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  • Sidney Foster
    Sidney Foster7 ore fa

    Tyceno taking charges work even better like you used to do in 2k20

  • Isaiah Choiniere
    Isaiah Choiniere7 ore fa

    @29:41 i think thats that wrong clip for game 5 but banger as always

  • ItzBrayden _
    ItzBrayden _8 ore fa

    Most entertaining wager I’ve ever watched 🤣 mans is just vibing and not taking it seriously cause this game doesn’t take any skill I love it

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith8 ore fa

    Bro ur literally the greatest

  • 9TimesGone
    9TimesGone9 ore fa

    You are a legend bro keep going man

  • Bossmanak 224
    Bossmanak 2249 ore fa

    I thought only 2k20 till 22 ?


    i will never buy this game it will certainly upset me with the defense.

  • Filip Jensen
    Filip Jensen9 ore fa

    Love u Tyceno

  • Lil Capalot
    Lil Capalot10 ore fa

    YEAAAAA nahhhhh y’all clutched that up congrats y’all i love watching ya videos keep going up

  • Bryce fontaine
    Bryce fontaine10 ore fa

    Z made tha pausin

    CLOAKZ_ON_30_FPS10 ore fa

    @Tyceno can u add me

  • Hesky Emile
    Hesky Emile10 ore fa

    No way he called iq the best guard

  • кєу ϟ
    кєу ϟ11 ore fa

    Jesus loves y’all repent and turn to him he died on the cross for everyone’s sins and rose 3 days later so that we can be forgiven turn to him he is the only way to heaven

  • I Bib
    I Bib11 ore fa

    The whole waiting area in my hospital just heard “ NICE Z!!!!”

  • Nicco annan
    Nicco annan12 ore fa

    Bruh if you out here wit no jump shot animation when u green u r a cheating bum

  • Daniel Wamboyo
    Daniel Wamboyo13 ore fa

    He got a zen bro he got that on a excellent script cuz he keep getting the same animation

  • LastNameCook
    LastNameCook13 ore fa

    Ofc he on the 2s court nigga not no number 1 2k player

  • Kyle Chester
    Kyle Chester14 ore fa

    What a wager🤟🏼

  • Eddy Torres
    Eddy Torres14 ore fa

    there just like GSW, they blew a 3-1 lead 😭💀

  • Mexy
    Mexy14 ore fa

    Ppl thqt actually believe IQcontained is good lol. Hes literally doing the exact same moves that ever guard is doing. Behind screens on top of that. This game is made for trash to be good. No skill requured. Thats y no one likes this bullshit

  • Caleb The small kid
    Caleb The small kid14 ore fa

    This kid low key weird and he want a reaction outta tyceno and he just doesn’t care at all.Comedy 😭

  • Superbear 007
    Superbear 00715 ore fa

    The fucking best

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips16 ore fa

    Tyceno a beast 💪 😎 👌

  • LONE_Soldier 03
    LONE_Soldier 0316 ore fa

    this is the best video ever omg z killed me hahahaha

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips17 ore fa

    N dude used the stage as an excuse lol wow lame ass foo!

  • Beau Hendry
    Beau Hendry17 ore fa

    35:49 in his chat it says “ tyceno not a threat he can’t quick stop “ tycenos legit quick stops

  • Switch Gt
    Switch Gt18 ore fa

    See u know the game bad when one of the best have to dumb down the way they play lolllll

  • Jonathan Singleton
    Jonathan Singleton18 ore fa

    Dude suck it’s all the same on there

  • TBS GAMER PRO 1230
    TBS GAMER PRO 123019 ore fa

    Tyceno is speaking the truth when he is talking about 2s, there’s no space and with the slide defence and speed glitch and no lockdown it is impossible to play

  • JerseyMan97
    JerseyMan9720 ore fa

    Your really the goat. you never do disappoint

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips21 ora fa

    Iq is madd annoying

  • xquis2k
    xquis2k21 ora fa

    Game one was so funny

  • Gino Savona
    Gino Savona21 ora fa

    Trash Asssssss

  • Sl33p Slump
    Sl33p Slump22 ore fa

    that "oh HELL no" when she missed it was so funny😭😭😭😭

  • marquise samuels
    marquise samuels22 ore fa

    I thought I was the only one who thought the defense was terrible in 2k21 current and next

  • FrSlayerX
    FrSlayerX22 ore fa

    Newest comment is 3 months ago

  • I'm Him
    I'm Him23 ore fa

    U can just tell IQ uses a script so fucken obvious

  • XifyZ YouGotClapped
    XifyZ YouGotClapped23 ore fa

    Finna,y Tucson hit 1.02m subs he’s been at 1.01 for so long lol

  • Uchiha Clan
    Uchiha Clan23 ore fa

    Tyceno W

  • Zlaiii
    Zlaiii23 ore fa

    40:13 From this point on, Ty turned into a badass..

  • JpCappin
    JpCappin23 ore fa

    39:43 um??

  • Cxrter Bolema
    Cxrter Bolema23 ore fa

    24:30 a yo

  • Qaaxx
    Qaaxx23 ore fa

    Watching tycenos vids help me

  • Γιωργος Κοτριδης
    Γιωργος Κοτριδης23 ore fa

    30:10 A little mistake

    HOODAVATARmarkGiorno fa

    Such an inspiration man ur content always puts a smile on my face

  • Zach Thomas
    Zach ThomasGiorno fa

    Bruh tyceno is a god. Simple.

  • justice graham
    justice grahamGiorno fa

    How is this competition when ppl spam the same moves this is dead not competition its a joke

  • BullyReturns
    BullyReturnsGiorno fa

    Iq is the worst guard ever 🤣🤣🤣

  • Frank J
    Frank JGiorno fa

    IQcontained is nowhere near the best guard on 21😂😂

  • LouzyV1
    LouzyV1Giorno fa

    I thought he was sticking to 20

  • Elijah Dufour
    Elijah DufourGiorno fa

    This is the most intense ITfun video I’ve ever seen

  • mazuma marc
    mazuma marcGiorno fa

    What’s up with these white boys making black players

  • Yahir Ramos
    Yahir RamosGiorno fa

    tyceno is overrated 😂😂

  • David Ries
    David RiesGiorno fa

    Big dix!!!!

  • ohph6be  ∞
    ohph6be ∞Giorno fa

    iq isnt the best guard on 2k lmao bud cried when he lost

  • DreadScooba
    DreadScoobaGiorno fa

    I like how his girl always come in after he win 😂😂😂that’s love

  • Abdelma
    AbdelmaGiorno fa

    Tio vc tyceno we wanna see it 👀

  • Lee Thomson
    Lee ThomsonGiorno fa

    “We shouldn’t have switched to park” 😢😢😂😂

  • joseph baker
    joseph bakerGiorno fa

    You are the FUCKING BEST IN THE WORLD completely switched your style of play and violated him

  • JoshIsCracked-_-
    JoshIsCracked-_-Giorno fa

    zulie don't realize mo and atl would body the living sh*t out of him

  • ezduzit1907
    ezduzit1907Giorno fa

    You are on R2 way to much on defense you have to tap

  • Colby
    ColbyGiorno fa

    Please come back to next gen you are goated on hereeeeeee make ppl put sum respect on ya name again

  • Wockyyy Slushhh
    Wockyyy SlushhhGiorno fa

    6:16 this is why this game is trash 🤦🏾‍♂️how did he not lose the ball ?

  • chief waKiL
    chief waKiLGiorno fa

    TYCENO! Quick defensive tip for y’all boys. If you ever get dragged into playin this heavily flawed game, even if your player isn’t a lock…instead of tryin to stay in front of your man, make sure you always have contact on his hip. Most of the moves they make relies on lateral movement. I clamp dribble Gods all the time. I’m a casual player but it makes a world of difference. Give them ZERO SPACE to set up the speed glitch. Control where they go. It’s not perfect, but I’ve made many play shots shoot badly. Trust.

  • Edward Allgood
    Edward AllgoodGiorno fa

    Why is ty out here trolling? Lmao 🤣🤣

  • Azment
    AzmentGiorno fa

    bro running away aint no dex, a dex is where u fake a direction and run the other away, or spaz then run. only niggas from 17/18 know

  • Stephone Bell
    Stephone BellGiorno fa

    He literally flopped and he still missed😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • ValorValdus
    ValorValdusGiorno fa

    Z takes it inside "Im a big dog" 😭😭😭😭

  • Bando
    BandoGiorno fa

    IQ always been mad annoying he needs to go outside frfr

  • Terrion Hester
    Terrion HesterGiorno fa

    I really hate 2s on 2k21💯

  • Drew Moneyyy
    Drew MoneyyyGiorno fa

    I just finished it literally called the play out😭💪🏽good game man

  • Big Smoke
    Big SmokeGiorno fa

    cabthecrab23 wasn't so happy lol

  • Drew Moneyyy
    Drew MoneyyyGiorno fa

    Tyceno not even an annoying dribbling person my boy just good I mess wit that😭💪🏽

  • J4WAD.H
    J4WAD.HGiorno fa

    No way someone who bangs out current gen lost to someone who admits they’re ass at the game😭

  • Goku Is a Goat
    Goku Is a GoatGiorno fa

    1 Million 🥳🥳