The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr Met | 2018 HD 1080i


Title: The Day Cristiano Ronaldo Met Neymar Jr | 2018 HD 1080i
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  • AshStudio7
    AshStudio7Anno fa

    Who remembers this game? 🔥(I never said it was the first time they met!) Leave a LIKE to help me out!

  • Jigmet Chosphel

    Jigmet Chosphel

    Giorno fa

    @Michel Augustin deeddaffdfg

  • حسين ابو علي

    حسين ابو علي

    2 giorni fa


  • Ali Minhaj

    Ali Minhaj

    4 giorni fa

    @MrBananaSlice yeah that's so true😂

  • Mhmd Serhan

    Mhmd Serhan

    6 giorni fa

    Z J كمطمم د.م. د ك. د. كده كده. حد م د كده حد حد ك كده دك

  • king Sufiyan

    king Sufiyan

    7 giorni fa


  • Thiago Dias
    Thiago Dias2 ore fa

    8:00 Neymar hitting the ball in the referee😮 8:00 Neymar golpeando el balón en el árbitro😮 8:00 Neymar acertando a bola no arbitro😮

  • Andhika Abi Putra
    Andhika Abi Putra11 ore fa

    Kesian beut wasitnya kegebok wkwk

  • Rina Sultana
    Rina Sultana17 ore fa

    Neymar 💞💞💞

  • iskender iskender
    iskender iskender23 ore fa

    Keşke ronaldo gibi oynuya bilsem😪😪

  • guillermo motaño diaz
    guillermo motaño diaz23 ore fa

    ¿Song minute? 0:15 Neymar face

  • Peterson Júnior
    Peterson Júnior23 ore fa

    who won? neymar or CR7?

  • Ricardo
    RicardoGiorno fa


  • Bourama Diallo
    Bourama DialloGiorno fa

    Iba ONE

  • Sjaad Aiad
    Sjaad AiadGiorno fa


  • Agif Darma
    Agif DarmaGiorno fa


  • Vicky Sharma Sharma
    Vicky Sharma Sharma2 giorni fa

    One and only Ronaldo

    MONSTER TRUCK shqip2 giorni fa

    I love neymar

  • Ngov Meng Channel
    Ngov Meng Channel2 giorni fa

    So good

  • ใส ลุงยี
    ใส ลุงยี2 giorni fa


  • Munin Gogoi
    Munin Gogoi2 giorni fa

    One minute silence for the referee😂😂

  • Bebek Gaming
    Bebek Gaming3 giorni fa


  • Marco Vieira
    Marco Vieira3 giorni fa

    Br Pt fam

  • Kamera Bende!
    Kamera Bende!3 giorni fa

    Hakemi yaraladın be neymar reis 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Loyal PunjabiAns
    Loyal PunjabiAns4 giorni fa

    Neymar is machine of skills

  • Adriana
    Adriana4 giorni fa

    Muito gato Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Adrian Gumbo
    Adrian Gumbo4 giorni fa

    They had the best kits on 2018 damn

  • Worestocks Graze
    Worestocks Graze4 giorni fa

    Who won?

  • mizo gamer
    mizo gamer4 giorni fa

    8:01 🤭🤭

  • Thungyean yon
    Thungyean yon4 giorni fa


  • Vi Lô
    Vi Lô4 giorni fa


  • Brady Desroches
    Brady Desroches5 giorni fa

    the guy from fortnite

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar5 giorni fa

    No wonder neymar fell more dan 10 times ........

  • Chikon tiya C ag
    Chikon tiya C ag5 giorni fa


    CANAL ANDRADE5 giorni fa

    Real Madrid é foda Man kkk

  • Amina Yusuf
    Amina Yusuf6 giorni fa

    Hdjzk jjkspe😎

  • Joshua Sarrazola
    Joshua Sarrazola6 giorni fa

    That boy Ronaldo was nervous!

  • Denis Alfarizi
    Denis Alfarizi6 giorni fa

    Subscribe denis alfarizi 🙏 IM Indonesia

    ADIT PEY6 giorni fa

    Ada yg sama nonton ini 2021

  • qia novi
    qia novi7 giorni fa

    Ronaldo jago

  • qia novi
    qia novi7 giorni fa

    Ronaldo jago

  • Kaan Erd
    Kaan Erd7 giorni fa

    8.01 wasted

  • ချယ်ရီထက်
    ချယ်ရီထက်7 giorni fa


    DUSTY FARM5R8 giorni fa

    Neymar finally realising he is in the presents of a legend an a god feeling like why u got to put me on this pitch coach

  • Masthan Ji Nostra
    Masthan Ji Nostra8 giorni fa

    Mad people says Neymar has less valuable trophies because the football king Pele not had

  • Toy Jeremy
    Toy Jeremy8 giorni fa

    It’s the guy from Fortnite.

  • Kauã 9765 BK
    Kauã 9765 BK8 giorni fa

  • K.Remlala Khiangte
    K.Remlala Khiangte9 giorni fa

    Neymar skill full

  • Raden Oma
    Raden Oma9 giorni fa

    8:00 😂

  • RZINN Ff
    RZINN Ff9 giorni fa


  • السيان
    السيان9 giorni fa

    صار تكسر

  • shivank sharma
    shivank sharma9 giorni fa

    Ronaldo quite looks like sushant singh rajpoot

  • Francisco Freitas
    Francisco Freitas9 giorni fa

    Vcs podiam traduzir os comentários 😂

  • yatziri Ortega
    yatziri Ortega10 giorni fa

    Porque siempre Cristiano tiene cara cómo de que llora 😬

  • Thanh nhỏ
    Thanh nhỏ10 giorni fa


  • Luccas yt
    Luccas yt10 giorni fa


  • Paulo Mansilla
    Paulo Mansilla10 giorni fa


    T.H GAMING10 giorni fa


  • Rivaldi ?
    Rivaldi ?11 giorni fa

    Waw ada mbape

    CHARLES BLOGS11 giorni fa


  • Nirob Tani
    Nirob Tani11 giorni fa


  • TR [Topin] Gaming
    TR [Topin] Gaming11 giorni fa

    Ronaldo the Goat😎CR7❤

  • canal do dorime leo
    canal do dorime leo11 giorni fa

    Neymar chupaaaa 🇧🇷

  • Sandra Alive
    Sandra Alive11 giorni fa

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  • даниел даниел
    даниел даниел11 giorni fa


  • Alexis Santillan
    Alexis Santillan11 giorni fa

    Quien eres escríbeme porfa

  • Акмарал Бекенова
    Акмарал Бекенова12 giorni fa

    thx for Neimar JR. for a great play

  • خه خه خه خه خه خه خه خه
    خه خه خه خه خه خه خه خه12 giorni fa


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  • CRP Gaming
    CRP Gaming12 giorni fa

    And the intended recipient you are not available for remote from my phone number is what we have to make sure you will be in a great time the intended

  • HR Sports
    HR Sports12 giorni fa

    Neymar Jr

  • md noman
    md noman12 giorni fa

    Neymar. Good player

  • Ranga Jmt
    Ranga Jmt13 giorni fa


  • Ranga Jmt
    Ranga Jmt13 giorni fa

    Ronaldo vs

  • don vai Kunwar
    don vai Kunwar13 giorni fa

    Neymar lai kati fal garako

  • Leda Rangelova
    Leda Rangelova13 giorni fa

    Cristiano Ronaldo das Maine Idol💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Mini neymar mousam
    Mini neymar mousam13 giorni fa

    Helo ñeymar j.r my best player

  • Viny Digital
    Viny Digital13 giorni fa

    Neymar e melhor 😊

  • William Dupont
    William Dupont14 giorni fa

    Twoo head shot in one game hahaha

  • PC GAMEr
    PC GAMEr14 giorni fa

    Neymar is goOd. . . ... .. At DivINg.🤡

  • S1 LEO
    S1 LEO14 giorni fa

    Real or fifa

  • Riki Khapansha
    Riki Khapansha14 giorni fa

  • Rafael Ap.
    Rafael Ap.15 giorni fa

    Nossa, o Neymar nunca se apresentou pra ele no Barcelona!? Que mal educado hahahaha

  • Nahid boss
    Nahid boss15 giorni fa

    My gf Rolando

    DROID15 giorni fa


  • Teddy Reddinger
    Teddy Reddinger15 giorni fa

    Ah yes I need 50 replays of the ref getting hit in the face

  • Alika Nuriev
    Alika Nuriev15 giorni fa

    I like Modric

  • Bruno Arruda
    Bruno Arruda16 giorni fa

    Não existe gol feio. Feio é não fazer gol kkkkk

  • Joaquin Muñoz
    Joaquin Muñoz16 giorni fa

    Cristiano ronaldo siempre mostrando su nivel

  • luanmarcos
    luanmarcos16 giorni fa

    Neymar jogo melhor que cr7 nessa

  • Junaid Kc
    Junaid Kc16 giorni fa

    What a play neymar brilliant play ❤❤❤💪💪💪🔥

  • Jaelani Irpan
    Jaelani Irpan16 giorni fa

    LEGENDS16 giorni fa

    Guys who's cut is better ronlado or neymar

  • Odielson
    Odielson17 giorni fa

    Ney deu o sangue nesse jogo


    Cristiano Ronaldo real hero football player

  • Football World JR7
    Football World JR717 giorni fa


    JOY CLASH ROYALE17 giorni fa

    8:01 😂😂😂

  • Sir Josh
    Sir Josh18 giorni fa

    They would have met at Barca😂😂😂

  • Orukpe Pablo
    Orukpe Pablo18 giorni fa

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  • M sigit Reihansyah
    M sigit Reihansyah18 giorni fa

    Anjir ketimbak wasit.wkwk

  • Chris Umtiti
    Chris Umtiti18 giorni fa

    Bro so many views 😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Taslima Abed
    Taslima Abed18 giorni fa

    Neymar was more terrible than Ronaldo in this match.🔥🔥

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  • โอฬาร ปรางจันทร์
    โอฬาร ปรางจันทร์18 giorni fa

    World Class Excellent skill

  • Jeffersson Correa
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