How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!


  • PotatoGodzilla
    PotatoGodzilla4 ore fa

    *Your mom.* Don't ask how I know.

  • X32i
    X32i4 ore fa

    Vitali Laletin over 128kg 😅😅

  • John Dang
    John Dang5 ore fa

    160 is actually strong as hell

  • marcoporz videomaking
    marcoporz videomaking5 ore fa

    Millions views because of the girl and feet in the thumb :)

  • Aimanz Zack
    Aimanz Zack6 ore fa

    you looked like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2

  • Jimmy Konen
    Jimmy Konen8 ore fa

    That's not how you're supposed to use the machine

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell17 ore fa

    Is this good he said

  • Andrés Arias
    Andrés Arias18 ore fa


  • Isaac Chand
    Isaac Chand18 ore fa

    Ayo no cap i used to get black water all the time their flavored ones are fire asf

  • wulfy
    wulfy19 ore fa

    All these solf hands never had a hard days work in their lives

    ROMEYJUNIORTV21 ora fa

    U cheating mate pressing it against ur leg 🦵

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi23 ore fa

    "So you're endorsing the gadget or the water?" Him : YES!

  • V Silver
    V Silver23 ore fa

    Guy said that good? Gets cut out of video😂😂👌

  • мαxy ♪
    мαxy ♪Giorno fa

    reply him , is that good?

  • Lee_ Motto
    Lee_ MottoGiorno fa

    That water is from 2012 bruh

  • Nibraz Mohomed
    Nibraz MohomedGiorno fa

    So Black water makes you stronger 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    23 ore fa

    highest so far or something but he probably practiced a lot to get to 160 then pretends 140 is “pretty good” smh

  • Baikal
    BaikalGiorno fa

    I hafe 680

  • Chris Capo
    Chris CapoGiorno fa

    Advertising placement

  • Chris Capo
    Chris CapoGiorno fa

    The fact that the guy on the computer has a better grip than the big guy….. JS lmao …….. he use the strong arm .

  • Tumfei Tuff
    Tumfei TuffGiorno fa

    What in the racist

  • its JOHN CENA
    its JOHN CENAGiorno fa

    The guy with orange pants probably had experience gripping his soap securely...

  • The Wolf
    The WolfGiorno fa

    Just pull right into your side dude and use the inertial from your hip give yourself an extra 20 lb

  • NSG
    NSGGiorno fa

    Literally so weak lmao I'm 16 and can do 180

  • Teemu
    TeemuGiorno fa

    Oh god another one of these fake influencers.

  • They call me 민재
    They call me 민재Giorno fa

    Wtf, I didn't even workout and back in highschool I got 156 These people are whack He also tensed his arm straight and pressed against his thigh, which helps get a higher number. Something the others didn't do.

  • Johann R33
    Johann R33Giorno fa

    Whats the measurement

  • MuZackly
    MuZacklyGiorno fa

    Pov: he made his friend do it for him

  • Osama Badi
    Osama BadiGiorno fa

    البنت لي لابسه ازرق تشبه بدر خلف

  • 888 Records
    888 RecordsGiorno fa

    “That’s actually pretty good” to the highest score out of all of them (besides him that hadn’t “taken” his turn yet) if this was legit then he would have reacted like “wow that’s the highest so far or something but he probably practiced a lot to get to 160 then pretends 140 is “pretty good” smh

  • Viihnick BMV
    Viihnick BMV2 giorni fa


  • Manu
    Manu2 giorni fa

    Real Madrid t-shirt 😎

  • ahmad salman
    ahmad salman2 giorni fa

    what unit?

  • Bryce Rush
    Bryce Rush2 giorni fa

    When two of them are rock climbers 😂

  • chofong
    chofong2 giorni fa

    You are supposed to keep your arm straight by your body when squeezing the gauge, just so you know.

  • ushamathy krishna
    ushamathy krishna2 giorni fa

    Real madridddd jersey

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon2 giorni fa

    Obviously cheated using leg leverage at the end there.

  • It's_Eren
    It's_Eren2 giorni fa

    113 what bananas, apples, elephants ????

  • marius666
    marius6662 giorni fa

    This is one of those "content creator" homes you guys saw on the news.

  • loofie
    loofie2 giorni fa

    bruh cheated with his leg nah he just out the other people are stonger

  • Malsawmtluanga Hmar
    Malsawmtluanga Hmar3 giorni fa

    Give it to Devon Larrat

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    2 giorni fa


  • Megablueliner1
    Megablueliner13 giorni fa

    Nice product placement bro.

  • webguy943
    webguy9433 giorni fa

    My grip strength is 200lbs. Dont ask me why its so strong. 😏

  • Carlos Eduardo Flores Marcos
    Carlos Eduardo Flores Marcos3 giorni fa

    Que pendejada

  • Lord_of_Lords
    Lord_of_Lords3 giorni fa

    You pressed your hand against your leg 🙄 160 doesn‘t count

  • BK
    BK3 giorni fa

    These dudes have more grip strength than rock climber Alex Honnold???

  • Ludo
    Ludo3 giorni fa

    idiot flex

  • james sanella
    james sanella3 giorni fa

    Wow #su

  • Rizky Rizky
    Rizky Rizky3 giorni fa

    He is expert in the coli,just kidding my bradah

  • Brandon Villanueva
    Brandon Villanueva3 giorni fa

    Ig de la minita de azul

  • Tommy P
    Tommy P3 giorni fa

    People like this honestly Jesus christ

  • Ash Matthews
    Ash Matthews3 giorni fa

    Fucking last guy cheated 🤣

  • little wong
    little wong3 giorni fa


  • Barola
    Barola3 giorni fa

    My man kept black water on the railing

  • Luthfan Ali
    Luthfan Ali3 giorni fa

    Can i get the name of the tools or some link to buy that tools?

  • Wheeler Gaoteote
    Wheeler Gaoteote3 giorni fa

    Did he really call ol’ dude “Champagne”? I just about barfed 🤮. Is that a stripper name or something? Guarantee his favorite rapper is Drake.

  • けんこう
    けんこう3 giorni fa


  • Adel Corona
    Adel Corona3 giorni fa

    We all know that he prepared and practice his grip for week maybe a month for this, while others are just meh lemme try.

  • Simp police 2
    Simp police 23 giorni fa

    Im 13 and tryed one of these got 205 yall are weak

  • Girthy Yobo
    Girthy Yobo3 giorni fa

    160 isn’t very good at all

  • Lound Clear
    Lound Clear3 giorni fa

    Everyone got normal names but the black dude😤🤮😉😵

  • Cody We
    Cody We4 giorni fa

    Grip Strength? Carpenters Laugh at these Soy Boys and their Weak Dick beater's " Grip " ...

  • kerosienimies
    kerosienimies4 giorni fa

    Why is the first guy playing on his homescreen

  • 無知之人
    無知之人4 giorni fa


  • Ra Shi
    Ra Shi4 giorni fa

    *Hanayama has joined the chat*

  • Нацу Драгнил
    Нацу Драгнил4 giorni fa

    Так а где Сарычев который вообще своей силой сломал этот динамометр?))

  • Ghost Templar
    Ghost Templar4 giorni fa

    Everyone seems to missing the point you lift if so them of course your grip strength is going to be high.

    DAT BOI4 giorni fa

    They all get paid thousands of dollars to live in a house

  • k3r0 b0b
    k3r0 b0b4 giorni fa

    Weak kanata can break the device with her gorilla grip m8

  • Ismayıl HDTV
    Ismayıl HDTV4 giorni fa

    what is the name of that thing and where can I find it

  • Rastachimp3282
    Rastachimp32824 giorni fa

    Hold up he’s called champagne

  • RekyuMusic
    RekyuMusic4 giorni fa

    They using they meat beating hands.

  • Julio Vielma

    Julio Vielma

    Giorno fa

    How not to

  • Alex Ravenclaw
    Alex Ravenclaw4 giorni fa


  • Mauricio Arroyo
    Mauricio Arroyo4 giorni fa

    You all live in the same house??

  • Tony Blake
    Tony Blake4 giorni fa

    People talking about him using leg leverage at the end. My question is since we see it set to 0 for everyone else but he had to skip a scene to drink his water we didn't see his set to 0. How do we know he didn't use both hands to get that, turn the camera on, and pretend to do it with 1 hand?

  • Tnebris
    Tnebris4 giorni fa

    El ultimo hizo trampa

  • Ramiro Lopez
    Ramiro Lopez4 giorni fa

    Grip strengjt

  • Karti Cash
    Karti Cash4 giorni fa

    how are white girls this weak

  • angel Gonzalez
    angel Gonzalez4 giorni fa

    I’m 16 and I got 189

  • WhyYouSalty?
    WhyYouSalty?4 giorni fa

    Im glad others noticed the leverage. I was about to say that this is shitty. Because it is. At least other already did that for me

  • MrInfinitrix
    MrInfinitrix5 giorni fa

    Plotnippltwist: Abel broke it

  • ThenamesCactus
    ThenamesCactus5 giorni fa

    Does anyone else think Jacob kinda looks like KryozGaming?

  • Bear 08
    Bear 085 giorni fa

    Hahaha you used leverage 😅

  • Just some guy with a glass
    Just some guy with a glass5 giorni fa

    Bruh My hand is itching to try that thing out

  • Shawn
    Shawn5 giorni fa

    Wait a minute…this dudes parents actually named him champagne? They musta been drunk as hell.

  • Magic X 43
    Magic X 435 giorni fa

    We all know why the girls are getting involved. Its just to see who can grip a tiny d

  • Chiko
    Chiko5 giorni fa

    does anyone know the name of the second girl?

  • Dead Singers
    Dead Singers5 giorni fa

    But you cheated! 😝 Laying it against your leg is going to improve the reading.

  • GizOrGlock
    GizOrGlock5 giorni fa

    I’ll beat all they a$$ tho

  • achiando raymond
    achiando raymond5 giorni fa

    They've got clairo measuring her grip 😂

  • Josh Finley
    Josh Finley5 giorni fa

    Squeeze it infront of you like everyone else insted of leveraging it on your leg.

  • ItzJayGames
    ItzJayGames5 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie, I read this as strongest drip challenge

  • Joshua MacDonald
    Joshua MacDonald5 giorni fa

    We did this in high school. 190 something was mine.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat5 giorni fa

    I've been drinking blk water for years I dnt even lift, grip so strong I crush the bar every Time!

  • Nick Englehart
    Nick Englehart5 giorni fa

    Don't they legally have to announce if this was an ad like can't they into HUGE trouble if they don't. They don't say it in the video of the title. Which by law for content creators they have to every if we know 100% it is they still have to declare it was

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