Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini - Quarterfinals Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini - Quarterfinals Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the victory of Novak Djokovic over the title holder Matteo Berrettini 6/3 6/2 6/7 7/5 in the quarterfinals.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.


  • Cong Dan Pham
    Cong Dan Pham6 ore fa

    Why did Djokovic yell at finish of this match?

  • Jim Tatman
    Jim Tatman3 giorni fa

    The amazing Novak Djokovic. In my opinion, THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

  • erica ameh
    erica ameh5 giorni fa

    Novak my love 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💃

  • serge moderno
    serge moderno6 giorni fa

    What did Novak scream in Servian at the end of the match?

  • cryptic blog
    cryptic blog6 giorni fa


  • Bakr Jandali
    Bakr Jandali7 giorni fa

    piece of shit

  • mutton forever
    mutton forever7 giorni fa

    After his scream at the end of this match I knew he would win the whole thing. You could see how badly he wanted it.

  • buscadordeososmex
    buscadordeososmex7 giorni fa

    Djokovic's attitude at the end is why he is not as likable as Nadal or Federer.

  • Jonathan Cano
    Jonathan Cano7 giorni fa

    Like I said, last time I saw nole roar like this was AO this year.... stormed that title

  • chinwe bajomo
    chinwe bajomo7 giorni fa

    He is riding on the edge of a cliff... those screams were batshit crazy.

  • Mozila
    Mozila7 giorni fa

    Непонятно с какого перепуга, но данное видео у меня появилось в истории просмотров (12.06.2021)

  • Beth Sp
    Beth Sp8 giorni fa

    Who was he yelling at???????

  • Carmen Bardellini
    Carmen Bardellini8 giorni fa

    Éste perdiendo el certamen queda loco.

  • why?
    why?8 giorni fa

    Can someone translate last interaction please?

  • Hazem Bboy
    Hazem Bboy8 giorni fa

    When I saw that reaction at the end of the match which I kept repeating I thought " may God help Nadal on Friday ". All that tension he released prior to the semi final encounter made it clear Djokovic is willing to die on the court to get his revenge. Glad my thinking was right. Hats off to this elite mentality warrior. Ajde Novak 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Frank Wilson
    Frank Wilson8 giorni fa

    Talking about anxiety ; Tennis it is a very long game and exhausting Sport! His loud screaming achieves getting fustrations out off his body system. Well done!

  • skellez83
    skellez838 giorni fa

    Does anybody know what Djoko said on those two occasions, when he screamed? Cheers.

  • Fabrizio Buratti
    Fabrizio Buratti8 giorni fa

    Djokovic 🤡

  • Lee Simmons
    Lee Simmons8 giorni fa


  • Ricky Le Roy
    Ricky Le Roy8 giorni fa

    Se fossi stato in Berrettini l'avrei mandato a cagare subito...sto esaltato del .....

  • Bozidar Futoski
    Bozidar Futoski8 giorni fa

    Ovaj meč je bio presudan za tebe u meću za polufinale se Rafael Nadalom, osetio sam to, bio si jako napet i dobro je što si se ispucao psihički, mada ne podržavam taj način, a i nije tvoj stil ponašanja, razumeo sam. Sada ti ostaje samo finale, ne potcenjuj suparnika, a sebe nemoj da preceniš. Upotrebi svoj mozak, želim ti uspeh pobedu u Parizu da ti bude podstrek za Wimbledon, uvek na tvojoj strani.

  • bablu salam
    bablu salam8 giorni fa

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  • Andy Rav
    Andy Rav8 giorni fa

    When you translate Novak scream(at 3.35m) in English : YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! X2 .............Don't f*%# with me! ........maybe👂🤣

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff8 giorni fa

    Where are the Serbs, to translate this Novak cry of victory?

  • Giovanni Mannelli2
    Giovanni Mannelli29 giorni fa

    Oh ma con chi ce l'aveva??Oppure e' un modo croato di festeggiare?

  • P puh6tfrz
    P puh6tfrz9 giorni fa

    3:32 Djokovic is a wonderful player, no question about it. But he's also a fucking idiot.

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell9 giorni fa

    Sure raw explosion of emotion there wow Novak! Similar to oz open 2011 epic win over Nadal . Tore the shirt didn't he

  • 相馬哲士


    8 giorni fa

    Djokovic is an idiot

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez9 giorni fa

    What did novaq said at the final

  • Tim Poster
    Tim Poster9 giorni fa

    Nut case.

  • Kyle Zonneveld
    Kyle Zonneveld9 giorni fa

    Roid rage much

  • Rone Kumar Das Das
    Rone Kumar Das Das9 giorni fa

    The glamorous dollar preauricularly remove because quiet randomly tie as a medical wholesaler. limping, weary land

  • Nikola Stevanovic
    Nikola Stevanovic9 giorni fa

    Nista nije bilo,idemo po Rafu. Pa ovog Grcica u finalu laganooooo ✌️

  • Alexander Dodevski
    Alexander Dodevski9 giorni fa


  • Lime Purple
    Lime Purple9 giorni fa

    How I wish there’s full video 🙄

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad9 giorni fa

    Why was he like that when he won :| What did he say ?

  • Said Merioudat
    Said Merioudat9 giorni fa

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖❤❤❤❤❤ novak tob

  • Marina Moscow
    Marina Moscow9 giorni fa

    djokovic is crazy lol.

  • MaleFeetASMR
    MaleFeetASMR9 giorni fa

    Last part scared the shit out of me…THISSS ISSS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA🤣

  • Jaystar8575 Smith
    Jaystar8575 Smith9 giorni fa

    He's gonna need that same high energy if he's to beat Nadal

  • Serbona Applications
    Serbona Applications9 giorni fa

    It’s Joker’s haka dance baby.

  • Ruslan L
    Ruslan L9 giorni fa

    3:04 super moment🔥

  • TheFedHD
    TheFedHD9 giorni fa

    Dio stra merda

  • orsonero3
    orsonero39 giorni fa

    un malato di mente

  • Guy Cruls
    Guy Cruls9 giorni fa

    Djokovic ain’t No.1 for nothing, still, he can get insecure when threatened, and that is what that screaming is about: flushing out the stress of being threatened, which reflects infantile, macho psychology he still needs to grow out of. 🧐

  • hughvanr
    hughvanr9 giorni fa

    Mom: "we're going to the McDonald's" Me: 3:33

  • Double M On Tha Beat
    Double M On Tha Beat9 giorni fa

    ** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⚠️⚠️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Хари Потъра
    Хари Потъра9 giorni fa

    3:34 When I find 2 $ in my pocket

  • Brad Mihai
    Brad Mihai9 giorni fa

    Djoko is a psychopath . I knew this the day i saw him first time. Thank God this sick person has a racket in his hands and not something else. PS. Go see a shrink. Yesterday.

  • Amir Ramulic
    Amir Ramulic9 giorni fa

    Cuj sta je bilo breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zar niste svjesni da smo mi nebeski narod breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahaha

    GLOKD9 giorni fa

    Berrettini's natural power is scary. He looks like he's barely swinging yet everything drops so deep.

  • Inspiration 55
    Inspiration 559 giorni fa

    Bože moj koje životinjsko urlanje na kraju meča, da ne povjeruješ.

    GLOKD9 giorni fa

    Novak's shouting at the end was over-the-top - right in the face of Berrettini. Maybe he didn't like Berrettini's celebrations after set 3.

  • afaq zia
    afaq zia9 giorni fa

    why does he have to be so angry

  • Kilroy Jere
    Kilroy Jere9 giorni fa

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  • Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Linh Đan 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz9 giorni fa

    00:12 Gương kia ngự ở trên tường…bao giờ ta gặp được người yêu ta… gương cười gương bảo lại rằng : “Mặt mày mà có người yêu tao quỳ”. 📳

  • leafeon pizza
    leafeon pizza9 giorni fa

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  • Alexis Blair
    Alexis Blair9 giorni fa

    I would like to know what he's saying

  • bojan milenkovic
    bojan milenkovic9 giorni fa


  • crazy planet
    crazy planet9 giorni fa

    am anticipating the intense bull fight with Nadal

  • Timepiece Enthusiasm
    Timepiece Enthusiasm9 giorni fa

    The hell was this winning celebration...? I think the clapping of an actual crown in a full stadium was missing to cover that up 😂

  • Canucks988
    Canucks9889 giorni fa

    Why do I Love the other 2 so much than this guy?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 1001shapes
    1001shapes9 giorni fa

    Roger is out of his mind if he believes he can win Wimbledon.🤣

  • Robmart H
    Robmart H9 giorni fa

    Why did Djokovic angry after he won? anybody can help?

  • P Vangastel
    P Vangastel9 giorni fa

    Novak's reaction here, just like Naomi's recent temporary withdrawal, show the same: extreme pressure that top tennis players suffer. Rather than criticizing them, I wish to applaud all, and in particular these two, for nevertheless producing such sublime entertainment.

  • Mystik Spiral
    Mystik Spiral9 giorni fa

    This Novak showed glimpses of that player from 2011 and 2015.

  • Blood Borne
    Blood Borne9 giorni fa

    It seems the big nose man finally lost it.

  • Mircea Hurjui
    Mircea Hurjui9 giorni fa

    SuperNole- superNova

  • Arnav Kumar
    Arnav Kumar9 giorni fa

    djokovic is a glitch

  • W. AF
    W. AF9 giorni fa

    Thank you Djokovic and Berrettini for shouting/ showing emotions reminding everyone that we are humans and we have emotions... that's a normal thing, we are not robots.

  • Shoepera Türkiye Yüksek Ökçeler Kulübü

    Shoepera Türkiye Yüksek Ökçeler Kulübü

    9 giorni fa

    This kind of disgusting behaviours like animals are tolerated in football rugby içe hokey or basketball. But in tennis, no! Tennis has a behavioural etiquette. It demands finesse. Its not like the other sports.

  • Kimumba
    Kimumba9 giorni fa

    Highlights would be better if it was just the score and Berrettini's face all along.

  • Roedor
    Roedor9 giorni fa

    too bad he's losing three sets in a row tomorrow

  • Lazarevich
    Lazarevich9 giorni fa

    Pogledajte reakciju kad su dobili set 02:15 i 02:57 .... Toliko od mene.

  • Sadman Sakib
    Sadman Sakib9 giorni fa

    Let's go Noleeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

  • Billy Webb
    Billy Webb9 giorni fa

    Djokovic’ return game and overall consistency in unreal, no debating... but his poor sportsmanship and cry baby attitude will also be remembered

  • Filip Gracz
    Filip Gracz9 giorni fa

    When will this Serbian villager just go away. What an embarrassment to the sport, him and his entire peasant family.

  • Shanadean Brown
    Shanadean Brown9 giorni fa

    Novak lol

  • Petar Bijelac
    Petar Bijelac9 giorni fa

    Novak, what does it mean , your creasy screaming? Is this normal for normal people ? Maybe you need to go back and see your good friend Osman , and you can walk on mud in the cave together with him and have listen to his wonderful story....

  • Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna

    9 giorni fa

    Oh shut the fuck up plz

  • coulie27
    coulie279 giorni fa

    Djoker... grunting loudly into Berrettini's shot on match point. He was so quiet up until then. Such bad sportsmanship. As usual.

  • unowen7591
    unowen75919 giorni fa

    Never seen that roar from Djokovic like that before. That was frightening.

  • Milos Tomic

    Milos Tomic

    9 giorni fa

  • The Duchess of Muanenguba
    The Duchess of Muanenguba9 giorni fa

    What a bizarre outburst from Djokovic. His recent uttering are terrible. He’s an anti-vaxxer, no-masker. Now this!

  • R D
    R D9 giorni fa

    Kralj!!! Tako je Nole, idemo bre!!!

  • B
    B9 giorni fa

    Tako je bre!!! idemooo Nole!!

  • 相馬哲士


    9 giorni fa


  • 相馬哲士


    9 giorni fa


  • 相馬哲士


    9 giorni fa


  • 相馬哲士


    9 giorni fa


  • 相馬哲士


    9 giorni fa


  • Jorge Farill
    Jorge Farill9 giorni fa

    Those reactions at the end are the reason for which he's not as loved as Roger or Rafa

  • Kumpanart Pajongsin

    Kumpanart Pajongsin

    9 giorni fa

    No those reactions made me love him

  • Sophia Sharaf
    Sophia Sharaf9 giorni fa

    Novak, so annoying with his crazy screaming.

  • Azmi Ganie
    Azmi Ganie9 giorni fa

    djokovic the real warrior!!!! that's it

  • Cash Me
    Cash Me9 giorni fa

    If The Joker wins the Roland Garros this year, he's the greatest player to have ever lived. I've no doubt in my mind. But I think the king of clay will keep breaking records on clay.

  • Denzil Smith
    Denzil Smith9 giorni fa

    3:40. This is why we hate Nole. And pity all the bandwagon jumpers.

  • Jiayi Cao
    Jiayi Cao9 giorni fa

    Nadal 2 - 3 Djokovic. Bring it on.

  • Mr. Bumble-Bee
    Mr. Bumble-Bee9 giorni fa

    3:03 😂😂😂😂



    9 giorni fa

    What's funny in this ?

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor9 giorni fa

    My God, this djokovic, as if he were born of a tiger, such a warrior, just great compliment to him,,,, bravo nole

  • Arlinda Bratsich
    Arlinda Bratsich9 giorni fa

    How can you not admire Djokovic. My mother was a Djokic it must be in our blood.

  • donal o keeffe
    donal o keeffe9 giorni fa

    Djokovic is a great tennis player but such an unlikeable individual. That reaction at the end was a bit over zealous.



    9 giorni fa

    He always faces dead crowd

  • TheMistressAditi
    TheMistressAditi9 giorni fa

    I am really trying to like Djokovic - he is an amazing player. But it just doesn't happen. I just can't with him... ^^

  • sonny6942


    9 giorni fa

    Really trying? Bullshit.



    9 giorni fa


  • L. Gyger
    L. Gyger9 giorni fa

    I hope Nadal beats his ass hard. This guy's a freaking sociopath!

  • purplefishies
    purplefishies9 giorni fa

    When Novak trips / falls in a match against a's almost a guarantee he's going to win the match.

  • Milan Kostić
    Milan Kostić9 giorni fa

    Bre to bre bilo tebra bre 🤣

  • Joao Fezas Vital
    Joao Fezas Vital10 giorni fa

    berrettini just needs to improve his backhand to be top 5. amazing serve, amazing forehand, very nice volley.. just the backhand's not hitting hard enough to this level

  • gorge metz
    gorge metz10 giorni fa

    I'll have some of that to go.

  • The Banana Shot
    The Banana Shot10 giorni fa

    Roar Nole, roar 💪💪

  • HopeEsleim1101
    HopeEsleim110110 giorni fa

    You don’t see a forehand like at 1:38 everyday from Novak. Wow!!

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