Jem and Jimmy tackle Snetterton in Tense and Challenging Conditions

Motorsportwoman Jem Hepworth and team mate Jimmy Broadbent take on Snetterton at round two of the Britcar Endurance Championship. With over 40 cars on the grid, changing weather conditions and not much seat time, will their sim practice leading up to the race give them an advantage on track?

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  • Aaron SanDiego
    Aaron SanDiego5 giorni fa

    What an amazing woman! Love that you have taken Jimmy under your wing. That is the stuff of champions.

  • MrEveningflight
    MrEveningflight11 giorni fa

    Impressive driving from both of you! Loved watching the race! Thanks!

  • Endoe ONE
    Endoe ONE18 giorni fa

    Jems a gorgeous girl and how can you not wish Jimmy well. Good luck

  • VividPsychosis
    VividPsychosis19 giorni fa

    Fantastic production quality. Nice video great race

  • SAUCE tv
    SAUCE tv26 giorni fa

    I can't believe that she's 17 like what 😱

  • SAUCE tv
    SAUCE tv26 giorni fa

    Repent and be baptized and Trust in the LORD of lords and the King of kings Jesus Christ most high God in heaven He will be here soon.

  • ymbus
    ymbus27 giorni fa

    I really love these videos. There is so much production value in this. Also Jem and Jimmy are the coolest persons I ever saw on a race track.

  • Crunch
    Crunch27 giorni fa

    Just some 50 yr old racing fan here. It brings a huge smile to my face to watch a pair of talented, determined, thoroughly likeable young people living their dreams and providing us an inside view of motor racing at these levels. I'm following your progress and cheering you both on with the same enthusiasm as I did watching F1 during the Mansell/Prost/Senna days of my youth. Go Jem+Jimmy!

  • Rocketplane
    Rocketplane28 giorni fa

    I'm really enjoying the content. Good luck on the next race!

  • Rob Bogdan
    Rob BogdanMese fa

    Content is great, production is top-notch. Keep up the good work.

  • KleinsteinGaming
    KleinsteinGamingMese fa


  • Oli
    OliMese fa

    Racing Britcar in a car thats difficult in the rain? Somethings gone wrong here :D

  • Thomas Carpenter
    Thomas CarpenterMese fa

    Fuck jimmy your cool af 😎

  • IndiBrony
    IndiBronyMese fa

    Already got my tickets. See you guys in Oulton Park! Let's go Goldie!

  • JD
    JDMese fa

    15:10 public server

  • MBS-F1
    MBS-F1Mese fa

    "Jem + Jim Wet @Snet" This isn't the video I was hoping for.

  • Kaleb
    KalebMese fa

    Damn jimmy scored big 😩

  • Kevin Smits
    Kevin SmitsMese fa

    Snetterton you say? I can hear xMattyG rage on project cars 1 in the background already :)

  • Brian Sobb
    Brian SobbMese fa

    I. Love. These. Videos.

  • Motorsport Woman

    Motorsport Woman

    Mese fa


  • Vermiliontea
    VermilionteaMese fa

    I think it was a pretty good day in the end. No car damage and good driving and some points in the second race. Weather like that, it could be a lot worse.

  • Tarr Peter
    Tarr PeterMese fa


  • Laurie Britt
    Laurie BrittMese fa

    guaranteed wont be long before we're seeing some Shakespearean love-affair dramatic comic tragedy... :D

  • Dirk Pretorius
    Dirk PretoriusMese fa

    Awesome stuff!

  • Obstfliege33
    Obstfliege33Mese fa

    Great video, and a fantastic title :D

  • Seb G
    Seb GMese fa

    I still dont understand why the safty car waved jimmer through, wasnt he out of the pits first ? What am i missing ?

  • Dennis Johansson
    Dennis JohanssonMese fa

    I feel bad for you abort the first race but good second and Great to hear you got away from the accident in the pit okay. Great video again as well

  • Entrepid83
    Entrepid83Mese fa

    15:56 - 16:10 brought a tear to my eye.

  • Simon Lavelle
    Simon LavelleMese fa

    The more this guy thinks he achieves, the more attractive women latch on to him LMAO🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom OliverMese fa

    This is really good content and the production is better than some official race series.

  • Adam Place
    Adam PlaceMese fa

    Anyone else just get the feeling Jem is going to earn herself a massive fanbase in the next few years? Either way, I haven't rooted this hard for a driver, like I am for both Jimmy and Jem, since probably Alex Zanardi.

  • Andre' Dantin
    Andre' DantinMese fa

    Loving the Jem/Jimmer combo, as well as the gorgeous livery on that Praga. 👌🏻

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián ParisMese fa

    Awesome content, got here through Jimmy's channel, you've got a new sub! It's really, really cool to see more women involved in racing, and very talented ones at that! Keep up the good work and enjoy!

  • Oikku Oek
    Oikku OekMese fa

    Imagine being one of the fastest and most skilful drivers at the track, and everyone is talking about your sim-racer co-driver. Or your looks. Those are some challenging conditions.

  • Martin Renders
    Martin RendersMese fa

    Awesome genuine team. All the best!

  • Jonathan Kotterink
    Jonathan KotterinkMese fa

    Jim & Jem, love the energy together👌

  • MrLembnau
    MrLembnauMese fa

    spinny broadbent. sorry.

  • Chinchillma van der Pogge
    Chinchillma van der PoggeMese fa

    It's so funny how your Cockpit Cam wobbles much less then Jimmys ... maybe give him a Hint ;)

  • BabyBack
    BabyBackMese fa

    Jem you are killing it!

  • Oliver Howe
    Oliver HoweMese fa

    Fantastic to see more and more young women in motorsport. Huge fan of Jem and Jimmy!

  • Steve Cade
    Steve CadeMese fa

    Just subbed as I am interested in Jimmy's journey to becoming a real racing driver. Having watched the vid I'm interested in your journey in becoming a YT star. Seriously, I'm loving the content from the both of you, you're a great pairing in the Praga. Best of luck in the next round.

  • Bryan William
    Bryan WilliamMese fa

    These series are awesome! Great production and great content, I'm happy for Jimmy and for Jem, I have no doubt in my mind you guys are gonna get a podium soon, it's only a matter of time! Also the No Punterino sticker and Jem reading in out loud is working wonders haha, so happy you guys managed to avoid that accident in the pit lane. Good luck next round!

  • Richard Wintle
    Richard WintleMese fa

    We are all waiting for 7:36 to be an alert on Jimmy's stream. Seriously though, thanks again for these behind-the-scenes videos. Really fun to see what goes on at a race weekend. :)

  • Jasper Bouwmeester
    Jasper BouwmeesterMese fa

    Its great following You and Jimmer, on this fantastic adventure👌🏻

    HATECELLMese fa

    That was a gnarly pitlane crash, good thing goldie has those stickers to protect her from punts

  • TheFalconerNZ
    TheFalconerNZMese fa

    Great result when all said n done with all that went on & l am sure they will be racing for podiums soon & the weekend it goes right for Car 87 Jem & Jimmy will be fighting for 1st place.

  • Murdoch
    MurdochMese fa

    This is awesome. And what the hell happend with that VW? Did a wheel come off or did the driver stab the throttle too hard or what? xD Quite an odd collision to have! Glad none got injured!

  • Scott Taylor

    Scott Taylor

    Mese fa

    I think the pitlane limiter is on a button and his foot was nailed to the floor. The shunt probably caused his thumb to release the button and hence accelerate.

  • Dorks3rt
    Dorks3rtMese fa

    Proud of you Jimmer and Jemmer.. hope you stand on the podium next race

  • Pixel Pusher
    Pixel PusherMese fa

    Lets go Jem...Lets go Jimmy..... Lets go!\ When yo no longer go for a gap, you're no longer a race car driver...... :)

  • wich
    wichMese fa

    Imagine that, being young, stunningly beautiful as well as being allowed to race in this awesome machine! Awesome life Jem, thoroughly enjoy it please.

  • Ross “DriftHax” Sinclair
    Ross “DriftHax” SinclairMese fa

    LOL did the guy say 'get out' at 15:34?

  • Motorsport Woman

    Motorsport Woman

    Mese fa

    No he said ‘did you get that ?’.

    HÖRMZ THE MANMese fa

    4:32 "what's it like out there?" "Yeah it's bone dry" "Right, slicks" Straight to the point, i love it :D

  • David Fabish-Wood
    David Fabish-WoodMese fa

    Great narration of the weekend Jen, thanks for the insights. Your leadership as the experienced driver in the car is great, and I’m enjoying following your motorsport journey.

  • BacktotheRootsRacing
    BacktotheRootsRacingMese fa

    Interview with Charlie Martin please.

  • Kage Song
    Kage SongMese fa

    Jem usually seems so genuinely proud of Jimmy, and it makes me really proud to be a sim racer in general. Makes us look good.

  • Kung Fu Kenny Gaming
    Kung Fu Kenny GamingMese fa

    How can someone be so pretty and extremely talented at the same time 😭

  • colin mcdon
    colin mcdonMese fa

    Its great seeing all these confident young women racers.. This world is just getting better n better with each new dawn😎

  • mankala8
    mankala8Mese fa

    Could someone explain what it means to lose a lap under the safety car? I come from F1 and don't understand what happened. Officials screwed up? Or you were down a lap and didn't know it? Or?

  • Bryce Ring

    Bryce Ring

    Mese fa

    Jem pitted (I think she just had an off moment so was behind on time on the lead lap), Safty the car went out for incident, Other cars pitted on next lap under pace laps, Jim went out behind safety car on their lap (Still one lap down), Other cars came out behind safety car on the lead lap. Jim had to do a lap to catch the pack after the wave around.

  • coast2coast00


    Mese fa

    I think the safety car picked him up first, but there were marshals on track recovering a car, so they had to hold jimmy (and the other lappers) until it was safe to release them to catch the back of the pack. There wasn't a screw up, just normal SC madness.

  • Tostky
    TostkyMese fa

    Ok wow, Changing the car to fit the sim is something I never thought about but makes sense if you can spend more time in the sim.

  • Scott MacLean
    Scott MacLeanMese fa

    I'd like a better understanding of the safety car mixup ... How did a good stop lose you a lap behind the safety car but none of the other cars lost that lap?

  • Scott Jones
    Scott JonesMese fa

    Awesome job Jem !!! Tough race day, great editing 👌!!! Keep up the great work

  • Donny Mate
    Donny MateMese fa

    are those your real eye lashes?

  • Matt Lodge
    Matt LodgeMese fa

    Wholesome racing.

  • drgnak
    drgnakMese fa

    Been watching both channels to see both your perspectives and love it. Thanks for the content.

  • Charles Lightfoot
    Charles LightfootMese fa

    It is soooo nice to see more women in motorsports... I cant wait for the day when it's normal to have female F1 drivers and a woman world champion. it will happen. Good luck this season Jem. found your channel through Jimmy and now discovered a series I'm lookin forward to watching...

  • Simon Tye
    Simon TyeMese fa

    Fun to watch. Thanks.

  • mactipiak
    mactipiakMese fa

    Results will come, keep pushing!

  • Dyspeptic Duck
    Dyspeptic DuckMese fa

    Watch as a man formerly known as Sheddie Irvine, Shed Sheeran, 2Shacks aka Checko Peresidence breaks his back after hitting that brutally lit-gamer moment dab.

  • Ian Kirkpatrick
    Ian KirkpatrickMese fa

    Great video, after watching it live on YT it gives such a great insight what was happening behind the scenes. Great job guys, keep improving and good luck at Oulton, hope it's dry (wishful thinking at the moment, but lets see eh)

  • Racing Gonzo
    Racing GonzoMese fa

    It's really interesting to see the races from both Jem and Jimmy's perspective. Enjoying watching these videos after each race.

  • Extropy
    ExtropyMese fa

    Typical BMW driver xD

  • Captain Guts
    Captain GutsMese fa

    Jimmers dream girl right here lmao

  • Tejas Sharma
    Tejas SharmaMese fa

    Far better than his vid

  • Aniki
    AnikiMese fa

    Get you a person that stares at you like how jimmy stares at jem giving him very important information. 0:20

  • Nick Fortin
    Nick FortinMese fa

    They ever figure out the safety car debacle? I want to know why they got sent back

  • theubermook
    theubermookMese fa

    here cos of jimmy...staying cos of you :) your attitude is awesome jem!

  • Gonçalo Rodrigues
    Gonçalo RodriguesMese fa

    Tough day in the office I see! Amazing drive in such sketchy conditions, outstanding job jem

  • juxtaposeism
    juxtaposeismMese fa

    You and Jimmer make such a good team, both in driving and spirit! The supporting attitude tranlates really well through the screen. I am sure you will have a succesful and splendid season. I´m looking forward to what´s coming. Have FUN!

  • sarsmask
    sarsmaskMese fa

    Wild weekend!

  • LaggerYT
    LaggerYTMese fa

    Best team ever. So much fun!

  • Jraybay
    JraybayMese fa

    1:40 OH NO 😆

  • Jraybay
    JraybayMese fa

    Yesssss great content 🙉

  • Anders Öhlund
    Anders ÖhlundMese fa

    5 seconds away from punterino 😲

  • panvlk
    panvlkMese fa

    I think you didn't lose the lap from the safety car. From what I remember from the race you were already a lap down on the leaders when you were going into pits, for sure you were behind other Pragas. The mistake from the safety car was then picking up Jimmy instead of letting him through to unlap himself, so he was temporarily in front of everyone in the safety car train, but effectively a lap down. After organizers realized the mistake, they waved Jimmy and others through as well to allow them to unlap themselves, but there was again some mess with leaders going through too, so they need to repeat the whole thing and pick up the leaders again. In the end Jimmy ended up behind other Pragas, but that was correct, as it reflected the order before the safety car period when you were already a lap down.

  • Chris van Egmond
    Chris van EgmondMese fa

    This is so cool to follow, thanks for the in depth view in the goings on at these weekends! You guys are awesome.

  • Crepitus
    CrepitusMese fa

    The only thing that is missing from otherwise fantastic video is one clean lap of Jem.

  • Four utubez
    Four utubezMese fa

    Another one who's arrived with Jimmy and staying here for the quality content . Also loving the soundtrack.

  • Katrina Paton
    Katrina PatonMese fa

    Love these little snippets of the behind the scenes action. Also nice to see that Jems simrig practice really helped her prep for the real thing. Very cool.

  • Jamie Grant
    Jamie GrantMese fa

    Really enjoying watching both perspectives of the same event!

  • Clem0816
    Clem0816Mese fa

    You won a new subscriber: Me!

  • rainey06au
    rainey06auMese fa

    Beautiful work team! You guys make a fantastic duo!

  • Chris Barker
    Chris BarkerMese fa

    Great video, nice content. Great work both on the track and in front of the camera ✊👍

  • Mały
    MałyMese fa

    Whole series is really interesting. But please use microphone as the racing environment is very noisy. And give more actual data as your laptimes, positions gained/lost in race etc.

  • david atfus
    david atfusMese fa

    fantastic stuff, Jem, even if the results were less than you expected!! I love seeing the BritCar coverage from both yours and Jimmer's perspectives. cheers!

  • gforce
    gforceMese fa

    Wayyy to go Jem. You and Jimmo have a great gig goin' here and your channels are verrry interesting ...and the Car. Such a car. Powertoweight; eh. And the SIM time looks like it really pays off in how much faster you can learn a track which pays off in your practice. Soon you will be both tuned up enough to have better quallies. ps: I love how you eye-lashes cast shadows on your cheeks... Best of luck.

  • Kris Larsen
    Kris LarsenMese fa

    You guys make a awesome team

  • spektrograf
    spektrografMese fa

    Merch!! You all need to release some merch for us new fans!! 😁🙏🏁

  • TheElGrapeApe 1
    TheElGrapeApe 1Mese fa

    The production quality on this channel deserves a significantly larger subscriber base. You all do excellent work, please keep it up.

  • Crepitus


    Mese fa

    To be fair, quality of the channel went up quite a lot since the jemnjim collab started. the editing, mixing of both fun and serious comments etc.

  • Wayne Randall
    Wayne RandallMese fa

    Excellent second race! Goldie had a lap stolen, that was a last to first challenge completed. Neva giv up!

  • HeimKhal 2.0
    HeimKhal 2.0Mese fa

    That starter motor though. Damn shame. Murphy’s law I guess.

  • Ned Williams
    Ned WilliamsMese fa

    What tough conditions. I thought both of you did really well!

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