Storage, Sheep, and SOOOO Much More! | Hermitcraft 8 - Ep. 2

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  • bean
    bean2 giorni fa

    “welscome back!” oh my god joe

  • dandymcgee
    dandymcgee3 giorni fa

    Nether stars don't burn in lava. They're the O.G. netherite. :)

  • Nuttyknight 42
    Nuttyknight 425 giorni fa

    I'm trying to watch all your guys's videos and I love your music Wels.

  • MilkJug
    MilkJug6 giorni fa

    Welsknight is the definition of off camera mining

  • Grey Dragon
    Grey Dragon8 giorni fa

    As a bedrock player… everytime someone kills a wither I am filled with jealous rage.

  • Andre Tran
    Andre Tran9 giorni fa

    Why does it annoy me that Bedrock has fully colored sheep but Java gets white faced sheep no matter the color... Doesn't seem that hard of a fix...

  • gabe bennett
    gabe bennett12 giorni fa

    Wels: saying wither star, Me: oh, you fool you have messed up now IT IS NETHER STAR!! Muhahahaha

  • Gage Loard
    Gage Loard12 giorni fa

    What is the mod for the shulkerbox viewer? I cant find an up to date version.

  • Chrishun Jackson
    Chrishun Jackson15 giorni fa

    Dang you sure do a lot off screen between episodes. Sometimes the grind and build is a good watch. Later

  • Fearsome Warrior
    Fearsome Warrior16 giorni fa

    Awesome episode. I’d personally just breed the colored sheep to increase production. The center area less useful the way I’d use in practice. I always made tight cramped sheep areas. My next one will be bigger, like yours, for sure.

  • Bradley Adetunji
    Bradley Adetunji16 giorni fa


  • Bradley Adetunji

    Bradley Adetunji

    16 giorni fa


  • MonkeyMan
    MonkeyMan16 giorni fa

    Why not utilize an automatic sheep farm

  • Joseph Hoar
    Joseph Hoar16 giorni fa

    Welsknight: I did a little mining off camera Full netherite armourand tools! I mean I guess that kind of is the meme

  • John Koji
    John Koji16 giorni fa

    We need someone to speculate about hell's night you guys he said we get not just him that means he must have hermits evil virgins but I can't believe it when I came and I can believe it that means hermits are going to have to fight their evil version in a series of what I like to call hermit Craft classic

  • Fearsome Warrior
    Fearsome Warrior16 giorni fa

    I think nether stars don’t burn up in lava. 90% sure.

  • slappy D
    slappy D16 giorni fa

    Make a shulker farm

  • The Device Hopper yes
    The Device Hopper yes17 giorni fa

    why does he not use his off hand

  • Unseen 928
    Unseen 92817 giorni fa

    Been sating myself with Mumbo's senseless shenanigans, ready for Welsknight's sensible shenanigans!

  • X freedom
    X freedom17 giorni fa

    Did anyone else expect helsknight to steal the star?

  • Kyria Wolf
    Kyria Wolf17 giorni fa

    This is some sistine chapel levels of 'mining off camera' XD

  • Willy Nilly Lilly
    Willy Nilly Lilly20 giorni fa

    Welsknight by episode 5: Hey guys, Welsknight here. Ive done a tiny bit more grinding off camera… **became the richest hermit, built a whole interior out of diamond/netherite block, still has over 19373 stacks of each, got the entire server geared out in enchanted netherite, became president of The United states, bought Amazon**

  • Wack Wack
    Wack Wack20 giorni fa

    Can you mine on camera next time pls? 😭

  • NotAGoat
    NotAGoat20 giorni fa

    Honestly I don't really care too much about the dragon heads either, but I still think it's smarter to take them than not because they _only_ spawn there and you can't get them any other way, and it takes a considerable amount of effort to go out and get them. So if at some later date you find you suddenly have a reason to want one, you don't want to be kicking yourself for not taking it when you had the chance.

  • Aljaž Benedik
    Aljaž Benedik20 giorni fa

    last chage u can fill with jeb_

  • MsRedtail
    MsRedtail20 giorni fa

    "If I get to the point where I'm unorganized, I will never fix it." Waayyyy too relatable

  • Jesus Herrera-Mendez
    Jesus Herrera-Mendez21 giorno fa

    his vids are so relakting

  • Abby Williams
    Abby Williams21 giorno fa

    Starts kinda sus ngl

  • Levi Douglass
    Levi Douglass21 giorno fa

    I thought cub was the real hustler. MAN wels gets shit done

  • Sophie Anne
    Sophie Anne21 giorno fa

    What a pro 👀

  • Dinkybacon _
    Dinkybacon _22 giorni fa

    Yeah welsk glad Ur back BC last time I watched it was about U in the arny building thr village thing I'm glad Ur deciding to talk and do another projects with hermits BC that the idea of a smp as well love U 💕

  • Studiepie
    Studiepie22 giorni fa

    Wow that was fast

  • Eric M.
    Eric M.23 giorni fa

    Wait what? A stack of 227 rockets and another one of 164 iron blocks? Did they increase stack size inside shulker boxes in 1.17?

  • Eric M.
    Eric M.23 giorni fa

    This was my second Welsknight video ever... again, interesting choice of music - I like it! Since there's no info in the video description, is it safe to assume he's playing the acoustic parts himself?

  • Welsknight Gaming

    Welsknight Gaming

    23 giorni fa

    Most of it is taken from YT's audio library, which doesn't require credit.

  • Ashneeth Manda
    Ashneeth Manda23 giorni fa

    i love the taste of music have wels :)

  • ChattMa Chatt
    ChattMa Chatt24 giorni fa

    I from Russia but i like ur video

  • Forest Armstrong
    Forest Armstrong24 giorni fa

    I know Wels leans full into the off-camera mining meme, but right now it feels like he is just doing the entire season off camera.

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker24 giorni fa

    Your the first Hermit I've seen this season to get Netherite Armour and tools!!

  • Max Schlüter
    Max Schlüter24 giorni fa

    Love the sheep farm!!! Like in season 6 (I think?!), it looks amazing!! I just hope, that Minecraft is stable enough this time around... If I remember correctly, it lagged out the server quite a bit... Also I think the floor in the storage room use a bit of "patina", by maybe using a few other wood types randomly. Looking like you've been walking on it a lot, pushing boxes etc. But thats just a suggestion, I surely don't want to tell you what to do and how to play the game! Love the season so far and I'm very excited to see whats it has in stall for all of us!!

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer25 giorni fa

    I don't know why Redstone pillars like that never crossed my mind,,,, but they didn't!

  • Lily Walker
    Lily Walker25 giorni fa

    Well someone did some mining off-camera

  • The Russian-Jew
    The Russian-Jew25 giorni fa

    You think you were over prepared. Well me and 5 other people (in full nether it’s btw) and we got DESTROYED

  • Andrelopithecus
    Andrelopithecus25 giorni fa

    I always enjoy your content wels. I watch your videos in pieces throughout my work days when I need a little break. Your relaxed demeanor is a welcome distraction from the hectic :-)

  • ReVitalZ
    ReVitalZ25 giorni fa

    You’re lucky you’re not on bedrock edition because the wither is too strong in bedrock

  • Bjorn Storm
    Bjorn Storm25 giorni fa

    I went mining off cam meme is maybe gone a little out of hand

  • Anthony Z
    Anthony Z25 giorni fa

    @Welsknight. I have to say I love your minecraft material. I miss your actual world build guide content.

  • Gals Herp
    Gals Herp25 giorni fa

    you are very very quitly, could you +gain your micro? oO

  • JaeynamitE
    JaeynamitE26 giorni fa

    Hi wels. Thanks for making amazing content as always. You're pretty much a good gateway hermit to introduce to people I know. Wishing you more power in the future

  • _DarkLiquid
    _DarkLiquid26 giorni fa

    So excited to see Wels so motivated! Can't wait for more of your awesome videos!

  • Poopio
    Poopio26 giorni fa

    Does anyone know what that Shulker mod is to hold shift and see whats inside?

  • Micky
    Micky26 giorni fa

    I've seen you make this farm at least 3 times now? It's also how I have started making non-automatic wool farms too, honestly, the design is clean and its satisfying to look at.

  • Roodney Felix Borges
    Roodney Felix Borges26 giorni fa

    Wow, Wels is such a great builder! I actually didn't know much about him before this season, and I gotta say: I'm really impressed!

  • Safek
    Safek26 giorni fa

    Hey wels, How did you get that custom sky on? Looking very good.

  • Welsknight Gaming

    Welsknight Gaming

    26 giorni fa

    It's a resource pack called Dramatic Skies -

  • Muczkapl
    Muczkapl26 giorni fa

    20:22 That helmet is busted lmao, almost full diamond helmet in an end city lol

  • Emily Knox
    Emily Knox26 giorni fa

    What mod are you using to get the realistic clouds?

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson26 giorni fa

    Love your content dude! Such amazing quality. Don’t burn to bright tho!!! Stay happy and healthy

  • SvanMannen
    SvanMannen26 giorni fa

    What is the name of the shulker box mod?

  • SpartanCDC
    SpartanCDC26 giorni fa

    What is the middle sheep pin for?

  • Welsknight Gaming

    Welsknight Gaming

    26 giorni fa

    Whatever I need the most of at any given time.

  • Dennis Martin
    Dennis Martin26 giorni fa

    Hey Wels, got some feedback for ya! Been watching you since HC4, followed also Kingdoms and all. Those were exciting times, pushing yourself to become a better builder, and culminating with the S5 castle build. However, ever since, I feel like you have not been pushing yourself to new challenges within MC (from a content creator perspective), a prime example being this sheep farm that you have been using for years. It is great that you found a cool design that works for you, but might be even better for your creativity and for viewer engagement to try to push yourself to new designs. If not, what does this video have that a previous sheep farm episode did not? Just a humble opinion, because you used to be a content creator I looked forward to watching every week, and I am sure you can push yourself to more creativity :)

  • Christopher Stokich
    Christopher Stokich26 giorni fa

    Just glad to see him back on.

  • Jackson Area
    Jackson Area26 giorni fa

    Never realized this before but WelsKnight plays literally just like I do. Get a starter base then get maxed gear. It makes getting materials for bases so much easier when you have max tools early game plus a beacon

  • Shane
    Shane26 giorni fa

    Hey wels you should try mini hud! Its a fabric client side mod that has alot of cool stuff including the shulker preview. Some cool things are the light overlay which shows you what blocks can spawn hostile mobs. And also the custom f3 type information on top so you can choose what f3 info you want to see at all times or the shape renderer. A small learning curve but definitely worth it!

  • Meor Emery Aiman
    Meor Emery Aiman26 giorni fa

    "Mining off camera"

  • Sirhaian'Arts
    Sirhaian'Arts26 giorni fa

    Dude, your videos are so refreshing to watch! Super enjoyable, thank you!!

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper27 giorni fa

    Literally a mineshaft under your house

  • paul thornhill
    paul thornhill27 giorni fa

    Music a lil loud tho

  • Selah (AspieGamer13)
    Selah (AspieGamer13)27 giorni fa

    I have missed your style of videos. Also, totally understand the storage thing and totally love using your sheep farm design (for manual farms). (Yes, I know my comment is a little behind when the video was released. So many videos to watch that I may have to cut back… but not here)

  • Reese Welker
    Reese Welker27 giorni fa

    Hi wel

  • Z 3 R O
    Z 3 R O27 giorni fa

    Ah the fact he had that much iron for the bacon (well must be from the new way iron works with fortune 3

  • NerdyFoxy
    NerdyFoxy27 giorni fa

    I love the music for the thingy. I forgot what it was called. The speedbuilt. There we go

  • Gyran Stark
    Gyran Stark27 giorni fa

    I was just watching Jevin's hc7 and I saw him kill the wither, and then the very next video I watched (this one, obviously) you fought the wither. I'm going to take this as a sign that I should fight the wither.

  • Ace Scarlet
    Ace Scarlet27 giorni fa

    Bruh... Bruh... I never realized how Underrated Welsknight is. We need about a million more subscribers here at least. Our dude here deserves it.

  • Krish
    Krish27 giorni fa

    Mumbo and grian : Doing tree wars and cooking potatoes. Welsknight : Let's just casually get a full set of netherite armor, tools and 3 wither skulls

  • Metric Jester
    Metric Jester27 giorni fa

    I love that rock and roll timelapse music!

  • T D
    T D27 giorni fa

    The start is the exact meaing of off camera mineing

    CHIEF JOEY27 giorni fa


  • uh2
    uh227 giorni fa

    23:18 mod name guys anyone know the mod name?

  • Jeremy Sigl
    Jeremy Sigl28 giorni fa

    Don’t forget that you can use shulker boxes and make a shulker farm for more boxes so the storage will last longer than you think if you play it right and Scar it.

  • Ashantin 3
    Ashantin 328 giorni fa

    I love the music

  • KainusGulch
    KainusGulch28 giorni fa

    The Welsknight music.... I missed it. Hey, buddy, welcome back to the hermitcraft.

  • Dul Threat
    Dul Threat28 giorni fa

    U Shear V2!!!

  • The Taco Kingdom
    The Taco Kingdom28 giorni fa

    Every hermit is making so many videos I cant stop watching! I think it was a good idea to start at the new season.

  • PebbleLiege
    PebbleLiege28 giorni fa

    Yup, just your typical off camera mining

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson28 giorni fa

    The condemned geranium importantly unite because eyebrow elderly peck during a grouchy bear. legal, berserk color

  • Evan Myers
    Evan Myers28 giorni fa

    Please keep the season going and don’t quit uploading hermitcraft like you always do

  • Noaho08
    Noaho0828 giorni fa

    Replay mod while underground sucks as at least for me it does that slide transition through blocks

  • Skeleton bird animations
    Skeleton bird animations28 giorni fa

    Is java wither that easy? How did the wither skeletons not spawn in? Or it not decide to live in the ceiling and invert your vital organs where it can hit you and you can't hit it? Is.... _is java wither easier because I'd so I have questions for Mojang_

  • Null FlameBorn
    Null FlameBorn28 giorni fa

    been awhile since i watched welsknight

  • Zimbelrianer_
    Zimbelrianer_28 giorni fa

    Deepslatebricks look like seared bricks...

  • Start
    Start28 giorni fa

    Thank you Wels!

  • Sant Soffree
    Sant Soffree28 giorni fa

    i dont believe you, also last episode you died next screen full diamond and now full netherite. broo howwwwww

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay28 giorni fa

    Netherite on Episode 2.... I think he is overcompensating for being late in Season 7 and I am not complaining. Netherite on Episode 2 is quite the flex.

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay28 giorni fa

    That was the cleanest 1-sided Wither kill I have ever seen. He was overprepared for sure

  • * Футбольчик *
    * Футбольчик *28 giorni fa


  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo28 giorni fa

    Nice storage an sheep farm.

  • nierly
    nierly28 giorni fa

    *Early Game Storage Room *Has Full Netherite, Elytra and Beacon 😐

  • castoraman wab
    castoraman wab28 giorni fa

    Your efficiency is impressive. Storage room+wither+netherrite 0.o On the other side, I don't like manual sheep farms. So much work compared to an automatized one

  • W B
    W B28 giorni fa

    Oldschool minecraft players never bother with a shield :D Full gear, end busting, and not even an unenchanted one in the inventory. I'm glad you got the grind out of the way! Now you are free to pursue the good stuff!

  • Roblox Short-Films
    Roblox Short-Films28 giorni fa

    How are all of those redstone lamps lit up in his sheep cave thing?

  • Roblox Short-Films

    Roblox Short-Films

    28 giorni fa

    @Welsknight Gaming ohhh ok thanks!

  • Welsknight Gaming

    Welsknight Gaming

    28 giorni fa

    Redstone torches powering the blocks they're sitting on top of.

  • No Shi
    No Shi28 giorni fa

    The sheep farm looks awesome:)

  • Mordred
    Mordred28 giorni fa

    Wels: *summons wither* Music: *doom guy intensifies*

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