Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend

He was called the ‘Baddest man on the planet’ for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. His Speed, strength, and vicious aggression earned him the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986. He is Iron Mike Tyson.

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  • Craig Letteney
    Craig Letteney3 ore fa

    That seldon fight was fixed. Big time.

    HONEY KUN3 ore fa

    I like how he always checks if they are okay

  • Life
    Life3 ore fa

    18:03 regie gives his best 15 hit combo..mike counters with 1 bomb

  • Life


    3 ore fa

    U N R E A L

  • Life
    Life3 ore fa

    43 minutes of life well spent here

  • poisoncurls
    poisoncurls4 ore fa

    31:24 You can see it on his face. He lost before the fight even started.

  • Life
    Life4 ore fa

    13 minutes into video were still in '85..1 helluva year

  • Life
    Life4 ore fa

    4:06 can we talk about how Tyson managed to pull a power punch that would of sent the ref into early retirement

  • Hedi Nurnahadi
    Hedi Nurnahadi4 ore fa

    Subhanallah ahmadd tyson my Star last and now

  • Steve Mellis
    Steve Mellis4 ore fa


  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon5 ore fa

    I like the way Mike Tyson Went 100% MID-EVIL on his opponents, then nicely comes over to talk to them when the fight is over, shows PURE CLASS...

  • dave runner
    dave runner5 ore fa

    Mike was a beast, no doubt.

  • Uday Varma
    Uday Varma5 ore fa

    Why 37k dislikes? Why ppl hate a literal legend 😐

  • Richard Serna
    Richard Serna6 ore fa

    I followed Iron Mike's career since 85" and definitely He is at the top 🔝 of a long line of boxing 🥊 Legends! 😎👊

  • Mrbee Henderson
    Mrbee Henderson7 ore fa

    Tyson said come get some and they came and WENT. Straight to the canvas.😂😂😂 Trevor didn't believe he was knocked out. They don't call him IRON MIKE FOR NOTHING. 💥💥💥

  • TheZoid
    TheZoid7 ore fa

    When did mike fight brock

  • Joe Donnelley
    Joe Donnelley7 ore fa

    43 minutes of Mike Tyson making his opponents look like Glass Joe

  • Anthony Christy
    Anthony Christy7 ore fa

    Wow he fought a bunch of stiffs early in his career!

  • italo kafler
    italo kafler8 ore fa

    The champ

  • Doctor socrates
    Doctor socrates8 ore fa

    Love the compassion he displays for his opponents when the fight is over..Tyson is simply the best.

  • สีวัน สีวัน
    สีวัน สีวัน9 ore fa

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith11 ore fa

    I wish I could have fought Tyson in his prime. After my stay in the hospital, learning to talk and feed myself again, I would have gotten a good check. I think a couple of these guys had the same idea, like Seldon.

  • Ger
    Ger11 ore fa

    The greatest 👍

  • Rooster Cogburn
    Rooster Cogburn12 ore fa

    Fie Fie Foe - Foe Fee Fie Foe - Mike Tyson giving you his phone number... Suicide to step in the ring with this champ.

  • THE 501ST BOISSSS!!!
    THE 501ST BOISSSS!!!13 ore fa

    Ok sick but why does this video have 80 million views in 8 months holt crap

  • Zidan Suryanata
    Zidan Suryanata14 ore fa


  • The American handyman
    The American handyman14 ore fa

    What a white man taught him how to box and don't forget our famous Raper that's right Raper

  • milstrick
    milstrick14 ore fa

    I love how the editor showed a couple of Tyson's victims saying they would win and knew how to beat him before getting laid out like carpet in a new home. Every time I saw one of those interviews I knew a good laugh was coming a few seconds later. LOL

  • Kefka 070
    Kefka 07016 ore fa

    When you argue with Mike its better to take the first plane somewhere even your family cant find you.

  • GD Kaci
    GD Kaci17 ore fa

    Danny Long kept his promise. He was back

  • 멍멍 도라에
    멍멍 도라에17 ore fa


  • Otunba Highness
    Otunba Highness18 ore fa

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  • Otunba Highness
    Otunba Highness18 ore fa

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  • DeadBunny69
    DeadBunny6918 ore fa

    Jameson was robbed.

  • dragondix
    dragondix18 ore fa

    Two profound things: He fought over 10 pro fights a year. He made fighters look like they didn’t know how to fight… bad dude in his early days!!

  • Kusmin Official
    Kusmin Official19 ore fa


  • Goal hoarder
    Goal hoarder 19 ore fa


  • hadi prasetya
    hadi prasetya20 ore fa

    Jagoku petinju paling mantep pokoke jos....

  • ichatterbot
    ichatterbot20 ore fa

    Refs did a good job to stop the fights…Tyson would have killed them probably, or worse.

  • Sim C

    Sim C

    5 ore fa

    Killed them or worse? What's worse than being killed?

  • Usman Gondal
    Usman Gondal20 ore fa

    men who faced him must had balls of steal.

  • Orvil Samms
    Orvil Samms21 ora fa

    The most colorful fighter in my mind of the 80'sinto the 90's

  • Charles Nkwo
    Charles Nkwo23 ore fa

    U are laughing at his voice he is laughing at Ur punches...





  • GannAnalyst Trader
    GannAnalyst TraderGiorno fa

    Is it just me ....or unless they show in slow mo I just can't make out when he landed his deadly " left hook "... Goodness such speed with extreme power ....imagine being at receiving end ...woaaaah !!! A legend once born in a lifetime true IRON .....THE IRON MIKE TYSON .....

  • Silently
    SilentlyGiorno fa

    It always gets me that Mike never knows where his corner is

  • Bc Su
    Bc SuGiorno fa

    He takes the hammer onto the ring !

  • Michael Laguna
    Michael LagunaGiorno fa

    Was .& Greatest fighters alive .& Still

  • nuttr_butter33
    nuttr_butter33Giorno fa

    Mike Tyson has 10/10 manners 👌🏻

  • igbopeter last
    igbopeter lastGiorno fa

    Fighting Tyson and coming out alive was underrated miracle.

  • Kevin Shaji
    Kevin ShajiGiorno fa

    His sound does not match his body

  • jackcarterog001
    jackcarterog001Giorno fa

    I was just a kid when he was exploding onto the scene. I got Mike Tyson's Punch Out right when it hit the shelves.

  • Learn IT Simple
    Learn IT Simple Giorno fa

    After Watching Sarpatta. Who came here in 2010

  • Kekep786 Pope
    Kekep786 PopeGiorno fa

    Aye in that first span fight span brain ain't know wether to sit down or stand up🤣😂🤣 big white dude in the red shorts was looking like he wanted to. Sa😂🤣😭y "THROW THA DAYUM TOWEL" if that tall black dude got knocked out twice in one knockdown 🤭

  • Luke Cage
    Luke CageGiorno fa

    Don't Stop til you get Enough.

  • Darin Harris
    Darin HarrisGiorno fa

    The 2nd greatest boxer ever after big mouth Ali...

  • Darrell Fine
    Darrell FineGiorno fa

    I love Iron Mike's sportsmanship (except for that one time, piss off) that he exhibits. Miss the 80's and 90's of his career. it was such a blast to watch, and I am thankful to see him fight again. Thank God for youtube. lol

  • Tower Yoda
    Tower YodaGiorno fa

    The passion in this man's eyes... he is a true legend... and an honorable opponent to many... it's so amazing to watch him help them up after he's done exerting so much force and power to knock them down... bless you Mike Tyson...

  • Mike Tyson fanpage
    Mike Tyson fanpageGiorno fa

    actual legend

  • Arkryder 52
    Arkryder 52Giorno fa

    There isn't really a good way to go at tyson. But I feel like the last Thing I'd want to get hit by is his uppercut. And a lot of these fighters put their head down instantly haha.

  • JL23
    JL23Giorno fa

    He was humble and respectful in the beginning of his career after the fight. He would go over and shake hands and hug his opponent. I never knew this, this is great.

  • JL23
    JL23Giorno fa

    I’d take a punch from this dude bc I wouldn’t remember it lol

  • Cashanovas
    CashanovasGiorno fa


  • Paranoid Of times to come
    Paranoid Of times to comeGiorno fa

    The ref be like " this is gonna be quick easy money"

  • gas hasta atras
    gas hasta atrasGiorno fa

    Good job

  • sid
    sidGiorno fa


  • Will
    WillGiorno fa

    7:00 was great oh he got up ok, bang 🤜 all done 😂

  • Arun Verma
    Arun VermaGiorno fa

    10:06 yo the man in the background is a bit creepy...

  • Arun Verma

    Arun Verma

    Giorno fa

    @DarkDutchman the one to the left behind the ring

  • DarkDutchman


    Giorno fa

    Which one? There are a lot of men in the background.

  • Phil Leonetti Jr.
    Phil Leonetti Jr.Giorno fa

    Remember back in the 90’s. Would u fight Mike Tyson for a million dollars? U wouldn’t make the Ring walk

  • Royce
    RoyceGiorno fa

    That was amazing

  • Anthony Funderburk
    Anthony FunderburkGiorno fa

    Mike 💪🏾💯😎

  • Тимофей Сахугов
    Тимофей СахуговGiorno fa

    D' AMATO father

  • Keith Thao
    Keith ThaoGiorno fa

    Looks like every time the fight is over, Mike walks over to his opponent to check if they're okay. Class Act man!

  • Zac Pearce
    Zac PearceGiorno fa

    Shark Attack :-) !!! The Champ :-) !! So Peace People and God Bless from Sunny England :-) !!

  • Clankas in pajamas
    Clankas in pajamasGiorno fa

    7:43 - 7:56

  • Dayne Vickers
    Dayne VickersGiorno fa

    Tyson was the epitome of complete, vicious Pitbull-like aggression. A truly dangerous man, especially if his opponent had ears.

  • josep Ginting
    josep GintingGiorno fa

    The Legend Joe Cortez

  • Hanwidigdo 23
    Hanwidigdo 23Giorno fa

    Jagoku yo tetep mike Tyson

  • Not here to make friends With u
    Not here to make friends With uGiorno fa

    Tyson will always be my role model. Truly the man amongst men.


    21:45 I'm leaving a timestamp here so i can continue the vid later

  • Christian Williams
    Christian WilliamsGiorno fa

    old white dude was right Tyson best heavyweight period shit use be hilarious fight 30 second mger on ground do e

  • Toby F Chavez
    Toby F ChavezGiorno fa

    High Velocity Strikes :-o

  • I’m Back Niccas
    I’m Back NiccasGiorno fa

    U literally have at least 6-7 of the same fights on here multiple times…do better

  • Zaker Kazemi
    Zaker KazemiGiorno fa


  • Sengkan Garey
    Sengkan Garey2 giorni fa

    He is the real legend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    LUCKIΞ2 giorni fa

    Hard at the outside, soft inside. A true boxer.

  • Kultur
    Kultur2 giorni fa

    everybody gangsta until tyson shows up

  • DarkDutchman


    Giorno fa


  • Nate Cristofori
    Nate Cristofori2 giorni fa

    It blows my mind how frequently these guys fought. Their conditioning was next level.

  • christopher lee
    christopher lee2 giorni fa

    Damn they don't make them like that anymore!!

  • SizaN is here
    SizaN is here2 giorni fa

    After this documentary i am convinced that Mike tyson is nothing but a GOAT at boxing..

  • Joe Lindsey
    Joe Lindsey2 giorni fa

    Iron mike 🦾

  • Roger Colette
    Roger Colette2 giorni fa

    yes he was ready !

  • Roger Colette
    Roger Colette2 giorni fa


  • Roger Colette
    Roger Colette2 giorni fa

    he was so great for hes time !

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James2 giorni fa

    bruh tyson was throwing cement blocks....

  • Roger Colette
    Roger Colette2 giorni fa

    i too think he was a great !

  • 2 giorni fa


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