The Adventure Zone: Season 4 Trailer


Dive in May 6, 2021
Animation by Mimi Chiu:
The Adventure Zone logo by Evan Palmer:
Season Four logo and album art by Sarah McKay
Narration and music by Griffin McElroy


  • Ryan Pratt
    Ryan Pratt4 ore fa

    I love Armored Coral Person more than anything. I want to protect them with my being. I hope Griffin makes them an NPC

  • The D and D guy
    The D and D guy6 ore fa

    LETS GO!!

  • Sammuel Burnsides
    Sammuel Burnsides7 ore fa


  • TheBardPrince
    TheBardPrince7 ore fa

    I swear this really looks like a Dungeon World campaign-

  • stormRed1236
    stormRed12368 ore fa

    Um, so steampunk Atlantis? That is freaking awesome!

  • Sarah Deel
    Sarah Deel8 ore fa

    The Adventure Zone: Bioshock

  • Michael L
    Michael L8 ore fa

    I’m so ready griffin

  • Greylokke
    Greylokke9 ore fa

    Part of me hopes they end up finding the waterproof car from that one carboys episode where griffon and nick clip under the map and sink into that weird ocean.

  • Jeffrey Domingo
    Jeffrey Domingo10 ore fa

    Gods I hope there are cute shark girls.

  • ace wizzard
    ace wizzard11 ore fa

    this looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what the boys have been working on :D

  • Kim Christian
    Kim Christian14 ore fa

    *starfish from finding Nemo voice* Today's the dayyyyyyyy

  • Pira Piranha
    Pira Piranha14 ore fa


  • Gabriel
    Gabriel14 ore fa


  • MarioGMan25
    MarioGMan2516 ore fa

    So how long until Ocean Man becomes the perfect theme for a moment in this series? Final episode? Sometime in the opening World-Building, or deep into the D&D half of the series where it somehow fits a fight scene in a "Mamma Mia goes with Lord of the Rings" sort of the way?

  • Sebastian Lawler
    Sebastian Lawler16 ore fa


  • tesla1attack
    tesla1attack16 ore fa

    The Thalassaphobe in me is gonna fight the TAZ fan in me

  • Devin Coleman
    Devin Coleman16 ore fa

    Themes I’d like to see: starfish by Peter watts, Cthulhu, obviously, blindsight, Subnautica, and that’s it. But I’d recommend starfish as a starter for anyone interested in the subject.

  • nevermind moonchilde

    nevermind moonchilde

    4 ore fa

    They wouldn't do anything eldritch bc of the racism. Most of lovecraft's work, including cluthulu is heavily racist. Lovecraft himself is a white supremacist

  • Devin Coleman

    Devin Coleman

    16 ore fa

    Commenting to myself I’d say that I’m happy with whatever Griffin comes up with. I’m sure to be pleasantly surprised. !!

  • Seasaw
    Seasaw17 ore fa


  • Levi Broghain
    Levi Broghain17 ore fa

    Return of the king

  • Bee
    Bee17 ore fa

    Imagine being hundreds of episodes behind and knowing you wont see this for years. couldnt be me.

  • Michael L

    Michael L

    8 ore fa

    You can skip ahead because the seasons aren’t connected

  • Flamn TubbyToast
    Flamn TubbyToast17 ore fa


  • Homolone . . .
    Homolone . . .19 ore fa

    Tres H2O boys

  • Daniel Kniffin
    Daniel Kniffin20 ore fa

    Initially read "Ethersea" as "Earthsea" and got very confused. Can't wait!

  • Evonne Aguirre
    Evonne Aguirre21 ora fa

    That music did not have to slap as hard as it does, so good aaaa

  • TheGreenBulbasaur
    TheGreenBulbasaur21 ora fa

    Got chills, excited to see Griffin back in the DM seat for this season. Travis did amazing with season 3, onwards and upwards boys.

  • Blue Cryptid
    Blue Cryptid23 ore fa

    Anyone else just get knocked to tears from the sheer hype of this alone? Everything about this seems so cool I can't wait to see how this world is built!

  • LiltMan
    LiltMan23 ore fa

    Hang on, is this DND based around the pictures on the old Sea Monkey boxes?

  • Flyingpapaya
    Flyingpapaya23 ore fa

    Why is Kravitz telling me about this?

  • baby Cool kid
    baby Cool kidGiorno fa

    Splatoon 4 is now real

  • Thor Fox
    Thor FoxGiorno fa

    Wait, this makes 2 “TAZ:E’s” Amnesty Balance Commitment Dust Elementary Ethersea Fur Graduation Hootenanny Inheritance (Dadlands) Just Us (K)nights Lords of Crunch Mercer Edit: don’t ask my why I know this

  • Tliubs
    TliubsGiorno fa

    Anybody else wondering if "Neptune's Diner" makes an appearance?

  • Quincy Hotchkiss
    Quincy HotchkissGiorno fa

    Update I've watched this 26 times

  • Timeturner
    TimeturnerGiorno fa

    I'm gonna be so angry it they actually manage to make me care about a character who is just a walking coral in a suit of armour 😂

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro GarciaGiorno fa

    Me still hoping they do dust again

  • Shivernaut
    ShivernautGiorno fa

    what genre of asmr is this. I need fantasy narration over thunderstorm sounds and dreamy lofi space/water music

  • Shivernaut
    ShivernautGiorno fa

    I need this soundtrack HNNGGG

  • Urb4n0Ninj4
    Urb4n0Ninj4Giorno fa

    As a DM, I really wish guys like Griffin and Matt Mercer would stop setting such insurmountable expectations for DMs everywhere. THAT SAID I'M HYPED, HELL YES.

  • Tin Watchman
    Tin WatchmanGiorno fa

    Neat concept.

  • Porter Axolotl
    Porter AxolotlGiorno fa


  • latenight
    latenightGiorno fa


  • Tliubs
    TliubsGiorno fa

    I keep coming back to this because of the music. Kudos to Griffin, you’re so talented.

  • Grey R
    Grey RGiorno fa

    Nice work on the music Griffin, CdL is such a good song for sampling, very you.

  • Ben Szczypek
    Ben SzczypekGiorno fa

    Oh no, now I have to binge all of Sponge Bob

  • myla hobbit
    myla hobbitGiorno fa

    me: where's the domes where's the domes where's the domes where's the domes 1:53 me: THERE'S THE DOMES seriously I am so fucking pumped I was a mermaid kid when I was little and I am LIVING I'm so excited graduation came out right around the same time I (and most of the internet) divorced Joanne Rowling so it was kinda hard for me to get into bc Complicated Magic School Memories (I'm catching up now)(ily travis graduation is great this is not a slam it was just bad timing) so i am SO fucking excited to have a new season to start while I'm catching up on graduation and WATER MERMAIDS OCEAN AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH

  • Aaron Evans
    Aaron EvansGiorno fa

    HK vibes, though since its Griffin I'm not surprised

  • art alchemist
    art alchemistGiorno fa


  • Rojomoon
    RojomoonGiorno fa

    They’ve evolved from domes to spheres this is character development everyone

  • Jonah Sonner
    Jonah SonnerGiorno fa

    Everything about this, the music, the setting, the characters and enemies, IT'S SO GOOD!!! I can't wait for this season.

  • 8BlackBart8
    8BlackBart8Giorno fa

    I can't believe this was on trending. From Monster Factory to finding MBMBaM while on my night shift retail job I got right before the pandemic, now Adventure Zone. You brothers (and papa Clint) have made this entire strange time an enjoyable ride.

  • Malachi McLean
    Malachi McLeanGiorno fa

    I'm a big CR fan but never got into TAZ, would this be a good place to *ahem* dive in, or should I watch past stuff first?

  • William Setzer

    William Setzer

    Giorno fa

    None of the seasons are connected so it's the perfect time to start listening! I would still highly recommend season 1 though.

  • Elise
    EliseGiorno fa

    This seems dope, I’m most definetly going to get back into taz when this comes out

  • Wolfania
    WolfaniaGiorno fa


  • ironuckles
    ironucklesGiorno fa

    Justin’s gotta be the piece of seaweed in a suit of armor, right

  • Pierce Johnson
    Pierce JohnsonGiorno fa

    I'm so excited!

  • Geoix66
    Geoix66Giorno fa

    Ok but why is no one talking about how hard the theme goes

  • anya
    anyaGiorno fa

    very excited about that alphonse elric looking guy

  • trappleton
    trappletonGiorno fa

    First 30 seconds: "ah, I see. This is going to be an allegory for climate change." Next 90 seconds: *whimsical hydropunk delight*

  • Kelkiiii
    KelkiiiiGiorno fa

    Holy shit this music composition was fantastic. Can't wait to go on all these adventures with you guys

  • My goal is to register 100million without videos
    My goal is to register 100million without videosGiorno fa

    1:25 Octopus is cute.🐙

  • Reyna B
    Reyna BGiorno fa

    i keep watching this over and over again and im in love. the animation is fantastic and so so so damn cute and compelling. and I especially love how every movement is on-beat with the song. may 6th hurry the hell up challenge

  • Timothy Wiggill
    Timothy WiggillGiorno fa

    Giving me some serious Steven Universe vibes, love it.

  • Daniel Simpson
    Daniel SimpsonGiorno fa


  • Mr. Bubbles
    Mr. BubblesGiorno fa

    Is no one gonna mention how good the music is

  • Giles S
    Giles SGiorno fa

    I got chills, this is so cool

  • Salem Mint
    Salem MintGiorno fa

    IM SO READY (eventhoimverybehindandjustgotintotazbutiamveryexcited!) P.s (I am now in episode 54! Only took me 3 and a half months to get there!)

  • Alison G
    Alison GGiorno fa

    Just started the series, this is gonna be great

  • T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus TerranceGiorno fa

    Hello, Humans. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? TERRANCE OUT

  • Ham Hames
    Ham HamesGiorno fa

    My predictions: Way of the Astral Self Monk with a pet (Clint), Battle Smith Artificer (Travis) and a Warforged Fighter (Justin)?

  • Quinn Cochran
    Quinn CochranGiorno fa

    Can we talk about the music tho?

  • spooky Bonnie
    spooky BonnieGiorno fa

    ngl this made me cry it's so beautiful I can't wait

  • Frick Sicle
    Frick SicleGiorno fa

    YES!!!! im barerly through S1 BUT THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUCKIONG COOOL

  • hamysnhasnonumbers
    hamysnhasnonumbersGiorno fa

    So excited!

  • Joshua Bernier-Taylor
    Joshua Bernier-TaylorGiorno fa

    The story of a Ranger, Artificer and John Lennon

  • eXxsubbs
    eXxsubbsGiorno fa

    This trailer: *drops* Me, who's never listened to this before: oh cool! Me: *finds it on Spodify, see's how many eps are already out* Me: Well I guess I just have to speedrun it now huh I don't know how long It'll take me, but I'll be back y'all wish me luck This trailer looks absolutely amazing oh my goodness

  • Rachel Myers

    Rachel Myers

    22 ore fa

    fyi you don't have to listen to all the previous seasons to understand this one! you can just jump in at season 4 if you like and not miss anything

  • Vynnie v
    Vynnie vGiorno fa

    Captions oh how I love you

  • Brian Voelpel
    Brian VoelpelGiorno fa

    Aw yeah Snorks rp

  • Hannah L
    Hannah LGiorno fa


  • Chraliras
    ChralirasGiorno fa


  • River Quinn
    River QuinnGiorno fa

    "Magic has a price", glad to see in the post-magic-induced-debt-collapse, everybody is still fucking around and finding out with magic.

  • Brandon Lizza
    Brandon LizzaGiorno fa


  • Post Apocalyptic News Radio
    Post Apocalyptic News RadioGiorno fa

    PANR has tuned in.

  • Cameron Tyler
    Cameron TylerGiorno fa

    I can’t stop watching and neither can you.

  • Georgia Gordon
    Georgia GordonGiorno fa

    Griffin: This is not a story about saving the world. Me at 1:49: OH SHIT IT'S THE HUNGER

  • Rose MacQueen
    Rose MacQueenGiorno fa

    Question, the back log is kinda daunting, can I jump into this season without listening to the others? Like a Dimension 20 type deal?

  • Michael L

    Michael L

    Giorno fa

    None of the seasons are connected! I do recommend listening to at least balance though

  • kyle sadler
    kyle sadlerGiorno fa

    Finally no more Travis as DM.

  • TheZeroMonroe
    TheZeroMonroeGiorno fa

    Yes please

  • Rem Joleea
    Rem JoleeaGiorno fa


  • ASquared
    ASquaredGiorno fa

    If the name of 5th arc of TAZ starts with an L, I’m gonna be so glad that this whole series has been dedicated to spelling the word “BAGEL”

  • Mothman's Bad Memes
    Mothman's Bad MemesGiorno fa

    aooough fuCK yea we got chtulu up in this bitcn

  • Matthew Cupelli
    Matthew CupelliGiorno fa

    TAZ 4: make sure you reapply sunscreen every time you exit the water

  • Kat C
    Kat CGiorno fa

    Okay but who has the trilobite dog

  • Rhod Moses
    Rhod MosesGiorno fa

    OHh shiiit

  • Trollocs
    Trollocs2 giorni fa


  • FiresofDarkness
    FiresofDarkness2 giorni fa

    Wait thats in 2 days....i can only have one dnd hyperfixation at a time, wait,

  • wqwe qwet
    wqwe qwet2 giorni fa

    Ok I gotta ask, anyone have the link for the theme used in the trailer yet?

  • Glynn Andrews
    Glynn Andrews2 giorni fa

    Magic has a cost our ancestors didn't account for so it drove us under the sea and we all became sea creatures and....started using MAGIC?

  • amlamancuso23
    amlamancuso232 giorni fa

    Whew... Chills. Graduation was amazing, can't wait for Ethersea!

  • Josie Bianchi
    Josie Bianchi2 giorni fa

    oh i LOVE this

  • FreakMotion
    FreakMotion2 giorni fa


  • Lancen Harms
    Lancen Harms2 giorni fa

    Clair De Lune has never sounded cooler.

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