele

    2 mesi fa

    Don't be bias now

  • Luyanda Cele

    Luyanda Cele

    2 mesi fa


  • Dank Waifu

    Dank Waifu

    4 mesi fa

    There's other artists outside of the ones on this mix. if you want better lyrics I can give other music. UK rap is pretty good if you listen without bias

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