DJ Khaled ft. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive - SORRY NOT SORRY


Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive “SORRY NOT SORRY” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

We The Best Music! Another one! DJ Khaled!

Hear ye, Hear ye,
Only kings stand near me.
Silicon Valley money mixed with Henny, that’s a Fendi.
Half a century almost,
Slice the green like a lawnmower.
Til we all on, never fall off, hear a boss talk,
You don’t hear me, that’s your loss.
Winner in life, fuck a coin toss.
I’m coin based, basically crypto-currency scarface.
Join us, there’s gotta be more of us,
I’m from the ghetto.
What location? 2 seconds from the devil.
I live heavenly in Cabo, with a Mexican sombrero.
Drink heavily, health is wealth.
Look at wealth of me, wipe your nose
History, my type of clothes.
Miss me with the hate,
Helped so many people get cake.
Whips and cream, for the crew.
No other weed I think faster
Time I spit this, I started some other business
Came from the pitchin,
Cain in the kitchen,
Dangerous missions,
Wasting your time if you want my forgiveness

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

Sorry, that’s another B
Haters still aint recover from the other B,
Ugh, that’s a double b, naw that’s a triple b, can’t forget bout the other B
(bey: Hey)
It’s white gloves for me,
Hater know not to touch me, I’m with the fuckery
(fuck with me) humbly, naw respectfully.
I’m a project baby fuck yall expect from me?
America’s disrespect for me
You killed Christ you created religion, unexpectedly
Circular ice on Japanese whiskey, on my mezzanine.
Overlooking the city of Angels,
The angel invested in things,
Unprecedented run (facts)
Everybody’s getting’ bands,
We just dance to different drums
I like who I become
Intermittently fasting but these meals I’m not missing none.

Sorry, not sorry.
Don’t mind me,
I’m living a dream.
Living a dream, yeah
Came from nothing,
With a thought that we would be
Living a dream, living a dream yeah

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment



  • Squee 710
    Squee 710Minuto fa

    This shit was whack 🤣🤣😂

  • Angelita G
    Angelita G3 minuti fa

    On repeat 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brianna Hill
    Brianna Hill5 minuti fa

    Classic........DJ Khalid did not come to play this summer!!!!

  • cooter clappa
    cooter clappa6 minuti fa

    This makes me smile, inside and out. Feels really really good

  • trouble dem kevin
    trouble dem kevin6 minuti fa

    2:10 jay z is the best when it comes to project

  • CST
    CST7 minuti fa

    If Jay says it's i 🔥called intermintin fasting then fuck it, that's what it's called now 💯💯💯

  • Christina Sanchez
    Christina Sanchez9 minuti fa

    Shoulda put AZ on it!

  • Direct Merchandiser
    Direct Merchandiser9 minuti fa

    Shit song

  • Chris chriss
    Chris chriss11 minuti fa

    I Gone tell my kids jz killed da verse

  • cesar ojeda
    cesar ojeda13 minuti fa


  • Baveen
    Baveen13 minuti fa

    Tell me:

  • Larry Robinson
    Larry Robinson14 minuti fa

    Damn. Too Real. Nas & Jay Z on the same track. Respect.

  • hillian hillian
    hillian hillian19 minuti fa

    Song reminds me of song cry by Jay Z

  • Binti Afrika Music
    Binti Afrika Music19 minuti fa


  • Xavier Nhaule
    Xavier Nhaule20 minuti fa

    Khaled you're incredibly good in what you do, you were born for this:

  • Aisha Green
    Aisha Green21 minuto fa

    I love this collabo💯💯💯

  • Bunny L
    Bunny L21 minuto fa

    Ok nice Beyoncé and jay-z references but I’m not feeling his hair.. Khalid has been busy during this pandemic! “Another one x10”

  • Robby Morning
    Robby Morning23 minuti fa

    For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

  • Tanika Bell
    Tanika Bell23 minuti fa

    Love the video always been a bad and jay z fan

  • Amy Hughes
    Amy Hughes26 minuti fa

    The voices of “Real men” Loving it!!

  • Jj Strong
    Jj Strong29 minuti fa

    Up north Cat wicked out!!....Gotta luv the culture!!

  • justin hammond
    justin hammond32 minuti fa


  • Craig Scarlett
    Craig Scarlett34 minuti fa

    Not sure many caught the “You killed Christ and created religion unexpectedly.” fully. Genius.

  • Shengyang Cheng
    Shengyang Cheng38 minuti fa

    jay z just stand out on a camery i don know y

  • Bruce Perez
    Bruce Perez38 minuti fa

    Tupac and Biggie should have had quashed their beef and collaborated like Jay-z and Nas like the present.

  • OhGoMan
    OhGoMan40 minuti fa

    we need a remix with SOULJA BOY on it!!!

  • Vaeh❤
    Vaeh❤47 minuti fa

    The fact that this is still trending speaks volumes

  • Me You
    Me You49 minuti fa

    NAS.... man ain't knowone like you. The GOAT.

  • dopeey x
    dopeey x49 minuti fa

    damn man I wish pac was here to hop on this classic

  • Food4thoughtt Openureyez
    Food4thoughtt Openureyez50 minuti fa

    Bailando despacito food4thoughtt on youtube watch it now

  • Sterling Davis
    Sterling Davis50 minuti fa

    Ladies and Gentlemen......James Fauntleroy!!

  • Emmanak
    Emmanak52 minuti fa

    Leg End Ary . Shit I know the spelling, it's legendary 😄😄

  • Hdh Hf
    Hdh Hf53 minuti fa

    I skip Nas part just to hear Hov

  • LuckiiiCharmed


    17 minuti fa

    Your doing yourself a disservice by doing that. They are both geniuses

  • Nathaniel L. Robinson
    Nathaniel L. Robinson54 minuti fa

    Shit trash

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus HicksOra fa

    This song was the truth... teaching us about generational wealth and how to achieve it. I see one person said Nas bodied Jay on this track but actually they were on the same level. I think they could decipher what he was meaning at the being of his verse with the Bs lol... it ok.

  • ikyhwh
    ikyhwhOra fa

    Iboru to the kings!

  • jay hitzert
    jay hitzertOra fa

    legends 🔥

  • Sidney Dalisma
    Sidney DalismaOra fa

    Nas rhymes was garbage I’m disappointed bad jay was good and I’m a nas fan just speaking fact

  • Bawa Issah
    Bawa IssahOra fa

    Nice song 👏

  • Tee
    TeeOra fa


  • StopBeingRacist
    StopBeingRacistOra fa

    I’d rather hear Beyoncé on the hook, Sorry Not Sorry

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    squishyy fluffOra fa

    Not me just listening to this cause of Beyoncé's "heyyy"

  • Awudu Awudu
    Awudu AwuduOra fa

    This is Legendary. Masterpiece.

  • Jaici Lacey
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  • timothy juma
    timothy jumaOra fa

    Waiting to see it this song make it to the nominees BET 2021

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Jaici Lacey
    Jaici LaceyOra fa

  • Charlie Sheen
    Charlie SheenOra fa This Is DJ KHALID's Sons Music #WETHEBESTMUSIC !!!

  • Saskyberry
    SaskyberryOra fa

    U Killed Christ n created religion unexpectedly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nubian Emperor
    Nubian EmperorOra fa

    That Jay Z verse tho. 🔥 sweet hot tamale

  • Manolo Borja
    Manolo BorjaOra fa

    Hov killed it

  • prince Benjee
    prince BenjeeOra fa

    Black unity between 3 king's big respect 🙌💪💪💪💪💪

  • Quentin Verdaasdonk
    Quentin VerdaasdonkOra fa

    praying for succes as long as i can extend it to others 💪

  • Lil Claude
    Lil ClaudeOra fa

    jay.z's part is fire

  • KD Thomas
    KD ThomasOra fa

    Jay and those dreadful Nice joint!

    SARKOV DIMOra fa


  • subhan saadat
    subhan saadatOra fa

    The 11k dislikes are people who's favorite rapper is Lil pump

  • Good Luck Emeh
    Good Luck EmehOra fa

    This classic music is teaching us a learson that I so much like . and also passing a message that both nas and jazy have make a mistakes in their past for no reason

  • kuru K
    kuru KOra fa

    Jay-z and nas buy Palestine

  • Jerrod Garland
    Jerrod GarlandOra fa

    Jay just b talking 😂

  • Chris Jonas
    Chris JonasOra fa

    You don't hear me that is your loss...

  • Jerit Smith
    Jerit SmithOra fa

    This is history right here two of Best MCs

  • Good Luck Emeh
    Good Luck EmehOra fa

    Am happy that jazy and nas have reconsing each other true d j Khalid classic . How I wish b.i.g was alife it cloud have also be like this

  • Jonathan Gutierrez
    Jonathan GutierrezOra fa

    Jayz been on his barz ever since that Nipsey feature he was on... jay even said it on the song he goin get back on the grind 💪🏾

  • Thabiso zipho
    Thabiso ziphoOra fa

    Now this is the khaled we know.

  • Square Business
    Square BusinessOra fa

    Now this just boosted up my game. The crypto currency scareface, yall killed christ and created religion unexpectedly

  • David Ellison
    David EllisonOra fa


  • Iam TMN
    Iam TMNOra fa

    high key drake wood have carried the song 💯💯💯

  • Daniel Anaya
    Daniel AnayaOra fa

    Jay and Nas??? Tf 😮😮💜

  • Gregory Bowden
    Gregory BowdenOra fa

    I think the 11000 dislikes are bots gotta be

  • M_29
    M_29Ora fa

    Nas and HOV like +& - 🔋🔋 and dj khaled with them turned up beautiful light ♥️💎

  • Hussein Hussein
    Hussein Hussein2 ore fa

    12mio views in 6days 💥💥💥💥💥✊✊✊😎😎😎🙏🙏

  • Louie Bagelz
    Louie Bagelz2 ore fa

    This is like if Pac and Biggie would have lived to squash the beef and dropped a jewel with DJ Khalid! Legendary shit right here!!

  • Ian Barker
    Ian Barker2 ore fa

    Awesome song...but the real curren$y is currency....Shante Scott Franklin my friends

  • TimeSauce
    TimeSauce2 ore fa

    How does Khaled manage to get all these people on songs? They’re all bigger names than him, they could literally collab without him

  • Mwitwa Mambwe
    Mwitwa Mambwe2 ore fa

    After hearing that "Hey!" at 02:24 the song title should've been "DJ Khaled ft. Nas, JAY-Z, Beyoncé & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive - SORRY NOT SORRY"

    PSOEBI POBS2 ore fa

    Fifth time of watching 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Shameck Boucher
    Shameck Boucher2 ore fa

    "Intermittently fasting but these mils I'm missing none...."

  • Armando Rebolledo
    Armando Rebolledo2 ore fa

    What a time to be alive *o*

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    eric archer2 ore fa

    About Time🏌🏿‍♂️

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    Bontle Rankoe2 ore fa

    I like it when he says dj khaled

  • l'hippocampe rouge
    l'hippocampe rouge2 ore fa

    beyonce voice heeeeyyyyy

  • Joel Eric
    Joel Eric2 ore fa

    Who’s still listening this on May 6, 2021 at 1:52pm

  • Bontle Rankoe

    Bontle Rankoe

    2 ore fa


  • Belinda Vallard
    Belinda Vallard2 ore fa


  • M G
    M G2 ore fa

  • Ras London
    Ras London2 ore fa

    Jay is looking a lot younger health is wealth more blessings

  • Chebbron Cees ochan
    Chebbron Cees ochan2 ore fa

    Greatness I love this love and respect every time from Cees ochan truth Untold the EP is out now on all digital platforms thanks for the support,bless.

  • ronald kimutai
    ronald kimutai2 ore fa

    Nas tried but Jay Z is a legend, he is in his own class

  • z hinds
    z hinds2 ore fa

    Got this shit on repeat. #nas and jay #bombaclotttt

  • sc champion
    sc champion2 ore fa

    I loved it the first time I heard it!!! Still gonna be that song 5 years from now!!!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alfred Berko
    Alfred Berko2 ore fa

    2 legends Goat on track with the best DJ

  • Lulu Rama
    Lulu Rama2 ore fa

    Okay this is a historic moment...dreams do come true 😌❤🔥

  • Taurean McIntyre
    Taurean McIntyre2 ore fa

    Amazing!!!!!!!! Wow

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