No Drama.

Switzerland Tourism's new ambassador Roger Federer features in the organisation's latest film. He's joined by legendary actor and Oscar winner Robert De Niro. In the short film, De Niro turns down an invitation by Federer to be part of a movie about Switzerland. He thinks, the destination is pure, impressive and utterly beautiful - but there is no drama in Switzerland, something De Niro focuses his acting upon. The film can be seen online worldwide.


  • Eddywashere
    Eddywashere51 minuto fa

    The first time I ever heard a f bomb in a ad

  • Heraklit N.
    Heraklit N.5 ore fa

    Still waiting in the hanks clip!

  • Petra_Music
    Petra_Music19 ore fa

    1:09 I understood “and the cows are aggressive…” because after my hiking experience they sometimes are

  • crosseyedbear
    crosseyedbear22 ore fa

    The cows are grassing, the dogs are belling and the birds are federing.......

  • Bert Rich
    Bert Rich22 ore fa

    Johnny English: Dear God, let me not die at the hands of the Swiss.

  • Ronique Breaux Jordan
    Ronique Breaux JordanGiorno fa

    "Hey Bob.'re you doin'"??? 🐮🌳

  • Elissa Valle
    Elissa ValleGiorno fa

    Switzerland you have Deniro in an ad? Nooooooooo!!!

  • pauliescott
    pauliescott2 giorni fa

    Mr De Niro..... I have loved your movies my whole life. Thank You for all the classic moments in so many of your movies. Sir, please keep your politics to yourself. It makes you seem out of touch. Same for all celebrities.

  • cabbarato makarato
    cabbarato makarato4 giorni fa

    La ne anlatıyor bunlar

  • terpdx
    terpdx7 giorni fa

    I visited Geneva once, and I swear I'd still eat my food if I dropped it on the sidewalk. That's how clean it was.

  • Ydb94
    Ydb947 giorni fa

    Saw this as a random ad on youtube. Had to make sure i heard De Niro right.

  • RedneckTipsByScott
    RedneckTipsByScott7 giorni fa

    Sure, just rub it in the face of the poors where you and your ilk will go when the truth comes out to avoid prosecution

  • DoctaTofen115
    DoctaTofen1158 giorni fa

    How about another joke Murray

  • l l
    l l8 giorni fa

    Switzerland was nice when it was Swiss , then the leftists took over and it's crime rate is on par with 3rd world nations i guess you wanted to be America , snd invite in your destroyers.

  • Sai
    Sai8 giorni fa

    Jesus is coming soon! We are all sinners . We've all fallen short of His glory. The wages of sin is death (hell) that's what we all deserve. God is just, and because of that, He must punish evil. Jesus came and took our punishment and died (but rose again 3 days later) for our sins. All we have to do is repent and trust in Jesus Christ then we will earn the gift of eternal life in heaven . Time is ticking, but it hasn't ran out ❤️

  • Xavier Henderson
    Xavier Henderson10 giorni fa


  • teebattles1
    teebattles110 giorni fa

    DiNero is a absolute trash human being. Did the Swiss not get the message?

  • maryjbelle
    maryjbelle11 giorni fa

    The only commercial I literally love to watch. I’m sure Tom Hanks can hold his own though 😆

  • joepoloscsu1
    joepoloscsu115 giorni fa

    Do you think they have NY adds in Switzerland? "Come for the tourism and American culture, stay because you got stabbed minding your own business and now are in the hospital."

  • xnickv44
    xnickv4415 giorni fa

    Perfect for you Robbie BOUNCE OUT take your own words its perfect AMERICA doesn't want you here anymore kay byeeeeeee

  • teebattles1
    teebattles115 giorni fa

    Why Di Nero? Dude is a scumbag.

  • Brandon Pineda
    Brandon Pineda16 giorni fa


  • Cognitive Hazard
    Cognitive Hazard16 giorni fa

    Whatta douche!?!?

  • Dodge Neon
    Dodge Neon17 giorni fa

    The only drama is that this ad can swear but youtubers can't.

  • peanut butter girl
    peanut butter girl17 giorni fa

    I want to find the song..kinda like it

  • caterina savoia
    caterina savoia20 giorni fa

    A Masterpiece in 1 minute and 31 seconds

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas21 giorno fa

    Good commercial.

  • clown.crow
    clown.crow23 giorni fa

    Song name?

  • Internet Research Agency
    Internet Research Agency25 giorni fa


  • Alfred Bollinger
    Alfred Bollinger25 giorni fa

    Was the F... Y.. really necessary? It spoils a otherwise funny albeit a bot corny advert!

  • Samir Harris
    Samir Harris26 giorni fa

    Very Beautiful :)

  • Martin Vondruska
    Martin Vondruska27 giorni fa

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Roselyne Boudier
    Roselyne Boudier27 giorni fa

    Ouah Roger,un superbe ambassadeur de la merveilleuse Suisse !!

  • Hanife Unal
    Hanife Unal27 giorni fa

    I don't need a commercial to remember my need to go to Switzerland 😄

  • Françoise PILLIOD
    Françoise PILLIOD27 giorni fa

    La Suisse est un pays magnifique. Ces images sont superbes, il manque bien des choses formidables à voir et à faire.

  • Marco Claeys
    Marco Claeys27 giorni fa

    Robert is probably out of money :-)

  • Racheal Lange
    Racheal Lange29 giorni fa

    Robert De Niro will do this..LOL: ...Just tell him there is a Korok that looks a little like him in the game Zelda Breath of the Wild...Hell I love that game ..So to me that is an honor from Nintendo...Cutest Korok in the game if ya ask me.and I have over 3000 hours in the game...So I hope he is not upset ...The best game ever !!!!!

  • pear7777
    pear777729 giorni fa

    This is so spot on, Switzerland is perfect, whenever we go there we say, "everything is fake, fake grass, fake lakes, fake woods... " On top of that, as mentioned.. No Drama. God lives there.

  • symba
    symbaMese fa

    If he wants drama he should film it in italy, bridges collapsing, cable cars falling, mafia, very high covid deaths, immigrants drowning, earthquakes.... We have it all.

  • Marco Chirico
    Marco ChiricoMese fa

    Amazing trailer :-)

  • Claus Beelen
    Claus BeelenMese fa

    I was in Bern. There was drama as a 20 year old was steeling a bag from an 92 year old lady in the mall. Then 2 minutes later he came back, and gave it back to her because he felt guilty. Switzerland, when even the bad guys are good. pretty amazing. Anyways I am sure this commercial is for the Americans, all of us in europe knows that switzerland looks stunning :)

  • JAZ 55
    JAZ 55Mese fa

    0:40 song ??

  • Marco Crimi
    Marco CrimiMese fa

    Switzerland is a paradise 🇨🇭❤️

  • julien Romero
    julien RomeroMese fa

    Music song please prime seconds

  • Kyzer Soze
    Kyzer SozeMese fa

    cracy commie and vulgarian Rog? for real?

  • Dayve
    DayveMese fa

    It's even really peaceful for Black people 😹😹

  • Lexy Gatti
    Lexy GattiMese fa

    The family drama when they get to decide to go on a vacation together!!!

  • 6 God
    6 GodMese fa


  • davd1986
    davd1986Mese fa


  • June R. Massoud
    June R. MassoudMese fa

    I have an idea for you, Roger Federer. Why don't you create a Swiss James Bond character and then make movies based on him and Switzerland?

  • spickie31
    spickie31Mese fa

    Fantastic video. Roger and Robert in one video. Two hero’s in their own field.

  • VLaD The ImpaLer
    VLaD The ImpaLerMese fa

    "You get what you fxcking deserve" 💥 💥 💥 💥

  • Jonathan de Leyser
    Jonathan de LeyserMese fa

    Brilliant advert.

  • Guido Bagnai
    Guido BagnaiMese fa

    Why diss poor fella Forrest tho

  • agradina
    agradinaMese fa

    they forgot to tell u that u need to sell a kidney to afford something in switzerland why the fkc they even bother make a avertiser when 99% of people dont afford this selfish country

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker
    Choo Choo MotherTruckerMese fa

    JAJAJA. That was actually pretty funny. Can you say the F word for these advertisements for a country.

  • Manon von Graffenried
    Manon von GraffenriedMese fa

    love this

  • Ignacio del Solar
    Ignacio del SolarMese fa


  • RJG 71
    RJG 71Mese fa

    Come on Bob, there was plenty of drama in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Not every movie has to be a crime drama set in New York.

  • Amedeo De Magnis
    Amedeo De MagnisMese fa


  • Daniel Ecoff
    Daniel EcoffMese fa

    Nice segway. :)

  • Hagrid ́s disappointing son
    Hagrid ́s disappointing sonMese fa

    Honestly this is one of the best travel ads I've ever seen.

  • Horacio
    HoracioMese fa

    That was fun to watch... Roger actually looks really comfortable and confident in this commercial.

  • EJM
    EJMMese fa

    There's been too much drama in Lebanon for almost a hundred years, I could use the quiet country like Switzerland

  • vincent vanWyk
    vincent vanWykMese fa

    The foul language and Hollywood paid off scum seem to be more popular than ever in this sick world. People will no doubt love their worldly plastic gods.

  • DanielinLaTuna
    DanielinLaTunaMese fa

    "...Call Hanks." "Who?" Yer slayin me...🤣😂😄😆

  • Nicolás Chacón
    Nicolás ChacónMese fa

    No Hanks ! Roger Federer should call Al Pacino or Jack Nicholson ! Even Dustin Hoffman before Tom Hanks !

  • hollister lowe
    hollister loweMese fa

    De Niro is one of the biggest I.R.S. tax evaders in the U.S. Not a good look!

  • volpe1970
    volpe1970Mese fa

    Bobby's big concern is: what is the age of consent in Switzerland and will there be any accessible refugee centers near my hotel?

  • Zylox IOS
    Zylox IOSMese fa


  • [BornOtaku]
    [BornOtaku]Mese fa

    This is a very well thought out add

  • Clara Sorride Sempre
    Clara Sorride SempreMese fa

    i love you Robert

    SUNNYONESMese fa

    REST OF THE WORLD: How to advertise for tourism? SWITZERLAND: Just press play.

  • 10Vingers
    10VingersMese fa

    I hate all those ads we see constantly. But this one is brillant. Loved it. Not booking a vacation yet, sorry guys.

  • مقاطع كوميدية كوميديا
    مقاطع كوميدية كوميدياMese fa

    name of the song ??

  • Mporejemplo
    MporejemploMese fa

    Better call NEESON.

  • adriana bollag brana
    adriana bollag branaMese fa


  • 728 Rahul Jain
    728 Rahul JainMese fa


  • k. k.
    k. k.Mese fa

    I mean... if Switzerland accepts me for free, I'll be happy to spend rest of my life there. But I can not even take a taxi to supermarket, forget about going to Switzerland.

  • Kemal AKIN Ozkaya
    Kemal AKIN OzkayaMese fa

    Aksiyon istiyorsaniz TR ye geleceksiniz kardes. Robert De Niro TR'ye gelip trafiğe cıksın al sana aksiyon:) Hatta şehir olarak Adana oneriyorum:)

  • PmB
    PmBMese fa

    hey bob ! there re also mafias here you can easily come !

  • Scala Scaeli
    Scala ScaeliMese fa

    I will not visit a country which during its fastnacht carnival had 6 people on a float dressed as the KluKluxKlan and the authorities thought it was ok ..

  • Slithermotion


    Mese fa

    Nobody thought it was ok. As far as I know they have been condemned to pay a 300 CHF fine each. One idiot even more because he didn't accept the first fine.

  • Jeff1232D
    Jeff1232DMese fa

    Amazing ! Can't wait to go visit !

  • Marc Siaz
    Marc SiazMese fa

    Amazing switzerland !!!

  • Matteo A.
    Matteo A.Mese fa

    Honestly, really good commercial. Really good.

  • Manu
    ManuMese fa

    Was für ein Zufall, Mann .....zwei Globalisten , die herumblödeln.

  • Jan 123
    Jan 123Mese fa

    Who is this Roger guy?

  • Fabio Ferri

    Fabio Ferri

    25 giorni fa

    King of tennis

  • Alexander Dewispelaere
    Alexander DewispelaereMese fa

    Great idea. Great production. Great acting. Just perfect. (And probably a Cannes Lions Gold?)

  • Heini Wurst
    Heini WurstMese fa

    Switzerland deliberately leaves the drama outside. Thousands of people die every year in the mediterranean trying to get to Europe. Switzerland has tougher anti-migration laws than the European Union. And to keep Switzerland clean, swiss companies like Lafarge Holcim or Glencore prefer to destroy the habitat of people on the African continent than in the swiss alps. So yeah, come to Switzerland and live a life without drama...

  • Michael Hubert Lamla
    Michael Hubert LamlaMese fa

    Thank you, MySwitzerland!

  • Lance Baxter
    Lance BaxterMese fa

    Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Lauterbrunen is from another world. The whole country is just mind blowing. You have to see it!

  • ali dark
    ali darkMese fa

    Nevşin Mengüden geldik...

  • Hüseyin emre
    Hüseyin emreMese fa

    adamlar robert de niroyu oynatmış. bizimkiler de maske taksın

  • MyProdigious
    MyProdigiousMese fa

    Bourne Identity is coming back with Robert Denaro.

  • Mr nobody Mr
    Mr nobody MrMese fa

    Meanwhile in turkey im vaccinated maska

  • Hakan Osmanoğulları
    Hakan OsmanoğullarıMese fa

    It's a great thought, Congratulations.

  • Empty Lunchbox
    Empty LunchboxMese fa

    As an Asian living in the Alpine region, I can only say that this ad is good but the real mother natural is even more astonishing and breathtaking . See you all after the pandemic.

  • Racheal Lange

    Racheal Lange

    Mese fa

    @Empty Lunchbox seems yt cut off my comment....Yet again....I never seen the Rocky mountains in real life So the Alps are my love.I have found fossils in them cool thing the same fossils as in Kentucky, but here in Bavaria it is very rare even a young dinosaur fossil has been found...I think that is very interesting... .

  • Empty Lunchbox

    Empty Lunchbox

    Mese fa

    @Racheal Lange yeah~ I can totally feel you. I still remember how thrilled I was when I first saw the Alp standing in front of me. Although I am still touched and amazed by the Mother Nature, the first time experience will last forever. There are so many things to discover in the Alps. Since you are a rock hound , Rocky Mountain should also be a great place for you ?! There are a lot to discover in the US too. I personally like US a lot too. 😊

  • Racheal Lange

    Racheal Lange

    Mese fa

    I was born and raised in Kentucky USA....My husband is Bavarian...I did not travel so much as a child...To see the Alps was something a dared not dream of..But now I have seen them...words can not describe my feeling ..The most beautiful breathtaking landscape I have ever seen...I am a rockhound...I collect crystals and fossils,. I love their beauty and age it is history of the Earth we live on..

  • Can Karaboran
    Can KaraboranMese fa

    Our government threads it’s own citizens as second-class people but threads tourist like you as first-class people. You can visit us, create your own drama if you like and do anything you want. And it’s cheap you know, Turkish Lira.

  • Karstıro
    KarstıroMese fa

    ı wish ı was a shit in Switzerland Instead of being human in turkey

  • Mirow
    MirowMese fa

    o caralho

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