The Truth About my Son

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Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
Livestream link (April 30th- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)-
Learn more about the charity NEXT for Autism here-
Join us in the live stream with a few folks you mighta heard of such as:
Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, Casey Neistat, Chris Rock, Conan o'brien, Miranda Sings, iJustine, Jack Black, Jacksepticeye, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Karl Jacobs, Marques Brownlee, Maya Rudolph, Mark Hamill, Merrell Twins, MrBeast, Paul Rudd, Rhett & Link, Sarah Silverman, Stephen Colbert, Terry Crews, Vsauce, Zach Galifianakis, Zach King plus a few more surprises!


  • Mark Rober
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    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

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    Have a wonderful day!

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  • Gen. Snoball

    Gen. Snoball

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    That smile! Its so genuine and big! Also that laugh! Its infectious! That is definitely his superpower! Thank you for putting this out there. I'm a father of an autistic little boy and this could not have been easy to do. All you want to do is protect them. Hard to do on the internet. Very Brave and commendable! Thank you Mark

  • Hamish Osborne

    Hamish Osborne

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  • Chrisoakwoods


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    Your can be so proud of yourselves for this

  • Adam
    Adam28 minuti fa

    Incredible video it would have taken a lot of courage to release it, im sure your son is as proud of you as you are of him... oh and the kid who could remember all those dates... haha wow that was incredible.

  • _dog__agility_
    _dog__agility_28 minuti fa

    I have autisme to

  • Ben 7399
    Ben 739928 minuti fa

    What kind of person dislike this video

  • Youssef Alwardany
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    May 26th is my birthday

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    imagine disliking this video🤮

  • Camilla Maina
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    this is beautiful!

  • Ninja31AR
    Ninja31AR29 minuti fa

    What is Autistic?

  • vincent kornbeck
    vincent kornbeck30 minuti fa

    Heart Warming

  • K M Hemmans
    K M Hemmans30 minuti fa

    Just found this channel. Nice video

  • hrv eu
    hrv eu30 minuti fa

    who ever disliked the video just why

  • Freydeebobs
    Freydeebobs30 minuti fa

    I’m autistic to!

  • Diego TheGod
    Diego TheGod31 minuto fa

    How could people dislike this video

  • Tom
    Tom31 minuto fa

    Awesome video

  • immyownperson137
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    His kid is a parent's heaven for dad jokes because he still laughs at them😂

  • Camiel Wanders
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    so much respect bro!

  • Cezary Luniewski
    Cezary Luniewski31 minuto fa

    I want to know how he does this, i need his secrets (respectfully)

  • Felix F
    Felix F31 minuto fa

    The people that dislike this are the absolute worst people on the internet

  • no-one
    no-one32 minuti fa

    This video really tells us that everyone of us is different from each other and it shows how special each of everyone of us.

  • Edwin Reiser
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  • Filliads d. K
    Filliads d. K32 minuti fa

    Don’t worry Mark. We all love your son!!

  • Bloom_sux
    Bloom_sux32 minuti fa

    Feels bad man I hope he gets cured very soon

  • ZedLikes
    ZedLikes32 minuti fa

    We love u mark ❤️

  • Impumelelo Business Furniture
    Impumelelo Business Furniture33 minuti fa

    This kid is amazing! You and ur wife are amazing parents shes lucky to have u.

  • Rene Schickbauer
    Rene Schickbauer33 minuti fa

    I have Aspergers, so i can relate. For me, tinkering at home on my own time in my own private space (developing software, creating electronics, 3D printing - preferably combined for a hobby project) can be an incredibly relaxing and fullfilling activity.

  • BadButSweaty
    BadButSweaty33 minuti fa

    Thank you for making this! I didn’t know much about autism before this, so this was very informative for me.

  • MrThunderweird
    MrThunderweird33 minuti fa

    This is the best part of ITfun, U mrbeast and many others make the world better in soo many ways I thank u for the service u do Thank u

  • Anže Potočnik
    Anže Potočnik33 minuti fa

    This is so wholesome thanks for being here

  • Carl Kligerman
    Carl Kligerman33 minuti fa

    My boy is also autistic, profoundly, he has dyspraxia and cannot speak. Somehow we need don’t words. I am raising him largely on my own, and it is very tough, but he is a true beauty, and you are right, he yanked me out of the rat race and made me grateful for the simple joys of everyday.

  • Dezile Grey
    Dezile Grey33 minuti fa

    As a autistic person myself I actually really relate with this vid Well done mark 👍

    GOLDEN.ROBLOX33 minuti fa

    VSAUCE @_@

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  • itsmeowdev
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    i was so afraid this man was going to say Autism Speaks as the charity... NEXT seems alright from what I can tell. As an autistic person, so many of these charities are just making things worse! People don't take into account the ideas of actual autistic people when doing things and it's upsetting because we have voices...

  • Kraz
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    the people who disliked this are

  • Mark
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    I want one of his letters and put it on a frame 🥺

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    I feel like dying

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    Wow you actually took my 1 year birthday (may 26

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    I can't

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  • Itz Marvin plays Cool
    Itz Marvin plays Cool36 minuti fa

    Autism isn’t a disability it’s just a different ability

  • NiX
    NiX36 minuti fa

    Why am I really upset?!

  • Rueben Brewer
    Rueben Brewer36 minuti fa

    The fact he knew the answer to those random dates is insane!

  • xItsGalaxyy
    xItsGalaxyy36 minuti fa

    I have special needs as well

  • Veganer Achselschweiß 91
    Veganer Achselschweiß 9136 minuti fa

    Iam sure he’s thankful that you vaccinated him.

  • Danny Lugo
    Danny Lugo36 minuti fa

    I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭

  • Keimon Henderson
    Keimon Henderson36 minuti fa

    What got me the most was when Mark started to get choked up taking about his son. It just shows how much he loves and cares about him and it's heartwarming to witness, thank you mark❤️

  • brother dan
    brother dan36 minuti fa

    How does 5600 people dislike a video about autistic kids major flaw in our society... Great vid Mark dont be scared to show of your son he looks so happy 😀

  • phoenix playz
    phoenix playz36 minuti fa

    i have autism and this brightened my day up thank you

  • BLueAlien PlAySsS
    BLueAlien PlAySsS36 minuti fa

    This livestream for me will be at Midnight but i shall still come if I'm not busy!

  • tim van surksum
    tim van surksum36 minuti fa

    I can't thank you enough for this video mark. I have struggled explaining my autism to others for years now. This is probaply the best explanation ever. This video made me understand myself & my mind better.

  • Yatzel Berrios
    Yatzel Berrios37 minuti fa

    One of the best videos i ever seen in my life

  • Diego TheGod
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    BRO you had a son?

  • Anaiahwolfie Lol
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    He is the coolest dad ever 😌

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    Such great video woaw

  • TheSilverHusky063
    TheSilverHusky06338 minuti fa

    I appreciate this, so much. I don't know why, I don't know how, I don't have anyone who's autistic but the fact that I know a little more about the spectrum. I appreciate it.

  • tom Goldwasser
    tom Goldwasser38 minuti fa

    Mark we love you!!!! You’re just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OOF_it's_Eevee
    OOF_it's_Eevee38 minuti fa

    Off topic but YOUR SON IS SO CUTE!!! ❤️

  • Gaming Lee
    Gaming Lee38 minuti fa

    “I don’t really care about them” pulls out a giant nerf gun*

  • Jus’Feez Official
    Jus’Feez Official39 minuti fa

    Hey Mark, you and your son are amazing. I’m ADHD and I know exactly what you’re saying when you talk about the filter thing. Thank you 🙏🏾

  • euan Southern2112

    euan Southern2112

    38 minuti fa

    Same here I have ADHD

  • Lewis Hope
    Lewis Hope39 minuti fa

    this is amazing and heartwarming

  • Ivan Felipe
    Ivan Felipe40 minuti fa

    3:33 i didn't know how autism works until now, it must be hard to hear all sounds and pay attention to all of them, love that you opened like this.

  • femboy kun
    femboy kun40 minuti fa

    I'm autistic and have autism

  • sarmad mahmood
    sarmad mahmood40 minuti fa

    7:46 he got emotional :(

  • Blueberry
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    Why did 5.3k people dislike this

  • RIGZ 101
    RIGZ 10140 minuti fa

    Yeah... D'Amelio Sisters........ yea....

  • Ricky Manliguis
    Ricky Manliguis41 minuto fa

    I appreciate this Mark. I have been experiencing manifestations of autism spectrum disorders since I was a child. Many people misunderstood the way I talk, think, or do and many would tease me for this. People think I am weird, quirky, different. I have yet to confirm that I have indeed ASD from specialists, but watching your video about your son motivated me to seek help and embrace who or what I really am. Thank you Mark for this video.

  • Veronica's Vlogs
    Veronica's Vlogs41 minuto fa

    Such a beautiful & informative video ❤ Well done Mark, what a great Father 💖

  • More Moarkh
    More Moarkh42 minuti fa

    10 million on one day???????????

  • No. 4
    No. 442 minuti fa

    As a person with tons of autistic friends, I really appreciate you making this video. Also your son just looks so cute and just....genuine? Happy that he has a great family

  • Ocean's Wonders
    Ocean's Wonders42 minuti fa

    Since it's 2am and I'm not at work, I can just let my tears flow freely. What an emotionally impactful video.

  • kai
    kai42 minuti fa

    Aye this is beautiful man keep it up!!!

  • Tornike Kuprashvili
    Tornike Kuprashvili43 minuti fa

    My brother is also autistic

  • pupgaming
    pupgaming43 minuti fa

    This helped me understand what autism is kind of like at first I didn't understand

  • Zig_playZ
    Zig_playZ43 minuti fa

    parents: youtube is bad for you litteraly this video:

    FRISHR43 minuti fa

    So people who have autism are like Superman when he was a kid and couldn't control his powers.

  • Enas
    Enas43 minuti fa

    You are the best always I hope your boy will be an important person in this world sooooon , you have reached my feelings thank you for your video.

  • rambo nando2000
    rambo nando200043 minuti fa

    I don’t understand how you could dislike this

  • Devashish Katoriya
    Devashish Katoriya44 minuti fa

    We all are with you Mark and your family and everyone out there. ❤ He's so lovely.

  • jaz azo
    jaz azo44 minuti fa

    When I see their smiles I just can’t keep it together

  • Avakii
    Avakii44 minuti fa

    I'm also autistic

  • Annabelle
    Annabelle44 minuti fa

    Thank you for releasing this. It means a lot.

  • Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall45 minuti fa

    Loving all of the positivity in the comments section ! This was a very informative video

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    I want a letter now

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    Wow this might be one the biggest ITfun events ever

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    This was posted on my birthday..

  • Matthew Rossow
    Matthew Rossow46 minuti fa

    I doubt you will read this comment, but you make my favorite youtube videos. This video is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your son's story and helping educate people on such a gambit of subjects.

  • NiX
    NiX46 minuti fa

    Thank you for sharing this side of your life with us when you had no need to. We appreciate it❤ My Allah protect you and your family

  • Shubh Srivastava
    Shubh Srivastava46 minuti fa

    You should invite PewDiePie too

  • ObtainedLight47 MrPerson
    ObtainedLight47 MrPerson46 minuti fa

    The more and more i get to know this man the more i think that he is one of the best humans on earth. If you think otherwise, i want to know why. Really, give me a reason why.

  • Goomba
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    You dont deserve any dislikes you deserve all the likes

  • an active Channel
    an active Channel46 minuti fa

    This story is cute

  • MrQuestioMark
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    please dont throw your dog...

  • vivian p
    vivian p47 minuti fa

    your a great dad

  • MrAaronM
    MrAaronM47 minuti fa

    This made me so happy I cried. My beautiful little angel just turned 4 ❤️

  • Frettch en
    Frettch en48 minuti fa

    I have Asperger Autism

  • Kingsley Moffatt
    Kingsley Moffatt48 minuti fa

    Thanks for this awareness video.

  • sleepyZX
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    Uu trend

  • Bran da beast
    Bran da beast48 minuti fa

    Ngl i actually wish I had autism. That sounds cool

  • Bram The E Man

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  • Zoe Child
    Zoe Child48 minuti fa

    Thank you so much for this video, my sister has autism and this has really helped me not care about what people think about her x

  • ivetofta
    ivetofta48 minuti fa

    This video completely changed my perspective on people with disabilities

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